Sulsena paste. Instructions for use for hair growth, from dandruff, loss, fat

One of the most common skin diseases in humans is seborrhea, better known as dandruff. Seborrhea needs adequate treatment. One of the prescribed remedies for eliminating dandruff is Sulsena paste. Instructions for its use contain a detailed description and treatment regimens using this tool.

Sulsen paste composition

Selenium disulfide – the main active component of the drug, is a water-insoluble inorganic compound formed by the interaction of selenic acid and sulfur, which has a yellowish-red color. Sulsena paste. Instructions for use for hair growth, from dandruff, loss, fat

Auxiliary ingredients:

  1. Cetyl alcohol . The substance relates to monohydric fatty alcohols. Previously, cetyl alcohol was obtained from sperm whale fat. Currently, it is produced from palm oil by successive chemical reactions.
  2. Cinnamon alcohol. In nature, this substance is found in some natural resins and essential oils, in industry it is used as a flavoring agent.
  3. Sodium Cetearet Sulfate . This component is necessary to improve the consistency of the drug.
  4. Glycerin is a trihydric alcohol with stabilizer properties.
  5. Fragrance.
  6. DMDM-hydantoin, a preservative used in cosmetic products.
  7. Lemon acid. It is widely used in food industry and medicine, as an aid to improve metabolism.
  8. Water.

Release form

The drug Sulsena is available in several dosage forms. Sulsena paste. Instructions for use for hair growth, from dandruff, loss, fat

Dosage form Volume Packaging
Sulsen paste, 1% 40ml or 75ml tuba
Sulsen paste, 2% 40ml or 75ml tuba
Sulsen Shampoo 5,07 fluid ounce plastic bottle
Sulsen Shampoo Pilling 5,07 fluid ounce plastic bottle
Sulsen Oil 5,07 fluid ounce plastic bottle

Shampoos also have a sulfur compound. Shampoo-pilling is used for additional cleaning of hair and skin.

The polyethylene granules contained in it have several actions:

  • remove dirt, dust, grease;
  • help get rid of keratinized particles of skin, fat, styling residue.
  • stimulate blood flow in tissues;
  • tone hair roots.

Salicylic acid, which has an exfoliating property, is present in shampoo pilling. Sulsen does not contain selenium in the medicinal oil. It includes a number of vegetable and essential oils, extracts that support hairline health.

The medicine contains oils:

  • Olives Sulsena paste. Instructions for use for hair growth, from dandruff, loss, fat
  • castor oil plants;
  • lavender;
  • Pelargonium (geranium) essential.

Also in the hood:

  • chamomile; Sulsena paste. Instructions for use for hair growth, from dandruff, loss, fat
  • sea buckthorn;
  • red pepper.

Thanks to herbal components, the drug has several actions:

  • saturates the root structure of curls;
  • nourishes and restores hair;
  • moisturizes, nourishes the epidermis;
  • stimulates blood circulation in tissues;
  • reduces hair loss;
  • normalizes tissue metabolism.

Hot pepper extract is considered a natural activator of hair growth. The organic compound capsicacin contained in it penetrates the tissues of the scalp, showing a locally irritating effect, stimulating the basal parts of the strands, significantly accelerating the growth of curls.

pharmachologic effect

Sulsena paste (instructions for use are discussed in detail later in the article) has several pharmacological properties:

  • Stabilization of the function of the endocrine glands.
  • Elimination of dandruff, peeling and relieving itching.
  • Neutralization of poisons of pathogenic microflora.
  • Protecting and maintaining the base of the hair.
  • Stimulation of hair growth.
  • Restoration and protection of the hair structure.
  • Stabilization of the skin cells.
  • Restoration of radiance, hair elasticity.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The therapeutic effect of selenium disulfide (the main healing component of the paste) is based on the stabilization of the malfunctioning of the sebaceous glands – a leading factor in the appearance of dandruff.

The sebum produced by the glands of the external secretion of the head has 3 important properties:

  1. Bactericidal. The chemical elements included in the formula are detrimental to representatives of pathogenic microflora.
  2. Protective. Sebum is responsible for the local immunity of the scalp.
  3. Moisturizing. A shell formed by sebum prevents moisture loss by the skin of the hair.
    Sulsena paste. Instructions for use for hair growth, from dandruff, loss, fat
    Sulsen paste is effective against dry seborrhea

With a decrease in sebaceous secretion, the skin of the hair becomes dry, begins to peel off, forming dry white flakes on the hair . The insufficiency of glands reduces the protective forces of the scalp, it becomes unstable to the occurrence of fungal infections.

