Sculpting body massage. Before and after photos, video tutorials, results

The human body, due to the specifics of the figure, the presence of bad habits or various health problems, may not look as perfect as we would like. Big belly, “French flanks”, double chin – these are problems that are fixed by a specialist using sculpting massage for the face and the whole body.

Indications for massage

Up to 30 years, the lymphatic system copes with getting rid of excess fluid, harmful microorganisms. After – the body can be helped by attending courses of sculpting massage, which will ensure that fat deposits are eliminated on all parts of the body without strict diets and many hours of training in the gym.

You need to sign up for a specialist if:

  • most of the time a person spends in a sitting position;
  • there is varicose veins;
  • swelling of the extremities is present;
  • cellulite is manifested;
  • the skin has become flabby;
  • there are striae (stretch marks);
    Sculpting body massage. Before and after photos, video tutorials, results
    Sculpting body massage is effective for stretch marks.
  • in the presence of excess weight, a tendency to be overweight, obesity.

Problem areas

The main problem areas in which cellulite, striae, and fat deposits appear are:

  • belly and sides;
  • hips;
  • hands;
  • chest.

By acting on subcutaneous fat, deep muscle layers can be achieved:

  • blood circulation improvement;
  • oxygen enrichment of organs and tissues of the body;
  • relieving muscle cramps;
  • normalization of the lymphatic system;
  • reduce body fat;
  • removal of excess fluid;
  • increase in muscle mass;
    Sculpting body massage. Before and after photos, video tutorials, results
  • the formation of a relief figure.


Sculpting massage is used to correct facial contours, which produces a rejuvenating effect.

The procedure is indicated for clients over 30 years of age in cases of problems such as:

  • edema;
  • scars
  • acne;
  • omission of the corners of the mouth and eyes;
  • discoloration of the skin of the face;
  • flabbiness;
  • wrinkles;
  • double chin;
  • problems with the contour of the face.

Subject to diet, physical activity, the effect of 1 course of treatments lasts 6 months. As a result, the amount of subcutaneous fat in the areas under development decreases to 2 inch, the manifestations of cellulite are reduced, the working capacity and muscle tone increase.


Sculpting massage is useful for improving the contours of women and men, because the effect is achieved by getting rid of body fat and improving metabolic processes.


In the female body after the session:

  • capillaries expand, which improves blood flow to the skin;
  • toxins and fluid are eliminated;
  • fatty tissue breaks down;
  • body volumes are reduced;
    Sculpting body massage. Before and after photos, video tutorials, results
  • metabolism is accelerated.


Massage for men is effective and, as a result:

  • metabolic processes are normalized;
  • contours of a figure are corrected;
  • the volume of the abdomen decreases;
  • posture improves.


Outdoor games, excessive physical exertion deplete the child, overloading his musculoskeletal system, nervous system.

Massage can help normalize the work of the body, which will provide:

  • improvement of muscle tone;
  • increase body stamina;
  • improved metabolism;
  • getting rid of subcutaneous fat in case of obesity or overweight.

As with therapeutic massage, sculpting can be prescribed for children from 5 years.

How to prepare for the procedure

Before proceeding with the procedure, high-quality preparation is necessary not only for the participants: the masseur and the client, but also for the place where this will take place.

Place requirements

The treatment room must comply with all the rules so that the procedure is comfortable and gives maximum benefit:

  • temperature does not exceed 220C;
  • the room is ventilated;
    Sculpting body massage. Before and after photos, video tutorials, results
  • high-quality lighting: the lamps are not directed into the face of the masseur and illuminate the client at an angle. In the absence of good light, the specialist will tire quickly;
  • washbasin, shower;
  • towel, soap;
  • chairs;
  • office table;
  • cabinet for uniform;
  • screen;
  • couch or table for the procedure.

Massage Therapist Requirements

Sculpting body massage can be done in a specialized salon and at home independently.

If the procedure is carried out by a specialist, he must follow the basic rules and hygiene standards:

  • wash your hands before and after the procedure, briefly cut your nails, there should be no damage, calluses on the skin;
  • rings and watches are missing;
  • the skin should not have inflammation, fungal infections that can be transmitted by contact;
  • Before the procedure, hands are washed with soap, and at the end they are washed and lubricated with a softening cream;
  • the masseur must know the anatomy (to understand the location of internal organs, muscles, tendon attachment, the course of blood vessels and nerve fibers);
  • the specialist determines the indications for the appointment of massage and cases when it is contraindicated;
  • special clothes should be clean, shoes comfortable and light;
    Sculpting body massage. Before and after photos, video tutorials, results
  • massage is not done immediately after eating, because you have to work in a bent position, which can cause discomfort in the stomach and intestines;
  • the massage therapist must also be a psychologist, quickly responding to complaints and suggestions of the client.

