Hair transplant methods on the head for men and women. How is the operation, HFE, clinic prices, results, photos

A hair transplant on the head, the price of which depends on many features, is a popular cosmetology procedure that allows you to restore normal hair growth to a person. Viable hair follicles that remain on the patient’s body and continue to grow are used for the procedure.

Turning to a professional transplant clinic, the client will receive:

  • Professional individual consultation of a trichologist.
  • Efficiency of treatment and rehabilitation period.
  • The safest conditions for the procedure and the likelihood of negative consequences.
  • The natural growth of transplanted hair over many years.

The method of hair transplantation is selected individually for each patient.

Indications for a hair transplant

Transplantation must be performed in the following cases:

  • Adrogenic alopecia.
  • High line of hair growth, the presence of bald patches on the temples, forehead.
  • Loss of hair due to scars, scars. Hair transplant methods on the head for men and women. How is the operation, HFE, clinic prices, results, photos
  • Lack of hair.
  • Irregular / ugly headline hairline.

What is a hair graft

The transplant procedure implies that the donor follicles will be taken from the patient’s own hair zone. For this it is necessary that in that place, they were presented in large volume. The follicle is the living root of the hair with the surrounding root vagina. It is taken from special areas of constant hair growth.

This provides the transplant material with health, normal anatomical and physiological properties, until the end of the patient’s life. Transplanted follicles after the procedure begin to function normally, grow. This is the only way to prevent alopecia (baldness).

Donor material includes one or more follicles called grafts.

There are two basic methods of hair transplantation:

  1. The patch method (strip), based on the need to cut out the donor part together with a skin flap.
  2. Seamless technique (FUE), in which the follicle material is extracted using several grafts with special high-precision equipment (the skin is not cut out).

The count is an acceptable graft that is obtained in conjunction with small pieces of skin and a bundle of hair. With a seamless technique, after taking a skin flap with hairs, grafts are extracted carefully with tweezers. This allows you to evenly distribute the hairs in the bald area. The doctor distributes the created bunch of hair roots with a special punch. Hair transplant methods on the head for men and women. How is the operation, HFE, clinic prices, results, photos

Thanks to this, no scars or scars remain after the procedure. Donor material is taken from the patient himself, therefore rejection of grafts is excluded, the body does not perceive them as a foreign body. Transplanted hair has the same color, structure and does not differ from existing ones.

Hair Transplant Requirements

Before the procedure for consultation, the doctor determines all the details of the transplant, possible contraindications. In order for the transplant and the rehabilitation period to be as effective as possible, other specialists are involved: an endocrinologist, a dermatologist. Based on pre-made tests and anamnesis, a suitable procedure is selected, a course of therapy, a rehabilitation plan are selected.

During the procedure and after it is necessary to follow the doctor’s recommendations:

  1. Two months before the operation, you need to constantly be under the supervision of a doctor, attend scheduled examinations. The doctor gives a list of products that can and cannot be consumed, a list of medications needed to prepare the body.
  2. The patient should undergo examinations for possible skin diseases in order to prevent scars and injuries. A rehabilitation course and subsequent antibiotic administration should be prescribed in advance.
  3. 7-10 days before the procedure, carefully study the doctor’s recommendations on postoperative care, purchase gauze, dressings, antibacterials, soap, compresses for healing.
  4. A week before transplantation, you need to minimize the use of tobacco, hard liquors, refuse any medications, antibiotics. This will help restore blood coagulation and prevent complications after the procedure. Hair transplant methods on the head for men and women. How is the operation, HFE, clinic prices, results, photos
  5. The doctor recommends that patients choose a diet that is low in carbohydrates for 5-6 days.
  6. 3 days before the hair transplant, you need to rest more, sleep well, and exclude physical activity. It is necessary to wash your hair with an antibacterial drug or a special antiseptic shampoo every day.
  7. Do not use styling products for hair: cream, wax, mousse, etc. If there are indications, the doctor will prescribe special medications.
  8. After surgery, you can not drive, therefore, you need to arrange transport in advance. At home, create comfortable conditions, help loved ones, rest.
  9. On the day of transplantation in the morning you need to wash your hair, take a shower, you need a light breakfast, 2 hours before the procedure, stop eating liquid. When choosing clothes, you can not take sweaters, turtlenecks to reduce the level of friction and discomfort for the scalp.

