Professional hair serums. Rating of the best 2021, reviews

Healthy hair is the key to beauty and attractiveness. To maintain them in good condition, you need to carefully care for them. Hair care consists of many products.

A special place in it is occupied by professional serums. They become the final step, give the hair softness and radiance. There is an incredible amount of serum on the cosmetics market, but not all of them really work, so you need to be conscious in choosing them.

The benefits of serum for hair

Professional hair serums have a lot of positive properties:

  • Nourish and moisturize . Natural oils in serums give the hair components necessary for a healthy look.
  • Remove dullness . Serums quickly revitalize hair, making it smooth and healthy.

Professional hair serums. Rating of the best 2021, reviews

  • Make your hair heavier . Good property for thin and weak hair. Serums fill voids, envelop strands, giving them density and elasticity.
  • Reduce the harmful effects of the sun and high temperatures . In the spring-summer period, hair, like skin, needs special protection. In addition, constant straightening or twisting destroy the structure. Serums can reliably protect against 2 problems at once.

The difference between professional hair serums

Professional hair serums are very different from household analogues:

  • Cost . Professional care is always 30-40% more expensive.
  • Composition . In such sera there are more natural and beneficial components, silicones, SLS are minimized or absent.

Professional hair serums. Rating of the best 2021, reviews

  • Efficiency . Due to the large amount of natural oils and extracts, such serums work better.
  • Low allergenicity . Artificial components often cause itching, redness. In professional sera, their number is minimized, so such products are less likely to cause allergic reactions.

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Types of Professional Serums

Conventionally, serums and serums can be divided into several categories, so when choosing, you need to start from your own needs.

And this:

  • Against falling out . If a girl’s hair falls out, a serum with active components that enhance blood circulation and strengthen the roots can help her.
  • Against dandruff. Seborrhea is an unpleasant phenomenon that can cause uncertainty. Serums can also fight it. They normalize the water and fat balance, moisturize and regulate the activity of skin microorganisms, the malfunction of which causes dandruff in 50%.
  • For brittle and split ends. Regular exposure to high temperatures, sun and dyeing overdry the hair. Serums moisturize and glue the flakes of damaged strands well.
  • For curly hair . Here, funds are divided into 2 categories:
  1. To improve the structure. With such serums, curls become more pronounced and elastic.
  2. For smoothing. Products with this action help girls straighten hair without a straightener.
  • For shine and radiance . Serums, serums perfectly moisturize and nourish the strands. After using these products, the hair becomes obedient, shiny.
  • For easy combing . Naughty or curly hair is sometimes difficult to comb. Serums moisturize them and make combing easier.
Professional hair serums. Rating of the best 2021, reviews
Professional hair serums help you comb your hair better.
  • For fast growth . Typically, such sera are used in conjunction with the first. Their tandem maximally protects hair from strong hair loss. Serums for growth “wake up” hair follicles, strengthen the roots.

2021 ranking of the best professional hair serums

Every season, cosmetic companies update their assortment based on new trends and trends. Sometimes it’s impossible to create a high-quality and effective product. The rating below will protect against the purchase of low-quality funds.

L’Oreal Professionnel Absolut Repair Lipidium Nourishing Serum

Serum for damaged tips from the middle price segment:

  • Appearance . Serum is packaged in a spray bottle. Volume 1,69 fluid ounce. The consistency is oily, upon contact with the hands it instantly makes them soft. The aroma is pleasant, light and unobtrusive, stored on the hair all day.
  • Composition and effectiveness . The composition contains silicones and alcohol, so those who are allergic to artificial components, it is better to refrain from buying. Serum instantly moisturizes, nourishes and gives radiance. After use, the hair is soft and docile. In addition, the product protects against high temperatures.
  • Method of application . You can apply it on wet, clean hair or before styling. The tool works well along the entire length. One package is enough for 2.5 months of continuous use.

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L’oreal Professionnel, Serie Expert Absolut Repair Lipidium Serum Reconstructor

Serum to seal the tips and prevent their cross-section.

Mid-range product, suitable for all hair types:

  • Appearance . The serum is packaged in a weighty, glass bottle with a dispenser. The product has a yellow tint, the consistency is similar to oil, only more liquid.

