Tattooed shadow on the eyelids. Photo, as is done for the lower, upper eyelid, with feathering, Smoky eyes effect, classic arrow

Modern cosmetology continues to develop and invent new ways to improve the appearance and simplify life. One of such ways to achieve permanent beauty is shadow tattooing on the eyelids – subcutaneous administration of special dyes to create the effect of eye shadow applied on the eyelid.

Features of tattooing eye shadow

It is advisable to apply eye shadow with a tattoo in a specialized salon by a certified master. This is due to the fact that the process of introducing pigment is carried out by means of sterile needles, and it must be carried out in specially prepared aseptic conditions, because we are talking about the face and its most delicate parts – eyes and eyelids.

A highly qualified specialist is more likely to guarantee the desired effect and the absence of the need for numerous and expensive adjustments. Tattooed shadow on the eyelids. Photo, as is done for the lower, upper eyelid, with feathering, Smoky eyes effect, classic arrow

Shadow tattooing is considered the most difficult type of permanent makeup – it is very important to choose the right shade of the dye so that it does not catch the eye and at the same time emphasizes the natural beauty of the eyes.

The shadow makeup on the eyelids has several advantages:

  1. With it, you can emphasize the virtues of the eyes and hide their imperfections, slightly adjust the shape and give the eyes expressiveness.
  2. The presence of permanent eyeshadow on the eyelids significantly reduces the time of applying regular makeup and removing it.
  3. Such makeup is not afraid of heat or moisture. It will remain unchanged in any weather, whether it is rain, snow or the heat of the humid tropics. Visits to the pool are not afraid of him either.
  4. Savings on makeup and makeup removers.

In addition to the positive aspects of using permanent shadows, there are also negative ones:

  1. Makeup has a lasting effect, it can not be washed off. This factor will create a problem when changing the image. Or, for example, this or that shade can be annoying, and a woman will want to replace it.
  2. There may be errors in choosing a wizard. To perform this procedure, you need a qualified specialist and aseptic tools. If this does not happen, then there is a risk of getting an undesirable result or contracting an infection.
  3. Maintaining the freshness of the tattoo requires visits to corrective procedures. Over time, the color of the shadows may fade or change shape.
  4. Soreness of the process. The skin of the eyelids contains many nerve endings. When interacting with them, needles for the introduction of dye, the patient may feel quite intense pain. Before the procedure, the eyelids are treated with anesthetics, but each person has a different pain threshold, which makes some women experience unpleasant pain.
  5. The likelihood of an allergy to anesthesia or dye.

What is tattooing done

Tattooing of the eye shadow on the eyelids is performed by special pigments designed specifically for this purpose. They are made in Italy, Germany and the countries of South Asia.

The composition of the dyes are divided into 2 types:

  • Water-sorbitol-alcohol – liquid pigments. Distributing under the skin quite evenly, can slightly blur. Not suitable for all tattoo machines.
  • Water-glycerol-alcohol – dyes with a thick consistency. Different shades of such pigments can be combined and diluted with a solvent. They can be used with any tattoo machine. With their help, it is easier to achieve the desired cosmetic effect, but at a cost they are somewhat more expensive than the first. Tattooed shadow on the eyelids. Photo, as is done for the lower, upper eyelid, with feathering, Smoky eyes effect, classic arrow

A good alternative to chemical dyes is natural henna, which is available in the form of a special powder for tattooing.

Its main advantages are hypoallergenicity and painlessness, as when applying henna there is no need to use a tattoo machine. The only drawback is the fragility of the effect and the need for constant adjustments.

Classical Shadow Effect Tattoo Technique

Eye shadow applied by tattooing is most suitable for women of mature age, because they help to hide age-related changes in the skin of the eyelids.

The procedure is carried out in several stages:

  1. Definition with pigment color.
  2. Selects the area on the upper or lower eyelids (or both) to be tattooed.
  3. Application of the template and local anesthesia – cream or gel. Injections for anesthesia in this case are not carried out, because there is a risk of getting edema.
  4. When the anesthetic cream begins to act, you can proceed directly to the process of tattooing, which is performed by introducing a dye of the chosen color into the shallow layers of the dermis. An introduction is made using a special injection needle to a depth of 1/32 inch.
  5. Treatment of the eyelids with a regenerating cream.

At first, the color is brighter than expected. Then, after a few days, the crusts formed from a slight trauma to the skin go away, and the eyelids acquire the desired shade. A couple of weeks after the first procedure, a second session may be required to correct deficiencies.