Patchwork transplantation method

One of the common methods, due to its reliability and simplicity. Grafts for transplantation are taken with a flap of skin from the occipital. Hair transplant methods on the head for men and women. How is the operation, HFE, clinic prices, results, photos


  • Efficiency of the procedure. Transplanting the maximum number of grafts takes no more than 4-5 hours.
  • The number of transplanted hairs is much larger than with the FUE technique.
  • High efficiency and durability, it is possible to transplant hair even with severe baldness.
  • Minimization of follicular damage during hair transplantation from a zone of constant growth.
  • Better survival of transplanted follicles compared to other methods.
  • Extraction and processing of follicles can be carried out by assistants, so the cost is lower in comparison with a seamless method.

The disadvantages of the procedure include slight discomfort in the postoperative period, as well as a high likelihood of scar formation on the back of the head.

Seamless transplantation method

An invasive method of transplantation, in which grafts are extracted separately in the form of follicular units, without incisions and sutures. Hair transplant methods on the head for men and women. How is the operation, HFE, clinic prices, results, photos

Advantages of the method:

  • The absence of scars and scars on the back of the head, traces of surgical intervention are almost invisible.
  • Discomfort, pain, are minimized, and the postoperative period passes more easily.
  • More areas of constantly growing follicles, grafts can be recruited from a beard, mustache, nape, legs, etc.
  • The resulting grafts contain more living follicles, due to the fact that in the process of extraction special equipment is aimed at multi-hair grafts (3-4 follicles).

Hair transplantation on the head, the price of which is calcula
ted individually, has some disadvantages:

  • Large time costs, due to the fact that each graft is implanted individually.
  • Fewer grafts during mining.
  • For the success of the procedure, you need a large, dense zone of constant hair growth.
  • High level of unsuccessful procedures, 10-15%.
  • The survival rate of transplanted follicles is less in comparison with other methods.
  • Due to the fact that the doctor extracts and plants each hair individually, the cost is much higher.

Non-surgical transplantation method (HFE)

The cost of a non-surgical type of hair transplantation on the head is higher than similar injection procedures, because the extraction of follicles for transplantation is performed without surgical instruments, robotic equipment. A qualified doctor using a hand tool, the micropunch removes one hair at a time. Hair transplant methods on the head for men and women. How is the operation, HFE, clinic prices, results, photos

After the procedure, small wounds remain in the area of constant hair growth. They heal in 2-3 days, without scars and scars. The obtained material for transplantation is immediately a ready transplant; there is no need to wait a long time for implantation. The skin is minimally damaged when grafts are taken and when they are implanted using cuts on grafts.

The procedure for removing hairs is performed in the upper layers of the skin, micropunch is found no deeper than 1/32 inch, so the nerve endings are not irritated.

When extracted with graft, natural hair loss is not more than 2.5%, less than in analogue methods. This is due to the fact that the scalpel does not injure the skin, additional trauma to the grafts is excluded. Using special Choi implants in the technique, it is possible to exclude incisions in the hair transplant area, to remove the follicle in one motion at a natural angle of inclination.

Hair transplant results, before and after photos

After the transplantation procedure, a new hairline begins to grow throughout a person’s life, hairs take root well. If the hair follicles fall out, they resume again.

Depending on the method of hair transplantation, the duration of the procedure may vary:

  • Seamless transplant – 3-7 hours.
  • Patchwork method – 3-4 hours.

