How to reduce the volume of hips, buttocks, buttocks. A set of exercises for 2 weeks for girls

Every second woman suffering from fullness wants to reduce body volume. And as a rule, the most discontent with the figure goes to the hips. In addition, this part of the body is considered the most difficult to correct.

Causes of fat on the hips

The underlying causes of excessive accumulation of fat cells in the hips include:

  • A feature of genetics (especially with a figure in the form of an hourglass or pear).
  • Low motor activity or insufficient load on the muscles of the legs, accompanied by a high-calorie diet.
  • The physiological state of the woman’s body during pregnancy.
  • Diseases of a hormonal nature or while taking certain medications.

Exercises to reduce hips and buttocks in 2 weeks at home

An experienced fitness trainer can tell you how to reduce hips in the shortest possible time by resorting to the regular execution of certain exercises. In the absence of the ability to attend a gym or group classes, the problem of lush hips can be solved at home.

To do this, 3 times a week to perform the recommended set of exercises below (after warming up, respectively).

Lunges forward

A simple basic exercise that makes the biceps, quadriceps muscles of the thighs, calf, and back and abs work actively. There are several variations of the performance, however, the legs are worked out most qualitatively if dumbbells or a bar are used.

How to reduce the volume of hips, buttocks, buttocks. A set of exercises for 2 weeks for girls

  • Without weighting: straighten, legs spread out at a width of 19’7 inch, hands – at the waist. Take a step forward with your left foot, crouch, not reaching the right knee to the floor. The left thigh should be parallel to the floor. Come back. Repeat with the right foot. All you need to do 20 lunges.
  • With dumbbells: performed in the same way, only pick up dumbbells weighing 4 pounds and hold them at chest level.
  • With barbell: Stand up, put the barbell on your shoulders, holding it with your hands. Make 20 lunges forward.

Side lunges

A similar exercise, but performed not forward, but to the sides. It is required to stand at a distance from the furniture, hands can be held on the lower back or in front of the chest, the back is straight.

Take the leg to the side, transfer body weight and take a step, while crouching shallow. Spring a little and rise. It is carried out with or without cargo. Important – with lunges towards the heels of the feet should not be torn off the floor.


The action makes both the external and internal femoral muscles work (with abduction to the side), as well as train coordination. Take a standing position, straightening up, put your fingers on the belt or back of the chair. On inspiration, take the straightened leg to the side at the maximum possible angle. Lower the leg without placing the foot on the floor, and raising the socks and heel, bring in front of the supporting leg.

How to reduce the volume of hips, buttocks, buttocks. A set of exercises for 2 weeks for girls

So the gluteal muscles are more stretched. Repeat 20 times with each foot. The second option is to pull back. Get up to the back of the chair, grasp the support with your hands. To bring a straight leg back, slowly, to return. Do not put the active leg on the floor until all repetitions are completed (20 times). Repeat with the second leg. There should be tension in the buttocks.

Squat Plie

Exercise should be performed with weighting (dumbbells, weights), so the muscles are worked out more intensively, but it can be done without load. To perform, you need to place your feet. A dumbbell weighing 9 -11 pounds is required.

Holding the load with both hands slowly crouch deeply. Do not raise heels, try to keep your back straight. There will be a feeling of stretching the internal muscles of the legs. After 5 seconds, rise. Repeat plie 25 times.

Abduction of the leg lying on its side

There are several varieties of execution. The classic version is swinging the legs up from a supine position. The working leg is straight, the supporting leg can be slightly bent for stability, to lift vertically sideways to the maximum possible amplitude. Do 25 times.

How to reduce the volume of hips, buttocks, buttocks. A set of exercises for 2 weeks for girls

If after a few workouts the exercise seems easy, it is worth using weighting materials for the legs (they are wound around the ankle of the working leg). To complicate and stretch the external muscles of the thigh, it is worthwhile to lift the body and lean on the forearm, perform leg lift.

An alternative is raising the supporting leg.

Lie on the right side, support the head with the same hand, bend the left leg and move the foot forward, holding it with the left hand. Raise the supporting right leg, while there will be sensations of stretching of the external muscles of the thigh. Repeat 25 times and reposition.

Mahi kicked back standing on the floor on all fours

Performing a leg lift, standing on all fours, the back of the thigh is perfectly pumped. Classic performance – take emphasis on the palms and knees. The back should be straight, not bending. Straighten one leg and bring it back, perform springy lifts with a large amplitude, without lowering the leg to the knee. After 20 springs, change the leg.

To complicate this, you can use the dumbbell by placing it in the popliteal fold. Hold the load with your thigh and lower leg and slowly raise the bent leg up. Do 25 times. Repeat with the second leg. Another way to perform abduction, kneeling, is raising the bent leg to the side with extension.

