Surgical facelift. Price, how to choose a doctor, types of surgery

Facelift can be done in different ways. With minor age-related skin changes, you can use cosmetics (creams with a lifting effect), if wrinkles are more pronounced, then hardware methods (laser procedures) or cosmetic injections with fillers are recommended.

But when there are deep folds of skin, then surgical intervention is recommended for their successful elimination. Depending on the method chosen, the duration of the effect and the price change.

Indications for surgical facelift

Surgical lifting is applied only in the absence of the effect of other methods of restoring the tightness of the oval of the face. This method is more dangerous and requires highly qualified specialist.

Surgical intervention on the face is allowed if the following indications are available:

  • deep folds of skin on the face and neck;
  • pronounced wrinkles in the nasolabial;
  • drooping of the upper eyelids or “bags” under the eyes;
  • double chin due to loss of elasticity of the epidermis;
  • drooping eyebrows and corners of the eyes or lips;
  • increased sagging of the epidermis;
  • sagging cheeks (like a bulldog).

Surgical facelift. Price, how to choose a doctor, types of surgery

The operation can be performed both for women and men. Before the appointment of a surgical intervention, there are not enough indications and desires of the client. The specialist should exclude the presence of contraindications.


Surgical facelift (the price is negotiated with a specialist immediately after exclusion of contraindications) is a dangerous procedure, therefore, it is carried out only in the absence of the following pathologies.


  • endocrine system diseases (diabetes mellitus, thyroid dysfunction);
  • chronic diseases in the acute stage;
  • infectious pathologies, including dermatological;
  • increased or decreased pressure indicator (as well as with regular jumps in value);
  • bleeding disorder;
  • malignant or benign formations;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • pathology of the liver and kidneys;
  • tendency to scarring from cuts;
  • violation of the integrity of the skin or the development of an inflammatory reaction in the area of surgical intervention;
  • psychological abnormalities;
  • the period of gestation and lactation.
Surgical facelift. Price, how to choose a doctor, types of surgery
Surgical facelift is contraindicated in pregnancy or lactation.

The operation is not recommended after 65 years, because due to the deterioration of the body, the effect of the operation persists for a short time. And also up to 20 years, a surgical lift can be performed only if there are strict indications. If contraindications are ignored, then the operation can lead to an exacerbation of diseases and cause the development of complications.

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Surgical facelift can be carried out by 2 methods (SMAS lifting or subcutaneous lifting), which differ in tissue morbidity, the duration of the recovery period and the duration of the effect.

A brief description of the methods:

Surgical facelift. Price, how to choose a doctor, types of surgery

Method name Intervention Characteristic
SMAS lifting During the operation, not only the upper layers of the skin are tightened, but also muscle tissue. After the incision, the doctor fixes the muscle layers in special areas and straightens the skin. Excess tissue, if necessary, is removed. This technique allows you to reduce age by an average of 10 years, which will not come back (that is, the patient will always look 10 years younger). The duration of the operation is from 3 to 4 hours.

SMAS lifting can be performed by the classical method (using incisions in certain areas of the skin) or endoscopic (the operation is performed through small punctures in the skin). Each of the methods has its pros and cons.

Hypodermic lifting With surgical intervention, only 2 incisions are made in the ear. The fat and muscle layers, as a result of manipulations, are not affected. As a result, the duration of the operation is reduced to 1.5 hours, and the period of preservation of the effect is also reduced.

The type of surgical intervention is determined by a specialist after examination.

Advantages and disadvantages of methods

Surgical facelift (the price depends on the chosen method of facial contour restoration) has both advantages and disadvantages when compared with other methods.