The time of transplantation is affected by the number of bald patches and extracted bulbs, and the condition of the hairline. With large areas of baldness, transplantation, transplantation should be repeated 2-3 times. Hair transplant methods on the head for men and women. How is the operation, HFE, clinic prices, results, photos

Hair transplantation on the head at a affordable price is a minimally invasive procedure. Immediately after graft implantation, the patient can go home. On the second day, professional dressing is required, consultation with a doctor.

Hair growth after surgery: doctors’ recommendations

Hair transplantation on the head includes anesthesia, after which your hair may begin to fall out. Hair transplant methods on the head for men and women. How is the operation, HFE, clinic prices, results, photos

This is affected by experienced stress and excitement before transplantation:

  • The patient’s body expends a lot of strength and energy in the postoperative period, for healing of sutures and restoration of work of all organs. The longer the procedure, the wider the area of transplanted grafts, the more severely the body’s performance is disrupted.
  • Pain and discomfort in the postoperative period lead to stress, they disturb the patient, this can cause the development of baldness.
  • In the growth phase, the hair follicles undergo a lot of stress, fall out, thin out, and grow dull. This type of baldness is called telogen. Vital follicles do not die, and after loss, growth resumes if stress factors are excluded. To restore the vital functions of the body and hair follicles, it takes 2-3 months, in rare cases, the period is delayed to a year.
  • Theogenous alopecia is not always possible to treat with medications, you need to take a course of taking B vitamins.

Important! Intensive hair loss after surgery is associated with the intricacies of transplant procedures. During the operation, blood pressure decreases, circulatory failure appears in the area of hair growth.

  • Hair lacks oxygen. Useful trace elements, therefore, stop growing. To eliminate the problem, a course of taking a complex of vitamins is prescribed after surgery.
  • Many drugs prescribed for postoperative recovery cause hair loss (painkillers, anticoagulants, cytostatics).
  • Anesthesia prescribed during surgery, by itself, can not cause baldness, but in combination with other drugs can provoke the loss of hair follicles.
  • Over time, while the head is in contact with the operating table, the area will not receive oxygen and the necessary nutrients. This leads to local alopecia.

Postoperative risks

Hair transplantation on the head price, accompanied by risks and complications due to the subtleties of technology:

  1. Turning to a cheap clinic, the procedure can be performed by staff with low qualifications and little experience. With great responsibility, you need to approach the choice of the clinic, check the compliance with sanitary standards, quality certificates, examine customer reviews.
  2. Postoperative complications include numbness due to mechanical injuries of the zone with constant hair growth, the area of implantation of follicles. This is a temporary condition, passes after 4-5 days.
  3. The Strip technique is characterized by the appearance of scar tissue, scars remain. For transplantation, follicles are used not separately, but with part of the skin. Hair transplant methods on the head for men and women. How is the operation, HFE, clinic prices, results, photos
  4. There is a risk of rejection of transplanted hair – an unpredictable reaction of the body due to individual contraindications to the procedure.

What will be the appearance and complexity of the postoperative period cannot be predicted in advance , much depends on the skill of the doctor and the personal properties of the patient’s skin.

Factors Affecting Hair Transplant Cost

Hair transplant on the head price is different in each clinic, and country. The final price can tell the doctor, after examining the patient, selecting the appropriate procedure.

The following factors affect the cost of a hair transplant:

  1. The level of baldness of the patient and the density of hair, depending on the different number of grafts.
  2. Anesthesia, suture material and additional transplant tools
    are charged separately.
  3. The final cost depends on the complexity of the procedure, experience and qualifications of the master.
  4. Computer diagnosis of hairline roots is an expensive procedure.
  5. The cost of the procedure includes initial examinations, consultations and collection of tests, anamnesis.
  6. Blood test for syphilis, hemoglobin, hepatitis, HIV.
  7. Treatment during the recovery period with Minoxidil lotion to prevent re-baldness.
  8. When the clinic is located in another, the range of services may include travel, accommodation in a hospital.
  9. Postoperative therapy: the use of creams, antibiotics, vitamins.

