The secrets of quality tanning in the solarium. Beautician tips, oils and creams

The natural sun can not give the skin an ideal tan, and in some it does not exist at all due to cloudy weather. The solution to the problem of lack of heat and ultraviolet radiation is a tan in the solarium. However, here there are secrets and subtleties.

Indications and contraindications for tanning in the solarium

The solarium can not only give a golden tan, but also affect human health. It is best to start a visit to the solarium after consulting a doctor. The doctor will tell you the optimal radiation dose and frequency of procedures. Particular care must be taken in adolescents, pregnant women and mothers who are breastfeeding.

In these cases, you just need to get permission from a specialist before the procedure. It is also worth refraining from going to the solarium for people with very sensitive skin, many moles and with serious burns on the body. In such situations, you should not risk it: irreparable harm to health can be caused.

Most often, with the following diseases, doctors advise to avoid visiting the solarium:

  • infectious and parasitic diseases;
  • fever;
  • the presence of any type of tumor;
  • diseases of the blood, heart, blood vessels;
  • problems with the work of the kidneys or liver;
  • severe tuberculosis and diabetes;
  • low blood pressure. The secrets of quality tanning in the solarium. Beautician tips, oils and creams

However, there are also diseases in which a visit to the solarium can only bring recovery closer. Ultraviolet helps with skin problems.

A visit to the tanning bed is welcomed with the following indications:

  • weakness and constant fatigue;
  • blackheads;
  • respiratory diseases;
  • eczema and psoriasis.

If the skin is delicate and does not tolerate the usual sun, then it is better not to rush with a visit to the solarium. A large number of birthmarks on the body is also a contraindication to the procedure.

The rules of tanning in the solarium

A small warning list of rules will help you avoid troubles such as burns or skin irritation. Below are 5 rules that are located, ranging from the most important to the secondary.

  • Nothing extra. Before the start of the session, you need to remove all jewelry and wipe decorative cosmetics from your face. Also, experts advise not to use various vitamin creams for the face and body, since during the adoption of an ultraviolet bath, they can enter into a dangerous chemical reaction with radiation.
  • It is worth protecting body parts that are vulnerable to ultraviolet radiation. There are several such areas on the body: eyes, hair and mammary glands. The last point is especially necessary to consider women over the age of 30 years. Special glasses, as well as cotton pads for the chest and hair caps are often issued in the cosmetology center itself. If there are tattoos on the body, then they must be covered to avoid fading.
  • Begin gradually. The first 3-4 sessions should take place with an interval of 3 days, so as not to dry the skin.
  • Leave skin protected. Before you go to the solarium, it is better to refrain from bath procedures involving soap or gel. Do not deprive the skin of the only protection in the form of dying cells and fat. Moreover, you should abandon procedures that make the skin soft and sensitive (bath, sauna). The secrets of quality tanning in the solarium. Beautician tips, oils and creams
  • Extra protection. If this is your first visit to a tanning bed, it is important to use a protective cream and a special lip gel. It must be remembered that an ordinary sunblock is not suitable here.

Sunburn damage in the solarium

There are 3 main negative consequences of frequent visits to the tanning booth: an increased risk of cancer, premature skin aging, and visual impairment.

According to doctors, people who visit the solarium 15 times a year increase their risk of developing cancer by almost 10 times. Artificial rays penetrate deep under the skin and can cause various mutations.

People with fair skin and many moles or birthmarks on the body are in particular danger. That is why it is better not to abuse the services of the cosmetology center and visit the solarium only as directed by a doctor or in case of emergency.

Skin aging (this is especially noticeable in the face and neck) can occur much earlier if resorting to tanning services too often. Ultraviolet radiation dries the skin greatly, making it more fragile. Of course, after each procedure you can apply a moisturizing milk or cream to the body, but a small effect will still remain. The secrets of quality tanning in the solarium. Beautician tips, oils and creams

If you do not use cosmetics, you can not only quickly acquire wrinkles, but also spoil the skin itself. In particularly sensitive areas, age spots may form, which are very difficult to reduce.

Artificial ultraviolet rays, like the ordinary sun, are harmful to the human eye. When tanning, it is necessary to use special safety glasses so as not to get a corneal burn and not lose healthy eyesight.

How many minutes do you need to sunbathe in a solarium

Now experts distinguish 4 main types of skin: Celtic or Scandinavian, light-skinned European, dark-skinned European and Mediterranean type. A brief description of the correct visit to the tanning booth for different skin types can be seen in the table below.

