The best hair dyes: for painting gray hair, without ammonia, resistant. Top 10 Professional Paints

The hair dye industry is surprisingly diverse. But what hair dye, according to customer reviews, is better than others To understand this will help the top 10, according to stylists, paints. Their quality was highly appreciated by both ordinary customers and specialists.

Professional paints: properties and varieties

All paints are divided into 3 groups:

  • Persistent – effect up to several months, depending on the intensity of staining;
  • Semi resistant – effect up to 28 water procedures;
  • Hue – unstable paints of natural origin, resistance depends on the initial shade of the hair (the effect lasts longer on light strands).

Persistent paints contain ammonia and hydroperit. Dyes penetrate the structure of the hair, which contributes to their resistance to 3 months. They are also considered the most destructive to the structure of the hair. Suitable for a radical change in hair color, for example, repainting from brunette to blonde and vice versa. Some lines of persistent paints have super brighteners of various intensities.

Semi-permanent paints do not contain ammonia or hydroperit. Their durability is up to 2 months, depending on the tone. They contain useful oils that reduce the harmful effects of dyes, have a less destructive effect on hair than persistent dyes. Recommended for changing hair color by 1-3 tones.

Tinting agents without ammonia are the most unstable. These include natural dyes (Ayurvedic Indian dye), tint balms, ammonia-free hair dyes. Their resistance is up to 5 rinses. On light strands, the effect is longer than on dark ones. They are used to refresh the basic tone of the hair and make it brighter.

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How to choose a quality hair dye

Hairdressers advise to adhere to such rules:

  1. Only persistent dyes can radically change the color of hair. They are also suitable for painting gray hair.
  2. For thin and weakened hair, ammonia-free paints with caring oils are recommended.
  3. Owners of dark hair should not choose tinted products – they will not be visible on the hair.
  4. To lighten hair, stylists recommend salon brand dyes of premium class. They do not leave yellow and immediately give an effect.
  5. For the first time, paints of an average price category (within $ 8,16) are suitable.
  6. Paints of popular brands give a more predictable result than natural dyes and little-known lines, except for premium;
  7. To change the shade, it is recommended to choose tint balms, shampoos or natural dyes.
  8. Levels of resistance are evaluated on a 4-point system: 0 – temporary, hold until the first flush; 1 – tint balms; 2 – semi-resistant and 3 – resistant.
  • Level 0 is a spray for hair, mousse, gel and mascara. They are found in the lines of Oriflame, Dior, Estel and others. Wash off the first time.
  • Level 1 – tint products and dyes of low resistance, not containing ammonia, such as Palette tint masks, Irida shampoo, Tonic balm, Estel Love shampoo and others, resistance – up to 7 water procedures.
  • Level 2 – resistance 28 flushing. These include Casting Creme Gloss by L’oreal, L’oreal Sublime mousse and others. Suitable for changing the natural shade of hair within 1-3 tones.
  • Persistent – suitable for darkening gray hair, a fundamental change in hair. Persistence – from 30 rinses, depending on the intensity of the shade. These include professional salon paints, L’oreal Excellence, Syoss and others; The best hair dyes: for painting gray hair, without ammonia, resistant. Top 10 Professional Paints

1. For tinting in natural shades, the world-recognized scale of natural tones is suitable. It contains 10 standard tones:

  • 1 – black;
  • 2 – dark brown (black coffee);
  • 3 – dark chestnut;
  • 4 – classic chestnut tone;
  • 5 – light chestnut;
  • 6 – dark blond;
  • 7 – light brown;
  • 8 – light blond;
  • 9 – blond;
  • 10 – blonde blond. On the package, this is 1 digit indicating the intensity of the tone;

2. 2 digit on the paint is responsible for the shade. There are 8 generally accepted standards:

  • 0 – natural tone;
  • 1 – ashes;
  • 2 – mother of pearl;
  • 3 – gold;
  • 4 – copper;
  • 5 – ruby;
  • 6 – purple;
  • 7 – chocolate;
  • 8 – pearl (blue). Double digits, for example, 5/56 – indicate the versatility of the pigment. For example, chestnut golden copper;

3. Not all brands use a standard shade designation. The palette of the Italian brand Kaaral uses the following scale:

  • 0 – straight
  • 1 – ashes;
  • 2 – purple tone;
  • 3 – gold;
  • 4 – copper red;
  • 5 – mahogany;
  • 6 – red
  • and 8 is brown. The best hair dyes: for painting gray hair, without ammonia, resistant. Top 10 Professional Paints

The German brand Schwarzkopf uses a completely different scale:

  • 0 – natural tone;
  • 1 – sandre;
  • 2 – pearls;
  • 3 – ashes;
  • 4 – copper;
  • 5 – mahogany;
  • 6 – red;
  • 8 – chocolate. It is better to focus on the shades presented in each line;

4. Each chemical paint contains a percentage of hydrogen peroxide, except for lines that do not contain perhydrol. Light colors require more hydroperit per gallon of water than dark ones.

