How to pump up a beautiful press for a girl. Exercises, pumping program, body drying

You can achieve a beautiful press on your own by equipping a training ground near the walls of your own home or in a small utility room, or in a gym. For a complex pumping of muscle fibers of the anterior wall of the abdominal cavity of a girl, it will be necessary to use the mass of her own body, as well as work with sports equipment.

The essence and basic principles

The beautiful press that stands out from the girl is the result of regular and intensive training. Achieving a positive result with the development of attractive abdominal muscles is impossible without following the following basic principles of the training process.

How to pump up a beautiful press for a girl. Exercises, pumping program, body drying

For instance:

Basic principles The essence and purpose of the training process
Training Regularity The subcutaneous layer of the anterior abdominal wall is characterized by the rapid accumulation of adipose tissue. Especially if the girl has an individual genetic predisposition to gaining excess body weight. In order to ensure stable burning of subcutaneous fat and achieve the effect of muscle fiber development, it is necessary to regularly perform exercises to pump the press. The training program for this part of the body should include a visit to the gym or sports field at least 3 times a week. The abdominal muscles require regular and intense physical activity.
Using your own body weight One of the basic principles of training abdominal muscles is the use of body weight. These are exercises on the horizontal bar, parallel bars, lifting the body in a prone position, performing the bar, simultaneously touching the arms and legs in a jerk. All of them allow you to use the maximum number of muscle fibers of the abdomen located in the anterior wall of the abdominal cavity, as well as from the sides. The advantages of using your own body mass are that this type of exercise can be performed independently while at home. In this case, the result will be no worse than from classes in the gym.
Endurance development The abdominal muscles are quite wide and cover 1/5 of all the fibers of the body. In order for regular training to lead to the development of the press and to ensure progress in achieving relief or a set of muscle mass, it is necessary to perform endurance exercises. They provide for the fixation of the girl’s body in such a position that the maximum physical load on the muscle fibers of the press is created. In this case, it is necessary to be in static voltage for up to 1 min. This type of exercise for endurance and relief of the muscles of the abdomen refers to the exercise bar.
Cardiological load Healthy sports with pumping muscle fibers of the abdomen are not possible without regular cardiac workouts. This is a separate training program for the cardiovascular system. Its use is a prerequisite to ensure the strengthening of the heart and prevent the development of its diseases associated with impaired heart rhythm.
A variety of sports equipment For the comprehensive development of the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall, you should use all sports equipment that allows you to strengthen and pump this part of the body. Compliance with this basic principle will make the training process more diverse and provide maximum physical activity.
Exercise with weights For girls who are engaged in pumping abdominal muscles for 3 months. in a row and more, your own body weight may not be enough. In this case, it is necessary to use additional loads and sports equipment. For example, to fix a pancake on a belt from a folding Olympic barbell, a dumbbell or a small weight, weighing from 7 -18 pounds and more. Together with the additional burden, the body is lifted while lying down, pulling up on the horizontal bar, lifting the legs on the uneven bars, fixing the weight on the back during the bar exercise.
Achieving a bump effect A beautiful press for a girl provides for the implementation of the basic principle of training in the form of work on the relief of muscle fibers. To get this result, you need to focus on the number of repetitions. Each exercise is performed the maximum number of times until the abdominal muscles are completely exhausted. During the press training for relief, the effect of rapid burning of subcutaneous fat and drying of muscle fibers is achieved.
Strength training The use of exercises to develop muscle strength in the anterior abdominal wall is also one of the basic principles of the training process. To achieve this result, sports equipment and additional weights are used. Strength training helps to gain muscle mass, makes the press more voluminous and beautiful.
Proper nutrition Without adhering to this principle, it is impossible to increase the mass of muscle fibers, as well as to achieve the effect of press relief. The girl must balance her daily diet by saturating it with dishes that contain lean meat, ocean and river fish, dairy products, fresh fruits, herbs, vegetables, chicken eggs. High-grade nutrition provides stable saturation of muscle fibers, their growth and uniform development.

How to pump up a beautiful press for a girl. Exercises, pumping program, body drying

A girl can have a beautiful press only if she complies with all the above basic principles of the training process. Regular exercise, cardiological exercises, periodic trainings on gaining muscle mass and the relief of the anterior wall of the abdominal cavity will ensure the achievement of a positive result in the shortest possible time.

Indications for use

Regular pumping of the abdominal muscles may be required for a girl who has health problems, is unsatisfied with her appearance, or simply wants to maintain excellent physical shape.

