Vacuum massage with jars of cellulite on the stomach and sides. Photos, reviews, how to do it right

One of the best methods to combat cellulite is recognized as a massage by banks. Such a procedure effectively removes the “orange peel” in a short time, moreover, it can be carried out independently at home. The main thing is to strictly adhere to the execution technology.

Indications for a massage by banks from cellulite

Massage with banks is carried out for the treatment and prevention of “orange peel” in the legs, thighs, abdomen and buttocks, and on the forearms. It is especially recommended for women with an advanced stage of cellulite, that is, when the notches and dents are visible to the naked eye without squeezing the skin. In addition, exposure to vacuum breaks down body fat. Therefore, it is used for weight loss.

And judging by the reviews, such procedures help to remove up to 0’8 inch of waist, hips and legs per month. A similar procedure is carried out not only for women struggling with cellulite, but also for men. After all, vacuum massage tones the body, improves immunity, and affects many internal organs and systems. Therefore, the procedure is prescribed for medical reasons.

Banks resort to massage to treat such conditions and pathologies:

  1. Injuries to ligaments and muscles, bruises, curvature of the spine, flat feet.
  2. Neuritis, a malfunction in the circulatory system of the brain and other diseases of the central nervous system.
  3. Chronic respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, emphysema, pneumonia, asthma.
  4. Ulcer and biliary tract problems. In such diseases, massage with banks can be carried out only from the back.

Vacuum massage with jars of cellulite on the stomach and sides. Photos, reviews, how to do it right

It is important to remember that such procedures can be carried out for the treatment of diseases only after the appointment of a doctor.

Otherwise, if there are no contraindications, then cupping massage can be used to combat cellulite. And for this, it is not necessary to visit a specialist, because after a little practice the procedure is easily carried out at home.

The benefits of massage jars from cellulite

Massage with jars helps get rid of cellulite. But it also has a positive effect on the body as a whole, which is expressed in the following.

For instance:

  • metabolism at the cellular level is accelerated, which contributes to the rapid burning of subcutaneous fat;
  • blood circulation improves, due to which the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to cells faster;
  • the lymphatic drainage system is stimulated;
  • the function of the cardiovascular system improves;
  • there is a conclusion of slags and toxins;
  • sweating is normalized;
  • muscles are toned, skin is tightened, stretch marks are reduced.
Vacuum massage with jars of cellulite on the stomach and sides. Photos, reviews, how to do it right
Massage with jars of cellulite tightens the skin and gives vitality.

Another massage with banks destroys subcutaneous fat, and increases muscle tone. Thanks to this procedure, you can remove a few extra inch from the abdomen and hips, tighten the stomach and adjust the shape of the legs.

How to prepare for the procedure

The procedure will require the following:

  1. Vacuum cans. If you are using old-style products, then you also need to stock up on alcohol and a cotton swab.
  2. Means for lubricating the skin. You can apply anti-cellulite cream, shower gel, essential oils or a homemade product to the body.
  3. Towel.
  4. Moisturizing cream.

Massage with jars of cellulite can be done on your own on the outside of the thigh, arms and stomach. In the first case, the procedure can be performed standing or lying down. When exposed to the stomach, you need to lie down on a trestle bed or bed. But the back of the legs is difficult to massage yourself. And so that the procedure brings maximum benefit, it is desirable that the assistant performs it.

Can selection

There are several types of cans that can be used for anti-cellulite massage.

And the final result largely depends on their choice:

  1. Rubber. Made of high quality medical rubber. Advantages include low cost and practicality. The disadvantage is that creams and oils are absorbed into the rubber, which makes cans difficult to wash. Before use, hold the jars in hot water to soften the material.
  2. Silicone . Do not absorb creams and oils, do not stain and wash easily. Silicone cans are always soft, so they do not need to be kept in hot water before the procedure.
  3. Glass . Obsolete products without additional nozzles can be used for massage. But to create a vacuum in them, you need to set fire to a cotton swab. Modern models are equipped with a rubber nozzle, so that they do not need fire when used. And thanks to the ability to regulate pressure, such cans can be used even in sensitive areas (stomach, arms, inner thigh). Do not absorb oils and creams. Disadvantages – fragility and high price. Vacuum massage with jars of cellulite on the stomach and sides. Photos, reviews, how to do it right
  4. Banks with a pump . Made of medical plastic. The advantages include the fact that when using cans, you can control and adjust the intensity of exposure. They are durable, do not peel off, do not absorb oil. Disadvantages – you can not use it yourself, since due to strong suction, it is possible to injure tissue.
  5. With magnetic nozzles . Multifunctional jars, the use of which combines vacuum massage, acupuncture and magnetotherapy. The disadvantages include high cost.