Surgical facelift. Price, how to choose a doctor, types of surgery

Comparative characteristics SMAS lifting Hypodermic lifting Other methods (non-surgical)
Efficiency Efficiency even with deep wrinkles over 90% Deep and fine wrinkles are smoothed with an efficiency of 85% Mostly fine wrinkles are eliminated, deep wrinkles decrease in size.
Effect Duration Even with subsequent aging, the client will look 10 years younger. After 5-7 years, wrinkles come back. The anti-aging effect lasts on average up to 3 years.
Traumatism High. Muscle and nerve fibers are damaged. Medium. The upper layers of the epidermis are damaged. The minimum. The skin is damaged with the introduction of fillers or it may develop irritation from hardware exposure.
Soreness It is noted in the recovery period. During the operation, general anesthesia is used, as a result, the procedure itself is painless. Slight pain during the rehabilitation period. During surgery, local anesthesia is more commonly used. Minimum during the procedure and during recovery. If pain relief is necessary, anesthetic creams and gels are used.
The average duration of the procedure About 4 hours About 1.5 hours May take from 20 to 40 minutes.
Preparation period Long-term, a complete examination of the client is required to exclude many contraindications. Virtually absent. The list of contraindications is minimal.
Recovery period Depending on individual characteristics, recovery may take about 45 days. On average, the recovery process takes 20-30 days. From 7 to 14 days.
The likelihood of side effects The presence of small scars. Possible nerve damage and infection. Incision scars are invisible. Low probability of infection. Scars are completely absent. The probability of infection is practically absent.
Age More commonly used after 40 years. Most effective from 30 to 40 years Used until age 35.
Cost The price is high, but it pays off, since the effect lasts a long time. Average cost per operation. The cost is not high, but several sessions are required.

The severity of the advantages and disadvantages of the methods depends on the qualifications of specialists and compliance with the rules during the recovery period.

Carrying out SMAS lifting

A facelift by SMAS lifting refers to surgical interventions of increased complexity. When choosing this method of rejuvenation, an important role is played by the correct choice of the clinic and specialist (with high experience and qualifications). The higher the rating of the medical center and the reputation of the doctor, the higher the price for the service.

Preparation for the operation and stages

SMAS lifting is carried out only after a complete examination of the client (from urinalysis to electrocardiogram) in order to exclude the presence of contraindications.

In their absence and approval of the need for surgical intervention, the doctor discusses the rules of preparation for surgery:

  • alcohol and nicotine are prohibited 2 weeks before surgery. These substances affect blood coagulation and can cause side effects;
    Surgical facelift. Price, how to choose a doctor, types of surgery
  • for 14 days it is required to cancel the intake of hormonal drugs, including birth control;
  • in 10 days, any medications are canceled, especially drugs that affect blood coagulation;
  • for women, it is recommended to choose the date of surgery after menstruation;
  • food is allowed no later than 8 hours before surgery (due to anesthesia, it can cause vomiting reflexes);
  • the use of cosmetics of any kind on the day of surgery is prohibited.

On average, preparation for surgery takes up to 2 months.

Surgical intervention SMAS lifting (with the classical method of carrying out) is carried out in the following steps:

  1. The patient is placed on the operating table.
  2. The skin is cleaned from contamination with a special composition.
  3. The client is euthanized with general anesthesia.
  4. The incision area is treated with a disinfectant.
  5. The doctor applies markings on the face (future places of cuts). Cuts can be along the hairline, in the ears, temples, or chin.
  6. Cuts are made. Further, the surgeon pulls and fixes muscle and skin tissue. Surplus excised. In the presence of an excess fat layer, liposuction is performed.
    Surgical facelift. Price, how to choose a doctor, types of surgery
  7. After completion, the doctor sutures, then bandage the face with a special bandage.

For the period of the manipulations, the state of the client is monitored by an anesthesiologist and a nurse, the devices record the work of the heart. This allows you to respond in a timely manner to the development of unforeseen situations.

Endoscopic SMAS lifting has the following differences:

  • local anesthesia is allowed;
  • incisions are replaced by punctures for the introduction of an endoscope;
  • no stitching required.

In the classic version of the surgical intervention, the duration of the operation is 2-3 hours, with endoscopic surgery up to 4 hours.

Rehabilitation by days, weeks

Features of the rehabilitation period are discussed by the doctor before the operation.

