Rivanol for hair removal. Instructions for use, price, analogues, reviews

Initially, Rivanol was used in medicine as a disinfectant. When it was noticed that in the treated areas the hair became lighter, thinner and fall out over time, cosmetology became interested in the drug. Today, it is considered an effective tool for removing excess hair , as evidenced by consumer reviews.

Chemical composition

The main active ingredient in Rivanol is ethacridine lactate, a substance that is a fine crystalline yellow powder, odorless, bitter in taste, soluble in hot water. Ethacridine is an antimicrobial agent and is able to slow down or completely stop the process of hair growth.

Rivanol for hair removal. Instructions for use, price, analogues, reviews

Until recently, the second component of Ravinol was boric acid – a colorless powder soluble in alcohol and is a powerful antiseptic that causes a slowdown in the growth and development of pathogenic flora.

Today, due to the negative qualities of boric acid, most manufacturers use instead of it an analogue – methyl ester of para-hydroxybenzoic acid (food supplement E218 or methyl paraben).

It also has antimicrobial effects, but is considered safer. Causes unwanted skin reactions in the form of irritation and hyperemia only in high concentrations. In the human body, methylparaben breaks down into simple components and is excreted in the urine without lingering in the tissues.

In pharmacies you can find 2 options.

In the first case, ethacridine contains lactate and boric acid, and in the second:

  • ethacridine lactate;
  • para-hydroxybenzoic acid methyl ester;
  • distilled water.

In what form is produced

Rinovat for hair removal (reviews confirm that in the fight against unnecessary hair, various types of funds can be used) can be issued in the form:

  • ointments;
  • powders;
  • powders;
  • pills
  • solutions of various concentrations.

To combat excess hair, it is recommended to use 1% and 0.1% solutions: another option is unacceptable, since it will not only be useless, but can cause a severe chemical burn.

Rivanol for hair removal. Instructions for use, price, analogues, reviews

1% solutions in the form of a clear yellow liquid are available in opaque plastic bottles of 3,38 fluid ounce. The packaging usually indicates that the product is intended to slow hair growth.

In USA, Rivanol is produced by pharmaceutical companies:

  • “Dina +”;
  • “Asna”;
  • “Planet Health”.

The price of one bottle is from $ 7,28. On the packaging of a 0.1% solution it is usually indicated that the product is intended for “skin care”. Sometimes the manufacturer clarifies that it can be used to remove thin blond hair, as well as a lotion for other methods of depilation in order to slow down subsequent hair growth.

Solutions are offered in bottles of 3,38 fluid ounce, price – $ 2,24. In the absence of the finished product, you can make it yourself by dissolving Ravinol powder in warm water in a ratio of 1: 100 and thoroughly mixing until it is completely dissolved and a clear yellow liquid is obtained.

Powders are offered in 1 g sachets, the price of one sachet is $ 5,82. In the absence of powder, you can use Ravinol tablets, which are available in packs of 20 pcs., Each tablet contains 12 mg of ethacridine and 8 mg of boric acid. The tablets are crushed and dissolved in warm water in the right proportion.


When applied to the skin of ethacridine, lactate penetrates the hair root, causing a change in its structure and gradual death. This substance, having the ability to destroy keratin – the protein that makes up the cuticle (upper, protective layer) of the hair, reduces its mechanical strength.

With regular prolonged exposure to hair, deprived of a source of nutrition and natural protection, it becomes lighter, thinner and falls out.

The effectiveness of the drug depends on the structure of the hair and the depth of the follicles. In most cases, for the course of treatment it is possible to get rid of unwanted hair for a long time or forever.

Rivanol for hair removal. Instructions for use, price, analogues, reviews
The figure describes how to properly prepare a solution of Rivanol for hair removal.

Since Rivanol is a disinfectant, drying agent and successfully fights against inflammatory processes, its use has a beneficial effect on the skin, relieving it:

  • unaesthetic hairs;
  • irritation
  • blackheads;
  • black dots;
  • oily sheen.

The thinner and brighter the hairs, the more effective the tool and the faster it is possible to achieve the desired effect.

