Cupping massage from cellulite. The technique of performing on the face, legs, body at home

Until the end of the last century, banks were actively used for muscle pain, colds, cough. Later, they were supplanted by more effective treatment methods, but cosmetologists found that massage with banks can help in the fight against cellulite at home.

What is a can (vacuum) massage

The root cause of cellulite is a metabolic disorder in parts of the body that are predisposed to the accumulation of fat: on the hips, buttocks, stomach.

Due to the fault of metabolic metabolism, a part of the fats supplied with food is no longer split by the body and is not used to maintain its vital activity, but is deposited in fat cells located under a layer of connective tissue. As a result, fat cells increase and their contents become denser.

Cupping massage from cellulite. The technique of performing on the face, legs, body at home
Cellulite can massage in the salon and at home

These changes lead to the accumulation of fluid, and the pressure created by it helps to slow down blood circulation and, as a result, reduce the elasticity of connective tissue and the formation of dense fibrous septa that cause external changes in the skin, which is perceived as an “orange peel”.

It should be remembered: cellulite is not an ordinary fat, therefore it is impossible to completely get rid of it exclusively with the help of diets and gymnastics: it will require methods that can restore the previous type of fat cells. Cupping (vacuum) massage successfully copes with this task.

Massage jars are small containers, inside of which, by heating or squeezing, when installed on the body, an area of reduced pressure is created, where blood rushes and excess fluid flows, which previously filled the intercellular space.

The results of can massage in the form of elastic, toned skin are noticeable after a few sessions. Regularly performing procedures is an excellent prevention of the appearance of fatty deposits.

Edema, which prevented the blood vessels from functioning normally, is eliminated, and they begin to actively supply oxygen to the cells, ensuring the removal of all excess, including unnecessary fatty deposits. The rush of blood to the epidermis stimulates the work of the fat and sweat glands, which begin to contribute to the cleaning of the body from toxins.

There is also a mechanical effect of the can on the skin, kneading and breaking large fat grains during its movement, accelerating the process of their removal. Constant changes in pressure when moving the jar are an effective massage for the outer layer of the skin, under the influence of which it becomes denser and acquires a healthy color.

Indications for massage at home

Cellulite can massage can be performed both in the beauty salon and at home. In the presence of certain knowledge, independent procedures will be no less effective than salon procedures.

Massage will help to cope with the following problems of appearance:

  • cellulite on the legs, hips, buttocks, stomach, arms;
  • excess body fat, overweight;
  • age laxity of the skin, wrinkles;
  • the presence of stretch marks, scars, age spots.

As an aid, this type of massage can be used to treat colds during the recovery phase and with muscle pain.


There is a list of contraindications to the massage, associated with its ability to act not only on the surface of the skin, but also on deeper structural elements.

Cupping massage from cellulite. The technique of performing on the face, legs, body at home

It includes:

  • any catarrhal diseases in the acute stage;
  • fever;
  • problems with blood vessels: their high sensitivity, fragility, thrombophlebitis, varicose veins;
  • exacerbation of cardiovascular disease;
  • the presence of neoplasms (moles) or skin lesions in the massage area;
  • oncological diseases (specialist consultation is required);
  • bladder and gastrointestinal diseases;
  • pregnancy and menstruation (it is necessary to exclude massage of the abdomen);
  • low blood coagulability.

Comparison of vacuum with manual anti-cellulite massage

A can massage from cellulite at home can be carried out either manually or using a special apparatus equipped with suction cups of different sizes, which are connected to the compressor by hoses. Both methods make it possible to adjust the pressure force and the depth of the tissue.

There are general contraindications, to the list of which with hardware massage is added:

  • swelling of the tissues;
  • weak capillaries;
  • rosacea;
  • vascular “stars”.

In addition to contraindications, there are a number of other restrictions on the performance of hardware massage: it cannot be performed on especially sensitive delicate skin and on areas of the body that can be easily injured. In addition, not all cosmetic procedures that can be performed in parallel with manual massage are combined with a vacuum vacuum massage.

Cupping massage from cellulite. The technique of performing on the face, legs, body at home

Among the advantages of the hardware method:

  • visible result after the first sessions;
  • a more intense and safer effect on small vessels, contributing to their strengthening and improvement of blood microcirculation;
  • less dependence of the result on the qualifications of a massage therapist: the device simply follows a given program and cannot be mistaken.

