How to moisturize facial skin at home, dry around the eyes, with peeling, after tanning, quickly with folk remedies

Healthy radiant skin is the pride of many women. To deeply moisturize the skin of the face, home-made products can help. How to maintain youthfulness of the skin, avoiding dryness and peeling, including after tanning, is of interest to many.

Symptoms of dry skin

The main signs of dry skin are:

  • pronounced feeling of tightness;
  • peeling;
  • the structure of the skin is finely porous;
  • dull complexion;
  • increased skin irritability, inflammatory redness and itching;
  • cracks;

How to moisturize facial skin at home, dry around the eyes, with peeling, after tanning, quickly with folk remedies

  • inelasticity;
  • small wrinkles appear early.

What factors affect the skin

Exogenous factors affecting external skin health:

  1. UV rays. Excessive UV radiation for a long time leads to premature photoaging, the fastest process occurs in people with fair skin.
  2. “Super Hygiene.” Frequent washing with hot water, long showering and bathing procedures, as a result, dry the epidermis, lead to damage to the surface hydrolipidic layer, which retains moisture of the skin.
  3. Incorrectly selected cosmetics and aggressive household chemicals.

How to moisturize facial skin at home, dry around the eyes, with peeling, after tanning, quickly with folk remedies

Endogenous (internal) factors:

  1. Stress, which produces the hormone cortisol in large doses, which leads to dehydration and dry skin.
  2. Metabolic problems.
  3. Hormonal fluctuations, especially during pregnancy, puberty, as well as during the biological aging of the body.
  4. Lack of vitamins A, group B, C, PP.
  5. Diseases of the internal organs.

How to choose a moisturizer

To choose the right moisturizer for the face, you need to find out which group the skin belongs to. In addition, cosmetics should be selected taking into account age restrictions.

Oily skin, especially with a tendency to acne, needs a light moisturizer with a watery structure and the ability to quickly absorb. It is desirable that the cream is non-comedogenic, i.e. did not clog pores and did not stimulate the formation of blackheads.

How to moisturize facial skin at home, dry around the eyes, with peeling, after tanning, quickly with folk remedies

Thick, dense creams are suitable for dry skin, which contain glycerin, hyaluronic acid, panthenol, as well as substances that recreate the natural lipid layer.

They are as follows:

  • lanolin;
  • petroleum jelly;
  • mineral oils.

Creams containing anti-inflammatory elements will help restore problematic and sensitive skin of the face, the presence of glycerin and vitamins, as well as restoring the skin of panthenol, allantoin or retinol, is desirable.

To understand if there is an allergic reaction to a specific cosmetic product, a small amount can be applied to the delicate skin on the wrist or to the inner in the area of the elbow bend. If within a quarter of an hour the reaction did not occur, then the tool can be used.

How to apply moisturizers

After showering or taking a bath, the cosmetic product must be distributed immediately, without wiping the face and without waiting for the skin to dry. Distribute the composition should be massage symmetrical movements of the fingertips, apply light pats for quick absorption.

The forehead and chin are treated with movements from the center to the ears. The nose is moistened from the forehead to the chin, from the nasal wings movements are carried out towards the cheekbones. On the upper eyelids, the cream is applied by movements to the temples, and on the lower ones – in the opposite direction.

How to moisturize facial skin at home, dry around the eyes, with peeling, after tanning, quickly with folk remedies

If powder is supposed to be placed on the cream, then an interval of at least 10 minutes between both procedures should be observed so that the cream has completely absorbed.

How to quickly moisturize your face at home

How to quickly and without hassle moisturize the skin at home, using simple ingredients and without wasting time on the preparation of complex masks.


  1. Moisten gauze in mineral water and put on face for 15 minutes.
  2. Cut the cucumber into thin circles or grind the pulp in any way, put on the face for a quarter of an hour, do not wipe the rinsing ambassadors, let the juice be completely absorbed, then the skin can be greased with cream.
  3. Mix the cottage cheese with unrefined olive or sesame oil, apply the composition to the skin, wash through hours, preferably warm water.
  4. For a few minutes, spread small oat flakes mixed with plain water over your face until a thick cream forms, then just rinse.
  5. Mix honey with tomato juice until a thick sticky consistency is formed, spread over the face for 15 minutes (also on the neck), rinse with water.

