The program for pumping the press at home and the gym for girls and men. Workout Exercise Table

A program specially designed for pumping press for girls or men will help to make the stomach flat. If you can’t regularly visit the gym, you can organize classes and work out at home.

Features of homework

At home, there is no control of the trainer, there are no class schedules compiled by a professional. Therefore, the speed of the result depends directly on desire and diligence, as well as on some other points:

  1. If there is an incentive for self-improvement, you need to set a goal and plan the stages of its achievement, then the positive effect will be felt after a few lessons.
  2. Training at home is carried out without simulators. When compiling a program, you should include exercises with dumbbells, a ball, a roller for the press. If these items are not available, then they can be purchased. They will not take up much space.
  3. Cardio workouts are the best fat burners. An hour of running removes up to 900 calories from the body. You can do at home walking, jumping.

The program for pumping the press at home and the gym for girls and men. Workout Exercise Table

Hours of work will not help if you do not remove excess weight in advance, because the pumped-up press will not be visible under a layer of fat. In this situation, choose an integrated approach, which includes:

  • proper nutrition;
  • cardiovascular training.

Proper nutrition means consuming low-calorie foods. Well-established fractional diet. If you spend more calories than you consume, the body will burn fat.

When the necessary preparation of the body is carried out, they go on to training the press. The transverse abdominal muscle deserves special attention, it restrains the internal organs. Regularly carry out the exercise “vacuum”, inhale and hold the air, drawing in the stomach.

Nutrition rules before and field training

The exercise program for pumping the embossed press includes a balanced nutrition system. Reduce the amount of fat in the body by speeding up the metabolism.

There are several ways to speed up the metabolism:

  • power training;
  • meals 5 times a day in small portions;
  • fluid intake in large quantities;
  • inclusion of protein products in the menu;
  • consumption of black coffee without sugar;
  • morning exercises in gymnastics.

To achieve a positive result, choose one path or combine several. As a necessary supplement, it is recommended to go on a diet according to one of the options:

  1. Protein;
  2. Low carb.

For greater effectiveness, they are alternated. The female half of the population prefers the first option. It is simple, effective, and consists exclusively of protein products. You need to eat often, drink water, sleep well.

The second option immediately crosses out sweets, seasonings, fried, greasy. Switch to low-carb nutrition gradually. The next step will be the rejection of fruits. As a result, there are cereals, products that contain protein. You need to eat often, a lot.

The alternation of protein and carbohydrate days helps to actively burn fat. Any of their diets goes well with physical activity. They should be selected carefully, taking into account individual characteristics.

Develop a training plan and schedule for men and women

The body quickly gets used to the monotony. Training needs to be diversified, change the set of exercises, the number of repetitions, the order. It is necessary to have a rest between sets. The program includes exercises, during the performance of which one feels a contraction, stretching of the trained muscles.

The program for pumping the press at home and the gym for girls and men. Workout Exercise Table

To make a training schedule, you need to decide on the day of pumping the press. If press classes are held on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are not suitable for enhanced training. These days they train the pectoral muscles or relax from the sport.

Alternating the main workout with light on abs is recommended for girls.

Intensive fat burning occurs due to the duration of the session. Lipose processes are activated only 40 minutes after the start of work. Therefore, a week will be able to spend 3 easy pumping press. To put them at the beginning or end of a workout, the girl must decide for herself, based on her well-being.

The program for pumping the press at home and the gym for girls and men. Workout Exercise Table

The program for pumping the men’s press is built on a power basis. To obtain an effective result, it is enough to organize one volumetric heavy training. Start with warming up the arms, back, shoulders, chest. Then pump press. Lower limb training ends the lesson. If you don’t like this approach, you should consider the crossfit style. The abdominal muscles get a load at every workout.

Possible mistakes when doing exercises

The human body is one harmonious mechanism. For classes to be effective, you need to work on all the muscles. In many halls, the training structure is standard:

  • warm-up;
  • Squats
  • push ups;
  • exercises for the back, buttocks;
  • press;
  • light stretch.

Various corrections are made to the course of the lesson, but the exercises for the press are almost always at the end. Transferring them to the middle is considered an erroneous action. It is undesirable to change the training itself constructively.

Common Beginner Mistakes:

  • Ignoring complex exercises.
  • Pressing the press to put in the beginning.
  • Failure to diet.
  • The entire training program is only for pumping the press.
  • Exercise daily.
  • Do only twisting.
  • Incorrect execution.
  • Neglecting the muscles of the lower back.
  • The complexity of the old exercises does not increase, new ones are not introduced.
  • The use of special devices from the telemarket.

If you want to get the perfect press, you need to make sure that the above errors are not made. Incorrectly performed actions can be harmful. You need to adhere to your plan and not to miss workouts.

