How to hide stretch marks on the stomach: using procedures, tattoos, laser, photos

Many people dream of maintaining skin firmness and elasticity, but not everyone can achieve this. One of the common problems, especially in women, is stretch marks – tears of the skin, in place of which atrophic scars appear.

How to hide stretch marks on the stomach: using procedures, tattoos, laser, photos

At the initial stage, the skin can be restored without resorting to plastic surgery, if you know how to hide stretch marks on the stomach with the help of cosmetic masking agents, therapeutic ointments and scrubs.

Cosmetics to hide stretch marks

Cosmetics do not affect the reduction of stretch marks, but visually allows them to hide. Cosmetics must be selected individually, taking into account the age and characteristics of the body. The foundation is matched to the skin tone. It should be half a darker or lighter than the skin.

All cosmetic oils and creams are very expensive. At the same time, you need to use them regularly and for a long time. For a visible result – at least 2-3 months. The beauty industry does not stand still, and manufacturers present their best cosmetic products.

Among the effective masking agents are:

How to hide stretch marks on the stomach: using procedures, tattoos, laser, photos

  • Redist Airbrush Legs – This product evenly lays on the surface of the skin and gives it the color of a delicious tan. It contains moisturizing components, and therefore the stretch marks on the stomach are removed, and the skin becomes velvety. Cost – $ 22.
  • MAC’s Face and Body Foundation can be used for the entire body. Reflective components give the skin a radiance. Price $ 20
  • Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs has several shades. The tool quickly dries and mattifies the body.
  • Dermablend Leg and Body Cover – has a masking effect and has a protective filter from UV rays.
  • “Perfect legs” from Faberlic removes swelling, perfectly mask stretch marks and even relieve fatigue.

The composition of cosmetics from stretch marks includes the following components:

  • Retinol (Vitamin A). Stimulates collagen production and restores the skin, makes stretch marks less visible. Can not use:
    • during pregnancy;
    • while breastfeeding.
  • Cocoa butter and almond – improves the hydrolipidic balance and elasticity of the skin. Moisturizes it and stimulates collagen production.
  • Onion extract. It has wound healing and antioxidant properties. As a result of studies, subjects noted lightening of stretch marks and their reduction.
  • Vitamins E and C give the skin elasticity, have a smoothing effect, reduce stretch marks.

Before applying a masking agent, you need to cleanse the skin with a scrub, and it is better if it contains caffeine. It will help to hide not only stretch marks, but also other visual defects.

Concealer to hide stretch marks

A quick way to get rid of stretch marks, scars or scars is with a concealer.  A cream with UV protection is suitable. But when applying foundation, it is better to avoid tanning so that the skin remains elastic, otherwise skin defects will be visible.

How to hide stretch marks on the stomach: using procedures, tattoos, laser, photos

The cream can be replaced with a concealer or use a water-based primer. To make red striae invisible, you need to opt for a concealer that has a greenish tint. To guess the color, you can experiment a bit: buy two colors – light and dark – then mix them to a homogeneous mass and get the desired result.

Gently, having typed a little funds on the brush, you need to shade it by stretching. If you plan to relax on the beach, then first put on a bathing suit, and then apply concealer. Rub it or shade it with a brush until you get the desired effect. It’s good to fix the applied layer of cosmetics on the body with makeup resilience. It could be a spray.

There are many special persistent remedies for fixing various defects. With such cosmetics, you can safely swim or be on the beach.

Foundation for legs and body to hide stretch marks

This cream hides all noticeable imperfections on the skin of the legs and gives them an attractive tan.

How to hide stretch marks on the stomach: using procedures, tattoos, laser, photosThis cream has the following properties:

  • easy to apply;
  • has fast absorbency;
  • Does not leave oily sheen on the skin;
  • gives instant visible result;
  • it can be washed off with soap;
  • looks like tanning.

Having picked up a foundation for legs, you need to apply it correctly.


