Fitball exercises for the whole body for women. Description video

Effective exercises to keep the body in good shape in some cases involve the use of additional sports equipment. If in the gym, a woman has the opportunity to deal with all the equipment presented in the institution , then at home it will be difficult to transform significantly with the help of improvised weighting materials.

To effectively get rid of body fat, as well as increase muscle relief, fitness trainers recommend using fitball in homework.

How to choose the right ball

Exercises with a fitball for the whole body, provided that they are performed regularly, will bring the woman a visible result, provided that the ball used in the training is correctly selected.

Fitball exercises for the whole body for women. Description video

Fitball (or “Swiss ball”) is a large rubber ball with improved strength and resilience. It is actively used by professional athletes in preparation for competitions and fitness trainers for a qualitative transformation of the body of their clients.

With its help, in most cases it is possible to:

  • involve all muscle groups of the athlete’s body, while avoiding the negative effects on the joints and the cardiovascular system;
  • increase agility, coordination and flexibility of a person, regardless of his age;
  • adjust posture;
  • to prevent diseases of the joints and skeletal system associated with thinning of cartilage;
  • lose weight as soon as possible, without causing the body to become stressed;
  • maintain a figure in shape by performing regularly a basic set of exercises that do not require a lot of time and physical costs.

Fitball exercises for the whole body for women. Description videoTo choose the right tool for training, a woman should make a decision about what type of fitball she needs in specific circumstances.

Balls come in 4 types:

  • With “horns” to maintain balance. Recommended for sports for children and beginner athletes with low physical fitness.
  • With spikes . Recommended for use by people planning to lose weight through exercise with fitball. Rubber protrusions – “spikes” serve as additional stimulation of blood circulation, directly affecting the condition of the skin of a person.
  • Smooth . It can be used by people of all ages. Most often, this type of fitball is recommended for pregnant women. With the help of the ball, expectant mothers can not only maintain the elasticity of the ligaments and muscles, but also facilitate contractions at the time of the start of labor at home.
  • Children’s . The minimum size fitball used to strengthen the muscles of the baby.
    Fitball exercises for the whole body for women. Description video

A correctly selected fitball must meet the characteristics of high-quality sports equipment:

  • The ball should be matched to the height of the girl. Recommended ratio: height less than 5’1 foot – the ball is 17’7 inch in diameter; height 5’1 – 5’5 foot – the ball is not more than 21’7 inch in diameter; 2’3 – 6’1 foot – diameter – 25’6 inch; more than 6’1 foot – diameter more than 29’5 inch).
  • With a mechanical impact on the ball, for example, pressing on it with a palm, the rubber shell should spring.
  • Fitball must withstand the maximum weight specified by its manufacturer, without deforming unnecessarily.
  • The seams on the ball should be invisible.
  • Lack of static effect.
  • Maximum indentation of the nipple into the ball.

Fitball Training Tips

Fitball exercises for the whole body require strict adherence to the technique of their implementation. Otherwise, the type of load under consideration will not only have minimal efficiency, but can also cause an athlete to get injured or sprained.

To avoid this, it is important to follow the basic recommendations for training with fitball:

  • Before and after class, devote proper amount of time to warm-up and warm-up , respectively. This approach to organizing training will allow the girl, regardless of the level of the selected load, to minimize pain in the muscles after they are worked on the ball.
  • During the exercise, focus on the qualities of, and not on speed, trying to maximize the feel of the muscles under any type of load.
  • Perform exercises to work out all muscle groups , not just the problem area. Ignoring this recommendation can lead to overtraining, as well as significantly impair the overall appearance of the athlete.
  • To adjust the density of the fitball inflation depending on the physical fitness of the girl. The stronger the ball is inflated, the higher the difficulty level of performing exercises on it. During the first lessons, it is recommended to slightly blow out a sports equipment, thus allowing the body to gradually get used to physical activity.
  • To achieve the set result, it is recommended that you contact a fitness trainer who is able to properly organize the training process taking into account the client’s health status, her goals and the level of physical fitness.If it is not possible to use the services of a professional, it is recommended to build your classes on the basis of a circular training.
  • Perform exercises that do not cause pain or significant discomfort. For example, people with poor vestibular apparatus should initially abandon exercises involving rolls to the ball or rotational movements face down.
  • If necessary, increase the load , it is not recommended to perform a greater number of repetitions than the training program provides. Under such circumstances, fitness trainers recommend modifying loads by artificially creating the need to use weights, such as dumbbells.

