Stars before and after plastic photo, celebrity rhinoplasty

Usually, evaluating photographs of famous personalities before and after plastic surgery, you can make sure that the stars outwardly change dramatically after they decide to take this step. Popular divas of domestic pop and Hollywood prefer to get rid of imperfections in quick ways to look young and beautiful for a long time.

Popular plastic surgery of American stars

Actresses, socialites and singers from USA do not step back a single step from Western celebrities and perform exactly the same operations, for example, they often resort to rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, liposuction, blepharoplasty and otoplasty.

Stars before and after plastic photo, celebrity rhinoplastyWomen, dreaming of looking perfect, take such a decisive step as plastic surgery. Usually, when investing a decent amount of money in this service, the star gets an excellent result. Before and after photos allow fans to appreciate how prettier the star is.

Victoria Lopyreva

The girl, similar to a Barbie doll, emphasized her spectacular appearance thanks to the numerous services of plastic surgeons. Victoria performed surgery on the tip of her nose, changed the shape of her cheekbones, making them more expressive.

Stars before and after plastic photo, celebrity rhinoplastyPreviously, the star was distinguished by puffy cheeks, but after plastic surgery, the shape of the face became different.
As you know, more than a girl did not radically change anything in herself, not counting Botox.

Masha Malinovskaya

How the stars cardinally change before and after the plastic services, photos of Masha Malinovskaya can clearly show. The 2000 style icon resorted to several operations to emphasize its already vibrant appearance. After the girl gained popularity, the first thing she did was to pump up her lips, then she had surgery on her cheekbones.

Stars before and after plastic photo, celebrity rhinoplastyThe next operation was breast augmentation.
Additionally, Masha resorted to blepharoplasty, due to which her look became more open and attractive.

Ksenia Sobchak

The popular TV presenter resorted to rhinoplasty, which she did in Germany. After the operation, the hump on the nose disappeared from the star and the tip rose. Western doctors were able to help the girl find a graceful, even nose.

Stars before and after plastic photo, celebrity rhinoplastyThe next change in appearance was lips, which Ksenia enlarged with a restylane, but fans did not appreciate the change in the leading appearance, and criticized new lips.


The singer herself admits and is not shy about the fact that she did herself plastic. Natalie said she did mammoplasty – she increased her breast size after giving birth. Also, the star pumped up lips with Botox, trying not to lose its natural shape. The singer had an operation on her cheekbones.

Stars before and after plastic photo, celebrity rhinoplastyThe girl believes that if a person works on television, then he should look perfect, and to use the services of a plastic surgeon in this case is not a taboo.

Eva Polna

Not everyone remembers what a fragile girl Eve was when she was a soloist in the band Guests from the Future. But after the birth of two children, the singer went on the mend and, in addition, increased her lips, due to which she began to look even worse.

Stars before and after plastic photo, celebrity rhinoplasty

Therefore, the star decided to resort to a complex plastic surgery – a resection of the stomach.

Thanks to this procedure, the walls of the stomach are reduced, which reduces the amount of food consumed. Eve is trying to reduce her weight and bring her body into perfect shape.

Irina Dubtsova

The Star of the Star Factory said that she changed herself with the help of plastic. The girl increased her breasts by several sizes. This action was associated with the birth of a child, the celebrity did not want to lose shape, and decided on a mammoplasty.

Julia Nachalova

The girl has excellent natural data initially, but still she turned to a plastic surgeon. After the birth of her daughter, the star did not hesitate to return to her former beauty and made plastic breasts. Stars before and after plastic photo, celebrity rhinoplasty

But too large a size soon did not please her, and she decided to insert smaller implants. Now Julia is pleased with her appearance and believes that the beauty of a woman should be as natural as possible.

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk

The beloved actress says that she only resorts to the services of a cosmetologist, periodically cleanses her face peels, eats properly and keeps an eye on her figure. However, most recently, fans suspected that the star herself had surgery on her chest and facelift. But Anastasia is in no hurry to admit that she applied for such services in order to extend her youth and beauty.

Evelina Bledans

The star does not hide what breast mammoplasty did after the birth of two children. Also, a woman recently told that she was going to have plastic surgery on her face, despite the fact that she constantly takes care of her skin and goes to the cosmetologist for permanent procedures.

Additionally, Evelina decided to tighten her forehead and cheekbones. She does not plan to resort to liposuction yet, she believes that sports and proper nutrition help her keep herself in shape.

Natalya Andreichenko

The famous actress who played the legendary Mary Poppins, tries to fight to the last for her beauty and youth. The woman tried on herself all the novelties of foreign plastic. But after the contour correction of the lips, her face began to look unnatural. Stars before and after plastic photo, celebrity rhinoplasty

There are also rumors that Natalya resorted to blepharoplasty – eyelid lift. Unfortunately, plastic surgery did not adorn the actress.

Anna Khilkevich

Stars before and after plastic photos, videos and information sources prove how much the bodies and faces of celebrities are changing. Everyone’s beloved actress from the television series Univer and Barvikha, despite her young age, has already resorted to several changes in her appearance.

The girl made rhinoplasty and enlarged her lips.