Manual massage requires experience and knowledge about how hard it is to press on certain parts of the body. it makes it possible to change the intensity of exposure, stretch the muscles, avoiding the formation of hematomas.

The main advantage of manual massage is the possibility of using essential oils and creams (hardware massage is performed only on dry skin), which are able to make the procedure more effective, while nourishing and moisturizing the skin.

To take advantage of both methods and make their drawbacks less noticeable, experts advise combining manual massage (for the first half of a massage session) and hardware massage (after the tissues are well stretched manually). With this approach, it is possible to achieve good results even with especially vivid manifestations of cellulite.

How useful is can massage

A can massage from cellulite at home allows you to:

  • bring the figure closer to the ideal, removing body fat;
  • increase skin tugor;
  • remove cellulite, returning the normal structure to fat cells;
  • prevent the appearance of all of the above defects in the future, normalizing the metabolism in the cells of the subcutaneous layer;
  • to exclude the development of fibrosis – pathological proliferation of tissues, leading to scarring.

Cupping massage from cellulite. The technique of performing on the face, legs, body at home

During the procedure, a number of favorable changes occur in the body as a whole:

  • excess fluid is removed, and swelling disappears;
  • blood circulation becomes more intense and cells are saturated with oxygen;
  • lymph stagnation is eliminated;
  • toxins and toxins no longer linger in tissues and do not interfere with regeneration processes.

During massage, a mechanical effect is exerted on biologically active points of the body, which leads to a general improvement in well-being, the healing of the body, so that a person looks younger and more attractive.

The method has some disadvantages:

  • discomfort, which often occurs during the first procedures;
  • the impossibility of independent study of certain parts of the body (back) and the need to find an assistant;
  • redness of the body after the procedure, which will be clearly visible in the hot season (for this reason, preference is given to the winter period).

Vacuum procedures require certain knowledge: it will not be possible to achieve all of the above changes if you randomly drive banks over the surface of the skin without any idea of the rules for performing massage, preparing the body for it, choosing the cans themselves and massage means.

Precautionary measures

A can massage from cellulite at home should be performed correctly. So that it does not lead to deterioration of the skin condition and does not cause problems more complex than cellulite, it is necessary to remember the simplest precautions when performing the procedure.

Cupping massage from cellulite. The technique of performing on the face, legs, body at home

Do not neglect the following:

  • when using creams and vegetable oils, it is necessary to perform a preliminary allergy test, applying a little composition to the bend of the elbow;
  • carefully read the instructions that came with the set of cans: it contains a lot of valuable information regarding the use of specific samples;
  • Do not forget about the competent preparation of the skin for a massage session;
  • Do not try to process those parts of the body for which vacuum exposure is prohibited due to the presence of a large number of lymph nodes: the inner surface of the thighs and hands; axillary zone; inguinal zone; chest; place under the knees; body areas near the heart, kidneys, spine;
  • remember that the size of the jar is directly proportional to the strength of its effect, use the smallest volume samples during the first session, limiting the massage time to 5 minutes: this will prevent skin injuries. In the future, the duration of exposure can be gradually increased;
  • performing a massage, monitor the skin reaction: with intense redness (burgundy shade), severe pain, the appearance of itching, the procedure should be stopped immediately;
  • do not use oils with a strong warming effect in vacuum procedures containing pepper and mustard: they increase the risk of negative side effects of massage;
  • when water bubbles appear on the body after treatment (evidence of stagnation of fluid in the tissues), further reduce the intensity and reduce the exposure time.

Do not overheat the body before massage, sharply tear the cans from the body, endure pain and discomfort – this will only worsen the condition of the skin, adding new problems.

Types of massage cans and how to choose them correctly

Modern cans are very different from their predecessors in their more complex design and variety of materials used for their manufacture.

Cupping massage from cellulite. The technique of performing on the face, legs, body at home

Glass jar is a classic. Today it has become safer, since it is not necessary to use fire to create a vacuum, the strength of which is difficult to regulate: it is enough to heat the instrument by placing it for several minutes in warm water. You can purchase a can equipped with a rubber pump, which is easier to use and allows you to easily change the force of impact.