For instance:

  • from a light gun, sometimes appearing on the chin or above the upper lip, it is possible to get rid of in 5 sessions;
  • in the presence of thick and dark hair, it will take at least a week to see the first results, a fortnight to get perfectly smooth skin
  • with noticeable, dark and stiff hair, the follicle of which is located deep in the thickness of the epidermis, Rivanol will be ineffective: its area of action is limited to the surface layers. For this reason, the drug is not recommended for the treatment of intimate areas where this type of vegetation prevails. Also, once on the vaginal mucosa, it can cause severe burns.


Since it is easy to make a mistake with concentration when preparing Rivanol solution on your own, it is recommended to purchase a ready-made drug.

It is important to remember: an allergic reaction to the components of the product is possible, especially if boric acid is present in its composition.

Rivanol for hair removal. Instructions for use, price, analogues, reviewsBefore hair removal, you must perform a test by applying a little solution to the bend of the elbow. If after a day the skin retains its previous appearance, you can proceed to the procedure.

For this:

  1. Pre-cleanse the skin with a scrub, otherwise the fat and cosmetic residues on it will make it difficult for Rivanol to penetrate the follicle. The drug will not have the proper effect.
  2. Wipe the skin with a degreasing lotion and steam it out by applying a towel dampened in warm water to the face for several minutes. This will open the pores through which the active components of the product will enter the subcutaneous layers.
  3. Apply the solution to the desired skin areas with a cotton pad and massage the treated area for 1-2 minutes. Massage will enhance blood circulation, the drug will reach the hair follicle faster.
  4. Leave the product on the skin for at least 1 hour, ideally for the whole night (for this reason, it is advisable to perform the treatment in the evening).

Rinovat for hair removal (reviews about its effectiveness are mostly positive) are used for hair removal:

  • persons;
  • axillary hollows;
  • areolas of the nipples;
  • rare and fair hair on arms and legs. Rivanol for hair removal. Instructions for use, price, analogues, reviews

When using it, remember that:

  • during the treatment of the face, it is necessary to ensure that the product does not get into the eyes. If this happens, rinse immediately with water;
  • rivanol will color the skin yellow. Subsequently, yellowness can be removed by washing with soap or wiping the desired part of the body with a piece of lemon or a weak solution of citric acid;
  • since the components of Rivanol can dry the skin, after removing the remnants of the solution on the face, apply a nourishing cream with a moisturizing effect;
  • for the entire period of use of the product, it is necessary to minimize the amount of decorative cosmetics or completely abandon it;
  • the thicker and darker the hair, the longer the solution should remain on the skin;
  • in exceptional cases, in the presence of stiff bristles, you can try to slightly increase the concentration (up to 2-3%), after checking if this will harm the skin. Such solutions are preferably used only for the treatment of hands and feet.

Rinovil is applied to the skin 1 time per day for 2 weeks, it is not recommended to carry out the procedure more often and longer. In accordance with numerous reviews, during this time it is possible to completely remove unwanted hair or to suspend their growth for a long time.

Sometimes the manufacturer advises to apply the product on the face twice a day, but reduce the exposure time to 30-40 minutes. After some time, a repeated course is required to remove the remaining (or newly grown) rare hairs: it should be started no earlier than a week later.

When buying a drug, you should check whether the expiration date has expired (it is 12 months) and if the packaging is not leakproof. Rivanol purchased at a pharmacy retains its properties for 30 days after opening the bottle, provided that it is stored in the original packaging in a cool dark place (from 41 – 77°F).

Rivanol for hair removal. Instructions for use, price, analogues, reviews

The shelf life of a self-prepared solution is 2-3 days, so you need to cook small portions. The product must be kept in an opaque dark container in the refrigerator. A change in color or the appearance of an insoluble precipitate indicates the unsuitability of the solution for further use.


When used correctly, the drug is a safe tool that can not cause harm. However, there are contraindications to its use.