The process of tissue restoration and the effectiveness of the procedure depend on compliance with the rules:

  • at the time of the hospital (lasts from 4 to 14 days, depending on the method and the development of complications) suture treatment is carried out by medical personnel. The patient for these periods should only observe peace;
  • sutures are removed by the doctor 4-7 days after surgery. Swelling and bruising go away within 20 days;
  • for the recovery period (on average 45-60 days) it is forbidden to drink alcohol;
  • after discharge, visit the clinic in a timely manner to process stitches and change dressings. It is forbidden to carry out independently procedures;
  • until the doctor’s permission, it is forbidden to take sun baths, visit the solarium and saunas;
    Surgical facelift. Price, how to choose a doctor, types of surgery
  • after removing the bandages, you can not soak the crusts at the site of the seams;
  • Do not use decorative and caring cosmetics until authorized by a specialist;
  • do not comb the seams, in the process of restoration, they can cause severe itching;
  • when washing, use cleansing antiseptic agents authorized by a doctor. Make sure that the seams are not driven out;
  • for 60 days for a period of sleep, the head should be in an elevated state. And it is also forbidden to be in a position with the head tilted for a long time;
  • Do not dye your hair up to 3 months after surgery;
  • within 2 months to avoid physical exertion and exercise, as well as peeling and other manipulations on the face are prohibited.

Before full tissue repair, specialists do not recommend short haircuts. Hair allows you to hide unhealed seams and additionally protect from exposure to sunlight.

How long does recovery take,
possible complications

The period of tissue repair can take up to 2-3 months (depending on the age and individual characteristics of the body).

In case of violation of the rules during the recovery period or due to the low qualification of the surgeon, the following complications may develop:

  • tissue necrosis (possibly due to circulatory disorders or severe thinning of tissues;
  • inflammation and suppuration of sutures. It develops due to infection or irritation of the seam by constant contact with the hair;
  • the formation of severe scars (improper care or a violation of the technique of suturing by a doctor;
  • increased pigmentation;
  • asymmetry, partial loss of sensitivity or a change in the contour of the face (nerve damage during surgery);
  • hair loss at the site of suturing.

Surgical facelift. Price, how to choose a doctor, types of surgery

If a negative reaction is detected, it is required to contact the clinic as soon as possible to correct defects. If complications arose due to the fault of the surgeon, then to correct them it is not recommended to re-apply to the same clinic.

Subcutaneous lifting

Surgical facelift (the cost of subcutaneous lifting is significantly lower than the classical SMAS lifting method) using this method is less traumatic, the time of the operation and the recovery period.

Preparation for the operation and stages

Preparing for the operation is the same as with SMAS lifting. In high-level clinics, examination is included in the cost of the procedure and takes place in the institution itself. To do this, the patient should go to surgery 2 days earlier before the planned surgical intervention.

Surveys include:

  • testing of feces and urine;
  • general and biochemical blood tests, including sugar;
  • electrocardiogram;
  • examination of the liver and kidneys;
  • tests for syphilis, HIV and oncology;
  • fluorography (in its absence).

When passing the examination outside the clinic, it should be borne in mind that they are suitable for up to 7 days.

An operation using subcutaneous lifting is carried out in the following stages:

  1. The client is lying on the operating table.
  2. Cleansing the skin with a special composition followed by disinfection.
  3. A special marker marks the incision of the skin. From the temple to the auricle (an incision is possible behind the ear).
    Surgical facelift. Price, how to choose a doctor, types of surgery
  4. After the start of the action of the anesthetic, an operation is performed.
  5. Cuts are made on the intended area and a small stretch of the epidermis is performed. Sutures are applied that can be removed with a laser after scarring (if necessary).
  6. To prevent the penetration of infection, the sutures are closed with surgical tape.

For the period of the operation, the state of the patient is monitored by a nurse, anesthetist. If necessary, equipment is used that signals the work of the heart.

Rehabilitation by days, weeks

The rehabilitation period begins immediately after the patient is transferred to the ward from the operating room.

