Crossbars for pulling up the house: wall, expansion, ceiling, children’s, folding. Which to buy

Exercising has a beneficial effect on well-being and human health. Harmoniously and properly developed muscles strengthen the musculoskeletal system and reduce the likelihood of fractures. Developed pectoral muscles reduce the risk of cataracts by 15-20%.

Due to the intense rhythm of modern life and the economic component, visiting the gym may not be available to many citizens. In this case, an alternative may be the crossbar for pull-ups or other horizontal bars for playing sports at home.

Options for home horizontal bars

The bar for pulling up the house can be used to perform a wide range of exercises (pulling up with direct and reverse grip, lifting legs, push-ups), which are aimed at working out a number of muscle groups.

Exercised muscle groups:

  • Muscles of the back (latitudinal, large round, trapezoidal).
  • Shoulders (middle, front bundles of deltoid muscles).
  • Muscles of the chest.
  • Arms (brachioradius muscle and biceps of the shoulder).
  • Abdominal press.

Crossbars for pulling up the house: wall, expansion, ceiling, children’s, folding. Which to buyThe versatility of a sports equipment is not limited to a wide range of functions. The horizontal bar for home training can be selected depending on the available area, financial capabilities and level of physical fitness. By the type of design and functionality, there are several main varieties of equipment for sports activities at home.


The crossbar for pull-ups of the spacer type is a horizontally oriented bar fixed between two closely spaced (to a distance of no more than 4’3 – 4’9 foot) vertical supports. Most often, such a design is mounted in a doorway or narrow corridor.

Depending on the installation method and model of the product, the spacer bars for home training of the following types are divided:

  • Removable crossbar. Ideal for installation in a doorway. The design feature of the product is the brackets and the crossbar that are rigidly fixed to the support, which is installed in a special groove. In this case, the horizontal bar bursts upright from two sides and further strengthens the structure. The disadvantage of the model is the need for accurate calculation of the length of the crossbar. The advantage of such products is the possibility of placement at any distance from the floor (suitable for small children).
  • Sliding bar. The design of the product is 2 hollow pipes of different diameters. At the end of each of them is a flange. With their help, the horizontal bar is attached to the supports. The advantage of this model is the absence of the need for additional refinement of equipment. Thanks to two pipes assembled in a telescopic (retractable) design, it is possible to easily set the projectile to the required length. Of the disadvantages of this type of crossbars, it is necessary to note a limited grip. Sliding horizontal bars can be equipped with gas or spring spacers.
  • Crossbeam with mechanical strut. This design is characterized by the absence of the need to use fasteners during installation. Rigid fixing of the horizontal bar in the opening is carried out through the use of a threaded connection of component elements in the product. Such sports equipment is easy to install and clean. However, this type of design is not able to withstand heavy loads and can damage the decorative coating of walls and door frames.

Crossbars for pulling up the house: wall, expansion, ceiling, children’s, folding. Which to buyThe crossbar for pulling up a spacer type house has a common number of advantages and disadvantages:

pros Minuses
It can be made of any material. A narrow range of available exercises (pulling back and forward grip, lifting the legs in the hang).
Low price. Low level of maximum permissible loads up to 198 -265 pounds (for rungs with a mechanical strut, this indicator is even lower).
Easy to install.
Small dimensions.


Sports equipment for pull-ups of this type differ in shape, size and design. The only thing that unites wall horizontal bars is a way of their fastening and a location.

Crossbars for pulling up the house: wall, expansion, ceiling, children’s, folding. Which to buy
Wall horizontal bar for the house with a crossbeam for a wide grip when pulling up

Depending on their characteristics, the crossbars of this type are:

  • Classic with horizontal bar . This type of wall horizontal bar is made of rolled steel of various sections (depending on the permissible load, which can reach 331 pounds). The equipment of this variety has the ability to select the necessary width and depth. Installation of the product is carried out using fasteners in at least 4 points. Depending on the installation location, such a horizontal bar allows you to train your shoulders. And in the presence of two additional handles located in the plane perpendicular to the plane of the main crossbar, this sports projectile allows you to work in more detail at the bottom of the widest.
  • With the possibility of a wide grip. This equipment is identical to the previous model. The differences are in the length and shape of the main crossbar. In this model, it has a large length, and its edges are bent at an angle of 15 to 32 °. This design provides the ability to more intensively train the dentate muscles, the top of the latissimus and the greater round muscle of the back.


The sports equipment of an angular design for pull-ups at home is similar at once to two models: with a wall horizontal bar and an expansion shell. This training equipment is a horizontal bar with flanges at each edge.

Crossbars for pulling up the house: wall, expansion, ceiling, children’s, folding. Which to buyOnly fixing plates with holes are not located at right angles to the horizontal bar (the angle is determined by the working length of the product). This is due to the installation location of the crossbar. Its installation is carried out in the corner between two walls located at an angle of 90 ° to each other.

In this regard, the corner horizontal bar is a more compact sports equipment than wall rails, but differs in less reliability and functionality. On this projectile it is possible to perform classic pull-ups with direct, reverse grip and leg lifting in the hang.

Ceiling mounted

Ceiling horizontal bars for exercise are one of the
most difficult to install and the most functional type of construction. This equipment allows you to perform complex acrobatic exercises: the release of strength and lifting with a coup.

