Facial skin care products: cosmetic, professional, inexpensive pharmacy, folk recipes

Facial skin care products, the best of those that are in the arsenal of modern cosmetology, will help preserve and prolong youth, attractiveness.

How does skin condition change after 25, 30, 40, 50 years

The peak of aesthetics of the integument falls on the reproductive age.

But at the age of 25, the body crosses an invisible face, beyond which aging begins:

  • blood flow intensity decreases – the amount of food, oxygen decreases;
  • metabolism slows down – stagnation, edema are formed;
  • the fat layer becomes thinner – moisture loss through the pores increases;
  • the synthesis of collagen and elastin fades, muscles weaken – the subcutaneous mesh stretches, the face sags. Facial skin care products: cosmetic, professional, inexpensive pharmacy, folk recipes

In women, visual changes begin after 30 – this is much earlier than in men. Science explains this by saying that female reproductive age is much shorter.

Hormonal extinction slows down the rate of cell renewal:

  • up to 25 years, the full cycle of nucleation-functioning-desquamation occurs within 21-28 days;
  • by 40 years – 35-45 days;
  • to 50 – 56-72.

The skin does not have time to recover, the accumulation of dead cells in the stratum corneum prevents it from breathing freely. A person, as a constantly exposed part of the body, becomes defenseless against the influence of weather conditions and a polluted environment.

What kind of skin care is needed

Tired, dehydrated, sagging skin does not help even plastic. The only way is regular care, starting from 25 years old!

The main thing is to choose cosmetic preparations appropriate to the age and type of skin, to get used to the sequence of their application:

  • morning wash using instead of a drying soap, cosmetic foams, gels or mineral, filtered water;
  • rubbing with tonic, frozen cubes of herbal decoctions for additional cleansing, moisturizing;
  • applying a daily cream with vitamins, hyaluronate, UV filters, stimulants of collagen synthesis and cell renewal;
  • evening care with mandatory make-up removal, cleansing – similar to morning and 1-2 times a week scrubs are used;
  • applying after a tonic night cream intense nourishing, regenerating action and 10-minute massage.

For especially thin skin around the eyes there should be separate means – from sagging, swelling, wrinkles, pigmentation.

Substances beneficial for skin health

In order for the face to remain fresh, smooth, natural color for a long time, the skin should receive:

  • proteins, peptides;
  • vitamins, minerals;
  • antioxidants; Facial skin care products: cosmetic, professional, inexpensive pharmacy, folk recipes
  • nicotinic, hyaluronic, unsaturated fatty acids;
  • beta carotene.

The best facial skin care products and balanced nutrition help to achieve the desired concentration of nutrients.

Types of face care products

The beauty industry produces products in the categories of the basic classification.

By the nature of the impact, they are divided into:

  • tonic;
  • moisturizing;
  • nutritious;
  • whitening;
  • exfoliating;
  • regenerative;
  • smoothing;
  • tightening.

By function:

  • for washing;
  • purification;
  • treatment. Facial skin care products: cosmetic, professional, inexpensive pharmacy, folk recipes

By skin type:

  • for normal;
  • dry;
  • oily;
  • combined;
  • sensitive;
  • problematic;
  • teenage.

The best face skin care products are those that are produced from natural bio-raw materials by at least 70%, do not have surfactants, fragrances, and are white or pale in color.

Layering of the texture, in most cases, indicates naturalness, the absence of harmful additives.

The principle of professional cosmetics

The search for beauty recipes that without a scalpel prolongs the youthful state of the skin is ongoing. New discoveries of cosmeceuticals are embodied in professional cosmetics, which not only smooths out skin defects, but is also able to influence their causes.

The concentration of active substances in the composition of the products compared to mass production increased to 15 times. This explains the separation of professional products by clinical and home use.

A dermatologist-cosmetologist accurately calculates both dosages, respectively:

  • age
  • skin type; Facial skin care products: cosmetic, professional, inexpensive pharmacy, folk recipes
  • general health.

After a course of procedures in the clinic, beauty salon, the client uses the prescribed concentrates at home to consolidate, extend the achieved rejuvenation effect. In professional cosmetics, the principle of complex effects is respected.

Each drug is responsible for its direction:

  • cleansing;
  • nutrition;
  • treatment, etc.