Ready-made face moisturizers

Tonics – this is a means to cleanse the epidermis of dead cells, removes excess fat and has a healing effect in the presence of micro-wounds.

How to moisturize facial skin at home, dry around the eyes, with peeling, after tanning, quickly with folk remedies
How to moisturize your skin Moisturizing tonic Librederm will help.

The following will do:

  • Hyreuron Librederm Moisturizing Toner for dry skin is also suitable for sensitive skin . It does not contain fragrances and dyes, it does not contain parabens, gently cleanses the skin, retaining moisture in the cells.
  • Tonic BARK for mixed and oily skin , contains a prebiotic, matts the skin, but does not dry, regulates the activity of the sebaceous glands.

Lotion is a more active cleanser for the skin, it can slightly dry the dermis due to the presence of alcohol in the composition.

The following will do:

  • Vine Secret grape lotion , contains grape leaf extract and hyaluronic acid, has an antioxidant, tonic, cleansing and moisturizing effect.
  • 3 Layers Collagen Moisturizer
    lotion, which includes 3 types of collagen, gives elasticity to the skin, prevents the formation of small “emotional” wrinkles.

How to moisturize facial skin at home, dry around the eyes, with peeling, after tanning, quickly with folk remedies

After cleansing procedures, the dermis is ready for nutrition and hydration, for this a cream is applied to it:

  • Skin Naturals , a Garnier cream for those over 30, contains ingredients for extreme skin hydration, including hyaluronic acid.
  • Olay Regenerist – anti-aging cream that stimulates the production of collagen, contains marine peptides and antioxidants.

How to moisturize facial skin at home, dry around the eyes, with peeling, after tanning, quickly with folk remedies

In addition to everyday care, the face cover needs nourishing and regenerating masks, it is enough to apply them 2 times a week.


  • Nutritious mask Librederm Aevit is made on the basis of natural vegetable oils and herbal extracts, includes a complex of vitamins.
  • Avene soothes sensitive skin, relieves fatigue, smoothes and restores freshness. Will help out even in the presence of sunburn.

Moisturizing Mask Recipes for Normal Skin at Home

How to moisturize the skin at home, in those rare cases when the skin type is normal

Tips and recipes:

  1. A tonic mask of crushed oat flakes (1 part), melted honey (2 parts), and strong tea leaves from green tea (1 part) will help relieve fatigue. Heat the mixture of ingredients in a steam bath and then place under a pillow until it cools down almost completely. Distribute the composition for a quarter of an hour over the entire face, including the area near the eyes, rinse with water.
  2. To cleanse the skin, this mixture will help: 1 large tablespoons of cottage cheese without additives, mix with twice as much rice flour, add des. l Extra virgin olive oil. Massage the mixture on the face, leave for a quarter of an hour.
  3. The anti-aging effect has a composition of 1 large tablespoons of boiled orange pumpkin with the same amount of sour cream, the mixture is kept on the skin for 20 minutes.

Moisturizing for oily skin

Oily skin due to sebaceous shine seems quite moisturized, however, it is no less than dry dermis, needs nutrition and care.

Humidification Method:

  1. Wipe 1 part of cottage cheese and mix with 2 parts of kefir, add a few drops of peppermint oil. Apply for half an hour on the face, rinse with water or infusion of herbs (linden, thyme). This composition regulates the activity of the sebaceous glands.
    How to moisturize facial skin at home, dry around the eyes, with peeling, after tanning, quickly with folk remedies
  2. Beat the egg from the refrigerator into the foam, add 30 g of honey, previously melted to a liquid state, pour 2 large tablespoons of lemon juice, apply to the skin. After half an hour, the mixture can be washed off.
  3. Wash the potatoes thoroughly and grind in any way together with the peel, put 1 large tablespoons of honey in mashed potatoes, and 1 small tablespoons of salt and direct-squeezed olive oil. Apply the composition to deeply cleansed skin, the product will work after 40 minutes.

