Revie Brilliance is a biorevitalizant. Price of the procedure, reviews of cosmetologists

Revi is a series of preparations based on natural hyaluronic acid used for intradermal injections (biorevitalization). The purpose of this procedure is to eliminate the signs of skin aging (sagging, increased dryness, age spots). The most popular in beauty salons are injections with the use of the biorevitalizant Revi Brillians.

What is Revi biorevitalizant, mechanism of action

Revi biorevitalizant is a domestic development of NMTC International. This series contains the following list of drugs.

Assortment of drugs Distinctive features
Revi Brilliants 1.5% Allows you to achieve a visible result after 1 injection. After completing the course, the effect lasts up to 1.5 years.
Revi MESO Gold 1.5 and 2% The composition of the tool additionally includes gold nanoparticles. They enhance the action of hyaluronic acid.
Revi MESO Platinum 1.5 and 2% In this preparation, platinum nanoparticles are present that accelerate and prolong the process of cell rejuvenation.
Revi MESO 1.5 and 2% It is used to restore water balance, eliminate pigmentation and narrow pores.
Revi 1% It has an effect similar to Revie Brilliance, but due to the lower content of hyaluronic acid, the effect lasts up to 4 months.
Revi MESO PEPTIDES Injections are required to be administered at intervals of 7 to 30 days. The full course is 5 injections. The composition also contains peptides.
Revi ODS Most often used for medical reasons to eliminate arthritis and arthrosis.

The effectiveness of the drugs is due to the content of hyaluronic acid.

Revie Brilliance is a biorevitalizant. Price of the procedure, reviews of cosmetologists

After biorevitalization, the following processes are observed in the skin:

  • moisture index in the skin is restored;
  • metabolic processes in the epidermal tissues are normalized, as a result, the removal of toxins from tissues is accelerated and nutrition is improved;
  • enhanced skin protection from environmental influences;
  • the process of cell regeneration is accelerated;
  • narrowing of pores and normalization of secretion by sebaceous glands;
  • the elasticity of cell structures is restored;
  • blood supply and lymph outflow improves;
  • replace voids caused by a lack of collagen in the skin and stimulate its production independently;
  • enhances anti-inflammatory functions;
  • protects the skin from infection.

The above action allows using injections to restore the tone of the skin and reduce the number of facial wrinkles.

The composition of biorevitalizant

Revi Brillians (biorevitalizant has a long and fast effect due to the selected composition) is a multicomponent drug.

Revie Brilliance is a biorevitalizant. Price of the procedure, reviews of cosmetologists

The composition of the product with a description of the components:

List of substances in the Revie Brilliance Description of action on the skin
Hyaluronic gel Helps restore water balance and restores skin firmness and elasticity. Starts the natural process of cell rejuvenation.
Quercetin Strengthens the antioxidant properties of hyaluronic acid and prolongs its action, protecting against decay.
Trehalose It normalizes metabolic processes in cells and strengthens their structure, and also prevents the rapid evaporation of moisture from the epidermis
Pterostilbene It activates metabolic processes in the tissues of the skin and slows down the aging process of cells.

The components that make up the Revie Brillians complement and enhance each other’s action. As a result, the effect is visible from the first application and can last from 8 to 12 months.

The properties

Revi brilliance has the following beneficial properties for the skin:

  • helps to eliminate facial wrinkles and smoothes deeper wrinkles;
  • the contour of the face is restored and the second chin is removed;
  • skin gains firmness and elasticity for a long time;
  • age spots are lightened, and the overall tone of the face is leveled;
  • acne formations are reduced;
  • peeling and increased irritability of the skin are eliminated.
Revie Brilliance is a biorevitalizant. Price of the procedure, reviews of cosmetologists
The action of the biorevitalizant Revi Brillians on the skin of the face.

Additionally, the cells are protected from external environmental influences. When the procedure is carried out correctly, the natural process of rejuvenation of skin cells starts.

Indications for use

Revi Brillians (biorevitalizants are allowed to be used only if indicated) is used to eliminate the following skin defects:

  • a large number of facial wrinkles;
  • age-related pigmentation of the skin;
  • excessive dryness of the skin and peeling;
  • flaccidity of the epidermis;
  • frequent acne rashes;
  • increased irritability of skin cells, accompanied by inflammatory reactions;
  • the presence of a second chin and blurred facial contour;
  • to eliminate small scars caused by acne;
  • with a deterioration of the epidermis due to prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation (sunburn or a visit to the solarium).

Revie Brilliance is a biorevitalizant. Price of the procedure, reviews of cosmetologists

Additionally, biorevitalization is prescribed during plastic surgery and peeling in the recovery and preparatory periods.