  • from 1.5% to 2.5% are suitable for light tinting;
  • 3% – for coloring a little darker than the natural color;
  • 6% – for gray hair or easy blond hair;
  • 9% – bleaching for 3 nuances;
  • 12% – for strong lightening from 3 tones and more;
  1. Natural hair color is always tested on a scale used throughout the world;
  2. To lighten already dyed hair, salon paints of world brands are used.

Hair dye is selected depending on the intensity of the changes. Brightening paints are best to choose professional, premium, as they are more suitable for coloring hair in salon conditions, if the base color of the hair is black or dark brown.

Blonde-haired stylists are advised to choose popular inexpensive dyes. It is better to choose a shade close to the natural tone of the hair or use a neutral brightener, which is in every palette.

Top 10 professional paints of 2021

Premium class

1st place – Wella Professional KOLESTON Perfect hair color – 100 shades

The best hair dyes: for painting gray hair, without ammonia, resistant. Top 10 Professional Paints

High-class paint used in the salons of the world. Contains up to 25% moisturizing ingredients, fats to protect hair.

The palette includes 100 saturated colors and allows you to get a bright color with pearl tints. Approved by the Institute of Trichologists and is the holder of the SalonStar Award in the category “Best Dye” for the 5th consecutive year.

Suitable for painting gray hair, and a diverse range of shades allows you to find your own. Convenient packaging format (tube and cardboard box).

Suitable for home use. Effect: the hair is soft, evenly dyed,
with pearl tints and bright shine.

Suitable for all shades of hair, even gray hair.


  • Compact packaging.
  • Creamy texture, not flowing.
  • Pleasant aroma.
  • A diverse palette of shades.
  • Professional quality.


  • High price – from $ 6,94 and above;
  • As an oxidizing agent, only Welloxon Perfect is suitable.

Shade Palette:

Release form – cream paint in a sealed tube. Hydroperite is bought separately for it, the percentage of hydroperite depends on the shade (for light it is higher);

The best hair dyes: for painting gray hair, without ammonia, resistant. Top 10 Professional Paints
Vella is the best hair dye according to experts and according to customer reviews. Photo palettes

Price – from $ 6,94.

Paint reviews:

  • Angelina, 25 years old:

“Good resistant paint, I’ve been using it for 6 months now. Beautiful shades, color lasts a long time, hair has a beautiful and well-groomed appearance. ”

  • Natalia, 30 years old:

“I tried different dyes, but they recommended this one in the salon. I decided to purchase. I am very pleased with the result. “The hair acquired a beautiful healthy appearance, no discomfort during dyeing was felt.”

2nd place – Persistent cream hair color Londa Professional

Professional salon paint with a diverse palette of shades. Contains Vitaflection special microspheres for a consistent, natural color with tints. Even the golden tones of the palette do not contain yellow, providing a bright shine and rich color.

Professional-quality paint is suitable for painting gray hair and bold experiments with tinting and coloring of hair. Some shades require prior blondization.

Suitable for tinting gray hair or blondizing strands previously dyed in black, copper, purple and reddish hues.


  • Multifaceted, shining shades.
  • The lack of yellowness.
  • Some tones in the palette successfully remove the yellowness and redness.
  • Suitable for gray hair.
  • Resistance from 3 weeks or more, depending on the intensity and saturation of the shade.


  • Separately, you need to buy mixton only brand Londa.

The palette has 24 shades. The best hair dyes: for painting gray hair, without ammonia, resistant. Top 10 Professional Paints

Release form: the sealed cream paint in a tube and a cardboard box with the instruction.

Price: from $ 5,24.


  • Olga, 27 years old:

“I have been working in a beauty salon for a long time, and often use this paint. Customers are satisfied with beautiful and persistent shades, well-groomed hair. ”

  • Elena, 33 years old:

“Great paint for home dyeing and salon use.” It’s easy to apply it to the hair, it doesn’t flow, but it’s difficult to pick up an oxidizing agent for it.