Massage Poses

The location of the problem area determines the position of the person during the massage session: lying, standing or sitting:

  1. Boca and belly. Massage is performed only in a standing position, in order to minimize pressure on the internal organs. To enhance the effect and a greater separation of the fat layer, the client should tighten the abdominal muscles.
  2. When massagi
    ng the hips, the legs relax as much as possible, so the best postures are: sitting or lying with legs bent at the knees.
  3. Hand massage involves complete relaxation of the upper body. It will be most comfortable to do procedures in a lying position or sitting on a chair.


Sculpting body massage does not involve the use of any devices.

As auxiliary tools may be:

  1. Sterile talcum powder . It increases the adhesion of the hands of the masseur to the skin of the client.
  2. Essential oils (requires mixing with the base). Rose, jasmine, lavender have a calming effect on the nervous system. Citrus fruits accelerate the breakdown of fat and the fight against cellulite. Basil, ginger, cloves tone, relieve pain. Esters are also used as aromatherapy, as an addition to massage.
  3. Base oils : jojoba, grape seed, almond, olive, apricot, sesame. They soften the skin, relax.

Customer training

Rules of conduct for the client before the sculpting massage procedure:

  • It is necessary to come to the procedure 10-15 minutes before the start, in order to have time to catch your breath and relax – this will allow the body to prepare for the movements of the masseur;
  • the bladder should be empty;
    Sculpting body massage. Before and after photos, video tutorials, results
  • more than 1 hour has passed after eating and at least 1 hour before the next meal;
  • 1 hour before the procedure, you need to take a shower with a soft sponge and gel;
  • do not use perfumes, eau de toilette, foreign odors can irritate during massage;
  • Before the first session, tell the master about health problems (if any), this will allow you to adjust the features of massage, time, intensity of its implementation;
  • if there are allergic reactions to cosmetics, oils, you need to bring your own skin softener before massage;
  • you should always report about the sensations during the procedure so that the specialist can work out the problem areas as much as possible without uncomfortable sensations.

Varieties and techniques

For the procedure of modeling a massage figure, 4 techniques are used: stroking, vibration, rubbing, kneading.

Execution technique Effects on the body Massage Techniques
Stroking The technique is used at the beginning and end of the procedure. As a result of its use, keratinous scales are removed from the skin surface, the work of the sebaceous glands, skin respiration, and circulatory system are normalized. The skin becomes firm, supple, swelling is eliminated. Stroking is performed by soft, sliding movements along the veins and lymph vessels. With existing edema, massage begins from the highest point – this accelerates the outflow of fluid.

First, stroking should be superficial, and then deep, to warm the muscles.

Vibration Exposure to vibration gives an anti-inflammatory, tonic, analgesic effect. Irritation of nerve endings by this technique, performed by fingers, fists, back of the palm, regulates their excitability, which helps improve the functioning of the nervous, lymphatic, and circulatory systems. During processing of the problem area with vibrating movements (patting, striking, chopping), the intensity gradually increases. Due to this, fatty deposits, cellulite are broken.
Trituration The rubbing technique improves blood circulation, eliminates edema, reduces pain, increases muscle tone, prepares the body for kneading. The movements are carried out by the edge of the hand, fingers, the supporting part of the brush in different directions: zigzag, longitudinal, circular, spiral.
Kneading In a sculpting massage, the kneading technique most effectively affects the muscles, increasing their elasticity, contractile function. Improving blood and lymph circulation of the massaged surface accelerates metabolism, tissue nutrition. Kneading includes a number of techniques that the masseur chooses at his discretion:
  • tingling;
  • wallow;
  • shift
  • pressure;
  • kneading with the base of the palm;
  • kneading with thumbs.

In the process of developing the health and beauty industry, specific massage techniques have been developed:

  1. Kosh technique . A rather painful procedure performed exclusively in salons. Talc is applied to the problem area and rubbed with warming movements. Next, the masseur nibbles, twists, stretches the skin, increasing the load, which contributes to the breakdown of fat. The procedure is performed in the direction from the legs to the head. After the procedure, 5 minutes you need to lie down so as not to overload the body.
    Sculpting body massage. Before and after photos, video tutorials, results
  2. Modeling sculptural massage is also performed only by specialists. The impact does not occur on the whole body, but only on the problem area, which makes it more effective. Stages of the procedure: stroking, rubbing, kneading. After the massage, rest time is 15 minutes.
  3. Sculpting facial massage helps to get rid of wrinkles, tighten the skin. The techniques of stroking, rubbing, kneading, grabbing are used.
  4. Massage J. Siocco involves cleansing the skin, rubbing with talcum powder, massaging the neckline with an upward movement, ending in the scalp. The skin is worked out by grips, sliding, pressing, rolling.
  5. Massage A. Grebennikova does not cause pain. Only problem areas are being worked out. In addition to the basic execution techniques, there are wraps, the use of creams, gels and aromatherapy.

