Ideal figure. Photos of girls with growth 160-165-170. Beautiful female body, types, parameters

The adopted ideal figure for the female 90-60-90 has long lost its relevance. The proportions of the girl (photos and tables for explanation are given below) depend on physique and growth. It is advisable to adhere to precisely these parameters, since excess weight carries serious diseases.

Body types and their characteristics

On the type of physique of a woman, it will depend on which part of the body is more susceptible to the deposition of fat masses. This is important to consider when a girl decides to do fitness or sports to eliminate excess weight. Since the main load should be on problem areas.

In total, there are 3 types of physique: ectomorphic (asthenic), mesomorphic (normosthenic) and endomorphic (hypersthenic). It is possible to determine which type the physique of a girl belongs to at home in two similar ways.

1st method. Measure the girth of the wrist with a inch tape. If the indicator is up to 5’9 inch, then the physique will be asthenic. Indications within 5’9 – 6’7 inch correspond to girls with normosthenic physique. And if the number is more than 6’7 inch, then this is already a hypersthenic physique.

2nd method . Wrap your fingers around your wrist. If it worked out. That girl has the first type of physique. When the fingers almost reach each other, then this is the second type. If the gap is decent, then this indicates the third type of physique. Ideal figure. Photos of girls with growth 160-165-170. Beautiful female body, types, parameters

Most often, the body type is inherited. It can be corrected if you put a lot of effort into problem areas. It is not recommended that you lose weight to full girls, as excessive thinness will not suit them. These physiques have completely different proportions.

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The ideal figure of a girl (photo of physique of ectomorph is given below in the article for clarity) stands out for particular sophistication. It is especially difficult for them to gain roundness in the right places. There are other negative aspects of ectomorphic physique.

Features of lean physique:

  1. With age, fat begins to be deposited at the waist, and body proportions become unattractive. The physique becomes like a rectangle.
  2. Usually such girls are weak in physical strength.
  3. Poorly developed not only fat mass, but also muscle. And it increases slowly even during training.
  4. Not very popular with men. Since there are no attention-grabbing rounds (chest, buttocks).
  5. When losing weight (when it appears), muscle mass first decreases, and then fat cells. Ideal figure. Photos of girls with growth 160-165-170. Beautiful female body, types, parameters

Outwardly, they are angular girls with a long neck and limbs. Growth is above average. The chest and buttocks are practically absent. Girls are not inclined to be overweight, especially in their youth. They are also distinguished by pale and thin skin and thin hair. There are health problems.

Features of the health of ectomorph girls:

  • get tired quickly, even with a small load;
  • low pressure;
  • low iron content;
  • frequent colds;
  • spinal problems;
  • vein disease;
  • problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

The food consumed is quickly digested, so they are forced to eat more often. Due to the lack of fat, girls freeze even in warm weather. From sports they are more suitable: gymnastics, dancing. If a girl decides to gain weight around the buttocks and chest, then it will take a lot of time. And also have to make efforts to maintain the rounded shape.

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This type of physique is popular among men. The girl has roundness in the right places. Average weight and normal body proportions, not poor health.

Ideal figure. Photos of girls with growth 160-165-170. Beautiful female body, types, parameters

Features of an average physique:

  1. Fat mass is available, but is within normal limits and only adorns the figure.
  2. They can quickly, both lose weight and gain weight. Although with age, fat mass becomes larger and it is already discarded with difficulty.
  3. They have a pronounced waist. With physical exertion, it can be further adjusted.
  4. Buttocks can be slightly larger than the desired size (when viewed from an aesthetic point of view), but they are easy to reduce with the help of sports.
  5. They easily endure physical activity, so this type is more common in all sports.
  6. Slim stomach.
  7. Normal metabolism.

Compared with the ideal physique and health status, the mesomorphs occupy the first place. With physical exertion, they can reduce the size of the waist, easily pump up the buttocks, tighten the stomach, if necessary.


This type of women was popular in the old days, although now there are lovers of magnificent forms. Girls of short stature, limbs are much shorter than girls of medium build. They are distinguished by physical endurance (if the weight is not very large).