Fans also suspect that Anna did breast mammoplasty, comparing her new photos and image from television series, but the star denies this fact.

Catherine Barna

The star constantly denies the fact that plastic surgeons interfered in her appearance, but fans do not lag behind, comparing the girl’s appearance from the moment she was in Comedy Woman and in the present tense. An experienced expert evaluated the photos and concluded that Catherine resorted to blepharoplasty, enlarged her breasts, changed her cheekbones and made rhinoplasty.

But fans can only guess about the changes in the actress.

Tina Kandelaki

The presenter markedly increased her lips with Botox, this is clearly visible if you compare the photos before and after. It also became apparent to everyone that Tina’s pronounced nose had noticeably decreased and acquired a neat shape. Many believe that the star lost its personality after plastic surgery and changed beyond recognition.

Elena Flying

Stars very often change their appearance after plastic surgery, numerous photos before and after confirm this fact. Popular Elena Flying is famous for her charming appearance and denies all kinds of surgical interventions in her beautiful face. The TV presenter says that she is watching herself so carefully that she does not need radical changes. Stars before and after plastic photo, celebrity rhinoplasty

Indeed, from the photo it can be confirmed that Elena practically did not change externally throughout her career, not counting the improvements due to procedures by a cosmetologist and sports.

Nikita Dzhigurda

In the American show business, not only women resort to plastic changes in appearance, but also men. Nikita Dzhigurda openly announced blepharoplasty of the eyelids, which he did to rejuvenate his face.

The man did not come to such a decision right away, noticing his face in the photographs, he saw pronounced fatty hernias and swelling of the eyes. The plastic was made at the insistence of the artist’s beloved wife, who wanted Nikita to keep his beauty as long as possible.

Polina Gagarina

If you compare the singer, what she was like at the “Factory of Stars” and now – these are two completely different people. In recent years, the girl’s appearance has undergone significant changes due to plastic surgery. At first, the girl lost weight, but many believe that she did liposuction.

Also, there were otoplasty of the eyes, the procedure changed their incision.

The singer refrains from all kinds of interviews on the topic of plastics, but experts are sure that such changes in appearance were not without the hand of the surgeon.

Olga Buzova

The girl does not lag behind new trends and goes one step with fashion, even if it comes to cardinal changes in appearance. Olga enlarged her lips with contouring. Also, the star’s cheekbones have become more noticeable, which, too, most likely once succumbed to changes. Stars before and after plastic photo, celebrity rhinoplasty

Telediva always had a beautiful nose, but fans think that this part of Olga’s face has also suffered some changes. Do not deny that the girl often visits the beautician and makes various beauty injections in order to maintain the skin in perfect condition.

Svetlana Loboda

The popular Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda resorted to plastic lips, because before they were not so plump. Experts also suspect the diva that she changed the shape of the nose, but these rumors are in doubt, because the hump that was before, has remained so far.

A woman does not admit about her changes in appearance, referring to the quality work of makeup artists who are able to very strongly correct facial features with makeup.

What kind of plastic did foreign stars do

The fashion for plastic surgery came from the United States. It is in this country that various procedures of this orientation are so widespread that 18% of women resort to the services of surgeons. Hollywood stars, from which many girls take an example, often change their appearance with the help of plastic.

The most popular procedures of American stars: liposuction, mammoplasty, rhinoplasty, otoplasty.

Keira Knightley

One of the most charming actresses in Hollywood resorted to nose surgery, but the surgical work was performed so high quality that it only emphasized the beauty of the celebrity. Stars before and after plastic photo, celebrity rhinoplasty

Kira does not deny her frequent visits to the beautician and Botox injections.

Megan Fox

How much the stars change externally can be judged by the photos that were taken before and after the plastic. The popular diva Megan Fox spent more than $ 60000 on plastic procedures. The girl is constantly changing her appearance and can not stop on the result that will suit her.

For one year, the actress decided to lie under the surgeon’s knife twice, she increased her breast shape and made rhinoplasty. Particularly strongly, the star became addicted to Botex injections for the neck, cheeks, forehead and lips. After operations, Megan’s appearance has changed significantly and the girl is not going to stop there.

Sharon Stone

Elegant and charming actress at her young age is actively fighting for beauty. The celebrity said that the surgeons in every way imposed on her to have plastic surgery on her face, but she refused until the last.

The actress is confident in the detrimental consequences after such procedures, and advises young girls not to do plastic surgery without special need. Sharon constantly takes care of herself and goes to the beautician, she decided to age naturally and beautifully.

Jennifer Aniston

At the peak of popularity, the actress began experimenting with her appearance, and the first thing she changed the shape of her nose. The first rhinoplasty operation was during the filming of the series “Friends”, but the girl was not satisfied with the quality of the work done. In 2008, Jennifer decided to fix her nose again. Stars before and after plastic photo, celebrity rhinoplasty

This time the operation was successful, and the star achieved the desired result. Also, the actress did mammoplasty.