Sculpting massage for the body is an effect on each muscle, which leads to the activation of its work and muscle building. At the same time, the breakdown of adipose tissue and fluid reduces the volume of deposits in problem areas.

The course of massage for women depends on the menstrual cycle: 2 weeks after menstruation, the masseur is engaged in “loosening” of subcutaneous fat, and the next 2 weeks – crushes problem areas, “pushing” toxins to the lymph nodes, from where they will be removed from the body.

To enhance the effect, visits to saunas, the use of anti-cellulite products and hot wraps, and diet are prescribed in parallel with the massage.

Sculpting body massage. Before and after photos, video tutorials, results

The masseur, d
epending on the individual problems of each client (cellulite, obesity, an increase in muscle volume) paints a schedule of procedures. On average, the course lasts a month, 2 times a week.


The sequence of modeling massage provides the study of problem areas and includes the steps of:

  1. A light stroking that prepares for the next technique.
  2. Rubbing helps to warm the muscles, increase body temperature.
  3. The deep layers of the muscles are worked out by kneading, the lymphatic system is activated, collagen and elastin are produced.
  4. Stroking is the final stage of massage.

Massage the abdomen and sides

Sculpting body massage includes getting rid of subcutaneous fat on the abdomen and hips. The movements of the masseur’s hands in this area are circular clockwise.

Direction – from top to bottom:

  1. The first stage is the warming up of the problem area.
  2. The second is the active breakdown of body fat. With fascinating movements, a fold of the abdomen is taken and moved to the lowest point with pinch movements. Repeats over the entire surface from one side to the other.

Sculpting body massage. Before and after photos, video tutorials, results

The disadvantage of massage is the appearance of bruises, but this is also a sign of a quality procedure.

Hips massage

Massaging the legs begins from the hip, gradually dropping down. The technique of rolling the captured folds is alternated with tapping with knuckles on the skin (to mild pain).

Hand massage

Observing the main stages of sculpting massage, the neck area is worked out first with a gradual advancement to the wrist.

Breast massage

Breast massage is indicated for loss of shape, stretch marks, skin defects:

  1. Before the procedure starts, the skin is treated with cream and warmed up in a circular motion clockwise, and after that – counterclockwise.
  2. The second stage – active patting of the palm from the nipple to the sides.
  3. The final step is a deep stroking.

Duration of behavior

Massage time depends on its type, state of health of the client, volume of work.

On average, a session lasts:

  • Kosh technique – 60 – 90 min.;
  • the technique of J. Siocco – 30-60 minutes;
    Sculpting body massage. Before and after photos, video tutorials, results
  • classic body sculpting massage – 30 min .;
  • facial massage – 30 – 40 minutes;
  • Massage by A. Grebennikov – 45 min.

The main problems: getting rid of body fat, cellulite, edema are solved by massage lasting 60 minutes. (without wrapping) and 120 min. with cosmetic anti-cellulite wrap.

Harm and contraindications

It is strictly forbidden to use sculpting massage if the client has:

  • tumors;
  • oncology;
  • myocardial ischemia;
  • renal failure;
  • blood diseases;
  • diabetes;
  • pregnancy, the period of breastfeeding;
  • viral diseases;
  • after a chemical peeling procedure;
  • skin diseases with rashes;
  • fever;
  • inflammation of the sebaceous glands;
  • problems with endocrine glands;
  • coronary insufficiency.

It is important to choose a good specialist, especially for facial massage, because a poor-quality procedure can lead to distortion of the contours, the appearance of hematomas and tumors.

With caution, in a more simplified form, massage is done:

  • allergy sufferers;
  • children
  • To old people;
  • with varicose veins (problem areas should be avoided);
    Sculpting body massage. Before and after photos, video tutorials, results
  • suffering from epilepsy (only after consulting a doctor).

What could harm massage

Unprofessional massage and the massage therapist’s lack of knowledge about health problems can lead to serious consequences:

  • active massaging with varicose veins can lead to a blood clot;
  • chronic diseases – go to the stage of exacerbation;
  • inflammatory processes after the session are amplified, as a result of the acceleration of lymphatic drainage processes, improved blood circulation;
  • when massaging the head in a patient with epilepsy, the risk of a seizure is high;
  • excessive load during pregnancy can lead to injury, therefore during this period only a delicate foot massage is permissible;
  • children and elderly people require an individual approach with a more facilitated set of techniques, because the skin and muscle system of these population groups are vulnerable to strong physical impact.

Sculpting massage is highly recommended in the practice of healing the body and giving it the desired shape due to the simplicity of execution, for which special mechanical devices are not needed. The result of 8 sessions is tightened chest, buttocks and abdomen, slender legs, getting rid of cellulite, stretch marks and excess fat.

Sculpting Body Massage Video

How to lose weight from a sculpting massage:

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