The advantages of glass jars are high efficiency and ease of cleaning: oils and creams are not absorbed into the glass. The disadvantages include fragility of the glass, a high risk of skin injuries and the need for deep knowledge and experience when using cans.


A rubber jar is much safer than a glass one, it can be used by a novice masseur, since it does not require special knowledge for its use. Among other advantages – low cost, flexibility, ability to strongly stick.

There are serious flaws: rubber absorbs creams, oils, skin secretions. It is almost impossible to completely wash the jar, and it gradually accumulates pathogenic microorganisms on its surface. With constant contact with fat, rubber loses its elasticity over time, deforms, cracks, so the jar does not last long.


Silicone is a good substitute for rubber, has all its advantages, but is unable to absorb fat. For this reason, flexible, comfortable, strong and durable silicone cans are considered the best option, with virtually no flaws.

Cupping massage from cellulite. The technique of performing on the face, legs, body at home

They do not require special skill from the massage therapist and, if he does not make gross mistakes, they will never leave bruises on the body.


Latex is a natural analogue of silicone, the material is as flexible, soft, durable, but even more durable. Latex jars conquer with a variety of shapes and sizes, which makes it possible to massage any, even the most inaccessible, parts of the body. Of the disadvantages, the main ones are the high cost and the possibility of an allergic reaction to latex.

With supercharger

In banks, 2 types of superchargers can be used, which facilitate the choice of the optimal impact force:

  • vacuum (rubber “pear”), working by changing its volume;
  • piston – a relatively new device consisting of a piston inside the can and a valve outside, turning which you can change the pressure, achieving its ideal values;
  • medical plastic jars equipped with a supercharger are an excellent option for an experienced masseur, as they never come off spontaneously from the body, as is the case with all the samples described above, and have all their advantages. However, in the absence of skills, it is not recommended to use them, because, providing a high impact force, they can cause serious skin injuries in inept hands. The disadvantage is the high price of the product;
  • cans with magnetic suction cups are an affordable option. Due to the creation of a magnetic field, they are capable of exerting influence on layers located at a depth of up to 3’5 inch. Due to such a deep exposure zone, home massage should not be used: in this case, the risk of t
    issue damage is unjustifiably high.

Cupping massage from cellulite. The technique of performing on the face, legs, body at home

Beginning masseurs are advised to purchase silicone products, the sizes of which are selected depending on the intended treatment area.

When choosing cans, one should take into account their features, tasks of the procedure, their own level of professionalism.

Part of the body Can Diameter (inch)
Hips, buttocks, back 7-8
Belly, arms, legs 4-5
Face 1-3

In addition to the described options for cans, exotic lovers can try bamboo or ceramic products. Bamboo is famous for its antiseptic and medicinal qualities, and ceramics are a more durable alternative to glass jars, having the same advantages and disadvantages.

How to prepare your skin for massage

Without thorough preparation of the skin for the upcoming vacuum procedure, it may turn out to be ineffective or lead to the appearance of clearly visible large hematomas.

The competent pre-processing process consists of the following steps:

  1. Take a warm bath (not hot) for 5-7 minutes . Steaming the body is not recommended.
  2. Scrub the skin without exerting excessive force. You can use the store tool or make it yourself, for example, from coffee grounds, honey, any vegetable oil base oil. You can add a few drops of essential oil. Scrub processed problem areas of the body.
    Cupping massage from cellulite. The technique of performing on the face, legs, body at home
  3. Wash off the scrub in the shower and wipe it dry with a towel, without rubbing the skin very much.
  4. Treat the body with special compounds that will ensure the cans slide (massage on dry skin is not performed: this will lead to injury).
  5. Perform a light manual massage , consisting of stroking and rubbing movements.

Preparatory actions are aimed at cleansing the skin, slightly warming it, providing a rush of blood, increasing the elasticity of tissues. This will allow for further massage by banks to avoid bruising, stretch marks and increase the effectiveness of the procedure, ensuring the free penetration of the ingredients of creams and oils into the pores.

What massage tool is better to use for sliding cans

The effectiveness, safety of the vacuum procedure and the conformity of its results to the expected largely depend on the quality of the massage product.

