Cream Cyclim for the face for the botoeffect. Instructions for use, reviews of cosmetologists. How to apply

After 30 years, the production of the hormone estrogen is significantly reduced in the body of a woman. This is the main cause of aging throughout the body. In nature, there are analogues of this hormone – phytoestrogens. Cyclim is a face cream that contains a sufficient amount of phytoestrogens to stop the skin aging process after 40 years, during menopause, during hormonal skin aging.

The composition of the funds

Cyclim – face cream, which includes the following active substances:

  • Phytoestrogens isolated from a plant of the family of buttercup Tsimitsifugi (Klopogona), which have a modeling effect on estrogen receptors.
  • Motherwort extract produces a calming effect, reduces pores, treats acne.
  • Magnesium orotate: saturates with magnesium; enhances cell regeneration; improves memory; increases resistance to stress.
  • Water – whatever the positive properties of the cream, if there is little moisture in the skin, the positive effect of the cream on the skin will be minimal due to the difficulties of the influx of necessary substances into the cell and its absorption by the body;
  • Soybean oil is rich in: vitamins (E, B, K, F); polyunsaturated fatty acids, which regenerate the skin and well cleanse it from the effects of a polluted environment;
  • Glycerin: enhances the metabolism in the skin; deeply nourishes; moisturizes.
    Cream Cyclim for the face for the botoeffect. Instructions for use, reviews of cosmetologists. How to apply
  • D-panthenol: soothes the skin; produces the following effects: antibacterial; anti-inflammatory; regenerative.
  • Hyaluronic acid: fills the upper epidermis; deeply saturates with moisture, minerals; eliminates wrinkles; enhances skin elasticity.
  • Ethanol.
  • Liposentol multi is a vitamin complex designed for the skin.
  • Wild Yam Extract (Dioscorea): protects the skin from the harmful effects of the environment; rejuvenates; affects the skin like hormones; anti-stress effect; treats acne, acne; nourishes; moisturizes; heals wounds; restores the epidermis;
  • enhances blood microcirculation;
  • improves the quality of hair on the head, whitens the skin;
  • is an immunomodulator;
  • helps with psoriasis, rosacea;
  • has anti-allergic properties.
  • Lipoderm 4/1 – the foundation of the cream, has pronounced emollient, moisture-retaining properties, is well combined with fats, oils, ethers.
  • Allatoin – used to: soften the upper layer of the skin; improved exfoliation; enhancing skin regeneration; tightens pores; Heals a weathered and sun-burned face.
  • Emulgate.

The properties

Cyclim (face cream) is primarily needed:

  1. For people with aging skin and during menopause. It alleviates the symptoms. Restores skin that has undergone age-related changes, prolonging youth. Stimulates the body’s production of collagen, elastin in the required amount.
  2. Bleaches.
  3. Struggles with: rosacea, oily skin, acne, blackheads.
    Cream Cyclim for the face for the botoeffect. Instructions for use, reviews of cosmetologists. How to apply
    Cyclim – face cream fights against rosacea.
  4. It is used in a complex of measures to combat: with psoriasis, skin inflammation, allergies, age spots.

Cream Cyclim has a cumulative effect. To obtain a pronounced effect, it is necessary to use it for at least 2 months. After discontinuation, the cream will work for a long time.

Indications Cyclim cream for the face

Cyclim (face cream) is a natural remedy that eliminates the effects of menopause:

  • increased irritation;
  • hot flashes with menopause;
  • mood swings;
  • frequent headaches;
  • constant fatigue syndrome;
  • insomnia
  • constant stress;
  • cardiovascular problems;
  • a sharp decrease in skin thickness;
  • the appearance of deeper wrinkles;
  • the appearance of age spots;
  • oily skin;
  • rosacea;
  • blackheads;
  • acne

Contraindications and possible side effects

Cyclim (face cream) has the following contraindications.

Do not use:

  1. with individual intolerance to any component contained in the cream;
  2. if estrogen-dependent tumors are present;
  3. during pregnancy and lactation.