Basic exercises for beginners

The program for beginners to pump the press is based on the study of all the muscle departments, the development of the right technique. Before moving on to “advanced” exercises with extra weight, you should learn to swing the press and feel your body.

They begin to study at home: 2–4 times a week will be enough. Exercises perform slowly. An indicator of the correctness of the action will be a burning sensation in the muscles of the abdomen.


  1. They do lateral twists, elbowing the opposite knee.
  2. An excellent gymnastics is the traditional twisting with hands behind the head.
  3. Raise up at the same time arms, legs. Returning to the starting position, do not touch the floor.
  4. Only lift your legs, trying to push them up.
  5. Create additional tension in the press, pull your knees to your chest, do not touch the heels of the floor.
  6. You can finish the complex with a “bar”. They pull the body, lower the face, try not to lift the buttocks. Retract the stomach, creating tension.

The program for pumping the press at home and the gym for girls and men. Workout Exercise Table

To maintain interest in classes, they should be gradually complicated. When the muscles are accustomed to the created load, new actions are added. Perseverance, discipline, regularity will pump up a beautiful relief at home.

How to clean your stomach

Excess weight is gained due to malnutrition, smoking, stress.

The program for pumping the press at home and the gym for girls and men. Workout Exercise Table You can remove body fat by observing the following 7 rules:

  1. It is necessary to review the diet. Refuse products with fast carbohydrates. It includes white bread, sugar, muffin, potatoes. Dishes are baked in the oven, steamed. Eat more fruit and vegetable products.
  2. Every month they set a goal and strive to achieve it.
  3. Start with a simple diet, go to the tough later.
  4. Go to sports activities carefully. Start with hiking. Perform them daily for 30 minutes. Then include in the program nightly jogging, cycling.
  5. Learn the theory of burning fat.
  6. They are engaged in replacing fat mass with muscle mass.
  7. Strengthens the muscles.

A positive result is easier to come by starting a fight with the stomach immediately after it appears. The presence of even a small abdomen triggers the mechanism of further weight gain.

Fat Burning Exercises

Cardio loading is an important part of exercising for burning belly fat. For men, leg lifts and squats are considered effective. Women are advised to devote 15 minutes of continuous walking daily.

Many calories burn:

  • walking;
  • run;
  • jumping
  • bike rides.

People with a lot of excess weight should move a lot. Walking for an hour burns 400 kcal. Train 3 times a week at a slow pace.

The program for pumping the press at home and the gym for girls and men. Workout Exercise Table

600 kcal per hour disappears due to running. However, such activities are not suitable for people with overweight. You need to do 3 times a week for 30 minutes. If running without stopping is difficult, it is allowed to alternate between running and walking.

Jumping rope is considered an effective exercise. This is the most difficult type of activity. 10 minutes of classes are enough to lose 200 kcal.

A bike ride burns 600 kcal per hour. The load on the knees is low, so this type of exercise is suitable for overweight people. For training, it is enough to allocate 3 days a week for 30–45 minutes.

Experts recommend performing 3 simple exercises one after another:

  1. You need to lie on the floor with your back down. Legs straighten, slowly rise to an angle of 30 degrees. Hold in this position for 20 seconds. Slowly lower. Do 10 repetitions.
  2. Raise the body, leave the legs on the floor. Hands do not help themselves. They try to keep their back straight.
  3. Raise the lower limbs and the body at the same time. Keep balance, tighten. The complexity of the implementation is to maintain balance.

If the final exercise does not cause difficulties in performing, the muscles can be considered quite trained. Try not to overexert. Constantly measure the pulse. The exercises described above plus cardio training will help deprive the body of fat deposits, accelerate metabolism.

Relief Press Exercises

To have 6 clear cubes, you need to exercise regularly. Classes for highlighting make longer. If there is not enough time, you should do a simple run.

The program for pumping the press at home and the gym for girls and men. Workout Exercise Table


  1. Take the “lying” position. Bend the lower limbs. Hands are locked in a “lock” behind the head. Raise the torso slowly. Keep your back straight. Do 3 sets of 10 climbs.
  2. The upper limbs are moved under the buttocks. Raise and lower legs. The number of repetitions is the same as in the previous exercise.
  3. Complicate the first exercise. Perform it in the same way, adding twists of the body, elbow reach the opposite knee.
  4. Legs are straight, elbows behind the head in the castle. Raise, bending, lower limbs. The body is torn off the floor, the elbows touch the knees. At the moment of contact they strain the press.
  5. The following exercise is performed if there is a horizontal bar. You need to hang, raise your legs and pull them to your chest. If possible, lower limbs raise straight.

Each exercise is performed 10-12 times in 3 sets. If you are having difficulty, arrange minute pauses. When they get used to the load, increase it. The main secret of the raised abdomen is the ability to tighten the abdominal muscles. It is necessary to consciously include them in the work.