Together they complement each other, providing a high result, so you need to use all types of cosmetics from the same line.

The best facial skin care products are expensive, but the effect justifies the high cost. Day cream Renergie from the French line Lankom is suitable for any type and condition of the skin.

The preparation contains:

  • antioxidants;
  • wheat amino acids;
  • organic corn extracts;
  • vitamin E. Facial skin care products: cosmetic, professional, inexpensive pharmacy, folk recipes

With daily use occurs:

  • intensive smoothing of wrinkles;
  • increase in elasticity;
  • moisturizing.

Collagen serum for the skin around the eyes Dark Circles Away Collagen Eye Serum from the American Dr. Brandt series effectively removes swelling, dark circles. Light, softly reflecting texture returns a fresh, fresh look to the eyes.

VETIA FLORIS Swiss intensive mask gives the skin many beneficial substances from the best oils:

  • shi; Facial skin care products: cosmetic, professional, inexpensive pharmacy, folk recipes
  • Babassu
  • Coconut
  • rosehip.

The melting texture of the mask gives velvet, moisture, smoothness. Residues are removed from the face after 15 minutes, but can be left from evening to morning so that the mask is completely absorbed.

All products are organic, do not contain harmful additives.

How do pharmacy products work

Some ophthalmic, anti-burn, anti-varicose pharmaceuticals significantly improve the condition of the skin:

  • rejuvenate;
  • relieve puffiness;
  • bleach;
  • increase tension;
  • treat defects.

Therapeutic and
cosmetic therapy is quite effective, but costs much cheaper.

The best pharmacy face care products

Tuarine in eye drops Taufon is a sulfur-containing amino acid that aging skin needs. It increases the energy, metabolic potential of cells, due to which a rejuvenating effect is manifested. Double wiping the face is enough for 7 consecutive days once a month. Facial skin care products: cosmetic, professional, inexpensive pharmacy, folk recipes

Vitamin A retinoic ointment maintains skin balance in spring and autumn. Applying a 2-4-week course, you can significantly reduce the depth of wrinkles and folds. Until the next course, the skin will not break.

Panthenol is able to quickly repair damage by activating cell renewal. In anti-aging therapy, it accelerates the synthesis of collagen fibers. When used as a night cream after 2-3 days, the wilting process will stop, the skin will freshen.

Heparin ointment from varicose veins will remove edematous sacs, dark circles in the periorbital zone. It is necessary to lubricate the eyelids for 3 consecutive days, 3 times.

Folk skin care products

Do-it-yourself liquids, masks, and hand-made creams are more suitable for young skin.

For tired cover they need to be combined with pharmacy products.

  1. Cleansing milk for dry type. 1,35 fluid ounce of cream of high fat content, 0,85 fluid ounce of coconut milk, beat until foam appears. Apply to face, wipe all areas in a circular motion without pressure. Blot with a paper towel, rinse with filtered warm water.
  2. Coffee scrub for oily type. Brew a tablespoon of natural coffee. Drain the drink, and thicken to mix with the same spoon of sour cream and grease the face. Starting from the chin, move in small circles along the massage lines for 1-2 minutes.
  3. Citrus tonic. Squeeze 3,38 fluid ounce of grapefruit juice, a tablespoon of lemon juice. Mix everything with a tablespoon of vodka. Close the container for 3 days. Wipe your face with a ready tonic after washing in the morning and evening. Facial skin care products: cosmetic, professional, inexpensive pharmacy, folk recipes
  4. Lifting mask for a withering dermis. Pharmaceutical powder of sodium alginate is soaked in filtered water (1:10) for 6 hours. Shake 1 part of mountain diatomite flour (white clay) in 3 parts of water. After combining 2 solutions, add calcium chloride from 1 ampoule. Apply a homogeneous mass, bypassing the eyes and lips. The exposure time for dry skin is 10 minutes, for oily skin – 20. Before removing, moisturize the mask, remove the napkin without tensioning the dermis. Wash off the rest, use a moisturizer.

Features of facial care in adolescents

In the puberty, there is an active hormonal restructuring.

