Radiesse in cosmetology. Reviews of cosmetologists, contraindications, consequences

The modern drug-filler Radiesz provides a stable lifting effect and long-term correction of negative age-related changes. The reviews of cosmetologists and patients indicate that the drug is effective when used in the field of non-surgical contour plastics, helps to solve a number of aesthetic problems, and restore the skin tone and volume.

What is it, the composition of the Radiesse drug

BioForm Medical’s Radiesse Volumizer is a semi-permanent injection filler used in cosmetology to fill dermal volumes, stimulate natural rejuvenation processes, and improve structure. The unique compound found its first application in dentistry and surgery, where it was used to fill in the missing tissue volume.

Today it is considered one of the most effective methods of age correction in the field of contour plastics. The drug Radiesse is well studied, has passed all the necessary clinical trials, confirming its safety for the body.

The composition of the filler includes 2 main components:

  • Synthesized calcium hydroxyapatite (30%). Biomaterial is the main mineral component of bone tissue. A substance is obtained from grains of feedstock smaller than a micron in size, as a result of high-heat treatment, the grains are combined into microspheres of the same shape, the diameter can vary from 25 to 45 microns.
  • Distilled gel carrier (70%). A water-based biosubstance, in which calcium hydroxyapatite is suspended, contributes to the retention of microspheres, provides transportation of the main biomaterial. The gel creates the initial filling of problem areas, after 30 days it is completely eliminated from the body, starting its own collagenesis processes using microspheres of hydroxyapatite calcium.
Radiesse in cosmetology. Reviews of cosmetologists, contraindications, consequences
Radiesse is an effective drug that has received a large number of positive reviews from cosmetologists.

When injected with a filler injection, the gel provides the primary filling of wrinkles, instantly smoothing the turgor.

After 30-45 days, the gel is absorbed by microphages. All that remains is bioactive microspheres, which provide structural support, the production of own collagen and the formation of a new dermal matrix, a long-lasting lifting effect and a long-term correction of the problem area.

The filler is produced in disposable sterile syringes filled with an active gel composition, complete with a connector and two needles of size 27G or more. The price may depend on the volume offered.

The manufacturer offers 3 release forms:

  • 0,27 fluid ounce (Extra) – for minimal correction of small areas. Price – from $ 286.
  • Syringe 0,05 fluid ounce (medium) – to fill the folds of small depth. Price – from $ 367.
  • 0,1 fluid ounce syringe (large) – to eliminate pronounced wrinkles, extensive correction areas, volume replenishment by contour plasty. Price – from $ 598.

Application and features

Radiesss, the reviews of cosmetologists about which are mostly positive, is an effective composition for anti-age therapy.

Radiesse in cosmetology. Reviews of cosmetologists, contraindications, consequences

It helps in solving a number of aesthetic problems:

  • elimination of frontal, puppet, nasolabial wrinkles, folds of any depth;
  • correction of the swollen, who lost the clear contours of the oval;
  • structural improvement of the dermal layer and the state of the epidermis;
  • elimination of various defects, scars, scars resulting from a lack of volumes of internal tissues;
  • rejuvenation of the skin of the hands, elimination of protruding veins;
  • recreation of volumes and correction of the shape of the zygomatic zone, elimination of the effect of sunken cheeks, sunken temporal;
  • correction of the shape of the back and tip of the nose, smoothing the hump and bumps;
  • contour plastics of the cervical zone;
  • correction of the mandibular angle, replenishment of volumes and correction of the shape of the chin.

Radies can be introduced into various problem areas and at different depths. The introduction technique is determined by a qualified cosmetologist after collecting an anamnesis, examining and determining individual correction tactics. The main task is to achieve the restoration of the volumes lost as a result of destruction, reduction of collagen production.

The effect of the drug is due to its component composition:

  • With the introduction of gel substance, the primary filling of problem areas occurs, instantly smoothing the correction area.
  • Microphages gradually absorb a water-based carrier gel, after which fibroblasts form a new matrix of collagen and connective tissue.
  • After the production of collagen fibers, the activation of natural processes with the formation of connective tissue and a new dermal matrix, the drug provides a lasting lifting effect that can last several years.