Rivanol cannot be used for:

  • kidney diseases, which are characterized by an increased protein content in the urine: pyelonephritis, albuminuria, glomerulonephritis;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • under the age of 18 years:
  • an allergic reaction to a component of the solution;
  • taking other topical potent antibacterial drugs;
  • wounds, abrasions, burns and other damage to the skin in the treated areas.

With caution and after consulting a doctor, Rivanol should be used with:

  • hormonal disorders;
  • gynecological problems;
  • dehydration of the body;
  • difficulty urinating.

Side effects

The cause of unwanted effects when treating the skin with Rivanol can be non-compliance with the rules for its use, namely:

  • too high concentration of the solution;
  • increased exposure period;
  • insufficiently thorough skin cleansing before and after the procedure.

Also, the product can have a negative effect on the skin with intolerance to the components of the composition.

In all these cases, the following are possible:

  • itching, accompanied by burning and redness of the skin; Rivanol for hair removal. Instructions for use, price, analogues, reviews
  • chemical burn and peeling caused by it;
  • dry skin
  • swelling of the treated areas;
  • rash.

In the presence of any of the listed problems, the use of the drug should be stopped immediately before consulting a dermatologist.

Advantages and disadvantages

In comparison with other methods of hair removal, Rivanol has several advantages.

Its main advantages:

Dignity Description
Safety Subject to strict compliance with the rules of use, the drug can not harm. In the worst case, it will be useless
Simplicity and usability The number of necessary actions is minimized – clean, wipe, rinse off residues
Painlessness Rivanol epilation is practically the only way to get rid of hair for a long time without experiencing discomfort and discomfort
Relative cheapness In comparison with salon procedures, leading to approximately the same results, the cost of the drug is much less
Disinfectant effect It makes it possible to do without inflammation during hair removal. Disinfecting qualities open up great opportunities for owners of problematic, prone to irritation and the formation of acne skin
Getting rid of fair cannon hair In comparison with expensive salon technologies, for example, laser hair removal, which cannot cope with such hair, rinov is effective
Long lasting effect After hair removal with Rivanol, you can forget about the unpleasant problem of excess hair for several months, and sometimes forever. Even if the hair subsequently reappears, it will be much lighter and thinner than the one that was previously

This type of hair removal does not lead to the appearance of ingrown hairs – a complication possible when using wax strips, shugaring. However, we must not forget about the shortcomings of Rivanol.

Rivanol for hair removal. Instructions for use, price, analogues, reviews

These include:

  • the du
    ration of the hair removal process, which can take several months. In this, the remedy loses to other methods of hair removal, giving an instant result;
  • Rivanol’s inability to fight coarse and dark hair;
  • the tendency to dry the skin and thereby help accelerate the aging process. Dehydration occurs not only due to the action of the components of the solution, but also due to daily scrubbing, without which Rivanol will not give the desired effect. Everyday deep cleansing robs the skin of its natural defense, weakens it, making the development of skin diseases likely;
  • Today it is difficult to purchase a ready-made solution in pharmacies, and its preparation in small doses is fraught with the difficulty of determining the desired concentration. The manufacture in large quantities significantly increases the cost of the hair removal process, since unused excess solution quickly lose their properties.

I tried to remove hair (most doctors are skeptical about him), it is not recommended by specialists who, without denying his ability to affect hair, consider this a side effect that may or may not occur.

Experts point out that the effect of Rivanol on the follicle and skin is not fully understood, therefore, its complete safety has not been proven.


The full analogue of Rivanol is the preparations Ethacridine and Ethacridine Lactate, which have the same composition and have the same effect on the hair.

The remaining dosage forms, having a similar antiseptic effect, are deprived of the ability of Rivanol to deal with excess hair. There are home remedies of varying degrees of effectiveness, however, they must be used with caution so as not to harm the skin.

Rinovat for hair removal, reviews on the merits of which are mostly positive, has the following analogues:

Rivanol for hair removal. Instructions for use, price, analogues, reviews

Means Description
Hydrogen peroxide The product is weaker than Rivanol, not destroying the follicle, but only bleaching and thinning hair. Due to extreme aggressiveness, peroxide is not recommended for facial hair removal: it is suitable for removing hair from the legs or arms.