Internal instability affects:

  • acne
  • black eels;
  • white nodules. Facial skin care products: cosmetic, professional, inexpensive pharmacy, folk recipes

On the forehead, in the nasolabial zone, a shiny greasy coating forms, especially pronounced in young men. In the fat environment, bacteria multiply that provoke inflammation, abscesses.

For skin cleansing and treatment, only age-appropriate cosmetics can be used. Morning wash is carried out with gel, foam, gentle scrub, in which fruit acids are present. They will remove obsolete cells, black plugs of sebaceous glands. Rinsing with herbal decoctions will soothe itching and soreness.

Alcohol-free or low-alcohol tonic:

  • neutralizes excess fat;
  • slightly dry;
  • dampens inflammation.

Light day cream moisturizes, removes shine. Evening cosmetic care differs only in the type of cream. It should soothe irritation, itching, and treat inflammation.

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Top 3 inexpensive but effective remedies for teenage facial problems

The best face care products include Garnier’s Clean Skin Asset line of teenagers.

It includes:

  • soft coal scrub with exfoliating effect;
  • salicylic gel for washing with a mini brush;
  • tonic;
  • mask with blueberry extract;
  • Acne moisturizing cream, matting the skin for 24 hours.

They contain antibacterial components that exterminate pathogens and protect against reintroduction. With regular use, acne, black and white dots, as well as traces of them, gradually resolve. The tone and structure of the skin are beautifully aligned. Facial skin care products: cosmetic, professional, inexpensive pharmacy, folk recipes

Clean & Clear Advantage Cosmetic Kit contains:

  • bactericidal salicylic acid;
  • aloe vera extract, performing easy peeling, restoration of structure, moisturizing;
  • cedar extract, allantoin, bisabolol with anti-inflammatory, healing, regenerating effect.

The use of the entire cosmetic program:

  • soothes sensitive skin;
  • softens tightened areas;
  • tightens pores;
  • clears acne, blackheads, white subcutaneous nodules.

Facial skin care with the best products from the French pharmacy line Ducray Keracnyl allows you to adjust the activity of the sebaceous glands, eliminate their blockage, relieve pigmentation, scars after inflammation.

The drugs act with salicylic, glycolic, lactic acids, zinc.

They are useful for oily, porous youthful skin suffering from:

  • acne
  • sebaceous comedones;
  • white tubercles;
  • ulcers.

Tips of cosmetologists: how to choose a product suitable for age and skin type

From 25 to 30 years of age, there are practically no external signs of aging, so cosmetologists recommend limiting themselves to moisturizers.

They should include:

  • phytoestrogens – analogues of female hormones; Facial skin care products: cosmetic, professional, inexpensive pharmacy, folk recipes
  • flavonoids – plant pigments, antioxidants;
  • fruit and flower acids;
  • complex of vitamins A, C, E, R.

For oily skin, you will additionally need substances:

  • against inflammat
    ion (zinc gluconate, copper);
  • hyperkeratosis (salicylic, lactic acid);
  • soothing extracts of nettle, chamomile, celandine.

From the age of 30, creams for the eyes are mandatory.

At the age of 30-35, expression wrinkles form, therefore, muscle relaxant creams should be chosen. Matrixyl, magnesium, argirelin, adenosine in their composition restore a smooth relief, relaxing the muscles of the face.

Facial skin care products: cosmetic, professional, inexpensive pharmacy, folk recipes

From the age of 35, the cell renewal rate drops significantly, and the choice is focused on tools with:

  • retinol;
  • peptides;
  • L-ascorbic acid.

These substances activate the activity of fibroblasts responsible for the synthesis of collagen, elastin, hyaluronate.

From 37-40 years old will need more serious means, saturated:

  • biostimulants;
  • amino acids;
  • coenzymes.

Skin cells will replenish their energy base, and the renewal cycle will not decrease. After 40 years, sebum reserves are reduced by a factor of 3. Hyaluronic acid synthesis decreases, disrupting the water balance. It is important to strengthen the hydrolipidic barrier, fully nourish and moisturize dry skin.

For this, choose thick nutritious creams with:

  • omega acids 6-9;
  • bio oils;
  • phospholipids;
  • phytoestrogens.

The best mature skin care products include concentrated serums.

The course application of serums creates a resource of nutrient, regenerating substances, which increases resistance to age-related changes.

Facial Skin Care Video

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