A set of exercises for the press for girls. Effective workouts with roller, wheel, horizontal bar, bench, chair

Using the set of exercises proposed in the article, the wife can realize her dream and become the owner of a magnificent and beautiful abs muscle.

Anatomy of the abdominal muscles. To know what to download

The sharply defined, convex checkers of the muscles that determine the beauty and aesthetic perception of the abdomen form one muscle, dissected by tendon ligaments, the rectus abdominis muscle.

Two muscle groups are located on the sides of the abdominal muscles:

  • visible – the external oblique muscles of the abdomen. They ran diagonally from the groin to the armpits;
  • not visible – internal oblique muscles located under the external oblique muscles.

The appearance of a beautiful, pumped stomach is formed by these two muscles. The rectus abdominis muscle is included in the category of flat long muscles. It is divided by a tendon bundle into a pair of longitudinal halves. The place to divide the press in half is called the “white line of the abdomen.”

It is also crossed by transverse tendons, and it is thanks to these intersections that the person’s stomach looks diced when the press is pumped. This is one muscle, and not slightly different, and when tensioned, it works in its entirety, and not in parts. Accordingly, talking about pumping the lower or upper press is meaningless.

In nature, there are no training exercises that pump only a section of a particular muscle. When changing the direction and angle of the load, the appearance of the muscle being worked out will be slightly transformed. The thick and voluminous part of the rectus abdominis muscle is located in the of the navel and above it. It is attached to the base of the pubic bone with its lower end.

It consists almost entirely of thin connective tissues. The top of the press does more work and develops faster than the bottom. In women, the lower abdomen has reduced sensitivity. This is a protective function of the body for pain during the menstrual cycle, therefore, due to the reduced number of nerve fibers, it is difficult to train.

A set of exercises for the press for girls. Effective workouts with roller, wheel, horizontal bar, bench, chair

The main duty of the rectus muscle during contraction:

  • to attract the upper body to the pelvic area – there is a twisting from top to bottom;
  • to draw the lower body to the chest area – folding from the bottom up.

Key points to focus on when working with the abdominal muscles:

  • with any exercise, the rectus abdominis muscle contracts completely;
  • the lower muscle is most difficult to train;
  • to work out this muscle effectively does not require a large number of different exercises;
  • intensive development of the lower part of the press will also lead to an increase in its upper section.

The main task of the internal and external oblique muscles during contraction is diagonal twisting:

  • a person, turning the body of the body to the left, turns on the outer left and inner right muscles;
  • starting a turn in the opposite direction, it involves the external right and internal left muscle.

In the human body, under the external muscles of the press, there are very important internal muscles, which are also responsible for stabilizing the human body in space.

These include:

  • transverse abdominal muscles;
  • iliopsoas muscles;
  • pelvic floor muscles.

Strengthening these muscles allows you to even more intensively work out the muscles of the press and achieve the best results.

To get a beautiful, relief press in the shortest possible time, you should regularly train with a gradually increasing load and follow a low-calorie diet.

Rules for training abdominal muscles

Due to the fact that the press is no different from ordinary muscles, its development is subject to the classical laws of muscle growth. The recommendations of some experts, arguing that a large number of repetitions should be done to increase the muscles of the press, do not tolerate criticism.

A set of exercises for the press for girls should be developed based on the basic laws of muscle growth that apply to all other muscles of the body.
The body of any living organism strives for rest homeostasis.

It does not want to change, the main task is to achieve a balance between its own internal environment and external influence with minimal energy loss. An increase in the intensity of exposure causes a reaction of adaptation to new conditions and allows you to develop muscle mass.

There are two basic laws for the rapid formation of muscle mass:

  1. The principle of supercompensation. A set of exercises for the press for girls. Effective workouts with roller, wheel, horizontal bar, bench, chair
  2. The principle of progression of loads.

The law of supercompensation states that muscles injured by training heal to their original state – compensation occurs. Then, in order to avoid overloads when the loads are reached, the body forms additional muscle tissue that will help to cope with a stressful situation – the adaptation process in the form of supercompensation will turn on.

If external loads are constant for some time, then the body adapts to them, and the supercompensation mechanism stops. With increasing loads, muscle growth will not stop, the body will adapt to more intense workouts.

