Beauty in 10 minutes: the complex has a beautiful slender body (abs, hips, arms, buttocks, stomach) with Cindy Whitmarsh. Video lessons

Beauty in 10 minutes is a complex from the famous fitness trainer Cindy Whitmarsh. This is an American athlete, professionally engaged in fitness for more than 20 years. The woman is also a fitness instructor with a bachelor’s degree in fitness and healthy nutrition.

Cindy Whitmarsh is known in many countries of the world thanks to her own coaching program for losing weight under the name “Beauty in 10 minutes.”

Description of Beauty in 10 Minutes with Cindy Whitmarsh

The main goal of the Beauty in 10 Minutes program is to reduce body weight and strengthen muscles. Cindy Whitmarsh also insists on a balanced diet during exercise and weight loss. Actually, the loss of pounds occurs when the amount of food consumed is significantly limited.

That is, you need to eat less food than the body is able to spend throughout the day. The body will begin to take up vital energy from “reserve reserves”, in particular – fat deposits. Therefore, the process of losing weight inevitably lies in limiting the intake of high-calorie foods.

Beauty in 10 minutes: the complex has a beautiful slender body (abs, hips, arms, buttocks, stomach) with Cindy Whitmarsh. Video lessons
Beauty in 10 minutes is a set of exercises from Cindy Whitmarsh that applies to DVD

Beauty in 10 minutes (a complex from Cindy Whitmarsh) is a carefully selected mix of effective exercises that maximize impact on different parts of the body. They are divided into certain groups of the body (for the muscles of the press, buttocks, hips and hands). The program includes 5 separate workouts. Interestingly, each lesson lasts only 10 minutes.

If you want to get rid of excess weight, while pulling up the body, a training program from Cindy Whitmarsh is exactly what you need.

Advantages and disadvantages of a set of exercises

If there is no time for full fitness classes, then a 10-minute training session from Cindy Whitmarsh will be welcome.

Advantages and disadvantages of exercises “Beauty in 10 minutes”:

Benefits disadvantages
The complex offers work with the most problem areas:
  • legs;
  • hips;
  • buttocks
  • hands;
  • belly.
The complex lacks aerobics for additional fat burning.
With 10-minute workouts, your daily routine will not be broken. Not enough exercise for quick weight loss. To achieve maximum effect, it takes half an hour a day.
Unique load combinations. Several muscle groups work simultaneously. Classes are designed only for beginners.
Unique exercises for the abdomen. Many original inventions that will help work out the abdominal muscles.
A fast paced workout helps burn a lot of calories.
The complex is perfect for beginners. The trainer offers available exercises.
Classes help strengthen the abs, buttocks, hips, help reduce sagging hands.
Each individual workout takes only 10 minutes. If desired, it is possible to choose a separate set of exercises.

Cindy speaks quite clearly and shows how exactly the exercises should be done. Plus, for American-speaking users, the videos are translated into their native language.

The basic principles of the program

Beauty in 10 minutes (a set of short classes) is the best offer if there is not enough time for fitness classes. Beauty in 10 minutes: the complex has a beautiful slender body (abs, hips, arms, buttocks, stomach) with Cindy Whitmarsh. Video lessons

As mentioned above, the program consists of 5 10-minute classes designed for different zones.

The main principles of training include:

  • exact adherence to the techniques of the proposed basic exercises;
  • performing exercises several times with certain interruptions.

Even if you perform 1 workout per day, aimed at a specific muscle group, you can come up with amazing results in the shortest possible time.

How to do the exercises correctly

Beauty in 10 minutes (complex from Cindy Whitmarsh) has 5 different classes of classes.

It should be understood that:

  • no need to overexert, performing the entire complex at once. Enough 10-minute classes for a specific problem area of the body;
  • for the first time starting classes, it is not recommended to do too much work, preferably gradual adaptation;
  • the day after exercise, pain may appear in some parts of the body.


If there is a need to reduce the volume of the hips, tighten the butt, get rid of the ugly “orange peel”, but at the same time there is no time to go to the gym, then with the program from Cindy Whitmarsh you can do this at home.

The main emphasis is on lunges and squats, since it is these exercises that most affect both surfaces of the hips, also involving their internal muscles. If you have varicose veins or joint problems, avoid too sharp lunges, deep and intense squats.

Among the main exercises:

  • dumbbell squats Beauty in 10 minutes: the complex has a beautiful slender body (abs, hips, arms, buttocks, stomach) with Cindy Whitmarsh. Video lessons
  • squats with lifting on socks;
  • deadlift;
  • lunges in one place;
  • side lunges;
  • lunges with abduction of the leg forward / backward;
  • rises of the right and left legs with a dumbbell.

In order to avoid mistakes in the movements, it is recommended to do gymnastics under video tutorials with comments from Cindy Whitmarsh.


Hand exercises are designed to strengthen the muscle tissue of the hands and get rid of sagging.

The proposed complex includes:

  • dumbbell bench press;
  • raising hands in front of you;
  • hands apart; Beauty in 10 minutes: the complex has a beautiful slender body (abs, hips, arms, buttocks, stomach) with Cindy Whitmarsh. Video lessons
  • lifting dumbbells to the chest;
  • hands apart;
  • turns of dumbbells with rotation of the hands;
  • bending the arms for biceps alternately in both directions.


The goal of gymnastics for this problem area is to strengthen muscles and improve overall shape. It is incorrect to assume that for the formation of elastic buttocks, it is enough to do only squats.

Although squats are considered the most suitable exercises that give maximum effect. It is worth noting that there are many other fitness exercises, the implementation of which helps strengthen the buttocks and legs.