There are the following direct indications for the use of exercises on muscle fibers of the anterior abdominal wall:

  • the presence of excess body weight , which is localized not only in the abdomen, but also covers other parts of the body (most exercises for the development of the press require large amounts of energy, therefore, rapid burning of fat reserves is provided);
  • related exercises in other sports that require strong and developed abdominal muscles (weightlifting, boxing, kickboxing, freestyle or Greco-Roman wrestling);
  • too slow metabolism , which leads to the rapid accumulation of adipose tissue;
  • problem areas of the body , when an excess amount of adipose tissue is localized exclusively in the front of the press, as well as on the sides of the body;
  • the absence of muscle corset of the anterior wall of the
    abdominal cavity
    , which increases the risk of hernias during the lifting of heavy objects, bags, and other goods;
  • the rehabilitation period after undergoing a surgical operation or other type of treatment , which further requires strengthening of the abdominal muscles;
  • a sedentary and sedentary lifestyle , requiring additional physical exertion and strengthening the abdominal muscles;
  • diseases of the endocrine system, which lead to the gradual accumulation of adipose tissue in the anterior abdomen and from the sides (ovarian pathology, thyroid hyperthyroidism, reproductive system dysfunction);
    How to pump up a beautiful press for a girl. Exercises, pumping program, body drying
  • stretch marks and aesthetic defects that formed after bearing a child and childbirth (sagging of the lower abdomen, sagging skin, loss of elasticity of epithelial tissues);
  • the presence of a flat abdomen without excess fat , but when there is a desire to achieve the relief of the press with the release of the muscle layer.

The selection of physical exercises and the development of a training program should be carried out in conjunction with a personal trainer or fitness instructor. The specialist will allow you to choose exactly the set of loads that will be useful to a girl with a specific type of figure and aesthetic defects.


It is contraindicated for a girl to develop a beautiful press with the help of physical exercises, if there are concomitant diseases, as well as other pathological conditions of the body.

Such as:

  • umbilical hernia or violation of the integrity of the abdominal cavity in another part of the abdomen;
  • severe injuries of the lumbar and thoracic spine, which exclude the creation of physical exertion due to the risk of displacement of the discs, infringement of the nerve endings, as well as the occurrence of acute pain;
  • all types of heart diseases that are associated with a violation of the rhythmic activity of this organ;
  • arterial hypertension, the course of which is accompanied by a periodic increase in pressure and hypertensive crises;
  • a previous brain stroke or myocardial infarction;
  • varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, as well as other vascular pathologies associated with their increased fragility;
  • the presence in the body of malignant neoplasms, regardless of the type of tissue and internal organs in which they are localized;
  • transferred surgery on the abdominal cavity, which was performed no later than 6 months. back;
  • bruises and severe damage to internal organs, which are located in close proximity to the muscle layer of the anterior wall of the abdominal cavity (bladder, stomach, intestines);
  • type 1 or type 2 diabetes, regardless of whether the girl takes pills that normalize the glucose balance in the blood, or uses insulin injections (ignoring this contraindication can lead to a sharp decrease or increase in blood sugar, cause loss of consciousness and even cause the onset of a diabetic coma) ;
  • peptic ulcer in the acute stage;
    How to pump up a beautiful press for a girl. Exercises, pumping program, body drying
  • pyelonephritis and chronic renal failure (exercise with weights, lifting sports equipment, can provoke an exacerbation of the inflammatory process in the kidneys and worsen well-being);
  • increased intraocular pressure;
  • impaired cerebral circulation, as well as congestion in the ventricles of this organ.

It is recommended to limit training aimed at pumping abdominal muscles to girls who are in the 1st trimester of pregnancy, suffer from viral, colds or bacterial diseases, and suffer from a temporary decrease in immunity. During menstruation, it is also better to refrain from physical exertion on the lower abdominal cavity.

Useful Tips

A beautiful press for a girl can be pumped up at home, as well as in the gym.

Before starting the training process, you must follow these useful recommendations:

  • undergo a comprehensive examination of the body by a physician, pass an ECG, measure blood pressure;
  • to get a sports uniform (shorts, sneakers, moccasins, trousers, a T-shirt, a T-shirt);
  • during classes, always have with you a sufficient supply of water, and during training drink at least 0,3 gallon of fluid;
    How to pump up a beautiful press for a girl. Exercises, pumping program, body drying
  • eat food no later than 1 hour before the start of the exercise;
  • try to eat in the first 30 minutes. after the completion of the training course;
  • to avoid the formation of corns and dropsy from sports equipment, use special gloves for fitness;
  • completely abandon alcohol, cigarettes and drugs;
  • make an individual daily routine with an indication of the diet, the time of awakening from sleep and hang up;
  • limit heavy physical and mental stress;
  • avoid stressful situations, since the development of muscle tissue of the abdomen is impossible under conditions of nervous overstrain;
  • balance the diet by excluding animal fats, confectionery, sugar, soft drinks, convenience foods, foods containing preservatives, flavor enhancers, emulsifiers, food colors.

A beautiful press for a girl will appear much faster if you follow the above rules, perform them before the start of the training process and during complex pumping of the abdominal muscles.

Main complex

In order to ensure regular physical activity on the muscle fibers of the press, to maintain their constant tone, it is recommended to use the following exercises that can be performed daily, and spend at the same time no more than 15 minutes.


One of the most effective types of loads on the entire plane of the abdominal muscles. At the same time, the back is strengthened, the buttocks, ankle and back biceps of the legs are trained.