Anti-cellulite creams

They will ease the fight against the “orange peel”, but have a significant drawback: as a rule, creams are quickly absorbed, leaving the skin sticky and making it difficult for the jar to slip during massage. As a result – soreness, bruising, stretching of the skin. Avoid all this by adding massage oil to the cream.

The best anti-cellulite creams are:

  • “Bath, massage, sauna” from Belita-Viteks. Price up to $ 4,08 .;
  • “Perfect figure” from BIOselekt. Price up to $ 6,8 .;
  • “Thermo Active” by Aravia Organic. Price up to $ 20 .;
  • “Amazing Silhouette” from L’Occitane Price up to $ 41.

Massage oil

You can purchase oil that has anti-cellulite properties in the store or prepare it yourself by taking any base oil (the best options are olive, grape, peach, apricot) and adding essential oil per 0,34 fluid ounce of base oil 3-4 drops of oil to achieve the anti-cellulite effect ethereal.

Cupping massage from cellulite. The technique of performing on the face, legs, body at home

Depending on the existing problems, you can take:

Title Skin effects
Geranium oil Activates the outflow of lymph and excess fluid
Juniper Accelerates metabolic processes, removes toxins
Cedar Improves blood supply to tissues, saturates them with oxygen
Grapefruit Removes toxins, removes swelling
Orange Promotes Fat Breakdown
Ginger Provides a warming effect

In the manufacture of massage oil, you must:

  • select components whose properties do not contradict each other;
  • add essential oil to the base, and not vice versa;
  • periodically change the composition of the product to avoid getting used to it.

The technique of vacuum massage at home

Wrong massage from cellulite at home, performed incorrectly – the cause of skin injuries and deeper vascular damage.

In order not to become a victim of your own ignorance, you need to remember a few general rules of vacuum procedures:

  1. To install the jar, it must be gently squeezed in the hands and pressed firmly to the skin previously treated with massage oil.
  2. Slowly move strictly along the massage lines. Depending on the area of influence, you can use circular zigzag movements, or move in a straight line.
  3. As soon as the treated area of the skin turns red, you should stop exposure and transfer the jar to another area.
  4. You can’t sharply tear the jar from the skin: you need to squeeze it or slightly raise the edge
    with a fingernail.
  5. During massage, move from the periphery to the of the heart.
  6. The first sessions to perform with minimal effort.

Cupping massage from cellulite. The technique of performing on the face, legs, body at home

The signal to the end of the procedure is a strong redness of the skin, a feeling of discomfort, pain. With proper massage, the skin turns slightly red; a slight, rapidly disappearing itching may appear. At the first sessions, small hematomas are possible.

On the face

Massage on the face is performed strictly along the massage lines, with extremely soft, cautious movements. Massage time – 5 minutes, the procedure is carried out 1 time per week.

The following sequence of actions is recommended:

  1. Neck massage: cans move from bottom to top in front and from top to bottom on side surfaces.
  2. Massage of the chin: movement starts from its center and is directed to the earlobes.
  3. Massage of the central part of the face: banks move from the nose to the top of the auricle; from the central part of the nose to the middle of the ear, from the wings of the nose to the lobes.
  4. Massage of the forehead: from its center to the temples, without going beyond the line of hairline.

On the back

The duration of the procedure is no more than half an hour, the frequency is 1-2 times a week. The pressure is medium, the movements are smooth, without jerking. It is forbidden to massage a part of the body located directly above the spine, with the exception of the of the 7th cervical vertebra and the of the sacrum.

Cupping massage from cellulite. The technique of performing on the face, legs, body at home

The following motion scheme is proposed:

  1. From the waist along the lines running along the spine in a direction from bottom to top in zigzag movements.
  2. In the same lines, but moving the banks in a spiral.
  3. Banks move in a straight line.
  4. In a circular motion in a counterclockwise direction, the base of the neck is massaged.
  5. Movement from the shoulders to the base of the neck and back.
  6. Movement along the line in the form of “8”.
  7. Direct movements from the center of the back to the shoulders.
  8. Around the shoulder blades, from bottom to top.

On the stomach

The treatment time is 10-15 minutes, the frequency is twice a week. A noticeable result is visible after 10-12 sessions. First, circular motions are performed around the navel, the can moves clockwise. Then from the navel radially in straight lines in all directions.