How to reduce the volume of hips, buttocks, buttocks. A set of exercises for 2 weeks for girls

To perform, rest on the palm of your hand, knees (do not part) and fingers of the feet. Slowly raise the bent leg to an angle of 90 degrees, straighten the leg, bend and lower, but do not lean. Repeat 25 times. Change the supporting leg and complete another 25 lifts.

The fourth option – swings straight leg with lowering at different points. Take emphasis on the palms and knees. Straighten one leg and swing up, lowering the foot to the floor with a deviation to the right, then swing, lowering and deviating to the left.


Fixed exercise performed with emphasis on the elbows (palms) and toes (as standard). The bar involves a large group of muscles of all parts of the body, supports the muscle corset (stomach, back, buttocks). Effective exercise to achieve a flat stomach and strong abs. It is necessary to keep the position of the bar from 15-30 seconds to 3 minutes.

How to reduce the volume of hips, buttocks, buttocks. A set of exercises for 2 weeks for girls

The main types of planks and rules of execution:

Execution Features
direct classic Lie on the mat with your stomach. Climb to the elbows and bend them 90 degrees, transfer the weight to your hands. The body should be straightened in a line, the press is tense. You need to try to relax your head and neck, look at the floor
direct with support on the arm and leg Prepare for the execution of the usual bar, raise one arm and the opposite leg, after 30 – 40 seconds, change the arm and leg
straight palm up From the standard bar, gradually rise first on one palm, then on the other, transferring body weight, stand on straight arms and bend your elbows again. Move to different positions several times, without lowering the pelvis to the floor and without bending the knees
side Lie on your side, straighten your legs, raise your body, resting on your elbow. Check that the shoulder and elbow make a straight line. Raise your pelvis and stretch out. Put your free hand on your belt or raise it up

Photos of the correct position in the bar:

How to reduce the volume of hips, buttocks, buttocks. A set of exercises for 2 weeks for girls
The bar acts as the most effective exercise to reduce the volume of the hips.

In order to increase the time spent in the position it is important:

  • to do every day;
  • progress every 3 to 4 days (increasing the time by 5-10 seconds or the number of approaches);
  • additionally perform push-ups, squats, exercises with dumbbells.

Important points for the bar:

  • sneakers (barefoot legs will slip and balance will be difficult to keep);
  • mat (so that the elbows do not hurt);
  • comfortable clothes;
  • soft music.

If it is difficult to start with a classic or side plank, it is recommended to try a simplified method.

A set of workouts in the gym to reduce the buttocks and hips

How to reduce the volume of the hips – 3 rules to achieve the result:

  • Train 3-4 times a week, with a mandatory warm-up at the beginning and stretching at the end.
  • Combine power load (dumbbells or fitness equipment) with cardio training (running, swimming, jumping rope).
  • Correct the diet towards healthy foods with a low glycemic index (foods high in fiber and coarse fiber).

Simulator exercises

Arriving at the gym for the first time, you should consult a trainer so that he talks about the availability of women’s equipment and demonstrates the methods for doing the exercises, as well as what muscle groups are affected by the available equipment. This will reduce the time to search for the right unit and save you from injuries.

How to reduce the volume of hips, buttocks, buttocks. A set of exercises for 2 weeks for girls

The best activities on the simulators for slimness hips are:

  • Abduction and adduction of the hips. The internal muscles of the legs work. But do not immediately put a lot of weight, it is better to use an average, but do the exercise 25 times in 2 – 3 sets.
  • Hyperextension works well on the buttock and back. Lie in the groin on the “goat” (or inclined board). Put your hands on your chest or neck. Raise and lower the upper half of the body for 1 minute. Lean forward with the body, the back should be straight. Slowly bending and straightening.
  • Leg curl lying on the simulator. The gluteal and calf muscles are effectively involved. You need to lie on your stomach on the simulator board, place the ankles on the rollers, grasp the handles under the board with your hands. Perform leg pulls while inhaling. Slowly lower as you exhale. Perform 30 times, then repeat 2-3 sets.

Barbell and kettlebell exercises

The most effective exercises with a load for lifting the hips are:

  • Squats-springs. Need a platform for the step. Take 7 pounds of dumbbell. Stand with your back to the support, legs apart. Bring the right leg back, bending the knee and placing it on the support. Do squats without dropping to the floor with your right knee. Get up and repeat 25 times. Change leg and repeat.
  • Tilts forward. Bend forward while standing, without rounding the back. Hold the dumbbells in your hands, when tilting, they should fall down the hips.
  • Plie squat (technique described above).