Features of a full physique:

  1. Here, fat mass prevails over muscle mass. But with regular physical exertion, excess weight can be lost. To maintain a slim figure, sports should be regular, otherwise the weight will return.
  2. It is necessary to follow a diet. To consolidate the result.
  3. Slower absorption of substances. Therefore, fat is easily deposited.
  4. Chest and buttocks are quite magnificent forms.
  5. Fat masses on the stomach.
  6. Strong weight reduction will emphasize the disproportionality of the figure. The thinness of such girls is not to face.
  7. Often there are heart problems, as being overweight wears out. As well as problems with the legs (varicose enlargement is common). Ideal figure. Photos of girls with growth 160-165-170. Beautiful female body, types, parameters

It is not recommended that women with the same physique try to acquire thinness. This can be done realistically, but irreparable harm can be done to health. Ideally, the weight would be slightly more than women of medium build. Then the figure will look attractive and proportionate.

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The table of parameters of the ideal female figure for each body type

The ideal figure of the girl (the photo does not give a complete picture of the proportions, since each type of figure has its own parameters) is determined by the basic indicators (waist, hips and chest). It is not necessary to look in the mirror, it is enough to know your sizes, which are listed below in the table.

Table of limit standards for thin, medium and full girls:

Body types Chest (inch) Breast volume (inch) Waist (inch) Hips (inch)
Ectomorph 81 – 85 88 – 90 59 – 63 85 – 90
Mesomorph 85 – 90 92 – 96 61 – 64 87 – 92
Endomorph 90 – 93 95 – 100 68 – 80 99 – 105

It is these parameters that a girl must adhere to as a physique. It is not necessary for a girl of the average type to compare herself with a thin woman, since everyone has a different bone structure. If the excess fat can be driven away, then the bones cannot be reduced.

Optimum ratio of height and length of legs

In addition to the main parameters, the girls also monitor the proportionality of the legs and body. This ratio also depends on the type. Unfortunately, deviations from the norms here can be corrected only with the help of shoes. But do not overdo it, because too high a heel is an increased trauma to the legs.

When measuring the ratio of legs and body, it is important to make a correct measurement. You need to measure from the hip to the toes (sometimes measured to the toes). On average, legs should not be shorter than growth.

Ideal figure. Photos of girls with growth 160-165-170. Beautiful female body, types, parameters

Leg length indicators:

  1. Ectomorphs: 34’3 – 36’2 inch.
  2. Mesomorphs: 33’5 – 35 inch.
  3. Endomorphs: 32’7 – 34’3 inch.

These are averages. They can vary depending on growth to a greater or lesser extent.

In a woman’s ordinary life, the length of her legs does not play a big role. More this needs to be known to fashion models and fashion models. But the ideal proportions of the legs attract men.

Ideal weight ratio for height 155, 160, 165, 170, 5’7 – 5’9 foot

The ideal figure of a girl is not only compliance with all parameters, but also the number of fat cells per fraction of weight.

A photo can give average information about the figure, many are used to trusting the ratio of weight and height.

Table of norms of weight depending on the height and type of girl:

Age / height (inch) 155 160 165 170 175 180
15 – 18 48 – 50 – 55 50 – 52 – 57 52 – 54 – 59 54 – 55 – 60 55 – 57 – 62 57 – 59 – 64
19 – 25 50 – 53 – 57 52 – 55 – 59 54 – 57 – 61 55 – 59 – 63 57 – 60 – 65 59 – 62 – 67
26 – 39 52 – 56 – 59 54 – 58 – 61 55 – 59 – 63 57 – 61 – 65 59 – 63 – 67 60 – 65 – 68
40 – 49 53 – 57 – 60 55 – 59 – 62 57 – 61 – 64 59 – 63 – 66 60 – 65 – 68 62 – 67 – 70
50 – 60 55 – 59 – 62 57 – 61 – 64 59 – 63 – 66 60 – 65 – 68 62 – 67 – 70 64 – 68 – 72

The hyphen indicates the perm
issible average weight for ectomorphs; for mesomorphs; for endomorphs. With age, weight increases regardless of body type. Since the metabolism and general condition of the body are changing. Although, with proper nutrition and lifestyle, the figure can be saved longer, and at 50 years of age look no worse than 30-year-old women.

Ideal parameters of a female figure: chest, abdomen, thighs

Not all girls rely on the type of figure. There are generally accepted standards for ideal parameters. Here you need the right ratio between the waist, hips and buttocks. Where the hips should be proportionate to growth. The waist and chest are proportional to the buttocks. That is, everything is mutually proportional.

