Therapeutic massage according to Jacques face. What is it, technique, indications and contraindications

An effective cosmetology, wellness and medical procedure for facial massage using the Jacques method qualitatively improves the condition of problematic skin areas. It has a prophylactic and therapeutic effect during the course (at least 10 sessions).

What is Jacques massage and features

Jacques massage is a therapeutic massage that normalizes the function of the skin glands and improves the microcirculation of subcutaneous tissues. Effectively eliminates diseases and problems associated with increased oily skin, has been successfully used to treat diseases of seborrhea, acne and post-acne.

The advantage of the method is a certain list of medical indications for the use of massage, in which a healing effect is achieved, which causes confidence in the procedure and the specialists offering it.

The massage is named after the author – French dermatologist L. Jacques, who outlined the basic principles of the method at the end of the 19th century. The history of pinch effects on tissues originates in the medicine of ancient China, which was used in various parts of the body, except for the facial zone. The French scientist combined Chinese techniques with Western ones in the idea of treating facial skin diseases.

A distinctive feature is the use of a rather painful, intense tweezing technique. The tweezers allow you to work on the skin and tissues at deep levels that are not exposed to classic massage. Tissue recovery is accelerated thanks to an effect that enhances blood flow and improves metabolism. Therapeutic massage according to Jacques face. What is it, technique, indications and contraindications

The method uses 3 main massage techniques:

  • plucked movements;
  • kneading with strokes to warm up;
  • vibration with pressure.

All methods alternate as they interact with each other. The main ones are the pinch effects performed by the fingertips – the thumb and forefinger. The intensity of the tweaks borders on the pain threshold, sometimes exceeding it. All massage movements should be performed smoothly.

In some cases, the technique is used to treat diseases of the chest, back, and hips. It is carried out with the use of talcum powder, without oils and creams, to avoid slipping fingers with pinch movements. It is carried out strictly according to certain massage lines.

The duration of the session is 10-15 minutes. and is directly related to the thickness of the skin. The thinner the skin, the shorter the massage duration. The best time for the procedure is evening, after the end of the massage it is undesirable to apply makeup. Finger movements are smooth and intense. Stretching and pulling of the skin is not allowed.

Operating principle

The technique of the procedure requires special knowledge of the location of the massage lines and the skills of holding massage techniques. Wrong amateurish actions of a massage therapist can lead to the opposite effect and give opposite results to those expected.

  • During the session, 3 basic massage techniques are used: stroking with kneading, plucking of the skin layers, vibration and pressure.
  • The procedure is carried out with vigorous pinching movements, kneading and vibration with the development of subcutaneous fat tissue with the index finger and thumb.
  • Actively miss all areas except the areas around the eyes.
  • The movements of the tweaks in effect resemble extrusion of blackheads with the release of contents to the surface of the skin.
  • A deep effect on tissues enhances blood circulation and speeds up metabolism.
  • There is an improvement in the supply of cells with oxygen.
  • The process of regeneration at the cell level is stimulated, the sebaceous glands are normalized.
  • Stagnant foci are eliminated. Accumulation of pus and the development of inflammation of the skin is prevented.
  • Pigmentation and irregularities of the complexion go away.
  • Muscles are strengthened, and skin tone is improved.
  • The effect of massage, combined with skin cleansing, enhances the healing effect.


Massage according to Jacques – a technique for healing and prevention, contributing to the treatment of skin diseases and preventing their development. Promotes healing and accelerates skin tissue repair. Appointed by a cosmetologist after a preliminary examination of the patient’s skin.

It is used for the following indications:

  • increased fat secretion; Therapeutic massage according to Jacques face. What is it, technique, indications and contraindications
  • acne;
  • large pores;
  • comedones;
  • oily seborrhea;
  • scarring;
  • acne
  • the presence of pigmentation;
  • uneven skin color;
  • the presence of skin patches with impaired circulation;
  • miliums – white acne resulting from blockage of the glands;
  • hyperkeratosis – scaly keratinization;
  • the presence of congestion on the skin;
  • age-related decrease in skin tone, sagging, wrinkles;
  • teenage skin problems.


Jacques massage (pinching massage) is a medical procedure, therefore, it has some contraindications.