Professional hair serums. Rating of the best 2021, reviews

  • Composition and effectiveness . The composition contains silicones, of natural ingredients – only olive oil. The tool is well suited for those who do not pay much attention to the composition. Serum perfectly restores hair structure at the cellular level.
  • Reviews . Many girls really liked the product. They note the minimum consumption, reasonable price and efficiency. Unfortunately, some are unhappy with the unnatural composition of the serum.
  • Ways of application . The manufacturer offers 3 use cases.
  1. Immediately after washing. Is the product applied to lengths on wet, clean hair.
  2. Before laying. So the serum
    will protect against high temperatures.
  3. On dry hair. If a girl washes her hair once every 4-5 days, then applying serum can be repeated, especially before going out into the open sun.

Schwarzkopf Professional Osis + Flatliner Iron Serum

Spray serum for softness and shine of hair from a well-known German company:

  • Composition . The product does not completely consist of natural ingredients. It has denatured alcohol, cetrimony chlorite. From natural – there are proteins of wheat and silk.
  • Effect . Serum quickly returns hair shine, reduces fluffiness, does not make hair styling harder. Unfortunately, some girls noticed that their hair still remains a little stiff.

Schwarzkopf Professional Bonacure Hair Growth Activating Serum

Serum or growth activator for weak and prone to hair loss. The product has an instant effect on the hair follicles, accelerating normal growth by 22%. After a course of use – for a duration of 25 weeks, the density increases by 19%, premature loss is reduced by 35%. The texture of serum is similar to oil with a pleasant, salon smell.

Professional hair serums. Rating of the best 2021, reviews

During and after use, there is no itching or discomfort.

The product is sold in packages, in each 7 ampoules. 1 piece is enough for 5-6 days of use. Serum is applied in the morning and in the evening through partings with massage movements. In the reviews, the girls say that the serum really works. The length is greatly increased, new hair is constantly appearing, even with irregular use.

Revlon Professional Pro You Shine Seal

Professional serum from a well-known American brand, designed for hair lacking shine:

  • Effect . After application, the hair instantly transforms, becomes softer and more obedient, and shine appears. The tips are sealed and weighted, fluffiness disappears.
  • Ways to use . The product is applied to dry, styled hair. For a good effect, you need only 2-3 drops.

NEXXT Professional Serum Liquid Vitamins

Leave-in serum for instant hair transformation. The tool quickly returns shine and softness, fights dullness and damaged tips. After use, the hair appears to be alive and healthy.

The main active ingredients are natural oils:

  • Olive.
  • Flaxseed.
  • Coconut
  • Macadia Oil.
  • Avocado Oil
  • Argan oil.
  • Hemp oil.

Serum is used on dry hair, distributed at the ends and along the entire length. You can’t apply to the roots, there is a risk of clogging the pores.

NEXXT Professional, Express Hair Serum, Molten Crystal

Express serum that can instantly make your hair beautiful and shiny. The product quickly nourishes and moisturizes, restores the structure, penetrating deep into the hair. Serum reliably protects locks from thermal influences and sunshine. The product has a pleasant, unobtrusive smell.

Professional hair serums. Rating of the best 2021, reviews

The consistency is similar to liquid oil, quickly and easily distributed, does not leave stickiness and stains. A 1,69 fluid ounce bottle, made of plastic, there is a convenient dispenser. 70% whey consists of natural oils: coconut, olive, almond and jojoba. In addition, there is a sufficient amount of proteins and keratin.

Londa Professional, Velvet Oil Set

The serum enriched with natural oils can make the most damaged hair healthy and beautiful. The product is intended for thin, dry hair, devoid of shine and softness.

The active components of the product, penetrating deep into the hair, restore its structure, restoring radiance and silkiness.

The main active ingredient is argan oil, which perfectly nourishes and fills hair with vitamins. In addition to it, panthenol is present in the composition, which restores the structure, removes dryness. It contains limonene and linalool – safe, preservative components. Unfortunately, some may have an allergic reaction to them.

In customer reviews, they say that the product perfectly copes with the main task – to restore shine and softness to the hair. In addition, the product does not allow sunlight to have a destructive effect.

