Radevit ointment for wrinkles. Instructions for use, recipes, reviews

Skin problems occur in people of different ages. Radevit ointment is recognized as an effective and high-quality drug for dermatological diseases. It has a fortified composition and an affordable price. Reviews of cosmetologists and their patients about her are positive. The product fights well not only with skin pathologies, but also with signs of aging, for example, wrinkles.

Forms of release and composition of the drug

Radevit is in the form of a cream and ointment for application to the skin. The tool in the form of an ointment has a delicate, uniform texture. It has no inclusions and impurities. Its color varies from white to a light yellowish tint.

Radevit ointment for wrinkles. Instructions for use, recipes, reviews
Radevit ointment for wrinkles: recommendations of cosmetologists for use

The cream differs only in a less viscous consistency. For its production do not use hydrogenated fat and liquid paraffin. The pharmacological action of 2 forms is the same. In this case, the cream begins to work faster. Due to its texture, it stains clothes much less.

Radevit, an ointment for wrinkles, reviews of cosmetologists about which help to evaluate the result of use, is available in an aluminum tube and a cardboard box. Other packaging is not provided by the manufacturer. This is important to consider when buying to avoid acquiring a fake.

The medicine is sold complete with detailed official instructions for use. There are several volumes of funds: 10, 20 and 35 g.

1 g of the drug includes:

  • 5 mg of vitamin E. It is also called alpha-tocopherol acetate. It is considered a natural antioxidant. Prevents signs of early aging. Protects the skin from the negative effects of free radicals. Helps to remove accumulated toxins from the skin. The substance accumulates in the layers of the epidermis. This helps to increase the hydrophobic properties of the skin. Moisture begins to evaporate less from the surface.
  • 50 mg of vitamin D2 . Thanks to it, dry skin is reduced and inflammatory processes are removed. An increase in resistance to various negative environmental factors is also observed. The healing process of small cracks and scratches on the surface of the face is accelerated. In the composition of the drug Radevit-Active, the substance is replaced by colecalciferol, it is also vitamin D
  • 10 mg of retinol-palmitate or vitamin A. Protects against the signs of photoaging of the facial skin, makes deep folds and wrinkles less noticeable. It is able to retain moisture in the cells of the epidermis. The component is included in the composition of many cosmetics aimed at combating age-related manifestations.

A special texture of the drug is provided by auxiliary components. They are also used to extend the shelf life of the ointment.

Radevit ointment for wrinkles. Instructions for use, recipes, reviews

Among them:

  • purified water;
  • glycerol;
  • ethanol;
  • Vaseline oil;
  • emulsion wax;
  • butylhydroxyanisole;
  • butylhydroxytoluene.

Glycerin and liquid paraffin help the process of restoration and hydration of the skin.

Pharmacological properties

The drug has anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects. Its use can eliminate itching of the skin. The ointment helps to strengthen the protective function of the epidermis, normalizes the process of cell death, moisturizes and nourishes the tissues.

Radevit also has other effects on the skin:

  • enhances fibroblast activity;
  • accelerates the recovery process in cells;
  • protects collagen from destruction under the influence of ultraviolet rays;
  • increases elasticity;
  • moisturizes the surface;
  • deeply nourishes;
  • makes the deeper layers denser;
  • improves skin tone and its relief;
  • enhances the production of elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid in the body.
  • contributes to the thinning of the surface layer.

Vitaminized ointment does not have a direct effect on wrinkles and wrinkles. It only moisturizes and activates the natural process of regeneration in cells. Due to this, the signs of aging become less noticeable.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Laboratory studies on the absorption of the active components of the drug into the bloodstream have not been conducted. Presumably, the substances are absorbed only in the layers of the skin. There they exhibit a therapeutic effect and activate the cellular metabolic process.

Radevit ointment for wrinkles. Instructions for use, recipes, reviews

The pharmacological effect of the drug is the work of the vitamin composition.

The concentration of active components in the ointment leads to:

  • improving the functional state of the skin and increasing its elasticity;
  • strengthening the protective function of subcutaneous fat and skin;
  • bringing to normal the process of formation of the stratum corneum;
  • reduce severe itching.

Indications for use

Radevit, an ointment for wrinkles, reviews of cosmetologists who talk about the visible effect of rejuvenation with regular use, are prescribed for a number of medical indications. They include pathological abnormalities of the skin, the course of the inflammatory process and the presence of damaged cells.