Height Neck Shoulders Rib cage Chest Waist Buttocks Hip Caviar
150 – 152 28.5 28.5 80 87 57 88 52 33.5
153 – 155 29.5 29.5 80.5 89 57.5 89 52 33.5
156 – 158 29.5 29.5 82.5 91 59 91 53.5 34.5
159 – 160    30.5 30.5 83.5 92 60 92.5 54 35
161 – 163 30.5 30.5 85 93 61 93.5 55 35.5
164 -167    31.5 31.5 87 95 62 95.5 56 36.5
168 – 170 32 32 89 96 63.5 98 57.5 37
171 – 173 32,5 32,5 90.5 97 64.5 100 58.5 38
174 – 175 33 33 91.5 99 65.5 101 59.5 38.5
176 – 178 33.5 33.5 93 101 66.5 103 59.5 39
179 – 181 34 34 94 103 67.5 104 60.5 39.5
Permissible deviation rate 1-2 1-2 4-5 1 5-6 6-7 3-4 1-2

The table shows the average size and tolerance in inch (+/-) for the age of 25-40 years. It is imperative that the stomach is flat, without extra folds and there are no manifestations of cellulite on the hips.

The standards of the female body, according to men

The ideal figure of a girl (a photo of thin women does not always attract the attention of the opposite sex, as each man has his own ideal) is a purely individual concept. But there are common features that attract the eyes of everyone.

Initially, a man draws attention to the girl’s face. It is desirable that there is no strong discharge of the cheekbones, plump lips and attractive eyes. Usually love oval faces. The build is average or slightly overweight.

It is imperative that circles are present in the right places (buttocks and chest). Ideal figure. Photos of girls with growth 160-165-170. Beautiful female body, types, parameters

Necessarily beautiful posture and gait. Well-groomed long hair and beautiful skin. If a girl knows how to give herself well, then a man will not pay attention to shortcomings in the figure.


Chest, this is the second thing a man pays attention to when examining a woman. Lush and strong breasts are more popular. This is explained by the fact that a man is, first of all, a male. And the big breasts indicate that the woman has matured and is ready to continue offspring. That is, the choice of large breasts is on a subconscious level.

And for the same reason, men can be repelled by a small bust. They are more common in adolescents and do not cause sexual interest in men. It is important that the breasts are symmetrical and not hanging.

If a girl cannot change her size without surgery, then her shape can be maintained for quite some time.

Ideal figure. Photos of girls with growth 160-165-170. Beautiful female body, types, parameters
Photo of a perfect figure of a girl according to many men

Men also note that it is possible to attract attention with medium and even small breasts. Here a lot depends on the girl. If she loves her body and proportions, she knows how to present everything correctly. That breast, even small, will be her dignity. The main thing is that it fits into the complexion of the girl.


Usually, men are attracted by straight legs, the length of which is slightly more than half the height of the girl. They should not be thin or too fat. It is not advisable that the caviar stand out strongly, otherwise the leg may resemble the shape of a bottle, this does not attract men very much.

The legs of the girls should not be completely straight, 4-gaps must be present:

  • foot-boat;
  • under the knees;
  • knees-hips;
  • groin hips.

The hips should be wide near the buttocks and taper gently to the knees. There should be no “orange peel”. Caviar is not too inflated, but not completely absent. Ankles beautifully move to the foot. No hair.

Tendons are not very prominent and all transitions are smooth, no protruding and sharp patella. The knee itself should be located approximately in the middle of the length of the leg. The heel is flat and round, flat feet should be absent.


The ideal figure of a girl (photos can sometimes refute the result obtained by measurements, where all indicators are normal) – these are also beautiful protruding buttocks. Even if the thigh circumference is consistent with the data in the table, but they themselves are not elastic and flat, then they will not attract the attention of masculine views.

Strong sex loves protruding and elastic buttocks. To have something to pinch. Ideal figure. Photos of girls with growth 160-165-170. Beautiful female body, types, parameters

A good size indicates the maturity of the body and therefore men are attracted to such women for procreation, on an instinctive level. And it is also believed that a lady with beautiful buttocks is passionate in bed.