To achieve the result, the problem area is wiped daily with a swab moistened with a 5% -10% solution. You can not use stronger solutions that will burn the skin, leaving an unpleasant whitish coating on it. The course is selected individually, taking into account the characteristics of the skin, an average of 2-3 weeks.

Potassium permanganate A simple remedy, but dangerous with possible burns. It is recommended to use it only for leg hair removal, where the skin is rougher.

The preparation and use of it is as follows:

  1. The powder at the tip of the knife is dissolved in 1 tablespoon. warm water, mix thoroughly so that no undissolved grains remain.
  2. Pour the resulting solution into a deep container, add water to make a pink liquid.
  3. Immerse the feet in the resulting composition for 20 minutes, then rinse them, wipe dry.
  4. Apply a nourishing cream to the skin.

The procedure is performed daily until the hair disappears completely.

Turmeric If the proportions of turmeric-based mixtures are made up correctly, then, acting on the hair roots, it can completely stop their growth. Unlike peroxide and potassium permanganate, it can be used to epilate the bikini zone.

The following cooking options are popular:

  • add turmeric to any moisturizing non-greasy cream in equal proportions;
  • mix the spice with milk and flour (wheat) in equal proportions.

Depending on the nature of the skin, the proportions can be changed, avoiding excessive concentration of turmeric, which can cause severe skin irritation. The finished mixture is applied for 10 minutes to the problem area, then washed off with warm water.

Keep in mind: turmeric is a strong dye that can leave yellow spots on skin and clothing.

Dope As part of this plant, alkaloids are substances that can completely destroy the hair bulb. Since Datura is unsafe, it is necessary to handle it carefully, without trying to force a process that will be long – at least 1 year. Otherwise, you can harm not only excess hair, but also the body as a whole.

You can use alcohol (for oily skin) or water (for dry and normal skin) tinctures. They wipe the necessary areas once a day, on which hair removal was previously performed in another way.

For cooking:

  • water tincture – 1 small tablespoons of dope seed should be poured 1 tablespoon. boiling water, insist half an hour;
  • alcohol tinctures – pour the seed with alcohol (70%), 1 part of the seed – 5 parts of alcohol, leave for a week.

You can also use oil infusion, which not only eliminates unnecessary hair, but also returns youth to the skin. It is difficult and unsafe to cook it yourself; it is better to purchase the product in a pharmacy.

Walnut juice It is recommended to cut the fruit and grate the desired area with juice, leave it overnight. After about a week, the hair will disappear.

You can do it another way: chop the shell to make the gruel by mixing it with water, give the gruel a comfortable consistency and usd it with the skin 3 or 4 times a day until the hair disappears.

Dicotyledonous nettle The composition of this plant contains substances that can successfully solve the problem of excess hair. It is possible to use decoctions and alcohol tinctures, but an oil solution is considered a safe and effective option.

To cook it, you need:

  1. Mash nettles with a wooden pestle (40 g).
  2. Mix it with any base oil (100 g).
  3. Insist 2 months in a cool dark place.
  4. Strain and use.

The desired area is lubricated with tincture, after 1 h, excess oil is removed with a napkin. The procedures are repeated daily, the result will be noticeable in a month.

Pumice The easiest way: every day you need to process the desired area with a pumice stone and eventually the hair will thin out and then disappear. Wait for the result for several months.

Rivanol for hair removal. Instructions for use, price, analogues, reviews

When choosing one of the proposed methods, you must remember: the duration of the procedures and the concentration must be selecte
d individually, taking into account the characteristics of the skin. In order not to harm her, a tolerance test for a particular drug must first be performed.

All proposed funds are significantly inferior to Rivanol, being less effective and more dangerous. Reviews indicate: the best solution to remove unwanted hair painlessly and inexpensively is to buy a pharmacy solution. Subject to the rules of use, he will not be able to harm, but only delicately and gently relieve annoying hair.

Video about the drug Rivanol

Rivanol Hair Removal:

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