The following rules must be observed during recovery:

  • Do not remove surgical tape and do not process stitches on your own while in the hospital. This is done by the medical staff;
  • touch the seams with your hands less. Otherwise, you can get an infection;
  • Do not comb scars, even after skin restoration;
  • do not remove the crusts, they must fall off on their own;
  • disinfect seams at least 5 times in the first 3 days. Further enough in the morning and evening until the epidermis is restored. The tool is prescribed by a doctor;
  • you can not wash with hot water for 2-3 days after the operation;
  • it is forbidden to visit the bath, solarium and sauna for up to 2 months;
  • avoid physical activity and sports for up to 1.5 months;
  • use cosmetics is prohibited for up to 2 months;
  • when washing, use non-aggressive products. To wipe the face, use a soft towel or napkin;
  • if a noticeable scar remains at the seam site, then it can be removed after 2 months using a laser.

Surgical facelift. Price, how to choose a doctor, types of surgery

Alcoholic drinks and nicotine are allowed after the restoration of the skin (no earlier than 30 days.

How long does recovery take, possible complications

The duration of the recovery process depends on compliance with the rules prescribed by the doctor during the rehabilitation period and the individual characteristics of the body. The average duration of the period is 20-30 days.

The duration of recovery can be increased by the development of the following complications:

  • inflammation of the sutures or their suppuration;
  • seams divergence (in extremely rare cases);
  • asymmetry of the face with improper tension of the epidermis;
  • the formation of protruding rough scars;
  • tissue necrosis (in rare cases);
  • exacerbation of chronic pathologies, when ignored before surgery.

Swelling of the tissues and hematomas are moderate and pass through 7-10 days.

Alternative facelift techniques

Surgical facelift (price, as well as contraindications are the only limiting factors for surgical intervention) is prescribed in extreme cases, only if there is no effect from other methods.

A brief overview of alternative methods:

  • mesotherapy. To eliminate wrinkles, subcutaneous administration of medicinal compounds is carried out, which activate the production of collagen and elastin, as a result, the elasticity of the skin is restored naturally;
    Surgical facelift. Price, how to choose a doctor, types of surgery
  • deep peeling. The method consists in a special injury to the skin (laser, acid or ultrasound). As a result, the body activates the regeneration of cells, accelerating their renewal, and blood supply improves. Together, this leads to rejuvenation of the skin;
  • exposure to microcurrents. Electric discharges contribute to the activation of blood supply and improve tissue nutrition, which helps to smooth facial wrinkles;
  • contour plastic. The method is similar to mesotherapy. Special formulations are introduced subcutaneously that fill the voids under the skin and even out the epidermis;
  • thread lifting. The threads are injected subcutaneously and, depending on the composition, can prevent sagging of the epidermis or activate the production of collagen with elastin. The effect of the procedure can last at l
    east 5 years.

These procedures do not require special preparation, have a smaller list of contraindications and a short rehabilitation period. And also their cost is more than 10 times lower.

Facelift surgery

The price for the operation depends on the of residence, the rating of the clinic and the qualifications of the specialist. Additionally, the cost may include examination and time spent in the clinic.

The minimum cost for a surgical facelift in USA:

  • SMAS lifting in classic performance from $ 5440 .;
  • SMAS lifting by the endoscopic method from $ 1088 .;
  • subcutaneous lifting from $ 680.

Minimum prices for non-surgical methods (for comparison):

Methods Price (in usd)
Mesotherapy From 2500
Laser deep peeling From 4000
Deep peeling with acids From 1000
Ultrasound peeling From 2500
Microcurrent exposure From 1000
Contour plastic From 10000
Thread lifting From 15000

Surgical facelift. Price, how to choose a doctor, types of surgery

Important. When choosing these procedures, it is necessary to take into account that in order to achieve the effect, a minimum of 3 sessions are required. A facelift through surgery can effectively eliminate deep wrinkles for a long time.

The procedure is performed under anesthesia (therefore painless) and requires a highly qualified surgeon. Before surgery, it is important to completely eliminate the presence of contraindications. An additional feature of the operation is a long recovery period and a high price.

Surgical facelift video

Circular facelift. Plastic surgery:

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