Shugaring paste at home. Recipes for different zones, how to cook sugar paste

One of the methods that has been successfully used in getting rid of unwanted hair is shugaring. It is used both in salons and at home using specially prepared pasta. The modern method of hair removal has a minimum of contraindications, effective and easy to use. There are several rules and recipes for sugar mixture for shugaring.

What is shugaring

The name comes from English sugar, in translation – sugar. It is he who is the main component in the manufacture of caramel products. The principle of effective technology is to apply a viscous caramel composition to the epilated area, an adhesive mass tightly envelops each individual hair, adhering tightly.

The mixture is kneaded, applied to the skin in the opposite direction of hair growth, aged 15-20 seconds, and then abruptly breaks down. A paste-like product for a cosmetic procedure can be bought or made independently. The history of the technique has many centuries, it is known that it was actively used in ancient Egypt. Shugaring paste at home. Recipes for different zones, how to cook sugar paste

The method is characterized by high efficiency, smoothness can be maintained for up to 2-3 weeks. To apply it at home, you need to know a few rules, choose the best caramel mass recipe for your skin, develop clear movements, this will help reduce pain.

In which areas of the skin can I do the procedure

Caramel paste for shugaring at home is universal, it helps to effectively, safely perform an epilation session in any areas.

The method is applied:

  • in front areas;
  • in the bikini area;
  • on legs, arms; Shugaring paste at home. Recipes for different zones, how to cook sugar paste
  • in the abdomen, armpits.

Hypoallergenic composition allows to perform epilation of a deep bikini without unpleasant consequences. Each zone has its own nuances in the preparation of the composition, the choice of ingredients and the density of the paste.

Advantages over other methods of hair removal

By its method, shugaring is similar to waxing, vegetation is also removed with the root, but there are significant differences between them.

Advantages of using sugar paste over other methods of hair removal:

  • No side effects. Caramel recipes exclude the presence of harmful acids, aggressive substances that can cause irritation and allergies.
  • Universality. The technique can be used in any areas, and high sensitivity of the skin, unlike many methods of hair removal, in shugaring is not a contraindication.
  • Minimum invasiveness . In the process, the skin is not injured, the possibility of burns, cuts, scratches is excluded, so infections do not enter the body.
  • Efficiency. When processing zones with paste, unwanted vegetation is completely and root removed. The procedure is possible with a hair length of 3/32 – 4/32 inch.
  • An exception to the problem of ingrowth . With the correct treatment of the areas with caramel mass, the growth of hairs after regular sessions is excluded.
  • Peeling. Together with vegetation, the mixture removes the keratinized layer of the epidermis, after the sessions the skin is perfectly smooth.
  • Ease of use. Pasta recipes are easy to make, even at home. After the session, no additional funds are required to remove the sweet residues, the sugar composition is easily removed with warm water. Shugaring paste at home. Recipes for different zones, how to cook sugar paste
  • Availability. Shugaring is an inexpensive procedure, the ingredients for preparing the mixture are in every home.

Gently enveloping each hair, the paste penetrates the follicles, removing vegetation as efficiently as possible. The method can not be called absolutely painless, but after the first procedure and in less sensitive areas, unpleasant sensations gradually decrease.


Shugaring is a safe procedure and has practically no unpleasant consequences.

But to conduct sessions in the cabin or at home, there are a number of contraindications:

  • decompensated diabetes mellitus;
  • allergy to the components of the paste;
  • acute and chronic skin pathologies;
  • burns, including sunburn; Shugaring paste at home. Recipes for different zones, how to cook sugar paste
  • infectious diseases in the acute stage;
  • herpetic infection in the active stage;
  • tendency to thrombosis;
  • epilepsy;
  • varicose veins;
  • benign and malignant neoplasms;
  • bearing a child.

Beauticians do not recommend a bikini hair removal procedure 2 days before and during menstruation. The sensitivity of the epidermis during this period is the highest, so the session will deliver increased pain.

Texture tools

Cooked pasta for shugaring at home can be of different consistencies. This or that density of structure allows to carry out procedure on various zones of a body as painlessly and productively as possible. Shugaring paste at home. Recipes for different zones, how to cook sugar paste

The composition may have the following texture:

  1. Soft. This consistency of sugar mass is characterized by increased elasticity, delicate texture. The optimal application of the composition is in the form of heat, preheating it slightly above body temperature. The soft texture allows you to efficiently and comfortably remove thin, light, cannon hairs. A mixture of soft texture is suitable for hair removal of legs, hands, deep bikini. In salons, this type of mass is used in bandage, manual (manual) equipment. There is also an ultra-soft paste that has a particularly delicate texture. Professionals offer owners of fair hair treatment of sensitive areas, as well as hands, feet, facial hair removal.
  2. Medium hardness. The most universal type of composition that is more convenient to use in simple manual (manual) equipment. The texture is jelly-like, easily applied and distributed on the site by hand. The paste effectively removes medium-hard hairs in any areas – arms, legs, in the bikini area. Before use, the mass must be prepared: slightly warm, and then knead in the hands until the chewing gum is elastic.
  3. Tough. Dense caramel is intended for epilation of especially sensitive areas where hard hairs grow. These are the zones of bikini, armpits, “antennae” above the lip.
    Shugaring paste at home. Recipes for different zones, how to cook sugar paste
    Shugaring paste at home – density depends on the amount of liquid and boiling time

Due to the dense
texture, the mixture copes with short hairs, removing them with the root. Before use, the composition requires preparation. The pasta is kneading for several minutes, heated in a waxclave or microwave. Dexterity is required in working with it, because it can quickly harden.

Rules for self-cooking mass

One of the benefits of shugaring is the fact that the paste for the session is easy to make at home from the most common ingredients.

There are several effective methods for making caramel mass. Natural ingredients of the composition allow you to gently remove vegetation from the root, maintaining the result for at least 2 weeks, nourish the dermal layer with useful substances.

There are basic rules for the manufacture of cosmetics:

  1. According to the selected recipe, you need to prepare the ingredients in the correct proportion.
  2. Sugar – the main component of the mass, filled with water, brought to a liquid state of caramel color.
  3. It is advisable to add lemon juice or citric acid after complete dilution of sugar to a syrup state.
  4. The mass is heated on fire, when the pleasant smell of candy has gone, the mass is quickly removed from the fire.
  5. Caramel should thicken, but it is important not to miss the moment and not to let the mass freeze completely. Then it is ready for use. Shugaring paste at home. Recipes for different zones, how to cook sugar paste

The composition is prepared both immediately before the procedure, and in reserve for several sessions. The mass is stored at room temperature for several months.

Lemon Recipe

The classic shugaring paste at home is made with the addition of natural lemon juice.

Initially, you need to prepare the ingredients:

  • 1 pounds of granulated sugar;
  • 1,35 fluid ounce of lemon juice;
  • 1,69 fluid ounce of water.

Step-by-step cooking process:

  1. Squeezed lemon juice must be filtered. All components are mixed, poured into a saucepan, a pan with a ceramic or Teflon coating.
  2. The mixture is heated gradually, first a few minutes over high heat, to gain temperature. Then the fire is reduced as much as possible, simmer the mixture for 10 minutes. In the process, be sure to stir so that the mass does not burn.
  3. When the syrup begins to boil, it changes color to dark caramel, a sweet aroma of candies appears, cover the dishes, and then cook for 2 minutes.
  4. After this, the mass is removed from the fire, without ceasing to stir intensively, this increases its ductility.
  5. When the paste is ready and cooled, pour into a container with a sealed lid. Before subsequent sessions, the composition needs to be slightly warmed up.

With citric acid

The basic structure includes:

  • granulated sugar – 6 tablespoon;
  • citric acid – 1/2 tablespoon;
  • water at room temperature 2 tablespoon. Shugaring paste at home. Recipes for different zones, how to cook sugar paste

Cooking mass:

  1. Sugar is mixed with water in a container, brought to a boil over low heat. Then turn off the stove and hold for another 10 minutes.
  2. When the syrup has become golden-caramel, its readiness can be checked by dropping a little cold water on the mixture. If the liquid collects without spreading, the composition is ready.
  3. When the caramel is ready, add citric acid to the mixture, stir thoroughly so that there are no grains left. When the paste cools down, but does not set, you can begin the process of hair removal.

Vinegar Shugaring Recipe

If there is no citric acid, natural lemon juice in the arsenal, but there is vinegar, you can make a paste according to this recipe:

  • granulated sugar 6 tablespoon .;
  • vinegar 6% 1 tablespoon;
  • water 2 tablespoon

As a rule, 6% apple cider vinegar is used in the composition.


  1. All components to mix.
  2. Boil over low heat until boiling.
  3. After boiling, cook for 10 minutes until cooked, stirring constantly.

When the mixture has cooled, you can start shugaring.

Microwave shugaring

Cooking the sweet mass in the microwave minimizes time.

It is necessary to take the ingredients in the proportion:

  • 240 g of sugar;
  • 2,03 fluid ounce strained lemon juice;
  • 20 g of honey.


  1. Mix all components in a ceramic container.
  2. Set the heating mode to 30 seconds.
  3. Put the container in the microwave.
  4. After 30 seconds, mix and repeat the algorithm.

To make a paste in this way, any basic recipe will do. Cooking time depends on the power of the unit.