Cream Cyclim for the face for the botoeffect. Instructions for use, reviews of cosmetologists. How to apply

It is allowed to use, but only under the supervision of a doctor in the presence of the following diseases:

  1. uterine fibroids;
  2. endometriosis;
  3. gastritis of the stomach, which is accompanied by increased secretion.

In order to avoid allergic reactions caused by an overdose, do not use in conjunction with drugs, teas that contain a tsififuga extract.

Side effects:

  1. allergic skin reactions;
  2. appearing pains in the stomach;
  3. a shift in the date of the onset of menstruation, both in the case of their natural extinction, and if the drug is used when their extinction has not yet occurred.

Is it possible during pregnancy

Since active substances are present in the cream, which in their effect on the body act like hormones that inhibit the menopause and the accompanying signs of withering of the body, the cream can affect the regulation of menstruation – you should not use the drug while carrying the baby and breastfeeding.

Studies on the use of Cyclima cream in children have not been conducted.

If it is necessary to remove defects from the skin that are a consequence of pregnancy, you can start to do this only after breastfeeding is completed.

The use of Cyclim cream for the face during menopause

To maintain the well-being of a woman during menopause is normal, proper nutrition and a lot of vitamins are necessary. But the most rational and proper nutrition will not make up for the amount of vitamins that a woman needs during menopause.

The function of vitamins during this period:

  • comprehensively affect metabolic processes, cell regeneration;
  • in the process of metabolism hormones are produced, which during this period becomes smaller, vitamins help to keep the body’s hormone production at the required level;
  • directly affect the symptoms of aging, saturating, moisturizing cells,
  • strengthen the structure of cells;
  • beneficial effect on intercellular connections and blood vessels.

Cream Cyclim for the face for the botoeffect. Instructions for use, reviews of cosmetologists. How to apply

Hoods from Tsimifugi and Motherwort produce an effect similar to hormones. If their natural production in the body is limited due to menopause, you don’t feel like drinking hormonal drugs, then the action of Tsimifugi and Motherwort
produce a very mild effect on the body, replacing the work of hormones that the body has developed in insufficient quantities.

As a result, not only the appearance of the skin is restored, but also the general condition improves:

  • vascular system;
  • nervous system;
  • brain activity;
  • cardiac activity;
  • general health;
  • metabolic processes;
  • general increase in mood;
  • increase in energy;
  • improving the body’s resistance.

The drug improves the absorption of calcium by the body. It removes toxins from the body.

The effectiveness of rejuvenating cream

Cyclim is a face cream that has a very high efficiency due to the most balanced complex of vitamins and minerals, polyunsaturated acids in amounts calculated for aging skin.

The introduction of moisturizing components into the cream and the use of herbal preparations, replacing the action of hormones that the body produces in a smaller amount, after the onset of menopause makes the drug completely safe for the female body.

There is no danger of harming your health by oversaturation of the body with synthetic hormones, since there are no hormonal preparations in the composition. Natural components act on the body like hormones and produce a modeling effect on estrogen receptors.

Since each person has his own genes that are not like the others, everyone lives life in their own special conditions that affect health, the time of the onset of the process of withering of the body. In some people, menopause comes later and flows easier, in others it starts quite early and goes very painfully.

Cyclim face cream for every woman acts with individual effectiveness. Modern cosmetologists advise to start taking the cream already at the earliest signs of aging after 30 – 35 years.

Cream Cyclim for the face for the botoeffect. Instructions for use, reviews of cosmetologists. How to apply

Starting the reception, it is necessary to check whether there is an allergy to the components of the cream. To do this, you can lightly smear it on the bend of the elbow and wait for a reaction for several hours. In some cases, with minimal manifestations of skin irritation with repeated use, irritation no longer appears.

This cream is not intended for continuous use. They use it for 2-3 months, and then take a break of several months. In order to look good you need to complete 2 courses in 1 year. The timing of the application is very individual. If applied in a larger amount than is necessary for each specific organism, the effectiveness of the cream will drop.