To make your legs slim, you need to do it all the time. In this case, the daily diet should be balanced with a reduced calorie intake. If there is a need to preserve or bring the buttocks and hips back to normal, fatty and flour products, sweets should be excluded from food.

An important point for obtaining a positive effect is the exact technique of the fitness program.

By doing the wrong movements, you can not achieve the desired effect, or even get injured.

In order to effectively work out the target muscles of this area of the body, it is necessary to do a minimum of 3-4 approaches, performing a separate movement. Repetitions must be done until a slight tingling sensation appears in the muscles.

Preferably a minimum of 15 repetitions. And it’s better to do up to 30 times one movement in one approach. To achieve maximum effect, it is recommended to perform a similar list of exercises at least 2-3 times during the week.

The list of exercises:

1. The extension of the hips while lying down.

When performing movements, the muscles of the buttocks and the back of the thigh work. In order to get the maximum benefit from this movement, it is recommended to lower the body to the forearms. Under the knees, you need to hold the dumbbells. When the leg returns to its original position, it should be bent and pulled closer to the chest. Thus, the effect of classes increases.

2. Bend the thigh to the side in the knee position. Beauty in 10 minutes: the complex has a beautiful slender body (abs, hips, arms, buttocks, stomach) with Cindy Whitmarsh. Video lessons

The buttocks and the outer thigh are involved in the work. Hands can be slightly bent at the elbows. Having reached the top point, it is necessary to linger in this position for 3 seconds, thus increasing the effect of the exercise.

3. Take legs to the sides in turn.

Perfect movement to strengthen the gluteal muscles. They perform semicircular swings with their feet, first in one direction, then in the other. At the same time, the muscle tissue of the buttocks works most efficiently.

4. The bridge with the rise of the pelvis.

The use of such a technique perfectly affects the elimination of adipose tissue in the buttocks. The biceps and the back of the thigh work. The effectiveness of movements will increase if you put your feet on your toes and put some kind of load on the lower abdomen.

5. One leg bridge. Beauty in 10 minutes: the complex has a beautiful slender body (abs, hips, arms, buttocks, stomach) with Cindy Whitmarsh. Video lessons

This version of the bridge involves lifting one leg in turn, then the other. To increase the effectiveness of the exercise, the supporting leg should be raised to the toe.


Many women have waist problems. Reduce the circumference of the abdomen with the help of a swing press. This will help tighten the abdominal muscles.

If there are any contraindications on the part of health, all movements must be done, avoiding jumping.

In this case, do not run. However, shaking the press, you should adhere to a fairly fast pace. For example, you can pull your knees to your chest, taking the position of the bar. The main point in such training is maintaining a pulse in the area where fat burning is supposed.

The list of exercises for the abdominal press:    

  1. running in one place with lifting knees;
  2. boxing;
  3. jumping with breeding arms and legs;
  4. walking in the plank position;
  5. raising the knees to the chest;
  6. “crab”;
    Beauty in 10 minutes: the complex has a beautiful slender body (abs, hips, arms, buttocks, stomach) with Cindy Whitmarsh. Video lessons
  7. jumping in the bar with breeding legs;
  8. jumping in the bar;
  9. “bike”;
  10. “Bike” with outstretched legs;
  11. strap;
  12. side bar;
  13. turns with lunges.


Strength stretching, or stretching, offered by Cindy Whitmarsh, is performed after one or another set of exercises has already been worked out, that is, at the end of physical exercises. It is mainly aimed at relaxing muscle tissue.

Such exercises are an important element of all workouts, due to the implementation of which the flexibility of muscle tissue and the elasticity of joints are improved. In this case, rapid muscle recovery occurs. Stretching exercises will protect you from getting injured, make sports more effective.

Stretching promotes the formation of new muscle fibers, increasing human strength and increasing the productivity of physical activity by approximately 10%.

Plus, stretching significantly improves blood circulation in muscle tissue, minimizing the pain of training. Stretching exercises also help to reduce the recovery period of joint and muscle tissues, which favorably affects the general state of human health.

Such exercises increase the mobility of the whole body, while significantly increasing the strength qualities of a person due to the range of movements used. Moreover, stretching can reduce the heart rate and restore blood pressure.

Such movements can relieve stress, get rid of stress after performing fairly intense physical exercises. Also, due to stretching, the content of endorphins in the blood increases, a person feels satisfied.


The Beauty in 10 Minutes complex from Cindy Whitmarsh, like all other programs, including physical activity, has some contraindications for use.

This fitness program should not be practiced in the following cases:

  • injuries, fractures; Beauty in 10 minutes: the complex has a beautiful slender body (abs, hips, arms, buttocks, stomach) with Cindy Whitmarsh. Video lessons
  • if a person suffers from high blood pressure, diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • when a person has kidney or liver failure;
  • if a person has varicose veins;
  • with other serious diseases.

This complex is not recommended for people who have serious problems with the musculoskeletal system.

Fitness complex “Beauty in 10 minutes” from the American athlete Cindy Whitmarsh is a set of ideal strength exercises to strengthen muscle tissue in problem areas, designed for those who are just starting to engage in sports training. This fitness complex will help bring the dream closer to having a slim figure.

Short but effective classes are the best solution for people who have just started fitness training, as well as for those who want to lose extra pounds. And performing exercises for a longer time, you can get athletic forms. In addition, the program increases vitality, makes a person more healthy, cheerful and just happy.

Video: Beauty in 10 minutes

Beauty in 10 minutes. Press:

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