With a decoction of medicinal plants

Healing herbs in the composition of shugaring paste provide care during the procedure. Shugaring paste at home. Recipes for different zones, how to cook sugar paste

For making at home you will need:

  • dry phyto-mixture: sage, chamomile, yarrow, rose petals, coltsfoot or plantain;
  • water;
  • 6 tablespoon Sahara;
  • 1/2 tablespoon lemon juice or acid.


  1. We brew a decoction of phyto-mixture and water in a ratio of 1 small tablespoons of 8,45 fluid ounce of liquid. The broth is infused for 10-25 minutes.
  2. Dilutes the finished broth with water in a ratio of 1: 2.
  3. We mix the ingredients, replacing the water in a classic recipe with a decoction of herbs.
  4. Heat on fire or in the microwave, stirring the mass.
  5. When the mixture has acquired a golden caramel color, thickened sufficiently, remove from heat, let cool, then proceed to the procedure.

Essential Oils Recipe

Essential oils are an antiseptic that prevents inflammation and irritation. Such a useful composition provides skin care during the procedure, most often used for shugaring in large areas.


  • 6 tablespoon granulated sugar;
  • 1/2 tablespoon citric acid powder;
  • 2 tablespoon warm water;
  • a couple drops of essential oils of peppermint, lemon, mandarin or tea tree.

How to cook:

  1. Put the sugar-lemon mixture with water on the stove, gradually bring to a boil.
  2. After which the fire is reduced, languish for 10 minutes.
  3. Add a couple of drops of essential oil to the finished mass, carefully transfer and allow to cool.

This recipe is used in large areas of hair removal, but people with a tendency to allergies should use the recipe with caution. It is recommended that you first make a test sample in an inconspicuous area.

Sugaring with glycerin

Glycerin has a softening effect, therefore, such a shugaring paste at home is used to epilate particularly sensitive areas.

To prepare you need to take:

  • 2 cups granulated sugar;
  • 1/4 cup strained natural lemon juice;
  • 1/4 cup of water at room temperature;
  • 2 tablespoon of glycerin.


  1. Mix all the ingredients in a saucepan.
  2. After boiling the mass over low heat, foam forms. Continuously stir to cook another 3-4 minutes.
  3. Turn off the fire, close tightly with a lid and leave for 10 minutes.

Cool, pour into a sealed container, and then proceed to hair removal.

Rules for independent shugaring

Shugaring at home is carried out in stages:

  1. Prepare the hair removal zone by cleaning and degreasing the area with lotion, drying and sprinkling with talcum powder.
  2. Pick up a small amount of mass, roll the ball, and then actively knead to the most plastic state.
    Shugaring paste at home. Recipes for different zones, how to cook sugar paste
  3. When the caramel became softer and acquired a pearly shade, the paste is applied to the epilated area, stretching the mass against the growth of hairs.
  4. 25-20 seconds after application by a sharp movement to disrupt the mass along the hair growth. To reduce pain and remove the maximum number of hairs at a time, the skin in the treated area needs to be pulled a little.
  5. Excess sugar paste after processing can be removed with warm water.

In contact with the paste, the hands and skin at the treatment sites should be absolutely dry, any moisture can ruin the texture of the paste, which will interfere with the effectiveness of the session.

How to care for your skin after the procedure

It is necessary to follow the rules of care after a shugaring session:

  • On the first day after the session, it is not recommended to use a deodorant, if necessary, replace with talc.
  • Immediately after the procedure, eliminate intense physical activity.
  • During the first 3 days, exclude trips to the sauna, bathhouse, pool.
  • On day 2, perform scrubbing to stimulate blood circulation and lymph outflow. Repeat peeling once a week to prevent the problem of ingrowth.
  • Wipe the epilated areas with lotion, lubricate with a cream that slows hair growth. Shugaring paste at home. Recipes for different zones, how to cook sugar paste
  • Moisturize the skin, preventing it from drying out. You can use cosmetic cream, healing broths of chamomile, celandine, sage, oak bark.
  • If the zones after the session turned red, irritation appeared, treat them with antiseptic ointment or panthenol-containing preparations.

How to store pasta

The shelf life of finished professional pastes, subject to the rules, is 2 years. A mass prepared on its own can be stored for several months.

It is important to observe 3 criteria:

  • temperature should exceed 25 degrees;
  • humidity not more than 75%;
  • tightness of the container.

In order to avoid deformation of the mixture, direct sunlight must be avoided.

Is it possible to save a frozen mass

If the shugaring paste is frozen, you do not have to rush to throw it away. At home, the mixture is easily “resuscitated.” Enough to put the sugar mixture in a water bath or in the microwave, add 1 tablespoon. water and melt.

The sticky mixture often freezes during its preparation if it is not well mixed. The golden rule of any recipe for a sugar hair remover is that it’s better not to overdo it than to overdo it on fire.

Shugaring Cooking Video

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Shugaring paste:

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