The method of hair transplantation is an inexpensive technique, transplanting 1 graft will cost patients $ 0,95. A transplanted hair, 0’4 inch 2 in size, costs $ 41 – $ 48. Depending on the degree of baldness, minor alopecia costs $ 884 – $ 952, the last degree – $ 2720.

This is a gentle minimally invasive method of transplantation, used for transplanting sites up to 3/32 – 6/32 inch in size. This determines the affordable cost of the procedure.

Many clinics offer customers promotions, discounts, flexible terms of payment for transplantation:

  1. When transplanting 300 grafts, the cost is the same, approximately $ 367 – $ 408.
  2. Up to 1000 grafts, for one unit, the cost can be reduced, on average, will be $ 1,36 apiece.
  3. Up to 1500 counts, for one – $ 1,22.
  4. More than 15 $ 0 – $ 1,09.
    Hair transplant methods on the head for men and women. How is the operation, HFE, clinic prices, results, photos
    The cost of a hair transplant on the head depends on the number of grafts.

In particular, such services are offered for the second and third course of hair transplantation. Many clinics offer patients an all-inclusive service if patients have no contraindications, chronic illnesses and only a doctor’s consultation and appointment of a technique are needed.

The main cost applies specifically to the extraction of grafts and the transplant procedure, but there are additional costs that need to be considered in advance.

The price of hair transplantation in USA

Each clinic provides its prices for services:


Clinic Name

Method selection

Price, usd

1 He has clinics on Bolshaya Molchanovka FUE hair transplant (1 graft) 100
2 Hair for ever Hair transplant into scar tissue (1 graft) 90
3 Israeli Hair Clinic in Obydensky per. FUE hair transplantation, implantation of hair into the scalp (1 graft)

Hair transplant using the strip method (1 graft)



4 Medal on Leninsky Prospekt Hair transplantation in the scalp (1 graft)

Hair transplant into scar tissue (1 graft)



5 USClinic Hair transplant using the strip method (1 graft) 90

When calculating the cost, you also need to take into account the trichoscopy procedure at the first examination, to identify features and dermatological problems of the scalp. The price includes a procedure for modeling a hairline.

Transplantation price abroad

The price of services abroad is significantly different, the advantage is the high professionalism of doctors, high-precision equipment and service maintenance.

Prices Abroad:

  1. The Turkish Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine “Adam and Eve” offers patients hair restoration on the head with a seamless method for $ 6000.
  2. An Indian clinic in Chennai offers a graft transplant in a seamless way, costing between $ 5500 and $ 6500. The procedure proceeds under general anesthesia, the patient does not require subsequent hospitalization.
  3. Bumrungrad International Hospital in Thailand (Bangkok) provides hair transplant services for $ 6500-7000, depending on the method and degree of baldness.

Hair transplant patient reviews

Positive reviews from patients who have already used the hair transplant service prevail. Patients note the simplicity and painlessness of the procedures, choosing a qualified clinic and an experienced doctor, the postoperative period proceeds well, the wounds heal quickly. Hair transplant methods on the head for men and women. How is the operation, HFE, clinic prices, results, photos

For men and women, hair transplantation helps to restore a beautiful, aesthetic appearance, increase self-esteem.

Many people say that the FUE method is the most popular, safe and effective. In the period after the operation, rest is necessary, the hair begins to grow only after 2-3 months of rest, more than 95% of the hairs germinate. Patients who have contraindications or restrictions on the choice of method are not always satisfied with the result, hairs may not germinate all, no procedure is required.

All patients note that a careful, accurate attitude to the hair during rehabilitation is required. Wash and rinse hair with baby soap. Hair transplantation on the head confuses the price of many, but a high result justifies the investment.

Video: hair transplant on the head

How is a hair transplant performed on the head, see the video clip:

Hair transplant in Turkey:

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