The technique for performing this exercise is as follows:

  1. The girl needs to take a horizontal position, using an exceptionally flat floor surface.
  2. The elbows are shoulder-width apart and touch the floor.
  3. The toes of the feet are brought together and set up vertically, as when pushing up from the floor.
  4. After taking the initial position, the muscles of the whole body are aligned so that the trunk, buttocks and lower limbs are at the same level without stoop and deflection.

How to pump up a beautiful press for a girl. Exercises, pumping program, body drying

In this position, the girl needs to be as long as possible and until physical strength runs out. At the initial stage, rarely can anyone maintain the bar for more than 1 min. After resting, the exercise is repeated. For 1 workout, it is recommended to do 2-3 approaches.

Clasp of hands and feet

This exercise allows you to pump the upper, middle and lower press.

To perform it, you will need to observe the following technique:

  1. Lie on your back with your legs closed, and hands on the sides.
  2. On inspiration, strain the abdominal muscles, while lifting the upper and lower extremities so that the air tips of the fingers and toes touch each other.
  3. On exhalation, return to the starting position.

It is recommended to do 10-15 repetitions in 3 sets, a break between which is 4 minutes. During the exercise, it is necessary to ensure that the posture remains as even as possible.

Body lift

The simplest and at the same time effective exercise for complex pumping of the press.

It is carried out in compliance with the following technique:

  1. The girl needs to lie on the floor.
  2. The socks of the lower extremities are closed together and fixed so that they do not come off the floor.
  3. Hands should be placed on the chest or laid back around the neck.
  4. On inspiration, the torso is lifted.
  5. On exhalation, the girl returns to its original position.

How to pump up a beautiful press for a girl. Exercises, pumping program, body drying

It is necessary to do 12-15 repetitions in 3 sets. The rest between each lifting of the hull is 3-4 minutes, but no more. If your body weight is not enough, then you can pick up a dumbbell, pancake barbell or kettlebell.

Raising the legs on the uneven bars

Effective exercise for pumping the bottom of the press.

It is performed using your own body weight, and the training technique is as follows:

  1. Make an exit on the uneven bars and fully align the arms, holding your body solely due to the strength of the upper limbs.
  2. Feet close together and keep balance.
  3. On inspiration, slowly raise the lower limbs so that they are in front, and the socks are at the level of the abdomen.
  4. On exhalation, the legs fall down.

How to pump up a beautiful press for a girl. Exercises, pumping program, body drying

It is forbidden to jerk, swing the body and bend the limbs at the knees. It is recommended to do 7-10 reps in 3 sets. In the absence of a sufficient amount of physical strength, the indicated number of repetitions can be reduced by 2 times.

Bending the legs on the horizontal bar

One of the simplest exercises that pumps all sections of the abdominal muscles.

To perform it, you must adhere to the following technique:

  1. Grasp the crossbar surface with your hands.
  2. Relax your body completely and hang on the horizontal bar.
  3. Bend your knees.
  4. On inspiration, pull the knee joints to the surface of the chest.
  5. As you exhale, lower your legs, and then perform similar movements.

During the execution of this exercise, it is necessary to maintain balance, not to sway and not to make sudden movements. For 1 approach, 7-10 repetitions should be done. The optimal number of approaches is 3-4 times.

Result fixing

To consolidate the positive result that was achieved during training, the following rules must be followed:

  • do not return to the use of alcohol, tobacco products, drugs;
  • eat quality, without abusing animal fats;
  • pump over the abdominal muscles at least 2-3 times a week;
  • to live an active lifestyle;
  • walk more;
  • provide the body with moderate physical activity in the form of cycling, swimming, lightweight running at a distance of 1 – 1 mile, squats;
  • sleep 8-10 hours a day;
  • eat fractionally, taking food 5-6 times a day, but in small portions.
How to pump up a beautiful press for a girl. Exercises, pumping program, body drying
A beautiful press in a girl is possible not only thanks to exercises, but also due to proper nutrition.

A girl who trained hard and was able to make her alive flat, and the abs beautiful, should start every morning with a charge, performing 10-15 lifting of the body in a prone position. So the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall will remain in good shape, they will retain relief and attractiveness.

When to expect an effect

A positive effect of pumping the abdominal muscles can be expected after 3 months. regular workouts. This is the average time, after which muscle fibers begin to stand out more distinctly, and the body becomes firm and elastic. Girls who suffer from overweight can count on the first positive result no earlier than after 6-7 months. intense workouts.

In this case, it is necessary to provide the body with a complex physical activity with the activation of all muscle groups. Compliance with dietary standards is a prerequisite for the loss of excess adipose tissue and achieve the effect of a flat stomach.

How to pump up a beautiful press for a girl. Exercises, pumping program, body drying

Getting a beautiful press and an attractive surface of the abdomen requires the girl to regularly visit the gym, or to perform physical exercises at home.

In girls who secrete 15 minutes. of their own time, and daily muscle fibers of the anterior abdominal wall are pumped, the press becomes embossed, the abdomen is completely flat, and all excess fatty tissue leaves the sides.

The timing of a positive effect depends on the physical fitness of the girl, her age, the amount of subcutaneous fat, the intensity of the training process.

Video on effective abs exercises

How to quickly pump up the press at home:

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