Injections using Revi Brilians are prohibited if the following contraindications are available:

  • children under 18 years old. It is recommended to carry out procedures after 30-35 years. When the skin alone does not cope with the aging of the epidermis;
  • the presence of tumor formations of any nature (benign or malignant);

Revie Brilliance is a biorevitalizant. Price of the procedure, reviews of cosmetologists

  • the presence of dermatological pathologies of an infectious nature, as well as abrasions and other unhealed wounds;
  • during the period of bearing a child and breastfeeding;
  • elevated temperature or the presence of infectious diseases;
  • intolerance to the components of this composition or an allergic reaction;
  • bleeding disorder.

If at the time of the procedure there is a medical treatment with the use of medicines, then you need to inform the cosmetologist about this to reduce the likelihood of developing a negative reaction.

Advantages and disadvantages

Revi Brillians is recommended to be used after familiarization with its main characteristics, which are noted after application.

Revie Brilliance is a biorevitalizant. Price of the procedure, reviews of cosmetologists

Positive and negative effects of biorevitalizant:

pros Minuses
The rejuvenating effect is noticeable after the first application (elimination of facial wrinkles, lightening skin tone and eliminating dry skin). After the procedure, puncture sites remain on the face, which form small papules (they pass on their own within 3 days).
High (comparable to surgery) and long-term effectiveness. The rejuvenation process occurs up to a year due to the normalization of cell regeneration and metabolic recovery. Perhaps the formation of small bruises at the injection site. It is rarely observed, more often in inexperienced cosmetologists
Minimal risk of complications. The likelihood of an allergic reaction to the components
The minimum list of contraindications. The high cost of biorevitalization. But taking into account their frequency and duration of the result, the price becomes lower than similar procedures.
The skin is not only rejuvenated, but also formed the protection of cells from environmental influences.
The recovery course takes (on average) 2 sessions.
Due to the narrowing of the pores, acne eruptions are reduced.
Self-stimulation of collagen is stimulated (responsible for the elasticity and firmness of the skin).
It allows you to eliminate wrinkles and restore the tone of the epidermis after 50 years.

Pluses from injections are noted during the procedure in a proven salon and with a quality drug. It also depends on the qualifications of the cosmetologist and on compliance with the rules of skin care after the injection.

Processing areas

Revi brilliance is allowed to be used for the following zones:

The area allowed for the procedure Purpose of
Face To restore skin elasticity and eliminate pigmentation and wrinkles
Hands and feet To eliminate pigmentation and wrinkled folds
Stomach To reduce stretch marks and make skin smooth and velvety
Hips To eliminate stretch marks and restore skin elasticity
Buttocks Helps reduce cellulite, gives the buttocks a sharper outline

When carrying out the procedure in the salon, it is required to specify which zones in this institution are processed.


Revi Brillians is a biorevitalizant that requires a little preparation before the procedure.

The preparation process in stages:

  1. The choice of a proven salon with a highly qualified cosmetologist (determined by the presence of a certificate).
  2. Consultation with a specialist to rule out contraindications and examine the treated area for indications.
  3. After examination, the required amount of the drug and the approximate cost of the procedure are determined.
  4. Be sure to conclude a written contract.
  5. Additionally, it is required to be examined by a therapist and dermatologist for hidden contraindications.

Revie Brilliance is a biorevitalizant. Price of the procedure, reviews of cosmetologists

4 days before biorevitalization, the following are excluded:

  • alcohol-containing, coffee-containing and energy drinks;
  • if possible, medication (especially sleeping pills) is canceled;
  • it is forbidden to visit the solarium or to take sun baths.

Stop smoking 24 hours before the procedure. Additional nuances of preparation are specified in the salon by a cosmetologist.

How is biorevitalization carried out

Biorevitalization consists of injecting hyaluronic acid subcutaneously. For the Revi Brilliance procedure, you can purchase it yourself or in the salon.

The sequence of biorevitalization:

  • the cosmetologist cleanses the skin from pollution and cosmetics;
  • local anesthesia is used to eliminate discomfort and possible pain symptoms from piercing the skin with a needle. You can refuse this stage;
  • the client’s specialist checks the expiration date of the drug, opens the package and connects the needle to the syringe. During this time, an anesthetic begins to act;
  • Before starting the procedure, the cosmetologist treats the epidermis with a disinfectant;
  • Revie Brilliance is introduced into special zones (depends on the number of wrinkles and the selected area of the body);
  • to eliminate the likelihood of infection, re-treat the epidermis with a disinfectant;
  • after the distribution of the drug, a gentle massage is performed, without unnecessary pressure on the treated area. This action allows you to evenly distribute the entered composition;
  • at the end, the beautician applies a soothing cream or mask to accelerate the restoration of the skin from punctures.