Banks come in different diameters: from 0’4 – 3’1 inch. And you need to choose a product based on which problem zone you need to influence. To massage the hips, abdomen of the buttocks, chest, it is worth using jars with a diameter of 2 inch or more. Hands should be processed with products up to 2 inch in diameter.

How to lubricate the skin

For massage, you can use any anti-cellulite cream. But such a tool makes it difficult to slip the cans on the skin, so professionals recommend using essential oils during the procedure, and it is advisable to give preference to such ones.

For example :

  1. Juniper oil . Accelerates metabolic processes, contributing to weight loss. It has a general stimulating effect, and tones the nervous system, relieving stress and irritation.
  2. Geranium oil . It activates the lymph flow, fighting stagnant processes. Re
    commended for sensitive and irritated skin.
  3. Cedar oil . It speeds up blood circulation, relieves swelling, and soothes the nervous system.
  4. Orange oil . Nourishes the skin with vitamins and oxygen. Helps to restore cells, and accelerates the removal of toxins and toxins.

Vacuum massage with jars of cellulite on the stomach and sides. Photos, reviews, how to do it right

If desired, you can make a special mixture that effectively fights against the manifestations of cellulite. To do this, combine 3 large tablespoons of olive oil with a pinch of cinnamon and red pepper. The resulting mass should be heated in a water bath. After that, you need to add 4 drops of any anti-cellulite essential oil to it.

Preparation for the procedure

Massage with jars of cellulite will bring maximum effect, if properly prepared for it. Before the procedure, it is recommended to visit a sauna or bath, or take a hot bath with the addition of sea salt. Then the skin will vaporize well, and the result will become more noticeable.

If this is not possible, then you need to visit the shower and be sure to cleanse the skin of dead cells using a scrub or washcloth. Next, a session of regular manual massage lasting 5-10 minutes. You can replace this session with rubbing with a towel.

A signal that it is time to proceed to the main procedure is a slight reddening of the skin. After this, you need to generously apply oil or cream to the body, and usd it thoroughly on the skin. When the product is absorbed, you can start the procedure.

Varieties of massage banks with cellulite and performance techniques

The technique of the procedure largely depends on the choice of the zone that is affected:

  1. Legs and forearms . Massage is carried out by vertical movements from top to bottom and back.
    Vacuum massage with jars of cellulite on the stomach and sides. Photos, reviews, how to do it right
  2. Buttocks . At the beginning of the session, the muscles are massaged in a circular motion, and then the banks should be stretched up and down.
  3. Stomach . The area is massaged in a circle, then radiation movements should be performed in different directions from the navel.
  4. Hips . This zone is worked out in zigzag, circular and vertical movements.

It is strictly forbidden to work on the inside of the thigh, nipples, popliteal hollows and groin area.

Massage your hands, legs and buttocks for 10-15 minutes. Hips, where body fat is usually more concentrated, should be treated for 25 minutes. But acting on the stomach is allowed no more than 5 minutes. There are several types of massage, depending on which jar is selected. In any case, the session begins with the preparatory phase.

The technique of the procedure is unchanged, only the installation method of the product changes:

Classic session with an ordinary glass jar A cotton swab should be clamped with tweezers, moistened in alcohol and set on fire. After that, you need to enter it into the bank for 1-2 seconds. So a vacuum is formed in it. Further, the can is quickly attached to the body, after which a massage is performed.
Glass jar with nozzle To create a vacuum in the product, you must press the piston. After this, a jar should be applied to the skin, and a massage session
Rubber can To attach the product, it is necessary to insert a finger into it from the outside. After this, a jar should be applied to the skin, and slightly pressed on it, sharply release.
Bank with a pump You need to install the product on the skin, and then draw air out of it using a pump.

Vacuum massage with jars of cellulite on the stomach and sides. Photos, reviews, how to do it right

Whichever jar is chosen, it must be installed so that the skin rises no more than 0’8 – 1’2 inch. Otherwise, unpleasant sensations and even injuries can occur.

Thai can massage

This type of exposure is considered the most effective, but it also has its drawbacks. First of all, Thai massage cannot be done on your own. In addition, to carry out such a procedure, some experience is needed. In addition, for the session it is necessary to purchase special Thai candles, consisting of wax, cotton and ozokerite.

After the preparatory stage, you need to light a candle, let it burn out for a while, to wax, and then put on the skin and cover it with a jar. After that, you can proceed to the procedure itself.

Session in the shower

To save time, you can have a massage while taking a shower or bath.

For starters, you should well warm up with hot water the area on which you plan the impact of banks.

Further, the skin is rubbed with a washcloth or mitten, and smeared with shower gel. After that, a silicone jar massage is performed. At the end of the procedure, it is necessary to take a contrast shower, ending the session with cold dousing.

Static massage

Such a massage differs from the classic one in that the jars are simply installed on the body, and left for some time. The procedure has a slightly smaller effect than the dynamic effect, but it is suitable for those who have poorly expressed cellulite.