Tattooed shadow on the eyelids. Photo, as is done for the lower, upper eyelid, with feathering, Smoky eyes effect, classic arrow
How to make eye shadow tattoo

After the crusts fall off and the final correction, the client receives for centuries a lasting effect of the applied shadows, giving the eyes brightness and expressiveness.

Feather Tattoo

Shading tattoo looks like an eyeliner arrow on the eyelid, slightly shaded using lighter shadows. This effect is achieved by stretching the shade. Makeup looks more vivid and non-routine than a regular arrow, and requires high skill of the specialist performing such a procedure.

When using a pigment close to the skin color of a woman, you can get a natural make-up that will hide age-related changes in the skin, small wrinkles and remove the effect of a heavy eyelid. This makeup is suitable for clients of any age, but it is especially preferred for older ladies.

The procedure of tattooing with shading is performed similarly to the classical technique of tattooing. First, the arrow is drawn, then dyes of lighter tones are introduced under the skin, creating a soft transition from dark to light. This type of tattoo can be done both on the upper eyelid and on the lower.

Smoky tattoo Smoky eyes

Style Smoky eyes for many years remains in trend. It gives the expression of a female face mystery and charm. A distinctive feature of this makeup is a soft smooth transition on the eyelids from dark to light.

Tattooed shadow on the eyelids. Photo, as is done for the lower, upper eyelid, with feathering, Smoky eyes effect, classic arrow

Just a few years ago, this method was considered more suitable for gala evenings. Currently, there is a daily version of Smoky eyes, which is designed to emphasize the contours of the eyes and hide some imperfections.

Permanent tattooing in this technique is ideal for girls and women with inexpressive facial features. It is performed by painting the inter-ciliary space of the upper and lower eyelids with a dark tone, then using a smooth transition and shading, the color is highlighted and becomes smoky.

The shade of the dye is selected to match the client’s eyes to create a natural effect and to avoid excessive brightness and brightness. For example, for blue-eyed and gray-eyed women, a blue tone is selected, brown-eyed choose olive pigments. Smoky eyes helps to correct the shape of the eyes, correct asymmetry, hide some of the imperfections of the skin of the eyelids.

Shadows and classic arrow

The tattoo of shadows and the classic arrow is designed to preserve the beauty of their owner for a long time. This technique is able to emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes, make the face brighter, adjust the shape of the eyes and visually increase them in size. In addition, the presence of an arrow on the eyelid gives the eyelashes a thickening effect. This method is suitable for almost every woman and for any age.

The shape and length of the arrow is selected in accordance with the shape of the woman’s face:

  • for narrowed eyes, thin arrows are performed;
  • far set eyes need to draw an inner corner of the eye;
  • if the eyes are located at a small distance from each other, it is necessary to highlight the outer edge of the eye;
  • for the eyes of a small form, an arrow is bent to the top;
  • wide arrows perfectly emphasize the amygdala shape of the eyes.

The most popular arrow color choice is black, and eye shadow is the pigment that matches the color of the eyes. Also, blondes can pay attention to gray and brown shades, which look more natural in combination with blond or ashen hair.

The combination of arrows and shadows gives its owner the opportunity not to resort to the daily procedure for applying makeup, which saves time and helps to look stunning around the clock.

The effect of the looming eyeshadow

One of the cosmetic problems of some women is the overhanging eyelid, which greatly complicates the procedure for applying makeup and makes facial expression tired. Shadow makeup for owners of such a physiological feature will give their face the effect of neat makeup, correcting imperfections and refreshing the appearance. Tattooed shadow on the eyelids. Photo, as is done for the lower, upper eyelid, with feathering, Smoky eyes effect, classic arrow

An ideal option for women with overhanging eyelids would be a tattoo with shading, in which the eye contour is highlighted in dark color, turning into lighter tones. This technique visually raises the eyelid and makes the look more vivid and expressive.

This procedure can be used by women of all ages, both young and old. Moreover, for older clients, such a tattoo will be most preferable, because he is able to hide age-related changes on the skin of the eyelids.

In the impending century, it is advisable to select a pigment palette close to the natural skin tone and eye color in order to avoid flashiness and excessive brightness, but make the makeup natural and suitable for the woman’s color type.

For example, owners of dark skin and dark eyes are suitable dyes of olive and coffee shades. Nordic blondes with cool iris colors need gray or bluish tones.

How long does tattoo last with paint and henna

The shadow makeup on the eyelids can last from 7 to 10 years, subject to regular adjustment. In addition, the service life of permanent makeup depends on the quality of the pigment, on the skill of a specialist and on the type of skin of a woman. The fatter the skin, the less tattoo will last due to increased sebum secretion.