3rd place – Kaaral silk hydrolyzed hair color cream

Persistent salon paint of a new generation of premium, enriched with rice and silk proteins, 98% identical to hair proteins and intense pigments that penetrate the hair structure. It contains a high percentage of caring substances that even out damage and make hair smooth and shiny.

Suitable for darkening gray hair, a radical change in the shade of hair, coloring yellow, purple and red pigments from other dyes.


  • Beautiful shades without excessive redness and yellowness.
  • Professional quality.
  • Neutral flavor.
  • The gray hair is 100% over.
  • Bright shine.


  • Dries hair;
  • Not suitable for thin hair.

The palette is 103 shades.

Release form: cream sealed paint in a tube.

Price – $ 6,94


  • Elena, 33 years old:

“Good paint, gives rich colors, but dries hair a little.”

  • Olga, 30 years old:

“I like the palette of shades, the effect of overflows on the hair, but light shades dry the hair, which some customers don’t like, so I recommend another for clarification.”

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Average price category

4th place – Syoss Professional Performance hair dye

The dye is part of the main line of professional hair dyes from the Syoss brand, organized by German pharmacist Hans Schwarzkopf. Syoss brand is considered one of the best professional hair care and coloring products on the market. The best hair dyes: for painting gray hair, without ammonia, resistant. Top 10 Professional Paints

Persistent Syoss Professional Performance dye contains a special care complex Pro-Cellium with natural keratin and provitamin B5, caring for hair. The palette has 18 juicy shades.

The paint is suitable for tinting gray hair, color adjustment.

Advantages :

  • Durability.
  • Professional quality.
  • Saturated colors.
  • Does not dry hair.


  • Not detected.

A palette of shades of 18 colors.

Release form: a set containing a tube with a dye, an oxidizing agent, gloves, instructions and conditioner.

Country of Origin: Germany.

The price is $ 4,69.


  • Margarita, 33 years old:

“Very good paint, bright and lasting shades, professional care. I recommend it to my friends. ”

  • Marina, 30 years old:

“I really liked the paint, I use it with pleasure and advise clients of my salon and friends.”

5th place – L’Oreal Casting Creme Gloss

Ammonia-free tint paint of medium resistance with royal jelly. All shades are close to the natural tones of the hair, suitable for coloring, dyeing ombre. Light cream texture is easily and evenly distributed along the entire length of the strands, ensuring a uniform color. The best hair dyes: for painting gray hair, without ammonia, resistant. Top 10 Professional Paints

Hair dye (reviews, which will be better described later) L’Oreal Casting Creme Gloss, according to users, is considered one of the best i
n the middle price category.


  • Lack of ammonia.
  • All blond tones are lightening.
  • Royal jelly protects the hair structure from the aggressive effects of dyes, providing the hair with the necessary nutrition.
  • Pleasant aroma.
  • Varied and natural shades.
  • Suitable for dry hair.
  • Does not dry hair.


  • Requires thorough washing off.
  • The color is washed evenly, it is difficult to tint overgrown roots.

Suitable for giving brightness and shine to the natural color of hair, painting gray hair up to 30%.

The palette contains 28 shades.

Resistance – 6-8 weeks. No ammonia.


  • Natalia, 30 years old:

“My first staining was a success. Loved the natural shades, the hair just changed. I will use more and more. ”

  • Tatyana, 20 years old:

“A good paint that revitalizes the natural shade, but I do not recommend it to customers for a radical change in the natural shade of hair.”

6th place – Garnier Color naturals creme – 30 shades

Persistent cream paint with avocado, shea butter and olive oil, softens hair and minimizes all the harmful effects of staining. The best hair dyes: for painting gray hair, without ammonia, resistant. Top 10 Professional Paints


  • Soft creamy texture.
  • Oils.
  • The convenience of use.
  • Color fastness.


  • No.

Suitable for updating the natural shade of hair and toning, as well as for a fundamental change in color. Paints over gray hair 100%.

Release form: cardboard box with coloring cream, activator of coloring cream, applicator, color fixing balm, gloves and instructions.

Price: $ 6,12.


  • Margarita, 20 years old:

“Good paint, very easy to apply on strands, does not drip and gives a beautiful natural and iridescent color, I recommend it.”