The duration of the cosmetic effect can reach up to 2 years. During this period, there are no violations of facial activity, changes in structure or color at the correction sites. The drug is biocompatible and safe, gradual complete resorption occurs in a natural way.

Contraindications, consequences and cons of Radiesz

Despite the complete biocompatibility of the filler gel and the non-toxicity of its component composition, it is important to take into account a number of absolute contraindications when prescribing such anti-aging corrective therapy:

  • period of pregnancy, lactation;
  • pathology of the circulatory system, coagulation, signs of hemophilia;
  • tendency to form keloid scars;
  • allergic manifestations to individual components of the drug;
  • the presence of cancer;
  • autoimmune pathologies, mental disorders.

Radiesse in cosmetology. Reviews of cosmetologists, contraindications, consequences

Contraindications of a relative or temporary nature include:

  • the presence of infections, viral diseases;
  • early introduction of permanent fillers to the sites of alleged Radiesse injections;
  • the presence of any neoplasms (benign) in the area of invasions;
  • hypersensitivity;
  • the presence of focal inflammation in the area of the alleged injection.

Since the method of introducing the volumeizer is invasive, the following side effects may occur after therapy:

  • a feeling of itching, burning, acute pain at the injection site;
  • the development of allergic reactions;
  • discoloration (redness or discoloration) of the invasive area;
  • compaction, numbness of subcutaneous tissue;
  • exacerbation of herpes infection;
  • the appearance of hematomas, hemorrhages in places of invasions;
  • infection due to non-compliance with the rules of the septic tank.

All these manifestations disappear after a few days. In general, contour modeling with Radiesse is an effective method of rejuvenation, eliminating negative age-related changes.

Despite the safety and effectiveness proved by clinical trials, the technique has several disadvantages:

  • Radiesse is recommended only after 35 years.
  • There are cases when the gel was not absorbed properly, unaesthetically contouring individual areas.
  • There is no possibility of correction, excretion is longer than that of preparations based on hyaluronate.
  • The introduction of the drug into the interbrow, periorbital and perioral zone is unacceptable.
  • Filler is not used on thin skin, since when superficially administered, it can be noticeable to others.

To avoid negative consequences, you should contact a qualified cosmetologist who uses a certified drug in his work. Errors in working with Radiess will be more noticeable than with invasive correction by other fillers.

Differences of Radiesse from other fillers

Radiesz – a drug with proven effectiveness. The reviews of cosmetologists testify to the effectiveness of the method, since it acts simultaneously in 2 directions, filling the volumes of problem areas and activating the natural synthesis of collagen in the body.

Despite the similarity of action, Radiesse has a number of significant differences from other fillers. The drug can be compared with other fillers based on the principle of exposure and intradermal filling, the basis of which is hyaluronate, the most popular representatives of this group are fillers Yuviderm, Princess, Stilage.

Radiesse in cosmetology. Reviews of cosmetologists, contraindications, consequences

Comparative characteristics of intradermal fillers are presented below:

Action Features Radiesse Other fillers
The main active component Synthesized Calcium Hydroxyapatite Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen
Ability to combine with other hardware techniques Conducting is allowed 2-3 weeks after injection Unacceptable combination with laser resurfacing, chemical peels
Intradermal distribution of substance With superficial administration, it can lie in tubercles, stripes Uniform, without competing skin areas
Complications after invasions The substance is biocompatible, with virtually no complications. Edema, erythema, allergic reactions may occur.
Correction option Not adjusted It can be adjusted by dissolving with special tools
Cost From $ 286. From $ 136.
Application areas In addition to very thin sections of the epidermis All zones, without exception
Persistence effect 18-20 months Up to 12 months

Hyaluronic acid-based fillers are more versatile, they are used to fill wrinkles and volumes, but the durability of the aesthetic result is much less.