Vacuum massage with jars of cellulite on the stomach and sides. Photos, reviews, how to do it right

How is the session conducted:

  1. The procedure begins with preparation. That is, you need to steam the skin, and then treat it with any massage tool.
  2. Air is released from the cans, and then they are installed on the desired part of the body. A distance of 2 – 3’9 inch is maintained between the products. The skin should be drawn into the jar no deeper than 1. 2 inch.
  3. The first session should last no more than 3-5 minutes for each area. In the future, you can gradually increase the exposure to 1
    5-20 minutes. But it is important to remember that the session should be no longer than the previous one by no more than 5 minutes. It is worth stopping the procedure if there is severe pain or discomfort.
  4. At the end of time, the banks should be carefully removed. To do this, put a finger under their edge. If modern models are used, then you just need to raise their valve.
  5. After the procedure, the remaining oil should be removed with a napkin or water.

After static massage, bruising in the form of circles may occur. This is a normal reaction that will go away by itself. After 4-5 sessions, the skin adapts, and new traces cease to appear.

Algorithm for massage with cellulite banks

Massage with cellulite banks is divided into 3 stages and is carried out according to the following algorithm:

  1. After a shower or sauna, a light massage is performed. You need to gently pinch and stroke the skin. Such manipulations relax muscles and ligaments, and also prepare the skin for stress. Due to this, during the procedure practically no discomfort occurs.
  2. The body is liberally lubricated with massage means so that during the session the bank glides over the skin. The remaining cream or oil should be wiped off your hands, otherwise the product will slip out during the procedure. Vacuum massage with jars of cellulite on the stomach and sides. Photos, reviews, how to do it right
  3. The can is placed on the skin and a vacuum is created. The product should fit tightly and tightly to the body. If the jar “peeled off” during the procedure, it means that little massage was applied to the skin or air was poorly pumped out of it. Next, you should smoothly move the product along the lymph nodes, and it is desirable to go from top to bottom. That is, if the leg is massaged, then you need to start from the knee, rising to the hip. Do not move the jar too sharply or quickly – this will not strengthen, but rather weaken the effect. One line should be worked out no more than 5-6 times. The procedure can and should be accompanied by minor pain, which means that everything is done correctly. If the pain is too sharp and intolerant, then the session should be stopped.
  4. At the end of the procedure, a soothing massage is necessary. And then rinse off the remaining oil with water, and smear the skin with any moisturizer.

Experts recommend lying 15-20 minutes after the massage with banks, wrapped in a towel. After the session, swelling and bruising can occur.

To prevent their appearance, it is advisable to apply a venotonic or decongestant ointment to the skin, for example, Troxevasin or Lyoton. And also experts advise to refrain from eating for an hour after the massage.

Duration of massage with cellulite banks

Cans of massage are enough to carry out 2-3 times a week. If you perform the procedure more often, then the load on the blood vessels will increase significantly, which will negatively affect their condition.

The visible result will be manifested by the 3-5th session.

But in order to completely get rid of the problem, it will take 10-12 procedures, depending on the degree of cellulite and lifestyle. If in one course it was not possible to achieve the desired effect, then you should take a break from 3 weeks to 6 months, and then repeat the treatment.

The harm of massage by banks from cellulite and contraindications

Massage with cellulite cans cannot be called an absolutely safe procedure, because the vacuum affects not only the skin, but also the internal organs.

Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to conduct such sessions if there are such pathologies:

  • exacerbation of chronic and infectious diseases;
  • varicose veins and thrombophlebitis;
  • hypertension and diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis;
  • chronic osteomyelitis;
  • inflammation of the lymph nodes;

Vacuum massage with jars of cellulite on the stomach and sides. Photos, reviews, how to do it right

  • oncology and benign tumors;
  • urinary tract problems and gallstone disease;
  • postoperative period;
  • active stage of tuberculosis.

It is strictly forbidden to conduct sessions during pregnancy, because this will lead to a miscarriage.

And also it is impossible to influence the body with a vacuum in the lactation period. After cesarean section or natural birth, banks can massage the chest, abdomen and back only after 6 months. It is advisable not to conduct sessions when a rash, insect bites, scratches and other injuries are present on the skin. With caution, this procedure should be done during menstruation.

During this period, you can massage the hips, legs and arms, but it is forbidden to affect the abdomen so as not to increase bleeding. Massage with banks helps to cope with the external manifestations of cellulite. But the “orange peel” is just the consequences of a wrong lifestyle.

Therefore, in order for the procedures to bring maximum effect, it is necessary to approach the problem comprehensively. That is, along with massage, you should abandon bad habits and fast food, and you should also switch to proper nutrition and go in for sports.

Side massage vacuum massage video

The phenomenon of vacuum Chinese cans:

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