The ratio of height and weight in girls, women by age. Table for determining normal weight

Many modern girls follow the figure, try to be fit and slim. To determine the normal ratio of growth and weight, you need to know the norms and adhere to them, regulating body weight with food and regular physical training.

What is BMI and why you need to know

Scientific minds have long invented a formula that defines excess or underweight. This is BMI. This abbreviation stands for Body Mass Index. According to this calculation, the main indicators of the human body are evaluated.

The ratio of height and weight in a girl is necessary not only to determine beauty. Knowing how this formula works, you can suspect problems with the body or, conversely, not think about the possible risks.

What should be the ratio of height and weight

A formula is a road sign that shows whether life is moving in the right direction. Or it’s time to change something.

The ratio of height and weight in girls, women by age. Table for determining normal weight
Table of the ratio of height and weight in girls

There is an opinion that the optimal weight in a person is the one that was in young years. But we should not forget that with every year of life the human body does not grow younger. The amount of muscle mass decreases, the fat layer increases. And if you take the Ketle formula (BMI) as the correct criterion for determining weight, then you can be very wrong.

The correct calculation of this index can be affected by both the type of physique and the number of muscles and body fat in the body.

Where to start determining the right proportions of the body

The ratio of height and weight for girls in the modern world is very different even from those that were 20-30 years ago. Today, the beauty of the female physique is determined by: growth, proportions of the upper body and lower limbs. But all the numbers are relative.

To determine the parameters of your body, you need to make several measurements:

  1. Measure height. The ratio of height and weight in girls, women by age. Table for determining normal weight
  2. Find the location of the waist (it can be high, low and medium).
  3. Measure the length of the legs.

Also, in addition, measurements are taken of the neck, shoulders, hips, calf muscles, chest. Together, all these indicators determine the proportionality of the physique.

How to measure growth

With age-related changes, growth is also changing. Firstly, in the morning a person’s height is always 0’4 – 0’8 inch higher than in the evening. This is due to the fact that the body relaxes and stretches in a dream. Secondly, a person’s growth at 50 years old will not be the same as it was 20 years ago. Therefore, there is a need to make new measurements at certain intervals.

To correctly measure your height, you need to take an assistant and a hard foot. A inch tape should be left for measuring waist sizes.

  1. Stand directly on a vertical and level surface.
  2. Press the heels, pelvis, shoulders and back of the head against the wall.
  3. Press the chin to the chest. The ratio of height and weight in girls, women by age. Table for determining normal weight

In this position, at the top of the head (crown), the assistant needs to put a mark on the wall. Moreover, the measurements are carried out strictly parallel to the floor. Measuring the distance from the top to the bottom – there is growth. Each woman or girl is individual.

To say that someone is more beautiful is impossible. But there are categories of female growth:

  • “Inches” – height up to 5’1 foot;
  • below average height – 5’1 – 5’4 foot;
  • girls of average height – 5’4 – 5’6 foot;
  • above average height – 5’6 – 5’7 foot;
  • tall girls – 5’7 – 6’1 foot;
  • too tall or tall – 185 and above.

Body types

Three types are referred to the main body classification: asthenic, normosthenic, and hypersthenic (endomorphic type).

  • Asthenic physique

The ratio of height and weight in girls with this type of figure is characterized by general dryness and graceful upper and lower limbs. Usually their height is 5’5 – 5’6 foot. Girls with this type of figure are very light, thin, elegant. They do not have a tendency to gain weight.

The ratio of height and weight in girls, women by age. Table for determining normal weight

  • Girls normosteniki

A distinctive feature of this type of physique is the proportionality of the figure. These women are usually of medium height and have a very harmonious physique. With age, they can gain 4 -7 pounds of excess weight.

  • Endomorphic type of women The ratio of height and weight in girls, women by age. Table for determining normal weight

This is a strong, stocky type of female physique. Usually below average height. They have a wide chest and wide shoulders. Girls with such a physique are usually prone to gain weight.

To determine your body type, you need to know the height, length of the legs and the volume of the wrist:

  1. Asthenics – legs are 2’8 – 3’1 inch longer growth. Wrist girth less than 5’9 inch.
  2. Normostenics – legs are 1’2 – 2 inch longer growth. Wrist girth 15. 2 – 7’1 inch.
  3. Endomorphs – legs are a couple inch longer growth. Wrist girth greater than 7’1 inch.

There are also units for the figure:

  • A – shaped figure – has wide hips compared to narrow shoulders.
  • X – shaped type of figure. The shoulders and hips are approximately the same in width. The waist is 7’9 inch smaller.
  • H – shaped figure. The shoulders, waist and hips are approximately the same volume.
  • T – shaped figure. The “boyish” type is broad-shouldered with narrow hips.
  • O – shaped physique. This type of women is distinguished by the most voluminous part of her figure – the waist.

Ketle Index

In the mid-19th century, the academic statistician and sociologist Adolf Kotle created a formula by which one can determine excess weight in a person. The Quetelet Index (BMI) is the correspondence between human height and weight, which helps determine the amount of excess or missing weight.