Men pay more attention to girls with a direct posture and a bend of the back within 45-46 degrees (the count is taken from the buttocks). It is this bend that makes the buttocks bulge.

It also tells men that there is no spinal disease. Dresses and t-shirts with an open back attract attention no less than beautiful breasts.


The male gender also draws attention to the open shoulders of women. But at the same time they should not be sharp or too voluminous. The amount of fat should be small. Inflated shoulders are not welcome.


Men love to kiss women on the neck, so for them it plays an important role. Ideal figure. Photos of girls with growth 160-165-170. Beautiful female body, types, parametersMost often, girls with an average neck length or slightly elongated are selected. So that muscles and blood vessels do not bulge out strongly (this is found in bodybuilder girls). Must have elastic and velvet skin.

Tricks and secrets to achieve the ideal parameters of the figure

If you follow the rules in nutrition and physical activity, then any girl is able to improve her appearance. The most important thing is that desire develops into a goal. And patience, which at first comes in handy, has become a habit.

How to achieve the desired parameters:

1. Nutrition:

  • the diet should be complete, but foods that lead to the deposition of fats should
    be minimized, sufficient for the body;
  • eliminate junk food (soda, sweets, spices and so on);
  • Minimize salt intake
  • make a menu for a week, at least in the first month. To do this, you need to know the calorie content of each product and cooked dish, as well as the approximate composition of nutrients;
  • be sure to observe the old rule in eating: breakfast is light, but hearty; at lunch the largest portion; for dinner, light food, not later than 4 hours before bedtime;
  • if there are digestive problems and you need to eat more often, then eat in small portions;
  • the amount of fruits and vegetables should prevail; Ideal figure. Photos of girls with growth 160-165-170. Beautiful female body, types, parameters
  • Between meals, drink as much clean water as possible, without gas. Before a meal, drink a glass of liquid;
  • remove snacks from the diet. Weekends are especially rich in them;
  • chew each serving meal for a long time and thoroughly;
  • Do not overeat;
  • to understand that food is needed only to satisfy hunger, not to make peculiar rituals from lunch or dinner;
  • look at the composition of products that are sold ready-made.

2. If possible, spend more time outdoors. You can arrange evening walks or jogging. Fresh air will help to digest food faster, which means that extra calories will not be deposited.

3. If possible, then go to visit and work on foot. Move as much as possible.

4. Additionally, enter morning exercises, but do not exhaust the body, but in order to charge it with energy and start the digestive tract. In sleepy people, fat is deposited faster.

5. If possible, sign up for a fitness room. But not just anywhere, and what’s close to home, but to a trusted coach, where the result is guaranteed. And strictly follow the instructions.

6. When finances are limited, you can go in for sports and at home, for this many books are sold and there is video on the Internet. Here the main role is played by self-control. Ideal figure. Photos of girls with growth 160-165-170. Beautiful female body, types, parameters

7. Do not start immediately with heavy loads, otherwise you can damage the muscles, and while they will recover, extra pounds will be gained.

8. You can do yoga, it will restore balance in the psychological plane and improve the figure.

9. Believe in yourself and do not back down if the result is slow.

10. Take a bath with herbs and massage that accelerates body fat and tone the muscles. Otherwise, the skin after shedding excess weight will grow loose and hang.

11. Spend enough hours to sleep. Since it is proved that a person who sleeps little is more prone to fullness.

12. Avoid stressful situations. And monitor your immune system.

13. Since it is recommended that you take more fluids, you need to make sure that there are no swelling. When they appear, you need to drink diuretics and consult a therapist to find out if there are problems with the kidneys.

14. Follow correct posture. The back is also part of a beautiful figure.

A beautiful figure is not only ideal parameters, but also well-groomed skin. Do not forget to make scrubs, use creams. To speed up and improve the result, you can go for wraps (especially problem areas). This will further improve the condition of the skin.

The classic standards of beauty are not a secret for many, but few people know about the type of type in girls. And it often happens that an endomorph girl starves herself with diets and loads in order to achieve an ideal figure that simply does not fit her physique.

Thus, the girl only harms her health. And often the result of her unnecessary work, the emaciated lady sees only in the photo, which does not suit her.

Video about the perfect figure of a girl

The ideal figure of a woman according to scientists:

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