The list of indications for which it is not recommended to carry it out:

  • the presence of non-healing skin lesions;
  • warts, the presence of large moles;
  • increase in body temperature above normal;
  • psoriasis;
  • herpes, similar infectious rashes;
  • inflammation of the skin;
  • allergic rashes;
  • blood vessel diseases, varicose veins;
  • viral diseases;
  • neurological disorder associated with hypersensitivity;
  • hypertension and intracranial pressure;
  • severe stages of chronic diseases;
  • the presence of malignant tumors;
  • dermatitis, suppuration, eczema;
  • pinching, inflammation of the facial nerve;
  • areas of the face with hair in women (hirsutism);
  • recovery period after peeling with chemical agents. Therapeutic massage according to Jacques face. What is it, technique, indications and contraindications

Pregnancy and lactation are not contraindications, but massage should be done with caution. The duration of the procedure should be no more than 10-15 minutes, with a strong reddening of the skin, an instant stop of the massage therapist is required.

Massage is deep and rather aggressive, neglect of restrictions and contraindications can lead to the appearance of hematomas and other skin conditions.

Possible complications

Jacques massage is a safe technique, provided that it is performed by a qualified professional.

Provided that the rules of the procedure are not followed, complications may arise:

  • increased oily skin;
  • increased skin diseases;
  • increased acne rash;
  • the appearance or intensification of skin stretch marks, which
    lead to the formation of wrinkles;
  • decrease in skin tone;
  • violation of facial contours.


  1. Wash and treat hands with an antiseptic.
  2. Remove makeup. Therapeutic massage according to Jacques face. What is it, technique, indications and contraindications
  3. Cleanse the skin of the face. You can make a cleansing steam bath with essential oil or a decoction of herbs.
  4. Wipe the skin with 2% salicylic acid solution.
  5. Dry carefully.
  6. Application of cream or oil is excluded. Talc is used for high-quality contact of dry skin with fingers. It is applied both to the client’s face and to the hands of a specialist.
  7. Prepare the client psychologically for the correct perception of unpleasant and painful sensations.

Massage sequence

The movements are made clearly and strictly according to the existing specific massage lines in order to obtain the desired therapeutic effect and not harm the skin.

  • The study of the neck lines from the neckline up to the side of the chin and ears, then from the auricles to the beginning of the shoulders along the lateral lines. The head at this time should be folded back as much as possible.
  • Massage of the lower face. Intensive kneading, strong tweaks along the line connecting the lower jaw to the earlobes. It eliminates the second chin, improves the oval of the face.
  • Tingling the skin, starting from the corners of the lips, towards the ears, carefully working out the area of the nasolabial triangle.
  • Massage along the lines from the central part of the nose to the auricles with thorough warming and kneading of tissues of this area.
  • Gentle pressure in the area under the eyes, increasing the impact in the direction of advancement to the temples.
  • Massage of the forehead area from the center to the temples, then from the area between the eyebrows towards the hairline. Facial wrinkles are removed.
  • Each movement along the massage lines needs to be repeated 3-4 times.
  • In conclusion, treat the skin surface with a tonic, apply a thin layer of nourishing cream. Therapeutic massage according to Jacques face. What is it, technique, indications and contraindications

With the plucking technique, only the surface layer of the skin is first involved. Each subsequent repetitive movement is accompanied by an increase in the depth and grip force. The purpose of exposure to tweaks is to stimulate blood flow and enhance metabolic processes, open pores, remove the curd mass and rods from the sebaceous glands.

The techniques used in massage are characterized by complexity of execution, require the correct selection of intensity and compliance with the correct movement along the lines. Therefore, the high professionalism of a specialist is very important.

After a quality session, a warm sensation appears on the skin. The cream is well absorbed into well-developed skin, with a high digestibility of the active ingredients. You can go outside no earlier than 2 hours after the procedure. It is forbidden to apply makeup for several hours. Therefore, it is better to carry out the procedure in the evening, do not plan to go out after it.

Neckline Technique

  • The location of the palms is one under the other. The head is thrown back. Stretched neck skin.
  • Gently stroking from the neckline in the central part of the neck towards the chin.
  • The thumb and forefinger pinch in the same direction. 5 passes.
  • The side of the neck is worked from the ears to the shoulders, starting with stroking, then – tweaks.
  • During the action of tweezing, it is necessary to gradually increase the grip depth and pressure intensity. Alternate with vibration.
  • Finish by stroking. Therapeutic massage according to Jacques face. What is it, technique, indications and contraindications
  • Due to the therapeutic effect, muscle tone increases, and skin sagging is prevented.

The development of lines from the chin

  • The head is raised and slightly tilted back.
  • From the middle of the chin, fingers are stroked along the lower jaw area in the direction of the earlobes.
  • Then, pinch actions along these lines, increasing the force of the tweaks more than along the neck lines.
  • Movement with tweaks must be alternated with vibration, end with stroking.
  • Helps prevent the occurrence of double chins, improves facial contour.