To calculate the body mass index, you need to divide your weight by (height in foot * height in foot). It looks like this – weight pounds: (height in m) 2.

Example: 163 pounds: (1.76 * 1.76) = 23.88 – the resulting figure is the Ketle formula o
r body mass index.

Ketle Mass Index Degrees

The mass index must be used with caution. When calculating it, the amount of fat in the body of a given person is not taken into account. Therefore, this weight analysis is indicative. The ratio of height and weight in girls, women by age. Table for determining normal weight

  1. Index up to 18.5 – underweight. There is no risk of obesity. In women, hormonal disorders, miscarriages, hypotension, and decreased hemoglobin can occur.
  2. Index 18.6 – 25 – weight is normal. There is no risk of disease. There is no need to reduce or increase weight. Changes in weight can only be a personal preference.
  3. Index 25.1 – 30 – extra pounds . There is a risk of the gradual occurrence of hypertension, varicose veins, diabetes.
  4. Index 30.1 – 35 – 1 degree of obesity. This disease is not only a lot of fat on the human body or a cosmetic defect. Starting from this degree of obesity, the cardiovascular system and cerebral vessels carry a double burden. Sugar is not properly absorbed by the body, leading to diabetes.
  5. Index 31.1 – 40 – 2 degree of obesity. The need to take urgent action doubles. Arthrosis, arthritis, hypertension, strokes, heart attacks are the consequences of this disease.
  6. Over 40.1 – 3 degree of obesity. The tremendous possibility of dying from all of the above diseases increases significantly. There is an urgent need to take measures to reduce excess weight.

Volumes The ratio of height and weight in girls, women by age. Table for determining normal weight

The ratio of height and weight or the Ketle index is not an ideal indicator of a beautiful body in girls or the absence of health problems.

It is necessary to add a measurement of waist volume to BMI. This parameter will be an addition to the Ketle formula.

  1. The inch tape showed more than 31’5 inch – there is a small chance of developing metabolic diseases.
  2. Measurements with a inch tape showed a waist volume exceeding 34’3 inch – a critical figure. There is a need to reduce weight due to possible health complications.

Brock’s Formula

The French surgeon Paul Brock in the 19th century developed a calculation by which you can determine the optimal weight for a person. This calculation formula includes the need to know your height in inch from which you need to subtract 100. The resulting figure will be an indicator of ideal weight. The ratio of height and weight in girls, women by age. Table for determining normal weight

But for the correct calculation, there is a need to know the type of your physique. So, girls with the same body weight can look different, because of different body types.

  • Asthenics – (measured in inch. Growth – 100) – 1/10 of the result.
  • Normostenics – measured in inch. Growth – 100.
  • Endomorphs – (measured in inch. Growth – 100) +1/10 of the result.

Negler formula

When calculating use a certain height and weight. To the ideal 152. 1’6 inch (this growth figure is considered ideal) – (to the next 2. 2 inch) it is necessary to add 2 pounds of weight. Add 10% of the result to the output figure.

For example: the initial height is 5’4 foot. 165-152.4 = 12.6: 2.5 = 5.04 * 0.9 = 4536. The resulting figure must be added to the ideal 99 pounds = 49536. And add 10%. As a result, we get 120 pounds.

The Neger formula is not suitable for all body types. From a girl with a high growth, you can make an anarexic.

John McCallum formula

The formula for body mass was developed by John McCallum – a sports expert, writer. Among athletes, this formula is recognized as the best. It should be determined by the volume of the wrist. The ratio of height and weight in girls, women by age. Table for determining normal weight

McCallum body parameters:

  • chest volume is 6.5 * per carpal volume;
  • waist volume – measured chest volume * 0.53;
  • thigh volume – measured chest volume * 0.85;
  • thigh volume (legs) – measured chest volume * 0.53;
  • neck volume – measured chest volume * 0.37;
  • biceps volume – measured chest volume * 0.36;
  • shin volume – measured chest volume * 0.34;
  • forearm volume – measured chest volume * 0.29.

Lorentz formula

At the beginning of the 20th century, a Dutch physicist calculated the perfect weight for a person. It is based on growth.

This calculation is suitable for people from 20 years. Growth has no limits.

The formula for the fair half: (subtract 100 from the height measured in inch) – (in inch the measured height is 150) divided by 2.

Example: 175cm = (175-100) – (175-150) / 2 = 75-25 / 2 = 138 pounds

Breitman formula

To determine the formula Breitman perfect weight for a specific person must use the growth in inch. Is calculated by the formula:

The measured growth parameter in inch. * By 0.7 and subtract 50.

Example: 5’8 foot * 0.7-50 = 161 pounds.

The calculation of the perfect weight according to this formula is more suitable for women of more mature age.

The role of age in relation to height and weight

Over time, the human body undergoes changes. Muscle volume decreases, the fat layer increases. Due to hormonal age-related changes in women, redistribution, and even excessive accumulation of subcutaneous fat occurs. Therefore, there is a need to compare your weight not with youthful indicators, but taking into account age. The ratio of height and weight in girls, women by age. Table for determining normal weight

The famous surgeon Brox made his calculation of BMI, laying him the number of years and features of the figure.