On hands

Hands are massaged in direct movements from the hands to the shoulders. The inner surface of the elbow and armpits is not processed! The maximum duration of the session is no more than 15 minutes, the full course is 10-20 procedures.

On foot

A can massage from cellulite at home on the legs is performed by massaging from the bottom up in straight lines. Having reached the top, the can is removed and again moves down. The massage session should not exceed 15 minutes.

Cupping massage from cellulite. The technique of performing on the face, legs, body at home

It is forbidden to massage the inner surface of the thigh, inguinal zone and the area under the knee.

Static Vacuum Massage Method

In addition to the kinetic massage method described above, you can use the static method, in which the banks are installed in the direction of the lymphatic vessels to the treated area of the body motionless, then, by pressing on each bank, the desired pressure is achieved.

Can layouts

During back massage, the cans are set along the spine, a total of 14 cans are used. The scheme can be supplemented by installing another 5 cans on the shoulder area. When massaging the legs, 6 cans are placed on each leg: 3 cans on the back of the thigh, 3 – on the shin.

When massaging the abdomen, 1 can is placed under the navel, 6 cans are placed around it. When massaging the face: first – to the center of the forehead, then – between the eyebrows, then – in the middle of imaginary lines drawn from the center of the eyebrow to the hair line. The chin and the area under the cheekbones are treated in the same way.

Basic principles of static massage

The duration of the session is from 10 to 25 minutes, the distance between the banks is about 1’2 – 2 inch. Usually 16 cans are enough for a full massage of an adult. First, the back is massaged, then the front of the body. Banks should be placed on those parts of the body where there are no protruding bones or depressions.

The most suitable tool for performing static massage is traditional glass jars, in which rarefaction of air is achieved by heating it with fire. But you can use any other type of cans.

Possible effects of can massage

Unfortunately, rejuvenated, smooth, beautiful skin is not the only result of the vacuum procedure, there are less pleasant items in the list of effects of can massage.

Effects Description
Extensive hematomas A bruise is considered to be a frivolous phenomenon. This is the case with single and rarely formed on a certain part of the body microscopic damage to blood vessels. However, if these lesions are multiple and regular, then leaving tiny scars on the walls of the capillaries, they further lead to a decrease in their elasticity.

This means that in the future a fan of vacuum massage may encounter the problem of fragility of blood vessels and pathologies caused by a degenerative change in their structure.

Damage to the lymph nodes and blood vessels


Lymphatic vessels, unlike blood vessels, are extremely difficult to restore. Damage can lead to inflammation of the lymph nodes, their compaction, loss of performance.

The main function of the human lymphatic system is the removal of waste products. If part of it fails, other organs have to deal with waste disposal: the liver, kidneys, and sw
eat glands. The load on them increases, and they begin to “fail”, and part of the slag accumulate in the body. This leads to the appearance of acne, age spots and, finally, to the formation of new deposits of cellulite.

Decreased skin elasticity


This is possible if, due to excessive zeal, the elastane and collagen fibers, which act as a skeleton and give the skin elasticity, were damaged. The skin in the areas subjected to massage is excessively stretched and loses the ability to restore the previous structure. To return to her normal appearance, require expensive cosmetologist services.
Exacerbation of chronic diseases and the emergence of new diseases Due to a malfunction of the lymphatic system, massage can cause diseases that are apparently completely unrelated to it: for example, the cause of arthrosis of the knee joint can be damage and inflammation of a large lymph node located under the knee (which is why massage in this area is strictly forbidden).

Cupping massage from cellulite. The technique of performing on the face, legs, body at home

Factors that increase the likelihood of negative consequences of vacuum procedures are:

  • massage in the presence of contraindications;
  • gross errors made at the stage of preparing the body for the procedure and during its implementation;
  • ignoring precautions aimed at reducing the invasiveness of vacuum exposure;
  • attempts to falsify the process, increasing the pressure force, the procedure time, the number of sessions.

Armed with all the necessary knowledge, without trying to speed up the process, without exposing your health to unnecessary risk at home, you can use banks in the fight against cellulite. The main thing is not to forget about diet, gymnastics, body wraps and other body shaping methods that will increase the effectiveness of massage and neutralize its negative effect on the body.

Video about self vacuum massage rules

How to massage banks:

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