Radiesz, unlike other fillers, is consumed more economically, acts at a deep dermal level, at the same time filling voids in tissues and activating collagen synthesis, which eliminates existing age-related defects, corrects problem areas, provides a lasting cosmetic effect, creating a beautiful relief in the right areas .

Benefits of Radies Filler

The advantages of anti-age therapy with solution invasions based on synthesized calcium hydroxyapatite include:

  • a combination of two directions of action – filling volumes and activation of neocollagenesis;
  • the indicator of biocompatibility with the body is 100%, which eliminates the need for preliminary test samples;
  • safety, the absence of a subsequent risk of developing inflammation, mutagenic abnormalities, migration of the gel to other areas;
  • complete elimination of 2 components of the drug from the body in a natural way after some time;
  • the possibility of enhancing the action of the drug with other aesthetic procedures;
  • economical consumption of substance for the correction of problem areas;
  • correction time on average – no more than 40 minutes;
  • instant esthetic result with its subsequent fixing.

Radiesse in cosmetology. Reviews of cosmetologists, contraindications, consequences

Radiesss does not give the face extra volume, which can happen after invasions by other fillers.

All performance and safety data are confirmed by manufacturer’s certificates. To avoid negative consequences, it is necessary to use exclusively original composition for invasions. The use of generics – followers, is not a guarantee of safety and a successful aesthetic result.

Is it possible to use the filler for pregnant women, while breastfeeding, during menstruation

During pregnancy, as well as lactation, it is forbidden to carry out invasive Radiesse therapy. The period of menstruation is a relative contraindication, there is no strict ban on holding during this period. A decision is made to conduct invasions individually, taking into account individual characteristics.

Pay attention to sensitivity, a tendency to skin irritation, and also determine the degree of likelihood of puffiness. According to the recommendations of specialists, such sessions should be carried out no earlier than 4-5 days of the cycle.

It should be noted that some complications may occur:

  • coagulation rate may decrease;
  • hematomas and bruises will appear in the injection sites;
  • edema may occur in the treated area, since the body accumulates fluid during this period.

During menstruation, a significant decrease in the pain threshold occurs, so the procedure may seem more painful and more difficult to tolerate than in the normal period.

Radiesse (reviews of cosmetologists are mostly positive) is an effective method of anti-aging therapy.

Radiesse in cosmetology. Reviews of cosmetologists, contraindications, consequences

Due to the viscous, dense texture of the filler substance, the most effective is its application in the field of:

  • zygomatic area;
  • cheeks;
  • nasolabial area;
  • hands;
  • neck area and decollete.

One of the most effective techniques using the Radiesse volumeizer, according to cosmetologists, is vector lifting. Contour plastic allows
you to restore sharpness to the lines of the oval, to correct defects caused by the loss of volume of internal tissues, to reduce the depth of wrinkles and folds.

Radiesse can be used to correct the shape of the nose, but such measures should be carried out by an experienced specialist , since the filler does not dissolve, so the result cannot be corrected, but only resolves after 18-20 months.

For cheekbones

The correction area is determined previously, taking into account the individual anatomy of the face. Correcting the area of the cheekbones, a cosmetologist performs punctures to the zygomatic bone. Slowly introduces a viscous dense solution, distributing it throughout the zone. Correction of the area of the cheekbones with filler looks more natural, the lines are underlined, without additional volume.

For nasolabial folds

For correction of staple wrinkles – nasolabial folds, it is necessary to introduce a filler into the deep layers of the skin, filling the voids in the tissues. When correcting this area with the Radiesse composition, the most persistent pronounced results are noted. The composition instantly evens out the relief, eliminates folds, gradually activating the production of collagen cells, improving the microrelief of tissues.

Radiesse in cosmetology. Reviews of cosmetologists, contraindications, consequences

When introduced into the intradermal layers of the nasolabial zone, the uneven distribution of the drug is eliminated, which can make the face flatter. If, before the introduction of the Radiess composition, correction was carried out with fillers based on hyaluronate, cosmetologists recommend waiting for their complete resorption.