Situations when the use of the drug is necessary:

  • Ichthyosis. An inherited disease, the main symptom of which is a violation of the formation of the stratum corneum. In pathology, ointment is used as part of a comprehensive treatment.
  • Seborrheic dermatitis. It is characterized by increased fat production by the sebaceous glands.
  • Erosions and cracks on the surface, having a different nature.
  • Chemical and thermal burns ;
  • Damage caused by exposure.
  • Trophic ulcers of an uninfected nature. Their appearance is associated with insufficient nutrition of tissues.
  • Allergic dermatitis during a period of weakening of the inflammatory process and improving the appearance of the skin.
    Radevit ointment for wrinkles. Instructions for use, recipes, reviews
  • Psoriasis. It is a chronic disease. It arises under the influence of constant stress, taking medications, endocrine pathologies and bad habits.
  • Eczema. A non-communicable disease that has a chronic form. It occurs under the influence of various factors causing damage.
  • Atopic dermatitis. Prolonged inflammation of the skin, which is recurrent in nature. Pathology develops under the influence of genetic abnorma
    lities that occur in the tissues.
  • Neurodermatitis. It is manifested by a rash, skin lichenization and the formation of papules. Affected skin is very itchy. With such an itch, Radevit is effectively taken.
  • Diffuse neurodermatitis. It is associated with deviations in the innervation of the epidermis.

The drug is used for prophylactic purposes against the occurrence of various inflammatory processes and allergic manifestations on the skin. Radevit in the form of ointment or cream is also suitable for the prevention of signs of aging.

Dermatologists and cosmetologists recommend Radevit to their patients to improve skin condition.

Regular use helps prolong youthful skin. The moisturizing and restoring properties of the product allow it to be used to solve cosmetic problems.


In some situations, the use of ointment is unacceptable. The drug can cause an exacerbation of chronic diseases and the acquisition of new ones. The list of contraindications is small.

Use is prohibited when:

  • individual intolerance to the components of the composition;
  • hypervitaminosis A, E, D;
  • at the same time taking vitamin A supplements;
  • acute form of inflammatory skin pathologies;
  • pregnancy
  • an overdose of vitamins, which led to poisoning;
  • breastfeeding.

Instructions for use, dosage of the drug

Ointment has a wide range of effects. Before starting use, it is important to determine what result is expected from the course of therapy. This feature is very important, because the approach to drawing up a treatment program depends on it.

You should not expect Radevit to get rid of the deep wrinkles that have already appeared on the face. Where the drug manifests itself more effectively when carrying out preventive measures. The use of ointments according to the scheme developed individually by the cosmetologist helps to avoid the appearance of wrinkles on the face.

For face

Signs of withering of the skin appear against the background of a deficiency of vitamins in the body and the negative impact of the environment. The rich composition of Radevita saturates the skin with the necessary substances, preventing aging. Previously, the skin must be cleaned of dust, sebaceous secretions and other impurities.

After cleansing, the effect of Radevit will be maximum. It is recommended to use a moisturizing gel for washing. Wounds and cracks are carefully treated with an antiseptic composition. After wiping the surface with tonic, lotion and go to the cream. It is recommended to steam the surface so that it is easier for the components to penetrate the layers of the epidermis.

To preserve youthful skin, the ointment is applied to the face once a day. It is advisable to carry out the procedure in the evening.

Radevit is distributed in a thin layer, massaging gently. This will help nutrients to absorb into the layers faster and penetrate as deep as possible. For therapeutic purposes, the product is applied to the affected areas of the skin 2 times a day. The methodology for use remains the same as for prophylactic use.

It is important to consider that the product does not contain an SPF filter, therefore, in the summer, the risk of pigmentation increases. Also, the ointment fights well with acne and acne. It has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect.

Radevit ointment for wrinkles. Instructions for use, recipes, reviews

For maximum effect, it is recommended to use moisturizing masks in parallel with the cream. They are applied at a time when the drug has already completely absorbed into the skin. After a month’s course of application, the skin is noticeably moisturized, the metabolic process improves in it. Due to the retention of moisture in the intercellular space, wrinkles will become less noticeable.

Radevit activates regenerative processes in the skin, which leads to skin renewal. With acne, the drug is used 2 times a day for 3-5 days. Already on the 2nd day of taking redness and itching pass.

Around eyes

It will not be possible to remove facial or age wrinkles in the eye area with Radevit. The cream contains retinol. This substance causes severe irritation on the delicate skin of the eyelids. In addition, the use of the product in this area may result in swelling, redness of the skin, and tearing.

Side effects

If the rules for using the drug are not observed, unpleasant symptoms may occur.

Radevit, an ointment for wrinkles, reviews of cosmetologists about which help to assess the likelihood of complications after taking, causes adverse reactions of the body:

  • Hypervitaminosis. It occurs during prolonged treatment of large areas of the skin and the parallel intake of vitamins that make up the ointment.
  • Allergic manifestations. They occur with repeated use of the ointment. In some cases, a negative reaction of the body can occur immediately. A side effect is manifested in the form of urticaria. The drug does not cause angioedema and anaphylactic shock. Symptoms disappear after taking antihistamine drops or tablets.
    Radevit ointment for wrinkles. Instructions for use, recipes, reviews
  • Swelling and itching. Most often occurs when using the drug on top of the manifestations of skin diseases of an inflammatory nature. Radevit promotes the accumulation of moisture in the outbreak, which exacerbates the course of the disease.
  • Effect on the baby during pregnancy and during breastfeeding. The consequences of use are not fully understood. In this case, the likelihood of complications of pregnancy and congenital malformations in the newborn remains. When breastfeeding, a baby may have an allergic reaction to the components that make up the composition.