Fitball exercises for the whole body for women. Description video

When practicing with a fitball, as with other types of physical activity, it is recommended to pay attention to your well-being during the first trainings, as well as after increasing the load.

A slight malaise or a more acute reaction of the body to sports should be the reason for going to the doctor for an additional examination.

Lower body exercises

Fitball exercises for the whole body are best built so that at the beginning of the workout the main load goes to the lower part (legs, hips, buttocks). Given the direction of the lymphatic flow in the body, this way of organizing classes will allow you to naturally introduce the body into the training process.

Fitball exercises for the whole body for women. Description video

Fitball Exercise The technique of its implementation
Arm Squats
  1. Take a vertical position; feet set shoulder width apart; breast forward; take a fitball in your hands and press it to your chest.
  2. On exhalation, bend your knees, lower the buttocks to the supporting surface until a parallel is formed between the back of the thigh and the floor. At the same time as the squat, raise your hands up, holding the fitball strictly above your head.
  3. Lock position for 2-3 seconds.
  4. Slowly return to starting position (PI).
Squats from the wall
  1. Turn your back to the wall; to clamp the fitball between the wall and the lumbar spine; the back is straight; place your hands on the belt.
  2. On exhalation, perform a classic squat, controlling that the main point of support falls on the fitball. The ball at the time of the squat rolls up to the thoracic spine.
  3. An angle of 90 degrees should form at the lowest point in the knee joint.
  4. Without fixing the legs in a bent position, return to the FE, while avoiding sudden movements.
Squats with a fitball clamp knees
  1. Stand up straight; hold fitball with your knees; place your hands on a belt or in front of you on a supporting surface.
  2. As you exhale, perform a deep squat, making sure that the ball and upper body remain in their original position.
  3. Fix the body at the lower point for 2-3 seconds, then slowly take the PI.
Gluteus bridge
  1. Lie on the floor; position the legs on the fitball; buttocks to raise above the floor as high as possible; leave your hands free along the body; look up.
  2. On exhalation, without changing the position of the legs, pull the knees to the chest, using as many muscle groups of the lower body as possible.
  3. Stretch your legs by moving the fitball away from you in the IP. When performing this exercise, it is important to ensure that when changing the position of the lower body, the height to which the buttocks were originally raised remains unchanged.
  1. Stand with your back to the fitball; put the lower part of the right leg (to the knee) on the ball, after bending the limb; put your hands on your belt.
  2. Bend the left leg and at the same time stretch the right back, moving the rubber ball away from you.
  3. Return to SP avoiding sudden movements.

Upper body exercises

Fitball exercises for the entire body should equally involve both legs and arms. The upper muscle groups usually require more time for their transformation, so performing at least 2-3 arm exercises in each workout is a prerequisite for effective training.

Fitball exercises for the whole body for women. Description video

Fitball Exercise The technique of its implementation
Fitball pushups
  1. Take a horizontal position, evenly distributing body weight between the hands on the palms and the legs located on the ball. Draw in the stomach; look to the floor.
  2. As you exhale, bend your elbows and lower your torso to the floor as low as possible.
  3. Without  lingering at the lower point, slowly “squeeze” the upper limbs and return to the PI.

When performing this exercise, it is important to control so that the abdominal muscles do not relax from the moment the load starts to finish.

Diagonal Plank
  1. Put your hands on the fitball with your hands bent at the elbows; legs back as much as possible, while maintaining a right angle in the elbow; draw in the stomach; minimize sagging in the back.
  2. Maintain this position for as long as possible.
Roll the fitball forward
  1. Get on your knees; place a fitball in front of you; put the back of the palms on the ball; straighten your back.
  2. With a light effort, push the fitball forward, rolling it a few inch. The hands at the same time smoothly move the fulcrum to the forearms.
  3. Using the muscles of the abdomen and arms, roll the fitball to its original position near the athlete’s legs.
Ball back push-ups
  1. Stand with your back to the fitball; put the back of the palms on the ball, turning your fingers to yourself; bend the legs slightly at the knees and set them forward 3’9 inch; draw in the stomach; straighten your back.
  2. Without changing the torso position, bend the upper limbs at the elbows, lowering the buttocks as close to the floor as possible.
  3. Rise from the bottom, but do not straighten the elbows to the end.
  4. Repeat step 2-3 as many times as necessary.
  5. Accept the IP.
Static bar
  1. The starting position when performing this exercise is as similar as possible to the IP of the classical load case. The only difference is that the second fulcrum in this case is straight legs, the lower part of which (to the knees) is located on the fitball. Draw in the stomach; look down.
  2. If necessary, increase the load, you can pull the knees to the chest, smoothly rolling while fitball alternately back and forth.