Home workout program

The muscles of the press are pumped at home, but not everyone achieves a positive result, because most people work out daily, not realizing that muscle relief depends on complex measures.

Home complex:

  1. Side plank. You need to lie on your side, the body along the floor. Reliance on the elbow. Tighten the abdominal muscles. Knees must be torn off the floor. You need to hold on in this position for 30 seconds, then turn to the other side.
  2. Lateral twisting lying. The right leg rests on the floor, the left – on her knee. Tear one shoulder off the floor, straining muscles, the head remains in place. After 10 executions, they change sides.
  3. Lateral twists on the side. They rise upwards, pushing off by the strength of muscles. Delayed at the highest point for 5 seconds. After 7 repetitions, they change side.
  4. Elbow Stand. Keeping the body in a straight pose for 30 seconds, look down. Buttocks do not stick out.
  5. “Scissors”. Elongated lower limbs are lifted up. They move them left – right, crossing. There is no need to rush, you should feel your weight. Do 3 sets of 10 times.
  6. Turns to the side while sitting. Hands fasten in a lock. They take it to the side, pulling the opposite leg towards itself. Hold for 5 seconds, return to their original position.
  7. Having mastered this complex, you can proceed to more complex actions. Exercises on the press develop abdominal muscles, improve the shape of the cubes, they do not burn fat. If it is difficult to carry out all the proposed actions, choose several that are optimal.

Having mastered this complex, you can proceed to more complex actions. Exercises on the press develop abdominal muscles, improve the shape of the cubes, they do not burn fat. If it is diffi
cult to carry out all the proposed actions, choose several that are optimal.

Gym Workout Program

An ideal option is 3 visits to the gym per week. Abdominal pumping is given 30 minutes. Beginners do each exercise 10 times. All figures are relative, average values are indicated. During training, they are adjusted depending on the ease / complexity of the load.


  1. They settle down on an inclined board, restore breathing. Perform exhalations of the body. The angle between the bench and the body should be 90 degrees. Avoid sudden movements, do not increase the pace.
  2. They sit on the fitball so that when changing position the ball is at the level of the lower back. Bend the lower limbs, spread them to the sides. Feet do not tear off the floor. Hands are behind the head. If it is difficult to perform the exercise in this position, move them to the chest. Exhaling smoothly, raise the body, without tearing off the lower back. On inspiration, they occupy the starting position.
  3. Go to the simulator. They occupy a sitting position. They fix spots, hold hands on the handles. Exhaling air, pull the upper, lower limbs to themselves, twisting into a ball. Freeze for 2 seconds, come back.
  4. Need to hang on the simulator. Bending the legs, pull them to the chest. The case does not swing. Perform the following exercise in the same way, but with straight legs.
  5. Stacked on the bench. Hold her hands at hips. Raise legs at an angle of 90 degrees. On the exhale, the buttocks are torn off, stretched with their feet to the ceiling. On a breath come back. You can’t swing, do everything smoothly, slowly.

The ongoing training program for pumping the embossed press allows you to achieve a positive result, if you make no mistakes. Cubes will appear, but will be hidden by the fat layer. To burn it, add cardio training and adjust the diet.

Monthly training: 30-day table

You can build a program consisting of several exercises. Engaged at home. Enough 3 times a week. Monthly training includes:

  • twisting;
  • reverse twisting;
  • the bar.
Days Twisting Reverse twisting Plank (sec)
1 10 5 10
2 15 8 12
3 20 11 14
4 25 14 16
5 30 17 18
6 35 20 20
7 40 23 22
8 45 26 24
9 50 29th 26
10 55 32 28
11 60 35 30
12 65 38 32
13 70 41 34
14 75 44 36
15 80 47 38
16 85 50 40
17 90 53 42
18 95 56 44
19 100 59 46
20 105 62 48
21 110 65 50
22 115 68 52
23 120 71 54
24 125 74 56
25 130 77 58
26 135 80 60
27 140 83 62
28 145 86 64
29th 150 89 66
30 155 92 68

To warm up, you need to run at a slow pace. Stretch, warming up the body. Growth is gradual. The movements are performed smoothly. Do not rush, observe the breathing technique. When the muscles are trained and will easily cope with the load, you need to increase it. You can efficiently pump the press with the help of circular sets.

Program for pumping the press:

  • in the “lying” position to raise legs;
  • twisting;
  • strap;
  • twisting twist.

The circular principle is to carry out exercises one after another. Rest between sets no more than a minute. During one training do 3 sets.

A program drawn up for a month for pumping the press is considered a unique method. It’s easier to pump up the press if you follow the daily regimen: in the morning do jogging, exercise, balance the diet. The factors that influence the achievement of the result also include discipline and organization.

Video tips from professionals on how to train effectively

The program for pumping girls:

The program for pumping men:

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