Therefore, for the effective development of muscles, it is necessary to strive to continuously increase the load – this is the essence of the principle of progression of the load. The approach, which has proven itself over the years, does not imply a simple increase in loads, but their modeling due to the transition from entry-level exercises to complicated options.

Tasks to be solved when creating an irresistible press:

  • increase the volume of the abdominal muscles;
  • reduce fat in the waist.

A set of exercises for the press for girls. Effective workouts with roller, wheel, horizontal bar, bench, chairThe difficulty lies in the fact that no one can even see even the most muscular waist, if it is covered with a layer of fat. Even the most effective, advanced exercises on the abdominal muscles will only help increase muscle mass, but not burn a layer of fat deposits over it.

The human body stores energy in the form of triglyceride, which is stored in fat cells. If necessary, to obtain additional energy, the molecules of the triglyceride are broken down into glycerol and fatty acids. They, getting into the blood, are transported to the desired area. The process of decomposition of triglyceride is called lipolysis. It also burns fat.

The cell begins fat splitting under the influence of special hormones that are transported through the circulatory system.

Depending on the situation, the endocrine glands of the human body release various hormones into the blood that can burn fat:

  • during danger – adrenaline;
  • with a critical drop in the human body sugar level – glucagon;
  • with severe workload, physical or mental – cortisol;
  • in a dream, to restore tissues and their energetic nourishment of the body – growth hormone (somatropin).

Through the circulatory system, hormones circulate evenly, they cannot affect fat in one place, so it will not be possible to burn fatty tissue only on the stomach without dropping its content in other areas. The rate of burning of adipose tissue is not the same in different
areas of the body.

This is primarily due to the fact that the number of capillaries and necessary nerve endings in the muscles is different. There is a rule of fat deposition in various areas of the human body – the less fat deposits in a certain area, the more they are burned in this area and less stored.

The more adipose tissue in a certain area of the body, the worse and slower they burn.

The basic principles of a fat burning diet for the press:

  • consume less calories than use in training;
  • draw up a basic menu for several weeks and strictly follow it;
  • use fractional nutrition, eat a little 5-6 times a day.

Once a week, weight indicators should be monitored, a loss of 1 -2 pounds per week is considered ideal.

Human muscles are composed of two types of muscle tissue. Glycolytic fibers are muscles that can contract sharply for a short time and lift large weights. Oxidative muscle fibers are muscles that work without fatigue for a long time with light loads.

A set of exercises for the press for girls should consist of exercises that work out both slow and fast muscle fibers. Glycolytic muscles are much larger in volume and grow very well after intense exposure, and hardy oxidizing muscles respond poorly to training and grow slowly.

The muscles of the press are used by the human body constantly, while maintaining the body in an upright position, so their main part consists of slow fibers. Training strategies for slow and fast fibers of the abdominal muscles are different. A set of exercises for the press for girls. Effective workouts with roller, wheel, horizontal bar, bench, chair

To train the first group, the static-dynamic method is used, when the exercise is performed with a small weight, while maintaining tension in the muscle during the entire cycle, without removing the load at the end of the exercise. Prolonged tension in muscle tissue leads to the filling of capillaries with blood and the formation of an oxygen block.

A burning sensation appears in the muscles – this suggests that there is hypertrophy of the slow muscles, and they will grow. Glycolytic fibers are developed under intense power load. Exercises are performed 6-12 times, with the last repetition, muscle failure is achieved, that is, rest is necessary to complete the next repetition.

For a better study of the abdominal muscles, visualization and mental communication should be used. When working on a muscle, it is necessary to represent its reduction as accurately as possible. As it fills with blood, it heats up and grows. This practice will allow you to train muscles much faster and with less effort.

Top Press Exercises

The best, simple and effective exercise for the abs is normal twisting. Beginners should begin to train this muscle with twisting the upper body to the hips. You can do the exercise, taking a lying position on a flat surface of the floor or an inclined board.

The load on the muscle must be regulated by the position of the body, the lower the chest in relation to the hips, the greater the load on the press.

Training Description:

  1. Comfortably lie on a special gymnastic mat.
  2. Bend the legs at the knee joints, press the feet to the floor, the lower back should be in close contact with the rug.
  3. To part elbows in different directions, to put palms behind a head or to put on a breast.
  4. Slowly lift and twist the upper body to the groin.
    A set of exercises for the press for girls. Effective workouts with roller, wheel, horizontal bar, bench, chair
    The set of exercises includes the study of the upper press.
  5. Without tearing off the lumbar, at the top point, freeze for 1 second. and additionally tighten the smooth muscle of the abdomen.
  6. Slowly return the body to and. p., without lowering your head to the floor, keep the muscles in tension.
  7. Repeat the exercise.