The cream is based on the cumulative effect. Immediately, its effect may be almost imperceptible, but as the skin is constantly saturated with necessary substances, the positive effect is more noticeable. The remedy is enough for a few more months after the end of the dose.

What is the cream botoeffect

Cyclim face cream is a good mild substitute for botulinum toxin injections. It contains the peptide Argireline. Innovative molecules are widely used in cosmetology. They fill the cells and reduce the depth of facial wrinkles. They act more gently and are safer for health than botulinum toxin. The peptide Argireline shows a particularly good result around the eyes and on frontal wrinkles.

Cream Cyclim for the face for the botoeffect. Instructions for use, reviews of cosmetologists. How to apply

The first changes can be seen on the 10th day of applying the cream. If you continue to use it, it will prevent the appearance of facial wrinkles subsequently. At the same time, outwardly unpleasant consequences of the immobility of certain sections of the facial muscles, as with botulinum toxin injections, will not be. This effect is not provided by the drug.

Cream Instructions

The cream is used during menopause, as well as before it begins. Early use of the cream will strengthen and prepare the skin for the changes that remain. In women who have undergone reproductive organs, menopause begins earlier than in those who have not undergone surgery.

On average, Cyclim can begin to be used in 30-35 years. From about 40 years of age, most women begin hormonal changes. The cream is used twice a day.

To obtain a positive result, it is important to use the drug correctly and regularly:

  1. First you need to cleanse your skin of makeup, grease and dirt.
  2. A small amount of cream in the morning and evening must be applied to the skin of the face and decollete with gentle massaging movements. You can use special types of massage. You don’t have to make special efforts, as the cream’s texture is light and absorbed quite quickly and easily.
    Cream Cyclim for the face for the botoeffect. Instructions for use, reviews of cosmetologists. How to apply
  3. The cream is applied no more than 2 times a day. It can be used as a base for makeup, as well as a cream for the night.
  4. The various types of Cyclim creams, as well as tablets to enhance body health during menopause, have the same composition. But the tablets are more concentrated. If several products are used at once, the concentration of active components will develop and may exceed the norm, which is necessary. As a result, an allergy or a decrease in the positive effect of taking the drug may occur. For this reason, you must first apply the cream, and after a break, you can start using tablets. Then, after the break, the cream again.

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Reviews of cosmetologists about the cream and the cost

According to the reviews of cosmetologists, the cream is very effective during menopausal changes in women.

If you start using it during the preparation of the body for menopause, and then during menopause, act according to the instructions, take breaks between courses, do not overload the body, but take the necessary dose, you can maximize the time when you need serious medical measures to restore youth faces.

The product has a pleasant, not sharp, grassy odor, immediately after application it leaves the skin a little sticky, but this sensation will pass in a couple of minutes. Absorbed completely, easily, does not leave a feeling of skin covered with a greasy film. Poisoning with an overdose will not be, but the positive effect will decrease and itching, redness and allergic rashes may appear.

Cream Cyclim for the face for the botoeffect. Instructions for use, reviews of cosmetologists. How to apply

The cream is not intended for internal use, therefore, in case of accidental ingestion, it is necessary to rinse the stomach and take adsorbents. Shelf life 2 years from the date of its manufacture. The recipe for its acquisition is not needed. Most often, this drug is prescribed by gynecologists to suppress the negative manifestations of menopause.

If it
was decided to use the Cyclim cream, it must be remembered that when preparing the skin for the menopause, the result of the application will be mainly moisturizing and nourishing the skin. In women older than 50 years of age, the skin has deep wrinkles, so in order to see real results, it is necessary that enough time has passed.

Cost 50 gr. cream Cyclim for the face of the company Evalar – $ 3,47. On the course – 3 months. spent on average 3 tubes of 50 g.

Such drastic measures as surgical intervention, Botox injections, hormonal therapy give an immediate and very tangible result, but in case of failure, the consequences are deplorable. Not all women can afford expensive surgeries for financial and health reasons.

Cyclim face cream with constant use, as well as if you start using it without waiting for a very advanced state of the skin, gives a result that can replace face plastic, Botox injections and the use of hormones.

Cyclim Face Cream Video

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