The skin should be:

  • shaved;
  • purified;
  • hydrated.
  1. For even distribution of the product good lighting is needed.
  2. It is better to use a tonal spray. Spray the product at a distance of 3’9 – 5’9 inch. Then you need to evenly usd it on the skin with a sponge and wait until it is completely absorbed.
  3. The product should be applied in a dense layer.
  4. If necessary, you need to use the corrector. Using it, you can easily hide bruises, possible scars, as well as bruises.
  5. In order to fix the result, you need to apply powder

Hide stretch marks with tanning

In a sufficiently large number of women, stretch marks appear not only on the abdomen, but also on the inside as well as on the outside of the thighs and capture the surface of the calves. Although a universal way to get rid of striae has not yet been invented, you can mask them with a tan.

To avoid an allergic reaction, you need to try the cream, applying it to a small area of the skin (with white stretch marks)

  1. Do not use sprays. It will require a liquid-based product that does not leave stains after itself.
  2. Before applying self-tanning, the skin must be prepared. Better scrub it. Tan lasts longer if applied to cleansed skin.
  3. A little tool must be poured into a flat bowl.
  4. Then lower the swab from the cotton wool to the tan, and remove the excess.
  5. Correctly apply tanning vertically along stretch marks.
  6. Excess cream is removed with a clean swab.
  7. It is necessary to apply tanning over the entire surface of stretch marks.
  8. He is given time to dry, following the instructions.
  9. They control that there are no gaps, if any, then this should be corrected.
  10. To prevent streaks and dark spots, they must be moistened with water and rubbed with a washcloth.

Recipe for a homemade scrub to hide stretch marks with mummy

You need to think carefully about how to hide stretch marks on the stomach at home. There are such tools. To get rid of stretch marks, you need to prepare a scrub using mumiyo. This folk remedy, unlike others, is natural and quite effective.

Mummies – a piece of mountain resin, consisting of many amino acids, a large number of trace elements, as well as multivitamins.   The color of the mummy varies from brown to charcoal black. It has a bitter aftertaste and an unusual odor. Release form: tablets, powder, lozenges.

If you use the mummy correctly and daily, then there is a real chance to get rid of striae. It is very important to start treatment faster, at the initial stage.

How to hide stretch marks on the stomach: using procedures, tattoos, laser, photos

To properly prepare the cream
, you need to take several components:

  • peeled mummy – 2 g;
  • warm boiled water – 1 small spoon;
  • anti-cellulite or baby cream – 100 g.

Prepare the composition in this way:

  1. In a glass container, mix all the components to a completely homogeneous mass.
  2. Then you need to add baby cream or anti-cellulite.
  3. Then mix the components well.
  4. This mass must be stored in your refrigerator.
  5. For aroma, you can add a little citrus essential oil.

The resulting cream must be applied to damaged skin with soft, slightly massaging movements. Particular attention is paid to stretch marks.

Use this tool regularly. If a woman wants to do this for prevention, then it is enough to use it 2 times in 7 days. This cream helps to lose weight if you regularly massage with it.

Coffee scrub to cleanse the skin and hide stretch marks

To prepare it, you will need   to take ground coffee – 1 teaspoons. and the gel that is used for the shower, then add the mummy (10 g).

The resulting composition must be applied to problem areas daily for 30 days.

How to hide stretch marks with a swimsuit

Everything is very simple. It is enough to choose the right swimsuit. You can use the advice of fashion designers and choose a closed swimsuit. Or “tankini”, which are now gaining popularity.

How to hide stretch marks on the stomach: using procedures, tattoos, laser, photos

This swimsuit consists of a top and shorts that have a height of up to the middle of the hips.

Bio-Oil for the prevention and treatment of stretch marks

The cosmetic product Bio-Oil is currently considered one of the most effective products used for the prevention and elimination of stretch marks on the stomach. It is safe because it has been thoroughly tested. It can be used even by pregnant women.

How to hide stretch marks on the stomach: using procedures, tattoos, laser, photos
Bio oil

Bio-Oil is a suspension based on oil with the addition of various vitamins and various plant extracts.