Crossbars for pulling up the house: wall, expansion, ceiling, children’s, folding. Which to buySports equipment of this type is made of steel. There are also combined designs in which the brackets for the strap are made of metal, and the horizontal bar itself is a wooden or composite billet.

Depending on the type of mountings, ceiling horizontal bars can be:

  • With rigid fixation of the cross member. Such models are permanently installed and have strictly defined unchanged dimensions.
  • With a flexible suspension (made in the form of a chain or synthetic rope). Engage in this projectile is much more difficult. It requires a certain level of basic training, but it can develop in a non-working state.


Folding horizontal bars have much in common with ordinary wall stock. The appearance of the equipment models is almost identical, the method of fastening to a vertical support is similar.

Folding rails are also made of rolled steel, with their help you can perform:

  • Pull-ups with a classic, narrow and wide grip.
  • Reverse pull-ups.
  • Raises bent and straight legs in the hang.

Crossbars for pulling up the house: wall, expansion, ceiling, children’s, folding. Which to buyThe main structural differences of these products for pulling up the house lies in the method of attaching the working area to the crossbar shoulder (2 horizontal strips that connect the working part to the base plate). In folding models, this connection is made in the form of a hinge. This technique allows you to fold the product in half and, thereby, increase the free space in the room.

Folding horizontal bars have high reliability (capable of withstanding up to 265 -331 pounds of load), compactness.

Crossbeam and bars

Combined models of sports equipment are most in demand. They take up little more space, but have significant training potential.

Using the crossbar and bars, you can train the following muscle groups:

  • Hands (pulling up with the palms “facing you”, push-ups on the uneven bars to bring the elbows to the body, lifts with narrow arms and rigid fixation of the elbows in the same plane with the hands).
  • Back (standard pull-ups, narrow grip, at the bottom of the chest with arms shoulder-width apart).
  • Deltoid.
  • Pectoral muscles (push-ups on parallel bars with abduction of elbows to the sides of the body).
  • Press (bringing the legs bent at the knees to the chest, raising straight legs).

Crossbars for pulling up the house: wall, expansion, ceiling, children’s, folding. Which to buy

Combined sports equipment can be suspended type or rigidly fixed. The first option requires additional installation of the base plate, on which the horizontal bar itself is fixed through special grooves. This type of design is most convenient. It allows you to remove the projectile, and the change from the bars to the crossbar is carried out by turning the product through 180 °.

Rigid models are reliable, but not so convenient. Due to the fact that the manufacturer has to combine several functions in one product at once, the general versatility of the product drops significantly. For example, the bars in some cases can interfere with pull-ups with wide arms.

Which horizontal bar is best to buy for adults

The crossbar for pulling up a house for an adult should meet several basic requirements:

  • The ability to withstand the necessary loads.
  • Possess high functionality.
  • Have compact dimensions.

According to all the above criteria, the most suitable equipment for home training for an adult is a combined horizontal bar of a parallel-type bar-suspended bar. Such inventory has wide functionality, high reliability and compactness. The only drawback of this design is the cost.

Which horizontal bar is best to buy for children

When buying sports equipment for children, you should pay attention to horizontal spacing rods and a mechanical locking device. This equipment does not have the wide range of functions available. On it, you can perform several types of pull-ups, but for beginner athletes this is quite enough.

Such equipment does not need additional fasteners. Fixing the product in the doorway or corridor is due to the design features. This avoids drilling holes in the supports.

Crossbars for pulling up the house: wall, expansion, ceiling, children’s, folding. Which to buySpacer structures can be installed at any convenient height. The installation process takes several minutes. This opportunity will save money in cases where several children from different age groups are addicted to sports in the family.

This type of sports equipment can withstand an adult of average body constitution. This means that even large children can use the simulator without risk.

What to consider when choosing

After making the final decision on the acquisition of the crossbar for pull-ups, it is important to decide on the following key points:

Characteristic Description
Type of construction The method of its installation, the specific gravity of the product, the maximum allowable load and functionality depend on the choice of the model of a home horizontal bar. All these factors must be considered before making a choice.
Mounting method The total amount of fixing materials that will be needed when installing the inventory depends on it. The installation method depends on the strength of the walls or their cover, the availability of free space and the anthropometric data of the student.
Material and corrosion resistance The selection o
f training equipment must be carried out depending on the location, weather or temperature conditions. The life of the product, as well as how comfortable it will be, depends on these factors.

Price range for home horizontal bars

The cost of sports equipment for pulling up at home depends on the model and design complexity. Expanding horizontal bars are the products having the lowest price among all samples. You can buy a simple crossbar of this kind for an amount of $ 10 – $ 11. The cost of functional complexes with bars and a horizontal bar starts from $ 34.

Crossbars for pulling up the house: wall, expansion, ceiling, children’s, folding. Which to buyThe crossbar is a multifunctional sports equipment for pulling up, with the help of which it is possible to train up to 80% of the muscles of the entire human body at home.

However, like other sports equipment, the crossbar requires the observance of the correct exercise technique and thorough preliminary warm-up.

Only with strict observance of all requirements and rules can we achieve the desired positive effect from playing sports at home. Do not forget about the importance of choosing the right equipment. It should correspond to the physical form of the student and his anthropometric features.

Video on the topic: how to make a crossbar for pulling up a house

Do-it-yourself horizontal bar at home:

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