Celtic or Scandinavian type This section includes people with light sensitive skin with lots of freckles, which easily burns and practically does not succumb to tanning. The Celtic type is characterized by blue eyes and red or white hair color. It is advisable for people with these characteristics not to sunbathe at all, or to take procedures 1-2 times a week for 3-5 minutes.
Fair-skinned European Appearance is similar to the representatives of the Celtic type, but the skin is less vulnerable and succumb to tanning. Eye color can be green-gray or green, and the hair is red or light brown. Sunbathing in a solarium is better 2 times a week for 5-10 minutes.
Black european The skin practically does not burn in the sun, holds a good shade. Hair or dark brown, or auburn shade. Brown eyes, gray, iris almost no different from the pupil. People of this type are advised to visit the solarium 2-3 times a week for 10-15 minutes.
Mediterranean type Representatives of this type are distinguished by dark skin,
dark brown eye color and black or brown hair. The Mediterranean type is easy to tan and rarely has skin problems. You can safely visit the solarium 2-3 times a week. One session can last up to 15-20 minutes.

How to sunbathe in the solarium

For each device there are special instructions and safety rules that everyone who wants to visit the cosmetology center should know about.

How to sunbathe in a vertical tanning bed

Tanning in a solarium, the secrets and delights of which many still have to learn, has become quite common in recent times. Everyone has long known a horizontal tanning bed, but few have heard of a vertical tanning bed. This unit has both pros and cons. The secrets of quality tanning in the solarium. Beautician tips, oils and creams

Advantages of a vertical tanning bed: cleanliness, spaciousness, great efficiency.

This unit is a small cylindrical room, so people suffering from claustrophobia will be comfortable here.

The absence of the need to lean against the walls of the device will delight those to whom such actions seem unhygienic.

Another plus is the high radiation power, thanks to which you can get the perfect bronze tan in just a few sessions.

Cons of a vertical tanning bed: expensive price, powerful radiation, which more actively provokes the appearance of tumors, and the need to stay standing throughout the session.

Vertical tanning bed works on a simple principle. A person goes inside a cylindrical room, in the walls of which are built lamps that give ultraviolet radiation. It is enough just a few minutes to be inside the device to notice the effect. In a standing position, the tan is more even than when lying down.

How to sunbathe in a horizontal tanning bed

A tan in a horizontal tanning bed also has its secrets, pros and cons. Positive aspects: lower price, the ability to relax in a relaxed position and moderate radiation, which does not so critically affect the moisture of the skin and the body as a whole. Negative sides: uneven tanning in problem areas (inner thighs, lateral parts).

To get the result, you should repeat the procedure about 4-5 times. While inside the tanning bed, you need to relax and change your location at least 2 times per session. It is necessary to protect intimate places, eyes and hair. It will be right to take with you a sunblock and lip balm, so as not to dry the delicate skin.

How to sunbathe in the solarium for the first time

First of all, you need to see a doctor and make sure that a visit to the solarium will benefit, and not harm the body. You should refrain from visiting the tanning bed during menstruation, serious illnesses (diabetes mellitus, tumors, tuberculosis and others) and with a large number of moles or birthmarks. The secrets of quality tanning in the solarium. Beautician tips, oils and creams

The first trip to the solarium should not exceed 3-5 minutes in duration. It is advisable not to take bath procedures and refuse to use scrub and soap.

It is also advised to take a towel to the cosmetology center (if the tanning bed is vertical, then you can lay it on the floor), sunblock and moisturizing milk. Doctors found that it is safest to visit a solarium every 3 days, so that the body has time to recover after irradiation.

How to sunbathe in a tanning bed without a face

Tanning in a solarium, the secrets of which are described later in the article, is particularly popular in the cold seasons. The only drawback of a winter visit to the tanning salon is that the chocolate tan looks unnatural, especially on the face, delicate skin quickly loses moisture. Due to constant visits to the tanning bed, wrinkles and skin structure may occur early on the face, neck and decollete.

Cosmetic center workers usually advise using a simple towel, cotton napkins, or special glasses to partially or completely cover your face. The secrets of quality tanning in the solarium. Beautician tips, oils and creams

The disadvantage of glasses is that after several sessions light circles can form on the face. It is best to cover your face with a towel folded in 2 times. It is possible that a small effect of ultraviolet rays will remain, but it will be appropriate to look in the winter and autumn.