Revie Brilliance is a biorevitalizant. Price of the procedure, reviews of cosmetologists

Depending on the treated area, the duration of biorevitalization is from 10 to 60 minutes. Improving the relief and skin color is noted immediately. The anti-aging effect is observed after the healing of the drug administration zones, after 3-5 days. The recovery of the epidermis is increasing due to the natural renewal of cells and the restoration of collagen.

It is forbidden to store the remains of Revi Brillians for repeating the procedure. Opened packaging does not ensure sterility and does not protect the drug from infection. Also, to carry out the procedure at home, not having the skills to introduce this composition under the skin, is not recommended.

Recovery after the procedure

To quickly restore the epidermis and reduce the risk of adverse reactions, it is recommended to follow the rules of skin care during the recovery period:

  • do not do massages and peeling on the treated area for 7 days;
  • to exclude the use of decorative cosmetics for 3 days to avoid getting funds in open wounds. Otherwise, an inflammatory reaction may develop;
  • Prior to the restoration of the cover, treat the chipped area with disinfectants (the list of drugs can be specified in the salon);
  • for 3 days, access to the sauna and bath is prohibited;
  • tanning beds and sunbathing are prohibited until 14 days after the procedure;
  • up to 5 days to avoid increased physical exertion. Due to increased sweating, a decrease in the effectiveness of the procedure is possible.

Revie Brilliance is a biorevitalizant. Price of the procedure, reviews of cosmetologists

Surgical interventions in the biorevitalization zone are allowed on day 8 after the procedure. With proper care, the skin recovers quickly without the development of a negative reaction. If an allergic reaction to the drug is detected after administration of the Revi Brillians composition, emergency withdrawal of the drug is recommended.

Methods for withdrawing biorevitalizant:

  • injections of the hyaluronidase preparation are introduced in the salon itself, it helps to accelerate the breakdown and withdrawal of hyaluronic acid;
  • to make a physiotherapeutic effect on the treated area using microcurrents;
  • lead an active lifestyle at home, visit saunas and baths to increase perspiration.

Additionally, you can drink more hot drinks and wrap yourself in a blanket. After the withdrawal of funds, you may need the help of a cosmetologist to restore the skin.

Course duration

Revi Brilliance is a biorevitalizant that allows to achieve a high effect with a small number of procedures, from 2 to 4. It is selected from the condition of the skin individually for each patient. Between injections, an interval of at least 4 months is required. After the end of the course, the duration of preservation of the youth of the epidermis can be up to 1.5 years.

Side effects and complications

After biorevitalization, a negative reaction may develop (depends on the qualification of the cosmetologist):

  • slight swelling of the skin and redness. Usually the condition improves one day after the procedure;
  • the formation of papules at the puncture sites, as well as small bruises. They resolve on their own within 3-5 days;
  • blanching of the skin;
  • increased itching, redness and pain may indicate infection or an allergic reaction to the composition. An urgent call to a dermatologist is required.

Revie Brilliance is a biorevitalizant. Price of the procedure, reviews of cosmetologists

Side effects on the procedure may develop due to non-compliance with the recommendations of a cosmetologist for skin care during the recovery period.

Price of biorevitalizant Revi Brilliants

Biorevitalizant is recommended to be bought only in trusted salons or on the official website.

The average cost is:

  • for 0,03 fluid ounce of funds $ 76 .;
  • for 0,07 fluid ounce of the drug $ 117.

The low price for Revie Brilliance can only mean a fake or expiration of the funds. When carrying out the procedure in the salon, the price includes the services of a cosmetologist and the price for the drugs used. On average, from $ 197 (without the cost of the drug).

Beautician Tips

To achieve the greatest effect from the procedure, it is recommended to adhere to the advice of cosmetologists:

  • purchase the drug in verified places;
  • observe the storage conditions of the biorevitalizant until the procedure;
  • the product must be unpacked by the cosmetologist before the procedure in the presence of the client;
  • undergo a full examination by a physician and dermatologist to exclude contraindications;
  • choose salons with a certificate for biorevitalization;
  • follow the instructions during the recovery period.

Revie Brilliance is a biorevitalizant. Price of the procedure, reviews of cosmetologists

With the development of side effects, due to the lack of professionalism of a cosmetologist, contact a different salon or clinic for assistance. And also be sure to conclude a written contract for the procedure.

Revi Brillians allows you to achieve a lasting result after one procedure (from 8 to 12 months, subject to all conditions). Skin rejuvenation is carried out for the entire duration of the drug by restoring the regeneration process and improving the nutrition of the skin. It is important to buy biorevitalizant only in trusted places.

Author: Kotlyachkova Svetlana

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