The activation of the fungus Malassezia Furfur (in other words Pityrosporum ovale), which is part of the normal microflora of the skin of the hair, occurs. This species belongs to yeast and is found exclusively on the skin of people.

With stable immunity, the fungus is in a latent state and does not manifest itself in any way. With excessive dryness of the skin of the hair, the fungus begins enhanced reproduction, provoking the occurrence of itching and peeling.

As a result of the breakdown of substances contained in sebum, under the influence of toxins of the fungus, poisons are formed that have a detrimental effect on the health of the hair roots.

When the release of sebum,
on the contrary, increases, the epidermal cells grow, they die off, provoking the formation of clumped yellowish plates on the hair, the physiological composition of sebum changes, as a result, it is not able to have a bactericidal effect.

Selenium disulfide has an antifungal effect and is effective against Malassezia Furfur fungi. Penetrating through the membrane of fungal cells, it disrupts the vital processes within the cell, causing its destruction.

The substance blocks the growth of epithelial cells of the scalp and gland cells that produce sebum, renews and restores the cellular elements of the skin, stabilizes the functioning of the endocrine glands. This effect is called cytostatic in pharmacology.

Also, the drug has a keratolic effect, which consists in softening keratinized skin cells, which contributes to their separation and helps to quickly and effectively eliminate dandruff during washing Sulseny water.

The drug can be classified as a stimulator of hair growth. Sulfur available in the product:

  • strengthens hair follicles; Sulsena paste. Instructions for use for hair growth, from dandruff, loss, fat
  • neutralizes the negative effects of toxic substances produced by the fungus and pathogenic microflora on them;
  • improves hair condition, enhancing its natural shine and restoring elasticity.

Cetyl alcohol, indicated in the components of the paste – a substance of plant origin, has weak antiseptic properties, causes the death of pathogenic microflora and accelerates the healing of microdamage to the skin.

Glycerin moisturizes the skin with the development of dry dandruff, and with oily, on the contrary, it is able to dry the scalp.

Citric acid – one of the components of the paste, gets into the skin tissue:

  • tightens pores;
  • strengthens hair follicles;
  • prevents the development of dandruff;
  • inhibits hair loss.

Citric acid provides a moisturizing effect, hair becomes more docile. Sulsena paste is intended for external use according to the instructions. The active substances of the drug can enter the outer layers of the skin, but are not found in the bloodstream and do not undergo changes in the body systems.

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Sulsena paste, the instructions for use of which contain a detailed description of the drug, is used in the following conditions:

  1. Dandruff (dry, oily).
  2. High oily hair. Sulsena paste. Instructions for use for hair growth, from dandruff, loss, fat
  3. Dermatomycosis of various origins.
  4. Complex therapy of multi-colored lichen.
  5. Itchy scalp.
  6. Hair loss.
  7. Prevention of dandruff, hair loss, excessive fat.


The drug is not prescribed for patients with individual intolerance to the ingredients of the formula. It is not allowed to treat pregnant women and with visible damage to the scalp.

Side effects

Usually, the drug does not cause negative consequences and is well tolerated.

However, in rare situations, the development of undesirable effects, such as:

  1. Allergy, manifested by itching, burning, dermatitis, eczema, edema. Sulsena paste. Instructions for use for hair growth, from dandruff, loss, fat
  2. Irritation and redness of the skin.
  3. Local alopecia (hair loss) is very rare.

Instructions for use Sulsen paste for growth, against loss

The drug is prescribed not only to eliminate dandruff and prevent its occurrence, but also to prevent hair loss.

The procedure for treating hair loss with paste:

  1. To begin with, you should wash your curls with shampoo, as usual.
  2. Then the right amount of sulsen paste must be applied to the head in a circular motion.
  3. Next, you need to wait 15 minutes until the paste works.
  4. Rinse the curls well with warm running water.

Use the drug twice a week. Treatment should be continued for at least a month. A repeat of the course with a preventive purpose is possible after 6 months.

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How to use dandruff paste and for oily hair

Scheme for getting rid of dandruff with Sulsen paste:

  1. Wash your hair with shampoo.
  2. You need to take a small amount of paste and spread it on the surface of the skin of the hair, gently massaging it. Sulsena paste. Instructions for use for hair growth, from dandruff, loss, fat
  3. The paste should be kept on the skin for 10-15 minutes.
  4. After the specified time has elapsed, it is necessary to wash off the product well with running water from the head.

Experts recommend using paste 2 times a week. The treatment course lasts 3 months. If necessary, you can take the course again. To prevent dandruff, it is necessary to apply the paste once a week to the skin of a previously washed head, washing off after 15 minutes. The course lasts 30 days. The next preventive course of treatment can be completed after 6 months.