To get an even golden tan in the solarium, you need to visit it 5-7 times. For each type of skin there is a limitation in frequency and time, which should not be neglected. On average, being inside a tanning bed should start at 5 and end at 20 minutes. The total number of ultraviolet baths taken per year should not exceed 50, otherwise significant damage will be caused to the whole body. The secrets of quality tanning in the solarium. Beautician tips, oils and creams

To get the tan lasted for a long time, you need to use special creams that fix and maintain skin color. It is also worth remembering that the body (both in the vertical and horizontal tanning beds) must be positioned correctly.

Hands should not be in contact with the body, and the inner sides of the hips with each other. When tanning takes place face down, palms should be turned towards the lamps. In case of low-quality tanning on the sides, it is better to visit a vertical tanning bed several times.

You can’t try to enhance the effect by combining natural and artificial tanning in one day, as this can ruin the skin or cause burns. Also in the near future it is better not to visit the bath and sauna, so as not to interfere with the restoration of the skin.

How to tan in a tanning salon with fair skin

People with Celtic or Scandinavian skin types should be very careful. More often, the Celtic type speaks of a large number of freckles and moles, which will be safer to show to the doctor first. A beautiful tan is possible, but for this you should rarely visit the solarium and not more than 3-5 minutes per session. The secrets of quality tanning in the solarium. Beautician tips, oils and creams

It is advisable for people with light (white or red) hair to always use a special cotton hat. A similar accessory can be worn on the face to protect fragile skin from excessive radiation. It is also better to stock up in advance with moisturizing and regenerating creams and lotions, both for the body and for the hair.

Secrets of how to quickly and well to tan in a tanning bed to a chocolate color

Tanning in a solarium, the secrets of which will help to get a bronze skin tone, is impossible in a very short period of time. Some sources say that for a quick effect, you can take the procedure every other day, but this is not so. Such a schedule will only harm health. It is better to repeat visits every 2-3 days. Aft
er 10 sessions, you can achieve the desired result.

Representatives of the Mediterranean type of skin can get a chocolate tan already at the 5-6 session. For the result, the condition and age of the lamps themselves and the reputation of the beauty salon or cosmetology complex are very important. If the lamps have not been changed for a long time, then the effect will not be noticeable immediately.

It is advisable to choose only trusted establishments where there is good equipment, and knowledgeable professionals serve customers. In more reputable centers, sunblock creams and accessories to protect intimate places can be immediately offered.

Special cosmetics with a coloring effect will help to instantly see the result. Of course, such a tan is not real and will soon disappear. For a longer effect, you can use a cream with a “tingle” effect, but this can damage too sensitive skin.

Cosmetics for tanning. Names, instilled application

Cosmetics for tanning beds are quite expensive, but they will help keep your skin healthy.

The secrets of quality tanning in the solarium. Beautician tips, oils and creams
The secret to successful tanning in a tanning bed is the use of special products.

The main properties of special cosmetics for artificial sun:

  • slowing down photoaging of the skin;
  • fixing and accelerating the action of ultraviolet radiation;
  • moisturizing and restoring skin cells;
  • high probability of uniform tanning.


Cosmetics will save health and speed up the tanning process. The main types of cosmetics for tanning salons: activators, bronzers and fixers. Experts advise using cosmetics from one manufacturer so as not to get different skin tones.

  • Activators are oils and creams that have the ability to accelerate tanning. Such substances should not be used during the first visit to the cab, as you can burn and damage the skin.
  • Bronzers are a special cosmetics, which includes coloring components that betray the saturation of the tan. Such a remedy will be correctly applied to the legs, as they are always difficult to uniformly tan. The secrets of quality tanning in the solarium. Beautician tips, oils and creams
  • Fixers are applied to the body after the session to moisturize the skin and produce a preserving effect. At the first visits to the solarium, these funds are simply necessary.

Creams with a “tingle” effect

This cosmetics is aimed at quickly getting a real (unlike bronzers) tan. The action of the cream is based on the fact that its components cause a rush of blood to the skin. The pores expand, the oxidation process in the tissues accelerates. Thanks to this, you can get a luxurious tan already in 3-4 sessions.

However, such tools have many disadvantages. Creams destroy the skin, so it is better for Celtic people to refrain from such funds. For the same reason, do not apply cream with a “tingle” effect on tender and bright places to avoid burns and irritations.