Workout for back and arms

Exercises with a fitball aimed at working out the whole body help not only to transform the figure of the girl, but also to improve her health, for example, by strengthening the muscles of the back that supports the spinal column.

Fitball exercises for the whole body for women. Description video

If there are diseases of the spine, it is recommended that you consult with your doctor about the need for load adjustment before performing the given complex.

Fitball exercises for the whole body for women. Description video

Fitball Exercise
The technique of its implementation
Reverse boat
  1. Lie on the fitball belly down; stretch your legs back and rest your feet on the floor; take your hands back and place them along the body; lifting the chest as high as possible from the support.
  2. Slowly lower the torso down due to the muscles of the back, without changing the position of other parts of the body.
  3. Without pausing, slowly rise in the SP, trying to produce efforts solely due to the tension of the spinal muscles.
  1. Lie on the fitball so that the fitness ball is located in the lower abdomen of the athlete; take your legs back and, if necessary, lean them in a sofa or wall; hands to get behind the head; Raise the torso as high as possible from the support.
  2. On the exhale, lower the torso down.
  3. “Squeezing” the muscles of the back, raise the upper body as high as possible, without changing the main point of contact between the body and the fitball.
  4. Repeat step 2-3 as many times as necessary.
  1. Lie on your fitball with your back; feet put on the floor; press eggs to the ball; brushes against the floor, turning his fingers to the ball.
  2. Roll the ball alternately back and forth from the buttocks to the neck, fixing the position of the body at each point for the longest possible time.

During the exercise, sharp movements are not allowed. “Bridge” is not recommended for people with a low level of physical fitness and vestibular apparatus dysfunctions.

Fitball Lift
  1. Lie down on the fitball with the ball in the genital area; put your hands on the floor on the back of your palms; legs should be in a free position.
  2. On the exhale, straighten the lower limbs and raise them as high as possible from the floor, without changing the position of the remaining parts of the body.
  3. Lock position for 5 sec.
  4. Gently return the legs to the IP and, without allocating time to rest, repeat step 2-4 as many times as necessary.

This exercise requires great muscle strength, as well as the ideal state of the vestibular apparatus. It is recommended to perform it at the beginning of the block of exercises to strengthen the back and arms.

Fitball exercises for back and abs

An integral part of any complex of physical exercises should be the study of the abdomen. The abdominal muscles, while in good shape, maintains normal blood circulation in the pelvic organs of a woman, which ensures good health of the genitourinary system.

Fitball exercises for the whole body for women. Description video

Fitball Exercise The technique of its implementation
Case elevations at an angle
  1. Lie on the floor; straight legs to position on the fitball; arms extend over the chest; look up.
  2. On exhalation, tear the body away from the supporting surface, assuming a sitting position. At the same time, hands should be brought forward without bending.
  3. Lower the body to the floor, avoiding sudden movements.
  4. Without pausing to rest, repeat step 2-3 as many times as necessary.
Inter-limb fitball transfer
  1. Lie on the floor; raise arms and legs above the supporting surface; hold the fitball in the lower extremities; look up.
  2. On the exhale, synchronously bring the limbs closer to each other. Move the fitness ball to your hands.
  3. Lower arms and legs in the IP, without touching the floor.
  4. Repeat steps 2-3 as many times as necessary, alternately moving the fitball between the limbs.
Raising legs lying on the floor
  1. Lie on your fitball with your back; hands to fix behind the head; bend your legs at the knees and put on the floor, closing your feet as much as possible.
  2. On exhalation, without changing the position of the upper body and the fitness ball, bend the right leg and bring it closer to the chest.
  3. Put the left limb in the PI and do the same with the right foot.
Body turns
  1. Take a fitball; extend your arms in front of you; legs, without bending, tear off from the supporting surface and raise them as high as possible.
  2. On the exhale, move the interlocked legs to the right. At the same time, without bending, take the arms to the left.
  3. Repeat step 2, changing the direction of movement of the limbs.

Fitball exercises for the whole body for women. Description video

Any type of fitball helps not only improve the appearance of the athlete’s entire body, but also improve her health and minimize the risk of premature aging of the female body. Regular exercise of this type trains muscles, improves blood circulation, providing vital systems with sufficient oxygen.

In this video, one of the most effective sets of exercises for beginners:

With the proper preparation of the complex, as well as observing the training technique with the fitness ball, the woman will notice the first positive changes in her condition after 1-2 months of regular training.

Fitball Exercise Video

A set of exercises on fitball for the whole body:

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