Kapous Professional Dual Renascence 2 phase

Serum for hair is professional, it is also a moisturizing serum of a wide spectrum of action with many advantages:

  • Universality . Suitable for all types of hair.
  • Ease of use . The product, thanks to its liquid oily texture, is quickly distributed both on wet and dry hair.
  • Useful components.  Lactic acid and protein are present in serum.

Professional hair serums. Rating of the best 2021, reviews

  • Performance . After use, the hair is soft, obedient, comb well, look alive and healthy. Some girls like the effect so much that they have not used other products for more than 2-3 years.

Estel Professional CUREX Therapy

Two-phase serum for intensive restoration of dry and damaged hair. Penetrating inside, serum quickly fills the gaps, gives elasticity and strength, gives shine and radiance. In addition, a special complex restores the natural pH. The active component of the product is avocado oil, rich in fatty acids and minerals.

In addition to it, there is silk, keratin and collagen. Before use, shake the bottle with the product well so that the components of the 2 phases mix. After this, spray the serum onto wet or dry hair.

OLLIN Professional

Cream-serum for damaged hair, able to restore shine, softness and silkiness. The tool instantly enriches the hair with useful trace elements, makes them live. The texture is light and weightless, a little denser than water, instantly melts on contact with hair and hands. The color is translucent, the smell is pleasant with hints of strawberry and vanilla.

The product is applied to wet hair . The volume of product applied depends on the length, density and degree of porosity. As soon as the serum is on the hair, it must be distributed with a comb, then you can start styling.

The composition contains sulfates, which can cause dandruff on sensitive skin. In addition, there are natural oils and keratin. In the reviews, many girls were satisfied with the tool. The cream moisturizes and gives a good, visible effect. As a remedy, its action is not enough.

WELLA Professional

Professional hair serums. Rating of the best 2021, reviews

Professional serum in ampoules. There are 9 in the box. With economical use, 1 ampoule is enough for 2-3 applications. The product is applied over the entire length using a convenient pipette. The product is liquid, white in color, has a pleasant, light odor.

Serum restores softness, shine and radiance to even the most damaged hair. They become obedient and silky. The composition contains natural oils and silk.

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The cost of professional serums

Professional serums and serums vary quite strongly in price. You can find funds for both $ 7 – $ 8., And 2000-3000.

The price depends on several factors:

  • Brand . Famous and popular brands can put almost any price on their hair products. The credibility in the eyes of buyers will make you buy products. Young companies, on the contrary, set lower prices so that girls turn their attention.
  • Efficiency and quality . Professional brands also have a gradation of quality. Even the most budget-friendly products in this category are undeniably better than regular products.
  • Packing . The more beautiful and expensive the packaging, the higher the cost. Many do not pay attention to appearance. Others prefer to buy heavy glass jars with a beautiful design. Attention to the appearance of some causes confidence in quality.
  • Marketing. If the company conducts active advertising of its product, then the price of it may be 30% higher than that of peers. Typically, ambassadors, beautiful windows, videos on TV and social networks attract a huge number of customers, but you have to pay for it. The price of advertising also affects the cost of products.
Means Price Volume Rating
Revlon Professional Pro You Shine Seal $ 8,84 2,71 fluid ounce 4.8
Estel Professional CUREX Therapy $ 18. 3,38 fluid ounce 4.4
Kapous Professional Dual Renascence 2 phase $ 4,08 6,76 fluid ounce 4,5
Londa Professional, Velvet Oil Set $ 4,76 1,01 fluid ounce 4.4
NEXXT Professional Serum Liquid Vitamins $ 4,76 6,76 fluid ounce 4.4
Schwarzkopf Professional Bonacure Hair Growth Activating Serum $ 26. 2,37 fluid ounce 4.8
L’oreal Professionnel, Serie Expert Absolut Repair Lipidium Serum Reconstructor $ 14 1,69 fluid ounce Professional hair serums. Rating of the best 2021, reviews 5.5

Professional serums and serums are essential products in every girl’s care. They help maintain health and beauty. Any buyer should clearly know which product he needs now. It is this information that is crucial when choosing a serum for hair.

Hair Serum Video

The use of serums, oils for hair:

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