Which tanning bed is better for tanning your feet

In a horizontal tanning bed, radiation does not always fall on the sides and the inside of the thigh. A vertical spacious cabin is much more convenient and is able to cover all parts of the body, including legs, with radiation. To precisely achieve the desired result, you can use cosmetics with coloring agents.

How often can you sunbathe in the solarium Is it possible every day

Unfortunately, from daily sunbathing under artificial sun, the skin dries and deteriorates very quickly. If heat is sorely lacking, then you can go to the solarium up to 3 times a week, but no more!

The most ideal option is to visit the cabin with artificial radiation once every 2 days.

Experts advise to distribute a visit to the solarium for 2 cycles per year for 20 sessions. So a beautiful tan can persist for all 365 days, and the skin has time to recover. The main thing is not to violate safety rules and not to visit the solarium more than 50 times a year.

Is it possible to sunbathe in a solarium without glasses

Tanning in a tanning bed, the secret flaws of which were described in the article, inevitably hurts eyesight. Being in a cabin with radiation with closed eyelids cannot protect your eyes. The secrets of quality tanning in the solarium. Beautician tips, oils and creams

Rays easily penetrate thin skin. Frequent visits to the tanning bed with unprotected eyes threatens to impair vision and premature aging. It is better not to neglect safety rules and use special glasses that block unwanted radiation to the eyes.

An exception may be only booths where it is possible to turn off the lamps above the face. Also, instead of glasses, you can try to cover your face with a towel folded several times or a napkin.

Is it possible to sunbathe in a solarium without cream

The adoption of ultraviolet baths without using a special cream is possible, but extremely undesirable. Of course, even without makeup you can get a chocolate tan, but in this case there is a high probability that the skin will become rough and hard to the touch.

Peeling, irritation, and other undesirable effects may begin. Nobody wants to go to the solarium, then to deal with skin treatment. It will be safer and safer to immediately buy the necessary products and sunbathe in the solarium without unnecessary health problems.

Is it possible to sunbathe in a solarium without underwear

Sunbathing in a solarium without underwear is dangerous for both women and men. The rays penetrate deep into the body and can cause malignant tumors. That is why the fair sex is advised to cover the mammary glands with special cotton linings, stickers or a simple towel.

Men also should not give up underwear, since intense radiation can cause irreparable harm to the genitals. This is especially true for men who are older than 30 years.

Is it possible to sunbathe in a solarium with menstruation

Gynecologists do not recommend going to sunbathe under an artificial sun during menstruation. These days, the female body is contraindicated in any procedures that increase body temperature. The secrets of quality tanning in the solarium. Beautician tips, oils and creams

Heat makes internal blood vessels bleed harder, and the body loses more blood. Confined spaces and hot air can cause dizziness and loss of consciousness. Doctors advise to transf
er all thermal procedures to the end of the cycle.

Can pregnant women sunbathe in a solarium

The opinion of most doctors agrees on one thing: you can not sunbathe in a solarium during pregnancy! Of course, this has some benefits (vitamin D), but there are much more pitfalls. It is better not to risk your health when visiting a solarium. Intense radiation has a bad effect on the health of the unborn child.

If the embryo is not too strong, then it is quite possible to develop various kinds of pathologies, problems with the nervous system, and even there is a threat of miscarriage. Also, artificial sun can damage the skin of the mother, causing irritation in the form of age spots, which are very difficult to get rid of in the future.

Is it possible to sunbathe in the sun after a tanning bed

In no case should you combine natural and artificial tan in one day. After exposure to ultraviolet rays, the skin becomes vulnerable, so the ordinary sun can easily harm it. The secrets of quality tanning in the solarium. Beautician tips, oils and creamsIt’s better to reschedule your trip to the beach the next day to reduce your risk of burns

How long does a tan last after a tanning bed

Artificial tan lasts on the body for 2-3 weeks, which does not greatly distinguish it from natural. Fix golden hue of the skin will help cosmetics and proper nutrition. Verified sources suggest eating more tomatoes, carrots and herbs. These products contain special substances that contribute to the production of melanin, which prolongs the tan.

The solarium is a great opportunity to get the perfect tan at any time of the year. Despite all the difficulties, tanning in a tanning bed is a rather pleasant and useful procedure that will make you look attractive at any time of the year. The secrets and subtleties of a beautiful tan, which are contained in this article, will help you quickly and safely achieve the desired result.

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