Along the lines from the nose

  • Stroking lines from the corners of the lips towards the ear.
  • Light finger tweaks along these lines reduce deep wrinkles.
  • It is necessary to work simultaneously with both hands on both sides of the face.
  • After that – from the center of the nasolabial triangle to the earlobes.
  • Pinch the track from the wings of the nose in the direction of the corners of the mouth.
  • The line, starting from the wings of the nose through the cheekbones to the auricles, needs to be developed moderately, while maintaining elasticity. The contours of the cheeks are restored.
  • A pinch from the middle of the nose to the ears returns a healthy glow to the skin.
  • Massage should be carried out with moderately deep pinches, alternated with vibration.
  • Finish stroking along the massage lines.

Along the lines going from the interbrow troughs

  • You need to start by stroking from the center of the forehead along the eyebrows, towards the temples. Therapeutic massage according to Jacques face. What is it, technique, indications and contraindications
  • Tingling is difficult due to the tightness of the skin in this area. It is good to alternate tweaks with kneading and vibration.
  • Then along the lines, starting from the fold between the eyebrows, to the sides and from the bottom up to the line of the beginning of hair growth.
  • The folds between the eyebrows and the longitudinally located wrinkles are smoothed out.

Eye area

  • In the eye area is carried out gently, accurately and carefully.
  • The study of the upper eyelid goes from the inner to the outer corner of the eye, the lower – along the line in the opposite direction.
  • Stroking, light pressure and moderate vibration.
  • Light tingling is allowed without pain.
  • It is forbidden to pull the skin in the eye area, to avoid deep tissue grabs.

Conducting a session yourself

Massage the skin according to Jacques, acting on it correctly, can only be done by a specialist with a
medical background
who knows exactly the techniques of exposure and the location of the massage lines. And it is able to calculate the intensity of the impact, based on the individual characteristics of the face and skin of the patient.

Important skills and extensive practical experience. Massage carried out in order to get rid of certain skin problems should be selected and performed by a specialist. Independent procedures in such cases are undesirable.

A simplified version of the procedure can be carried out for yourself at home, if you have basic knowledge and the rules of massage are observed – neither to shift nor stretch the skin of the face.

To understand the correctness of the independent technique, it will be advisable to visit the massage parlor 1 or 2 times to memorize the sensations that arise during the massage by an experienced and qualified specialist.

Description of simplified home massage:

  • important – a thorough study of massage lines for the correct effect on the face skin area in order to avoid stretching, which can lead to the formation and deepening of wrinkles;
    Therapeutic massage according to Jacques face. What is it, technique, indications and contraindications
    Jacques massage is carried out strictly on massage lines.
  • cleanse the skin, dry thoroughly;
  • apply talcum powder on fingers and skin;
  • start a facial massage with stroking your fingers along the massage lines;
  • when exposed to tweaks during an independent massage, the small pillow of the thumb should be at the bottom, and the bent index finger at the top;
  • exposure duration 5-10 min;
  • Be sure to follow the techniques and techniques of massage;
  • if on the fourth day there are no signs of improvement in the condition of the skin, then the best solution would be to discontinue home procedures and seek the advice of a specialist.


Positive changes during the course of skin treatment with massage will be visible already at the end of the third session.

The achievement of a lasting effect is observed after passing the course of procedures:

  • The function of the sebaceous glands is normalized. Excessive subcutaneous fat secretions cease. Therapeutic massage according to Jacques face. What is it, technique, indications and contraindications
  • Existing inflammatory processes are eliminated. The appearance of new inflammations is prevented.
  • Stagnation is eliminated.
  • Skin color is restored and evened out.
  • Scars and scars disappear.
  • The elasticity of the skin increases.
  • Acne and various acne disappear.
  • Skin turgor improves.
  • The contour is corrected, the correct facial contours are formed.
  • The skin tightens and becomes elastic.
  • The amount of pigmentation decreases or completely disappears.
  • The face acquires a pleasant and fresh color.
  • Wrinkles are significantly smoothed.

Additionally – relieves stress, which helps relieve stress. Strengthens the body’s defenses while fighting diseases.

Results remain for a long period of time. The course of procedures is from 10 sessions daily and can last up to 20 – twice a week. To consolidate the effect, it is advisable to repeat 2 times a year, with a break of at least 3 months.

A rather painful, but useful medical and cosmetic procedure is Jacques massage. Not very pleasant during the session, but effective and efficient. With the help of pinch effects, skin defects are eliminated, tissue rejuvenation and a general improvement in the condition of the skin of the face occur.

Jacques Facial Massage Video

Jacques massage technique:

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