Also, the duration of retention of the pigment under the skin depends on the health status of the client. With any malfunctions in the immune system, or some health problems, makeup on the eyelids will not be able to last a long time. Tattooed shadow on the eyelids. Photo, as is done for the lower, upper eyelid, with feathering, Smoky eyes effect, classic arrow

Unlike permanent tattooing, henna has a very short life – only 10-14 days. The duration of its action is based on the composition of the drug and on the conditions in which the application procedure was performed.

Does it hurt to do

Under the skin of the eyelids there are a large number of nerve endings, so they are considered the most painful locations for the introduction of tattoo pigments . But before the procedure, the master uses local anesthesia with the help of special gels and creams that help significantly reduce pain. Anesthetic injections are not done.

If the action of anesthetics has decreased during the introduction of the pigment, their repeated application is allowed. But it is worth remembering that every woman has a different pain threshold. Someone has it reduced, while someone, on the contrary, practically does not experience unpleasant sensations during the procedure.

How long does the procedure take

The procedure for performing eyelid tattooing is a very painstaking task, requiring great patience and accuracy from the master. The time depends on the experience of the specialist and the field of applying permanent makeup. On average, the whole process takes 1.5-2 hours.

Before the procedure

The main condition in preparing for the procedure for tattooing the eyelids is the refusal of alcohol a day before the session. Those who are prone to high blood pressure are not recommended to drink coffee, strong tea, energy drinks. In the first days after the procedure, this is also prohibited. Tattooed shadow on the eyelids. Photo, as is done for the lower, upper eyelid, with feathering, Smoky eyes effect, classic arrow

You should abandon the procedure for exacerbation of diseases, the occurrence of any inflammatory processes, especially affecting the eyelids and eyes. You can not do tattooing during pregnancy, breastfeeding and critical days. If there are eyelash extensions, they must be removed. The same thing needs to be done with contact lenses.

After the procedure, severe swelling is possible, which should resolve in a couple of days. Also, itching and slight pain are possible for centuries. Therefore, you should not plan important events for several days after applying permanent makeup.


After the first
eyelid tattoo procedure, correction can be done in 2-4 weeks.
The correction consists in adding pigment and correcting any defects received during the main procedure.

Subsequently, permanent makeup needs to be adjusted annually as the dye fades, in some cases a rarer visit to the master is possible.

Eye care after the procedure

The good and long-lasting effect of permanent makeup largely depends on further skin care around the eyes. After the procedure, crusts form on the eyelids, which disappear after 2-3 days and are accompanied by itching. Tattooed shadow on the eyelids. Photo, as is done for the lower, upper eyelid, with feathering, Smoky eyes effect, classic arrow

It is very important not to remove them yourself and not to scratch your eyes. It is advisable to use the anti-inflammatory gels that the master should prescribe.  Makeup is also not recommended. In full, the result will manifest itself in about a month.


Like any cosmetic procedure, tattooing of the eyelids has its contraindications:

  • Diabetes.
  • Kidney and liver disease.
  • Exacerbation of chronic ailments.
  • A rash on the face.
  • The tendency of the skin to form keloid scars.
  • Problems in the blood coagulation system.
  • HIV, hepatitis C. Tattooed shadow on the eyelids. Photo, as is done for the lower, upper eyelid, with feathering, Smoky eyes effect, classic arrow
  • Oncological diseases.
  • Epilepsy.
  • Mental disorders.

Possible consequences

In the first few days, swelling of the eyelids is possible, which passes without a trace. But due to improper subsequent care, individual characteristics of the body or unprofessional actions of the master, more dangerous consequences are possible:

  • Swelling of the eyelids, not disappearing for a long time. Its cause may be a client’s reaction to anesthetics or improper pigmentation by a specialist. Tattooed shadow on the eyelids. Photo, as is done for the lower, upper eyelid, with feathering, Smoky eyes effect, classic arrow
  • Long healing of the tattoo site.
  • The occurrence of an inflammatory process or even suppuration.
  • Pigment fading or discoloration, which may appear after some time.
  • Infection if the master used non-sterile instruments.

If you want to make permanent eye shadow using tattooing, you must first weigh the pros and cons, evaluate your health and choose a qualified specialist. And then the result will please and save precious time for a long time, helping to maintain a fresh and expressive look around the clock.

Eye shadow tattoo video

Eyelid Tattoo – shadow effect:

Tattooing training. The most common mistakes:

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