You should not do the maximum number of repetitions in the first lesson. It is necessary to make training a habit, exercise regularly and only after that give all the best to 100%.

Exercises for the lower press

To work out the bottom of the press, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Carefully lie on a flat floor. Hold on to the palm rest located behind the head.
  2. Without tearing the upper back from the floor, twist the body, moving the legs and pelvis up.
  3. Take the starting position.

The load on the muscles of the rectus muscle during training should be done this way: the farther the heels are from the hip joint, the more difficult it is to make this movement.

Work on oblique muscles

A set of highly effective exercises includes diagonal twisting:

  1. Take a starting position, as when training the upper part of the press.
  2. Move your left elbow towards your right knee. A set of exercises for the press for girls. Effective workouts with roller, wheel, horizontal bar, bench, chair
  3. Take the starting position.
  4. Then, bring it with your right elbow to your left knee.
  5. Repeat the cycle of movements.

For enhanced study of the oblique muscles, delays should be made at the highest point for 1 second.

Types of Rollers

The gymnastic wheel is a small gymnastic apparatus used to effectively work out the muscles of the rectus and oblique muscles of the abdomen. With it, you can also develop the muscles of the shoulders and back. The device consists of a wheel and two handles on the sides.

The following types of gymnastic wheels are currently manufactured:

  • with return mechanism;
  • one-wheeled projectile or device with two wheels;
  • a device having an offset center of gravity;
  • device equipped with pedals.

Sports equipment with a return mechanism makes it possible to simplify the exercise and provides a return to its original position quite simple. It is suitable for all beginner athletes mastering the gymnastic wheel. A set of exercises for the press for girls. Effective workouts with roller, wheel, horizontal bar, bench, chair

The device with two wheels is easier to use, when using it you do not need to maintain balance. A projectile with a shifted center of gravity is suitable for trained athletes; scrolling around its axis requires serious training. An athlete using a pedal
roller can use a set of exercises that provide a load on his legs.

Characteristics of good videos:

  • the roller should rotate around its axis smoothly and without additional jerking;
  • the wheel must confidently support the weight of the student;
  • projectile handles should provide reliability and be comfortable.

Roller Exercises

A set of exercises for the press for girls using the gymnastic wheel:

  • static “Planck”;
  • rolling from the knees;
  • rolled into the wall.

When doing the “Planck” exercise, the trainee develops a sense of balance and exercises the core muscles that hold the body in a given position.

The bar with the roller must be done like this:

  • stand on all fours on a flat floor. The roller is in front, at arm’s length; A set of exercises for the press for girls. Effective workouts with roller, wheel, horizontal bar, bench, chair
  • take the shell by the hand, holding it with your palms;
  • straighten the torso, body and legs stretched in one line;
  • hold the position for 20-60 seconds. Run 4 times.

Exercise “Rolling from the knees” develops the abdominal muscle and human cortex, prepares the trainee for exercises of a more serious level.

Technique for the exercise “rolling from the knees”:

  1. Stand on a flat floor on all fours, squeeze the handles of the roller with the palms in front of you.
  2. Slowly roll forward, the rectus abdominis muscle is tense, do not bend your back. You should strive for the perfect completion of this exercise – the arms should be fully extended, the chest is slightly higher than the floor.
  3. To take an initial position.
  4. Run 4-10 times.

Exercise “Rolling into the wall” has the effect of performing the same as the previous movement.

A set of exercises for the press for girls. Effective workouts with roller, wheel, horizontal bar, bench, chair

The wall is used as a limiter, the movement is slow:

  1. The starting position is as in the previous movement, the distance to the wall is 3’3 foot.
  2. Make a rental to the wall.
  3. Take an initial position.
  4. The exercise is performed 5-12 times.

Roller exercises are best done on a rubber mat. Be sure to control your breathing. You should start the movement by inspiration, during the reverse movement, exhale.