It contains only natural ingredients. Effective fight against stretch marks occurs. Since new skin cells form, as a result, it smooths out.

The composition of the product includes the well-known rosemary oil and vitamin A , which relieves irritation, participates in the production of elastin with collagen, and also contributes to the formation of protein, along with stretch marks on the stomach.

Calendula extract has a bactericidal property, relieves any irritation. Chamomile oil can improve blood circulation.

It is applied to the surface of the skin with the fingertips with sufficiently light movements in a circle to be completely absorbed. The course will be up to 90 days.

Pregnant women need to apply it no more than 2 times a day in the fourth month of the term.

Aesthetic cosmetology methods

Removal of striae by carboxytherapy

How to hide stretch marks on the stomach: using procedures, tattoos, laser, photos


Mesotherapy is the introduction of biologically active substances with the help of microinjections aimed at the ability to produce elastin and collagen, as they help rejuvenate the skin and improve blood circulation. These substances reach the very deep layers of the dermis.

This result cannot be achieved in any other way. With the help of mesotherapy, women effectively fight stretch marks of the skin, leveling its surface, and tone the muscles. You can also hide stretch marks on the stomach. But how soon will the long-awaited effect of the procedure be noticeable Mesotherapy will give the first tangible results in just a few sessions.

How to hide stretch marks on the stomach: using procedures, tattoos, laser, photos

Dermabrasion – skin resurfacing.

It is carried out using a special apparatus, in which the nozzle rotates in the form of a large shaft. Before the procedure, do local anesthesia. Old skin is combing.

Pink spots and colloidal scars appear in its place, but since dermabrasion restores the dermis, new skin soon appears on the site of resurfacing. The process is long and takes 3 to 8 weeks to recover.

Laser peeling

Laser peeling can be used on sensitive surfaces of the skin of the abdomen. This procedure is absolutely safe. The laser acts on the skin with special rays and evaporates surface cells.

How to hide stretch marks on the stomach: using procedures, tattoos, laser, photos
Laser peeling

Thus, it smoothes the skin and reduces keloid scars. Using laser peeling, old, inanimate epidermal cells are effectively removed from the body, small defects are well eliminated, and at the same time, cell division and skin regeneration are stimulated.

Indications for use:

  • postoperative or post-traumatic scars,
  • scars
  • tattoos
  • freckles,
  • dark spots,
  • deep wrinkles
  • scars after acne,
  • photoaging of the skin.

Deep skin cleansing with laser peeling is performed in a hospital with general anesthesia.


Abdominoplasty is the most complicated plastic surgery in terms of execution technique, because the plastic surgeon must work with the skin and with subcutaneous fatty tissue, as well as with muscles.

How to hide stretch marks on the stomach: using procedures, tattoos, laser, photos

In extreme cases, you can resort to surgery, so as not to ask again the question of how to hide stretch marks on the stomach, and not to use a large number of masking agents.

Can I hide stretch marks with a tattoo

Not every woman wants to get a tattoo on her body, even to hide s
kin defects. While others, by their own example, will learn how to remove stretch marks on their stomach with a beautiful tattoo.

If you choose the right pattern, it will help to hide stretch marks on the stomach, but, like the method itself, is dangerous.

You can trust only a qualified craftsman, otherwise you can cause microtrauma and infect the body. In addition, there may be a common allergy to ink. And if the pattern is inaccurate Then hide the stretch marks under the tattoo will be impossible.

How to hide stretch marks on the stomach: using procedures, tattoos, laser, photos
Here’s how to hide stretch marks on your stomach with a tattoo

Dermatologists do not recommend hiding stretch marks with tattoos.

It has been proven by specialists in the field of plastic surgery that stretch marks are removed only by laser resurfacing and plastic surgery. The remaining funds are more of an alternative nature and disguise them.

Video Tips for Hiding Stretch Marks on Your Belly

How to hide stretch marks on the stomach after childbirth:

Four easy ways to get rid of stretch marks:

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