The use of ointment can lead to skin irritation, hyperemic reactions and soreness of the skin.


Instructions for use involves the use of the drug externally. This method of application eliminates the likelihood of intoxication of the body. In case of accidental ingestion of ointment on the mucous membrane of the eyes or in the oral cavity, an overdose was not noticed.

special instructions

To achieve maximum results when applying the ointment, it is important to follow a number of rules.

Among the special instructions for the use of Radevit:

  • The simultaneous use of ointments and other drugs containing vitamins D, E, A and retinoids is prohibited. This will protect the body from the development of hypervitaminosis.
  • The use of hormone replacement therapy reduces the effectiveness of Radevit.
  • To neutralize the effect of the cream when side effects occur, you can use glucocorticosteroids or salicylates.
  • To prevent the occurrence of hypervitaminosis, it is recommended to apply the cream on small areas of the skin.
  • With strong exfoliation of
    the stratum corneum, the instructions for use recommend applying special dressings over the ointment. They protect the damaged area of the skin from oxygen.
  • Cracks, wounds and other injuries must be pre-treated with an antiseptic.

Radevit ointment for wrinkles. Instructions for use, recipes, reviews

Radevit is suitable for long-term use. The maximum duration of treatment can be 3 months.

Drug interaction

The parallel use of various medications with a vitamin complex and retinoids in the composition is unacceptable. Such therapy can lead to hypervitaminosis. Tablets, plasters and other drugs containing hormones reduce the effectiveness of the ointment.


Radevit, an ointment for wrinkles, the reviews of cosmetologists about which in most cases are good, has a unique structure. There are no such drugs. Analogs are only similar in their effect.

Among the analogues:

  • Linin. The components of the composition are similar to Radevit. Suitable for treating wounds and various surface injuries. Accelerates the restoration of tissue integrity, relieves severe itching. The cost for 30 g of the drug starts from $ 0,82.
  • Linetol. Metabolic ointment, the action of which is aimed at normalizing the metabolic processes that occur in the layers of the dermis. Releases in the form of a solution. For one bottle of 3,38 fluid ounce, you will have to pay about $ 1,88.
  • Kolotsil. The tool has an antiseptic and restorative effect. It is sold in the form of a sponge, the cost of which varies from $ 1,22 – $ 2. Impose on the damaged skin.
  • Karlem. The drug has a wound healing and reparative effect. The sponge is saturated with ointment. Suitable for people who suffer from frequent allergies. It does not cause negative reactions of the body. It is used for radiation diseases of the mucous membranes and skin.

Radevit ointment for wrinkles. Instructions for use, recipes, reviews

Each drug has its own composition, contraindications and side effects. Therefore, it is not recommended to independently change the drug to a similar medicine. Before this, it is necessary to consult with your doctor. He will advise which ointment is best suited as a replacement.

Terms, conditions of sale and storage

The ideal storage temperature of the drug is 4-10 degrees above 0. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the tube with ointment in the refrigerator. It is strictly forbidden to freeze it. Thus, it can lose all the beneficial properties.

The drug should be away from direct sunlight, moisture and children. Shelf life is 4 years. Information on the release date is indicated on the package. Ointment is dispensed without a doctor’s prescription.

Price in pharmacies in New York, Los Angeles,

The cost of the drug depends on many parameters. It may be affected by the pharmacy chain and its location, pharmaceutical company and country of origin. Radevit is considered an affordable drug, its price is relatively small. You can buy ointment both in the pharmacies of the city, and through the online store.

The approximate cost in different cities is presented in the table.

City Price for 35 g, usd.
New York from 336
Los Angeles from 329
Atlanta from 313
Detroit from 329
San diego from 345

What do cosmetologists say about the effectiveness of Radevit ointment

Beauticians leave positive reviews about the drug. They note that Radevit as an ointment for wrinkles is highly effective.

Its composition is natural. It includes useful substances, there are no aromatic fragrances and dyes. The drug gives a good result not only in the fight against wrinkles, but also with peeling and dry skin.

Radevit ointment for wrinkles. Instructions for use, recipes, reviews

Experts urge to consult for an ointment. Despite the fact that Radevit is one of the most effective cosmetic products, its use can be harmful. Still, this is not a simple cream for care, but a therapeutic ointment. Her appointment requires an individual approach.

Beauticians say that you should take the use during critical days and menopause seriously. If the sweat glands are too active, they will have to abandon the drug altogether. Compared with anti-aging cosmetics, the consistency of the cream is not so dense and oily.

Despite this, the product moisturizes and nourishes the skin well. Use Radevit with caution. It can clog pores. Patients sometimes complain of discomfort and a constant feeling of a creamy texture on the skin. Radevit has a wide spectrum of action.

Reviews of cosmetologists say that the ointment can be used to prevent the appearance of wrinkles on the face, moisturize the hands and lips. It is also used for complex treatment of dermatological diseases. To get the maximum result from the application, it is important to follow special instructions, as well as familiarize yourself with contraindications and side effects.

Video review on the use of Radevit cream

How Radevit cream affects stretch marks, acne and wrinkles:

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