Using the horizontal bar

Classes on the crossbar are simple to perform:

  1. Exercise “Bicycle”. With your palms, grab the bar approximately at a distance of the width of your shoulder girdle. Hang on the bar, do not bend your arms. Do not strain your back. Legs bent at the knee joints, alternately raise and lower, copying a bike ride. The time for making movements is 30 seconds, you need to rest for about 10 seconds. Do “Bicycle” should be 3 times.
  2. Exercise “The Frog.” Take the crossbar with your palms and hang on it. Gently pull your knees to your chest. The back position should be monitored. When doing the exercise, the back is rounded. A set of exercises for the press for girls. Effective workouts with roller, wheel, horizontal bar, bench, chair

It is necessary to control breathing, while inhaling, make the knees rise to the chest, while lowering the legs, exhale. Do not swing the body of the body from side to side; during the exercise, the muscles of the press and hips experience tension.

With fitball

The gymnastic ball allows you to do various exercises that help protect the spine from getting injured, they remove excess load from the spinal column.

A set of exercises for the press makes it possible to train muscle fibers using a gymnastic ball:

  1. Rectal muscle pumping with fitball. Gently, slowly resting back against the fitball. Press the feet firmly against the floor. Bend the legs in the knee joints at about a right angle. Hands squeezed in the lock behind the head. Twist. Raise the upper half of the body above the surface of the ball, round the back. Save this position on 25 accounts. Take the starting position. Do 7-10 times. A set of exercises for the press for girls. Effective workouts with roller, wheel, horizontal bar, bench, chair
  2. Exercise oblique muscles of the abdomen. Gently lower your back on a flat floor. Lower the legs with calves onto the fitball, squeeze the hands on the back of the head in the lock. To produce diagonal twists in turn in both directions 7 times.
  3. A strap on a gymnastic sword. Put your elbows on the surface of the ball, transfer the weight of your body onto them, stretching the body and hips in one line. Hold the position for 10-30 seconds. Repeat 9 times.

On a bench and chair

A training called “Vacuum” can be done on a chair or bench. It has many positive effects: it effectively trains and develops the abdominal muscle, muscles that support the internal organs, rejuvenates and tones the liver, kidneys, pancreas, intestinal tract and thins the waist. A set of exercises for the press for girls. Effective workouts with roller, wheel, horizontal bar, bench, chair

Description of the exercise “Vacuum”:

  1. Sit on a bench or chair, put your hands with your palms down on your knees.
  2. The muscles of the back are relaxed, the weight of the body should be transferred to the palms of the hands.
  3. Exhale strongly and draw in as much as you can stomach.
  4. Delay for 15-30 seconds, then take a deep breath and relax.

After mastering the technique of this exercise, you can do it anywhere: in transport, in the workplace, at a bus stop, in traffic.

Static methods

The creation of conditions for reducing the necessary muscles without bringing them into a mobile state is carried out in static exercises. The muscles of the body perform active work, fixing the body in a stationary state.

A set of highly effective static exercises for girls, allowing you to intensively work out the abdominal muscles:

  1. “Strap”. Stand on the floor, covered with a rug, on all fours. Leaning on the hands, straighten the body in a line. The elbow joints of the upper limbs do not bend. Hold position for 30 seconds. A set of exercises for the press for girls. Effective workouts with roller, wheel, horizontal bar, bench, chair
  2. “Side bar”. Take the starting position on all fours. Turn to the side, lean on the elbow of the hand, keep the body straight. Stand 30 sec. Change position by turning and leaning on the elbow of the other hand. Hold position for 30 seconds.

The program for classes in the sports complex

Entry-level training complex for girls:

Exercise name Number of repetitions Number of approaches
Twisting the top of the case on a Roman bench. 15 3
Diagonal twists on a roman bench. 10 3
Simple squats without weighting 15 3
Push-ups from the floor, resting on the knees. 10 3

Workout program at home

An entry-level training complex for girls that can be done at home:

Exercise name Number of repetitions Number of approaches
Twisting the top of the chassis on the floor. 15 3
Diagonal twists on the floor 10 3
Squats without weights 15 3
Push-ups from the floor, resting on the knees. 10 3

Adhering to proper nutrition and regularly performing a set of exercises on the press, muscles will form in the abdomen and fatty tissue will go away. As a result, the posture and overall well-being of a woman will improve.

Video about a set of exercises for the press

Effective exercises at home:

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