Sulsena paste (instructions for use to prevent hair loss are presented in the previous paragraph) is similarly applied for severe oily hair.

The sequence of actions in the treatment of increased oily hair with Sulsen paste:

  1. Wash your hair with shampoo. Sulsena paste. Instructions for use for hair growth, from dandruff, loss, fat
  2. Then a small amount of the paste should be applied to the scalp with massaging movements.
  3. Leave the product to act for 10-15 minutes.
  4. After this, rinse your head with warm running water.

The drug should be used 2 times a week, the duration of use is 30 days. For the prevention of increased oily hair, the course can be taken again after 6 months.

The effectiveness of the paste in relation to oily hair is determined by the ability of selenium disulfide (the active ingredient of the paste) to prevent the growth of cells of the endocrine glands on the skin surface of the hair and reduce the synthesis of sebum.


Since Sulsena is not a systemic drug
and is used externally, no cases of overdose have been identified.


The drug is intended solely for external use and does not enter the bloodstream, so there have been no cases of its interaction with other substances used inside. There is also no information about its interaction with other drugs for external use.

Terms of sale

Sulsen paste is not a prescription drug, so a doctor’s prescription is not required to purchase it.

Storage conditions

Storage of the drug is carried out at a temperature of 32 – 77°F, away from heat sources. Sulsena paste. Instructions for use for hair growth, from dandruff, loss, fatIn order to avoid loss of medicinal properties, direct sunlight is not allowed on the package with the preparation; it is advisable to store the paste in a dark place.

Shelf life

The storage period of Sulsen paste is 3 years.

special instructions

When washing off the drug from the hair, foam is not allowed to enter the eyes and mucous membranes. If the drug enters the eyes and mucous membranes, it is necessary to rinse the affected area with plenty of warm clean water.

If redness, irritation, painful sensations of the affected area appear that do not go away for a long time after washing, you should immediately consult a doctor. Sulsena paste. Instructions for use for hair growth, from dandruff, loss, fat

With prolonged use, the drug is able to color the hair. In order to avoid the development of this undesirable effect, it is not allowed to exceed the recommended exposure time and frequency of use specified in the instructions. Particular care should be taken to persons with fair hair.

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Sulsen price

Below is a table that shows the approximate cost of Sulsen paste, one percent, with a volume of 2,54 fluid ounce in some cities of USA.

New York $ 1,74
Los Angeles $ 1,81
Seattle $ 1,41
Miami $ 1,5
Las Vegas $ 1,5
Atlanta $ 1,56
Chicago $ 1,8
Las Vegas $ 1,36
San diego $ 1,66
Chicago $ 1,43

Approximate prices of Sulsen paste of two percent, volume of 2,54 fluid ounce.

New York 145 RUB
Los Angeles $ 2,04
Seattle $ 1,71
Miami $ 1,65
Las Vegas $ 1,67
Atlanta 127 time
Chicago $ 1,9
Las Vegas $ 1,67
San diego $ 1,9
Chicago $ 1,7

The approximate average cost of Sulsena shampoo in USA is from $ 3 – $ 4., Shampoo-pilling – $ 4 – $ 4. Oil for care will cost about $ 5 – $ 5.

Reviews trichologists about the effectiveness of paste Sulsena

Sulsena paste, the instructions for use of which was described above, received many positive reviews from trichologists involved in hairline health.

As the observations of doctors showed, in a complex application with Sulsen shampoos, the paste shows significant effectiveness in the treatment of both dry and oily dandruff, and after several courses often the symptoms of the disease disappear completely. Therefore, Sulsen paste is often prescribed by specialists.

The drug is effective for hair loss and increased oily hair. After treatment with Sulsenoy, hair loss in patients is markedly reduced, sebum production is normalized and hair fat is reduced, due to the sulfur compound present in Sulsen, which makes hair follicles more stable and stabilizes the secretion of sebum by the glands.

Experts warn that when treating with this drug, it is necessary to strictly follow the recommendations for use in order to reduce the risk of allergic reactions.

Sulsena paste. Instructions for use for hair growth, from dandruff, loss, fat
Effective mask with sulsen paste

Trichologists advise using the paste in conjunction with shampoos and Sulsen care oil – a mixture of nutritious vegetable oils.

The combination of selenium and sulfur in combination with other components of the paste is effective for the treatment of:

  • dandruff;
  • excessive fat content;
  • hair loss.

To achieve and consolidate the desired effect, it is necessary to precisely follow the instructions for the use of Sulsen paste and undergo preventive treatment courses.

Sulsen paste vi

Hair care paste “sulsena”:

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