Moisturizing for dry skin

If the cover is dry and sensitive, suggest tips:

  1. Slightly warm the cold pressed olive oil, soak a bandage in it. Put a cloth with oil on your face, it is desirable to cover it with wax paper (you can simply use polyethylene) and then with a towel, the mask lasts 30 minutes.
  2. Crumbly curd (30 g), grind with the same amount of milk and 1 large spoonfuls of mashed cucumber pulp. For 15 minutes, distribute the composition on the skin, rinse. Instead of a cucumber, you can grate a ripe banana.
  3. Mix 1 large tablespoons of grated raw potatoes with 2 small tablespoons of unrefined olive oil, distribute the mixture on the face for a quarter of an hour, apply cream after rinsing.

Moisturizing vegetable oils

Natural oils can become indispensable assistants in caring for the appearance of the skin. They contain a whole complex of vitamins and minerals in their natural form.

Types of oils:

  • Apricot kernel oil will help aging skin recover, effectively fights wrinkles, and is suitable for moisturizing the skin of the eyelids. How to moisturize facial skin at home, dry around the eyes, with peeling, after tanning, quickly with folk remedies
  • Avocado oil heals the skin, smoothes wrinkles, retains moisture very well and activates blood circulation.
  • Almond oil is suitable for sensitive skin, relieves inflammation and irritation, wrinkles and scars will become less noticeable over time.

Eye Care Recipes

How to moisturize, nourish and soothe the skin of the face and eyelids at home

A few simple recipes:

  1. Stir 2 tablespoon. l of a decoction of parsley (in 3,38 fluid ounce of boiling water 1 large tablespoon of dried grass is poured) with chopped raw potatoes and vegetable oil, the last ingredients are added 1 large spoonfuls Put the composition on cheesecloth, put on eyes for about a quarter of an hour. Remove the remaining cotton.
  2. Compresses from brewing black or green tea will quickly relieve fatigue. For 15 minutes, put bags of brewed tea for ever or infuse cotton pads with tea leaves.
    How to moisturize facial skin at home, dry around the eyes, with peeling, after tanning, quickly with folk remedies
  3. For a third of an hour put on the eyes a pulp of white bread soaked in melted butter, wash in the end. You can soak the oatmeal ground in the coffee grinder in warm cream.

Basic principles of moisturizing your skin after tanning

How to moisturize your skin at home after tanning, a few useful tips:

  1. Compresses from peppermint infusion (20 g of dry peppermint, for 20 minutes in a glass of boiling water) and 1,69 fluid ounce will soothe irritated skin. linseed oil. Dip gauze in a solution and put on charred areas for 10 minutes. Throughout the day, such compresses can be repeated up to 3 times until the skin heals.
  2. In a bathroom full of warm water, add l of milk and the same amount of decoction of chamomile or a string, you can also use thyme. After half an hour, rinse the body under the shower and grease with moisturizing milk after washing.
  3. A mask of grated cucumbers (2-3 pcs.), 100 g. Ground oatmeal and half a glass of cream will help restore the skin after exposure to ultraviolet radiation. The mixture is applied to the body for a third of an hour, then just washed off with water.

After tanning, it is not recommended to use products containing cinnamon, pepper, mustard or extracts from acidic fruits and berries to prevent burns.

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Rules for moisturizing from the inside out

How to moisturize the skin at home, as well as reduce the number of wrinkles and improve complexion, just changing the diet of your diet

A few tips:

  1. Increase your intake of omega-3 acids by adding fatty fish and flaxseed oil to your diet. Omega-3 is not only an antioxidant, but also an antidepressant, as well as a stress hormone blocker.
  2. Vitamin A – a vitamin of youth, is found in the form of beta-carotene in all orange fruits and vegetables, the leader in its quantity is carrots. Beta-carotene is transformed into vitamin A in the body in the presence of fats, so it is good to season carrot salad with cream or olive oil.
    How to moisturize facial skin at home, dry around the eyes, with peeling, after tanning, quickly with folk remedies
  3. Natural yogurts enrich the human body with beneficial bacteria. Using them with berries, you can saturate the body with natural antioxidants.
  4. Vitamin C is a natural mood enhancer and antioxidant that reduces the production of the stress hormone cortisol. Rosehip, kiwi, sea buckthorn, citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C.

To fully answer the question of how to moisturize and make your skin more healthy at home, you need to not only study the compositions of suitable masks and lotions, but also take care of the proper diet. An active lifestyle and a positive attitude will improve not only the appearance, but also the inner world.

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