  1. The best result of female weight up to 39 years. Height, measured in inch-coefficient of 110.
  2. Best female weight 40+. Height, measured in inch – 100.
  3. For asthenic physique, it is necessary to subtract 10% of the ideal weight.
  4. For female endomorphs, it is necessary to add 10% of their ideal weight.

Calculation of the ratio of height and weight, based on the type of female figure

Having the perfect physique is the dream of any woman or girl. All people are different and this should be recognized. Each woman is unique, no matter what body proportions she possesses.

  1. A – shaped body type. In the representatives of this figure, the shoulders are noticeably narrower than the hips. The waist is less than the hips by at least 7’9 inch. Representatives of the A – shaped body type can be of different heights.
  2. X – shaped type of f
    In this case, the shoulders and hips have approximately the same volume. This body type has smooth transition lines between the thigh, waist and chest. The ratio of height and weight in girls, women by age. Table for determining normal weight
  3. H – shaped body type. The shoulders and hips have the same volume. Waist hardly stands out. Hips do not have “feminine” bends.
  4. T – shaped physique. “Boyish” type of figure. The shoulders are wider than the hips. The legs are long and thin. The width of the hips is greater than the waist by no more than 7’9 inch.
  5. O – shaped physique. In a female figure of this type of this type, the most prominent part of the body is the waist. Fairly slender hips and shoulders, but a huge belly.

Norm of weight and height: table for women

Height 19-29 years old 30-39 years old 40-50 years old
165 58.5 61.75 66.3
167 60.3 63.65 68.34
169 62.1 65.65 70.38
171 63.9 67.45 72.42
173 65.7 69.35 74.46
175 67.5 71.25 76.5

The numbers in this table show the average allowable weight of women at different ages.

Using a special calculator

On the Internet, different types of online calculators have found their place, which can be used to calculate the optimal body weight using various formulas. The way to use the online calculator is very simple. You need to know your body parameters and enter data into the calculator windows. The ratio of height and weight in girls, women by age. Table for determining normal weight

To find out your values according to the Ketle formula, you need to know only the height of your body and weight. The online assistant will do the calculation himself.

The ratio of height and weight in a teenage girl

To find out the BMI of a child will help the formula. Children’s calculation of the Ketle index = weight of the child in pounds / per height in m 2 . For example: a child height of 1.35, weight 77 pounds = 35 / 1.82 = 19.23. This is the norm for children 12-13 years old.

To determine the BMI of a teenager, it is necessary to make the same calculation as for babies. The Quetelet index for adults is not yet suitable for them, due to the constant growth of the body.

It is necessary to calculate the indicator – percentile.  Percentile = adolescent weight / height. The result should be compared with the values that correspond to the age of the young man.


  • The result of 95 and more is obesity disease.
  • Result 80 – 95 – overweight.
  • Results from 6 – 80 – normal weight.
  • Less than 6 – lack of weight.

Pregnancy Body Mass Index

BMI during pregnancy is assessed according to generally accepted Quetelet calculations. But this formula has its own characteristics. To apply this calculation, you need to know the number of weeks of pregnancy, weight and height before pregnancy. The ratio of height and weight in girls, women by age. Table for determining normal weight

Formula: weight before pregnancy / height squared:

  • result of 19.8 or less – underweight;
  • result up to 26 – normal weight;
  • all over 26 is overweight.

During pregnancy, there is a need to monitor weight. Any changes in the weight of the mother may affect the development of the child.

Why you need to know your BMI

Ketle’s index or formula is a relative measure. But to know it is necessary and not even for the beauty of the body. In these figures, part of the health is hidden. Indicators that exceed the norm should alert.

Behind them are serious diseases such as varicose veins, arthrosis, thrombophlebitis, strokes, heart attacks, and diabetes. Few people want to have so many problems in their body. Therefore, it becomes necessary to monitor your BMI in order to prevent excess weight with its consequences.

Disadvantages and limitations of using the BMI method

The Ketle formula has its drawbacks. These include:

  • the calculations do not take into account age;
  • well-developed muscles can be interpreted as a threat of excess weight or obesity;
  • there are no differences between the female and male gender.

Therein are disadvantages and limitations. If necessary, in-depth calculations should take several different formulas.

How to normalize body mass index

For girls who want to lose weight or gain pounds, calculating body mass index can be an assistant. You need to know certain rules. They are very similar for both groups.

  1. Fractional nutrition – 3 main meals and 2 snacks (both for losing weight and for those who want to get better). The ratio of height and weight in girls, women by age. Table for determining normal weight
  2. The number of calories. Those wishing to lose weight – cut in accordance with the norms. Weight gaining food calories need to be increased due to complex carbohydrates and protein.
  3. Physical education improves metabolism.
  4. It is necessa
    ry to check the body for the presence of chronic diseases.
  5. Eliminate bad habits.
  6. Full sleep. Internal organs work better. The body absorbs everything necessary and removes toxins.

The body mass index of girls, and in another way the ratio of their height and weight, can become an assistant in solving health problems. And also be a guide in achieving the desired proportions of the figure.

Video about BMI

BMI standards and associated diseases:

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