Nicole Kidman

The fragile actress was decisive in terms of a cardinal change in appearance. Nicole in the early 2000s already began to get involved in Botox. Experts believe that the star resorted to plastic surgery of the mouth to change its shape. In addition, the ac
tress increased her breasts by several sizes.

But after a few years, the actress realized how unnatural her bust looks, and reduced it to a reasonable size. As for rhinoplasty, fans are unaware that if the operation was, then it was carried out very skillfully.

Courtney Cox

The star regrets the plastic surgery done. The injections and surgery in her body were unsuccessful experiments that Courtney was trying to forget. Abusing beauty injections, she lost the ability to create facial expressions on her face. Now the actress goes to procedures that gradually absorb Botox from the skin.

Cameron Diaz

The charming actress has never been a fan of artificial beauty. But after an injury in 2003, when Cameron fell while surfing and broke her nose, the woman decided on rhinoplasty. The star has problematic skin on her face, so before going onto the red carpet, makeup artists put a lot of makeup on her face. Stars before and after plastic photo, celebrity rhinoplasty

The skin began to age prematurely, and Cameron had to start doing Botox injections. Also from the press it became known that the actress has increased breasts after breaking up with her boyfriend.

Lindsey Lohan

The rebel Lindsay performed the first breast augmentation surgery. Then she did not stop and began to inject Botox into her lips and changed the shape of her nose. Recently, the star still enlarges her lips and does not pay attention to how unnatural it looks.

Kim Kardashian

Secular lioness and model did rhinoplasty, as well as breast augmentation. In addition, the star did not stop there and made an increase in the buttocks (gluteoplasty). Very often you can catch a celebrity in Botox injections and facial contouring.

The girl is considered one of the most popular Hollywood stars who love to experiment with their appearance.

Renee Zellweger

The actress who received the Oscar has always been famous for her excellent natural data. But since 2014, Renee’s face has changed. Experts say that the woman began to abuse with contouring and Botox. Stars before and after plastic photo, celebrity rhinoplasty

After injections, the star’s face became not emotional. Also, from early sources it is known that the actress did mammoplasty.

Aishvaria Rai

One of the most feminine actresses denies having done any plastic surgery. But experts are ready to argue that the actress did rhinoplasty and corrected her cheekbones. But the operations did not spoil Aishwarya, as they were performed very high quality and subtly.

Brad Pitt

The Hollywood handsome is not going to grow old, in his years he looks great due to beauty injections and some procedures. The actor after the divorce did blepharoplasty and Botox injections. Due to the fact that the actor removed the bags under his eyes, he again became younger.

Mickey Rourke

A talented actor and boxer after participating in the battles decided to remove the scars from his face. The man had to resort to rhinoplasty 5 times, as in the ring he was repeatedly broken his nose. Also, the actor had to do a cheekbone restoration.

But Mickey fell into the poor hands of the surgeon, and all the procedures only worsened the actor’s appearance. Numerous lifting and facelift procedures exacerbated only the situation. Now Mickey is constantly changing his appearance, trying to return to its former beauty, but, unfortunately, he does not succeed.

Which of the stars of House-2 did plastic

The stars of the popular TV show “House 2” also changed their appearance surgically, their photos before and after the plastics confirm this.

A few popular participants who resorted to plastic:

  • Oksana Ryaska increased her breasts when this procedure became fashionable on the project.
  • Ksenia Borodina has changed significantly over the entire stay on the show. The presenter enlarged her chest and lips. Stars before and after plastic photo, celebrity rhinoplasty
  • Evgenia Feofilaktova changed the shape of her nose, inserted fillers into her cheekbones, made mammoplasty and injected Botox into her lips.
  • Rustam Solntsev began to make injections on the lips, and then decided on blepharoplasty and rhinoplasty.

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Victims of plastics

Sometimes, wanting to become better outwardly, the stars go too far and then regret how they went too far with trips to a plastic surgeon.

  • Jocelyn Wildenstein is one of the most popular examples of failed plastics. She changed all her facial features several times. The woman wanted to be like a cat, but the result was deplorable.
  • Michael Jackson – King of Pop has undergone nose surgery for more than 10 times. But each time going to a plastic surgery, the singer’s appearance only worsened.
  • Donatella Versace – after numerous rhinoplasty, the nose of the star became large and flattened. And the pumped lips completely cross out all the beauty of a woman.
  • Pamela Anderson became a classic victim of plastic surgery, constantly making mammoplasty, she became dependent on this procedure. The woman has already 6 times changed implants in the bust.
  • Masha Rasputin changed so much after operations on her face and Botox that she simply turned into another person.
  • Sergey Zverev is the only man in USA who made a record of operations to change his appearance. He managed to make rhinoplasty, cheekbones, forehead and pumped up his lips.

Stars are very different in the photo when they were shot before and after plastic. It happens that celebrities such changes are beneficial, but sometimes they are driven into the trap of endless injections of beauty and surgical interventions.

Only a good surgeon is able to correct the natural data and not spoil them. You should be careful when choosing a specialist in plastic beauty. Indeed, at times, even rich stars cannot find a person who, as a true professional, will help them correct certain flaws in their appearance.

Video about stars before and after plastics

How American stars have changed after plastic surgery:

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