Exercises with other equipment

From additional equipment for training your legs, you can apply:

  • Expander “butterfly” for the tension of the inner surface of the thighs. To perform, you need to lie on the mat on your side and hold the expander between your legs. Compress the legs.
  • Expander for the buttocks. The technique is the same as swinging your legs backward, standing on all fours, only using a sports tool.
  • Elastic band expander. As an application, complication of the side bar, reference point on the photograph:

How to remove ears on the hips with exercise. Training complex for 2 weeks

Professional fitness instructors know how to reduce the volume of hips, namely the so-called “ears” in a short time (5 weeks). It was they who developed the training program below for 14 days. All exercises are performed in 2 – 3 sets of 20 times for each leg. Training takes place every other day.

How to reduce the volume of hips, buttocks, buttocks. A set of exercises for 2 weeks for girls

In the days of “rest” it is recommended to go in for swimming, light jogging, walk on stairs to the highest floors or stretch out (yoga).

A set of exercises:

  • Mahi with straight legs lying on his side.
  • Squats without load (stand straight, legs wide apart, arms straighten forward or lead to the back of the head. Squat deep, do not tear off the heel)
  • Lunges.
  • Springing swings with the foot back and to the side in the “on all fours” pose.
  • Plie with a dumbbell.
  • Classic plank.

How to supplement workouts for greater effect

In the process of active reduction of the fat layer, cell destruction processes take place, the released decay products are removed from the body. To speed up the cleansing and make the skin smoother and more elastic, cosmetic procedures come to the rescue.


Losing weight for women is better to give preference to manual anti-cellulite massage (with oil or honey). The master visually sees the zones in need of correction, and works hard on them. In addition, the mechanical effect is very useful for intensive sports, to relieve muscle pain and continue classes without gaps.

How to reduce the volume of hips, buttocks, buttocks. A set of exercises for 2 weeks for girls

It is recommended to carry out manual massage twice a week, at least 10 procedures. Water massage (Sharko shower) has a similar effect, improving lymph flow and blood circulation. A course of 10 procedures with an interval of 5 days is considered optimal.


An effective remedy for losing weight is wrapping the problem area with masks with seaweed. The procedure has a tonic and cleansing effect, gives the skin smoothness and elasticity, and with a course of 10-15 wraps (lasting 40-50 minutes each, twice a week), it eliminates 2-3 extra pounds.

Lymphatic drainage

This is a procedure for removing excess fluid from the body, using special cosmetic devices or manually by a qualified massage therapist. It is considered the fastest way to combat the effect of “orange peel”.

How to reduce the volume of hips, buttocks, buttocks. A set of exercises for 2 weeks for girls

How to reduce the volume of the hips and tighten the buttocks will help 3 main rules of lymphatic drainage:

  • Perform massage every 2 days.
  • Take a course of 3-10 sessions of 50 minutes each (determined individually by the masseur).
  • Do not drink water within 2 hours after the procedure.


It is possible to reduce fat deposits on the hips (and, accordingly, their volume) by applying the injecting procedure, which is gaining popularity, which consists in subcutaneous injection of a fat-burning cocktail in the problem area. The technique has been successfully tested both on the hips and on the face, knees, nape, arms.

One procedure lasts from 30 to 60 minutes. The course is usually assigned from 7 to 10 sessions with an interval of 10 days). After mesodissolution, body volumes become 2 – 3’9 inch less and skin structure improves.

LPG massage

This is a type of hardware massage, which is based on a mechanical action on the deep and superficial layers of the skin. Using special roller nozzles of the device, working in two directions, the skin folds are captured under vacuum and lymphatic drainage massage is provided. The procedure is carried out through a special suit (purchased separately).

One session takes 20-30 minutes. The required course is twice a week, 10 procedures.

How to reduce the volume of hips, buttocks, buttocks. A set of exercises for 2 weeks for girls

Positive effects of massage:

  • disposal of excess fluid and toxic cell breakdown products;
  • improvement of blood circulation and lymph outflow;
  • cell stimulation for collagen and elastin production;
  • fat splitting.


For effective weight loss, you must follow the following rules in food:

  • eliminate (or minimize) direct sugar (the one that is added to drinks), as well as foods high in sugar;
  • reduce the consumption of flour products with a high glycemic index (products from wheat flour, sweets);
  • reduce the fat content of food during cooking (cook without oil or use no more than 1 large tablespoon per day);
  • the main diet for the duration of the diet should consist of high-protein foods (red and white meat, cottage cheese, dairy products), fresh vegetables and citrus fruits;
  • be sure to include cereals in the diet (morning and lunch) that help to overcome the craving for sweets.
  • drink at least 0,5 gallon of still water daily (tea, coffee are not considered).

Reducing the volume of the body (whether it be the hips, abdomen or waist) is a difficult process and requires a woman to manifest both willpower and great desire. Having patience and fulfilling the above recommendations, after only 1 month, the size of the clothes will become smaller and the body more elastic and toned.

Useful videos on effective exercises to reduce hip size

Top 5 exercises for the hips and buttocks:

Exercises for the breeches:

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