For cheeks

Dermal aggregate based on synthesized calcium hydroxyapatite, when introduced into the intradermal layers, raises the tissue that has sunk down. In this way, it is possible to reduce the severity of brylya, to give the contours more clear natural contours. This technique is effective up to 45 years, at an older age, the contours of the cheeks can be corrected only with the help of plastic surgery.

For neck and decollete

According to experts, the drug can be used to correct the cervical zone and decollete only if the skin is sufficiently dense. In other cases, invasive therapy should be carried out with caution. Under thin skin, the dense texture of the solution can be clearly seen.

Radiesse (reviews of cosmetologists can be seen below) – a highly concentrated solution with a dense viscous consistency. Due to such features, the composition is introduced deep into the intradermal layers, effective in areas with dense skin.

Radiesse in cosmetology. Reviews of cosmetologists, contraindications, consequences

Radiesz cannot be used in the following areas:

  • In the area under the eyes. In a sensitive area with thin skin, sessions with the introduction of less dense hyaluronate-based fillers are more effective.
  • Lips. To correct the area with giving the lips volume, it is preferable to use hyaluronic fillers.
  • Fine facial wrinkles. To correct such flaws, it is necessary to introduce the composition superficially, because of which granulomas – small accumulations of filler can develop. In this area, the most commonly used therapy is botulinum toxin or hyaluronic acid.


Invasive technique requires preparation:

  • Before appointing invasions Radiess, it is necessary to obtain specialist advice.
  • A cosmetologist who has undergone special training will determine the areas that need correction, identify the presence of contraindications to the procedure.
  • Additionally, tests can be prescribed, consultation of a specialist.
  • 7-10 days before the session, it is necessary to stop taking drugs that inhibit blood coagulation.
  • Previously, the specialist will select a dosage, which depends on the degree of the aesthetic problem, the area of correction, the degree of manifestation.

To minimize the risk of developing inflammation, preparations with arnica, pineapple, Tylenol, or Bromelain can be prescribed.


Contour plastic with the Radies intradermal volume is performed according to the standard algorithm:

  1. A specialist cosmetologist carefully cleans the treatment area from makeup with special lotions.
  2. With high sensitivity, anesthetics are treated – gels, ointments with lidocaine.
  3. The medical marker outlines the area of correction with the arrangement of points that determine the place of introduction of the filler.
  4. The specialist immediately before the session opens a sterile syringe filled with a composition, performs punctures with a needle at the indicated points.
  5. A blunt cannula, inserted to a certain depth at a right angle, slowly introduces an intradermal gel.

Radiesse in cosmetology. Reviews of cosmetologists, contraindications, consequences

Using a special tool – cannula allows you to gently spread the cover without large punctures, which virtually eliminates injury to soft tissues.

This technique allows you to minimize the risk of developing hematomas, edema, pain. After processing the entire area of correction, the master delicately mashes the gel with massage movements, distributing it inside, treats the injections with antiseptics.

Rehabilitation period

One of the advantages of the invasive correction with Radiesse is the absence of restrictions on the procedure field.

To exclude the development of negative side effects, you should:

  • apply ice packs to the treated areas for 2-3 days;
  • to exclude hit of UV rays on the treated area;
  • refrain from applying makeup for 2-5 days after the session;
  • exclude the use of blood thinners, Aspirin;
  • in the early days, exclude fatty acids, vitamin E, alcohol from the diet.

Unlike rehabilitation after applying other fillers, playing sports, visiting the sauna, baths, swimming in the pool after correction by Radiess are not strictly prohibited. Beauticians still recommend a few days to refrain from intense stress and thermal procedures.

Radiesse in cosmetology. Reviews of cosmetologists, contraindications, consequences

Radiesz can be combined with Botox injections, chemical peels with salicylic acid, classic injection mesotherapy.

Reviews of cosmetologists testify to the high effectiveness of the method, the duration of the effect and the safety of the drug for the human body. The aesthetic effect appears immediately, but the final result can be seen in a few weeks.

Video about Radiess, its effectiveness and reviews of cosmetologists

Contour plastic with Radiesse:

Radiesse or other fillers:

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