  • Nika, 26 years old:

“Very good paint, gentle and pleasant to use. I advise everyone. ”

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Low cost paints

7th place – Indola Zero Amm Color – a budget professional paint.

Dutch hair dye with low ammonia content and natural nutrients Nutri – Care, designed for damaged and weakened hair. Gives a natural shine and protects hair from brittleness and cross-section. The best hair dyes: for painting gray hair, without ammonia, resistant. Top 10 Professional Paints

Hair dye (reviews, which is better – will be described later) is stored on the hair for a long time.


  • Natural shades.
  • The lack of yellowness.
  • Saturated color despite sparing coloring.


  • May cause redness and allergies;
  • The kit does not include oxidizer.

Suitable for painting gray hair and giving a rich shade to the natural color of the hair.


Release form: Tube with paint and instruction for use

Price: $ 3,13.


  • Tatyana, 22 years old:

“Good paint for those who like natural and soft shades.”

  • Vera, 23 years old:

“Good paint for a radical change in color and ombre effect on the hair.”

8th place – Garnier Olia

Permanent ammonia-free paint with floral oils that protect hair from damage and give it a bright shine and well-groomed appearance. Hair dye, if you look at the reviews, which is better, is considered one of the most inexpensive and safe for dry and damaged hair.


  • Does not irritate the skin.
  • Persistent color without ammonia.
  • Well-groomed hair.
  • Pleasant floral aroma.
  • 100% shaded gray hair.
  • Intense shine.
  • The absence of allergies.

Minuses : None.

Suitable for coloring gray hair, lightening hair, highlighting, coloring, ombre and brightening the natural shade of hair. Hypoallergenic composition.

Palette : 25 shades.


  • Polina, 30 years old:

“Wonderful dye even for my thin hair. I liked it very much”.

  • Veronika, 20 years old:

“Great paint.” I advise everyone. And it’s inexpensive, and it colors beautifully, and the hair after it is soft and shiny. ”

Release form: set with paint, gloves, a special milk and rinse conditioner.

Country of origin: France;

Price: $ 3,25.

9th place – Aasha Herbals, Ayurvedic hair color with a natural composition. The best hair dyes: for painting gray hair, without ammonia, resistant. Top 10 Professional Paints


  • Natural composition based on Indian herbs;
  • Intense shine;
  • Hair care;


  • Shades are different from those on the box;
  • Not all shades are suitable for fair hair or gray hair coloring.

Suitable for owners of dark hair.

Shades: 13 shades:

  • The black.
  • Black indigo.
  • Black coffee.
  • Black Tulip.
  • Chestnut.
  • Mahogany.
  • Burugund.
  • Golden brown.
  • Cherry wine.
  • Golden blond.
  • Bitter chocolate.
  • Copper.


  • Polina, 30 years old, stylist:

“I appreciate the caring properties of this paint, but I do not recommend it for salon use. Some shades behave unpredictably. I advise you to use it in order to care for your hair and refresh the natural shade. ”

  • Nastya, 33 years old:

“Good paint for home use.” It looks very good on dark hair, especially the shade of a black tulip. ”

Release form: special powder.

Price : $ 6,87.

10th place – Schwarzkopf Color Mask

Resistant paint for home use. Mask-shaped paint, easy to apply.


  • Light texture;
  • Bright color;
  • Intense shine;
  • Convenient form of use.


  • Does not completely paint over gray hair.

Suitable for giving brightness, brilliance and saturation to a natural color, color change within 1-2 tones, gray hair shading up to 30%.

The palette includes 22 shades: The best hair dyes: for painting gray hair, without ammonia, resistant. Top 10 Professional Paints


  • Anna, 34 years old:

“Soft and pleasant paint, suitable for tinting hair. It gives them shine and a well-groomed appearance, a light shade does not yellow the hair. ”

  • Svetlana, 30 years old:

“Nice paint at a nice price. Very beautiful shades, long held on the hair. ”

Form of use: cream paint. The kit for staining includes a coloring and developing cream, restoring hair balm, gloves and instructions for use.

Price : $ 1,36.

Modern hair dyes are diverse. But hair dye, reviews on the Internet about which may be different, may not always be the best for you. Looking through the palette of shades, the buyer can choose for himself which one is better.

The color palette can be inserted with pictures, as the description of the shades will greatly spoil the uniqueness

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TOP 10 best hair colors:

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