Alena Shishkova. Photos before and after plastics. Biography, model operations, body parameters

Alena Shishkova is the star of American Instagram, a model known as Timati’s ex-wife. The girl is suspected of addiction to plastic surgery. Photo Shishkova – the subject of close attention. Alena’s pictures allegedly indicate a significant difference in the appearance of Shishkova before and after plastic surgery.

short biography Alena Shishkova. Photos before and after plastics. Biography, model operations, body parameters

  • 1992 – was born in Atlanta.
  • 2006 – the beginning of a modeling career.
  • 2014 – the birth of Alice’s daughter.
  • 2021 – cover appearance and interview for Maxim men’s magazine. In 2021-2021 Shishkova is among the sexiest women of the year according to the publication.
  • Since 2021 – cooperation with domestic and Ukrainian clothing brands, including Gepur and Bella Potemkina.
  • 2016-2021 – Creation of two personal collections for the Maison D`Angelann clothing brand.
  • 2021 – the opening of the White Angel Studio beauty salon and the launch of the White Angel Beauty cosmetic line. The brand was created with the support of Timati. The name echoes the name of the label of the entrepreneur Black Star.

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Personal life

Alena Shishkova does not devote the press to the details of her personal life. About the novels of the model it becomes known through publications on social networks and by appearances at social events, accompanied by another fan.

Famous satellites of Shishkova:

  • Maxim Koval is a Ukrainian footballer. The couple met online and was in a romantic relationship for several months 2012-2013.
  • Timati (Timur Yunusov) – rap artist, producer, entrepreneur. An affair with Timati brought Shishkova fame far beyond the fashion industry. Alena is called the wife of the rapper, although the marriage was not officially registered. The couple met in 2013. A year later, a daughter was born. In 2021, the union broke up, but the former common-law spouses have maintained good relations and are raising a child together. Alena Shishkova. Photos before and after plastics. Biography, model operations, body parameters
  • Anton Shunin is a football player. According to rumors, Alena’s relationship with Shunin began before the official break with Timati.
  • Andrei Chadov is an actor. Appeared with the model at parties and movie premieres.
  • Nikita Mazepin is a Formula 1 pilot a few years younger than Shishkova. The relationship of the couple became known in the fall of 2021 from Instagram accounts of lovers.
  • Yuri Osipov is the heir to the former head of the American Academy of Sciences.
  • Pavel Durov is an entrepreneur, one of the creators of the VKontakte social network. Shishkova and Durov are familiar, but rumors of a romantic relationship between them today remain only assumptions.

Model career and beauty contests

Success in show business came to Shishkova thanks to a career in fashion and gloss. The path to fame in the fashion industry began for Alena as a teenager. From the age of 16, Shishkova participated in foreign projects. By the age of 20, the model became the owner of several titles and nominations in beauty contests of various levels.


  • 2008 – Image contest ( Atlanta) – 1st place.
  • 2011 – COVER BEAUTY LOOK contest – 1st place.
  • 2012 – “Miss USA” – 3rd place.

Success in the All-American competition of beauties was the start of a successful career in the fashion industry. Alena signed a contract with the Renaissance agency, which still represents her interests. Alena Shishkova. Photos before and after plastics. Biography, model operations, body parameters

As a model, Shishkova takes part in photo shoots of magazines and fashion shows of domestic and foreign Fashion Weeks, starred in videos. Alena admits that she feels more comfortable at home and focuses on working in the American fashion business.

Shape options

  • Height: 5’8 foot.
  • Chest: 31’9 inch.
  • Hips: 33’1 inch.
  • Clothing Size: 40 (XS).
  • Weight: 115 pounds.

These are the average parameters of the figure indicated on the website of the Renaissance modeling agency. The size of the bust could undergo changes as a result of mammoplasty. Other features of the appearance of Alena Shishkova were also corrected.

Forehead, eyebrows, eyes

Fresh photos of Alena Shishkova demonstrate the forehead of the model, which remains smooth and motionless regardless of facial expressions and facial expressions. Instagram star eyebrows for several years changed the configuration and position on the face. Compared with photographs 5-6 years ago, today’s Alena’s eyebrows are more arched and located higher than before.

The section of the eyes changed simultaneously with the raising of the arches of the eyebrows: the section became slightly wider. The configuration of the area between the cheekbone and lower eyelid has become different. Traces of facial wrinkles under the eyes disappeared.

Such effects are achieved using 2 operations:

  • Endoscopic forehead lift. The essence of the technique is a forehead lift by removing the superciliary folds of the skin. Endoscopic lifting allows you to raise the level of eyebrows and create the illusion of an open, surprised look. This procedure is recommended at a young age.
  • Botox injections. Injections fix the position of the muscles of the eyelid in an elevated state. The effect of injections persists for several months and requires repeated intervention 6 months after the first injection.

Alena Shishkova does not comment on the photo before plastic surgery and after potential lifting and injections. Facts about the transactions made remain unconfirmed.


The natural features of Shishkova’s face are asymmetry in the area of the tip and wings of the nose and a slight hump. These deficiencies were eliminated by rhinoplasty. Today’s nose of Alena is perfectly even, thin, with symmetrical wings and wider nostrils.

Alena Shishkova. Photos before and after plastics. Biography, model operations, body parameters
Photo by Alena Shishkova before and after nose surgery

Plastic surgery of the nose was performed in 2013. The place of operation is the clinic of aesthetic surgery in California, USA.

Alena Shishkova uploads photos before plastic surgery and after surgery to change the shape of the nose without hesitation. This is the only fact that aesthetic surgeons wor
k openly about which the model speaks. About the rhinoplasty performed, it became known from the accounts of Alena herself on social networks: during the rehabilitation period, she published a picture with a surgical bandage on her nose.


The change in the outlines of Alena’s cheeks and cheekbones is noticeable when comparing images of Shishkova 2011-2012. and photographs taken 5-6 years later.

In today’s images, Alena’s cheekbones are bulky, and her cheeks are more sunken.

Metamorphoses can speak of two transferred operations:

  • Hyaluronic acid injections. Injections create an additional volume of the cheekbone area and increase the expressiveness of facial contours.
  • Elimination of lumps of Bish . Lumps of Bisha – fat folds under the cheekbones. The operation to remove them is the ability to achieve the effect of sunken cheeks. Alena Shishkova. Photos before and after plastics. Biography, model operations, body parameters

Alena Shishkova does not comment on the assumptions about plastic cheekbones. Photos before and after interfering with her appearance make us assume not only the merit of aesthetic surgery, but also the work of makeup artists and the possibility of photo editors. Sunken cheeks of the star are associated not only with plastic, but also with natural age-related changes and weight loss.


A comparison of the photographs of 18-year-old and today’s Shishkova shows that the lips of the model were enlarged. Alena in most cases prefers a pastel shade of lipstick, but neutral makeup does not hide obvious changes in lip volume. Alena Shishkova. Photos before and after plastics. Biography, model operations, body parameters

Today’s Shishkova’s parameters are the result of several at least 2 operations to introduce fillers into the lips. The first procedure was done in 2012 on the eve of the Miss USA contest, the second in 2021. Regular repeated injections are required to maintain the effect.


Breast size correction is one of the most obvious plastic surgeries performed by Alena Shishkova. Photos “before and after” indicate an increase in the volume of the bust by several sizes.

The model survived 2 breast implant implantation surgeries:

  • In 2012 – before the Miss USA contest.
  • In 2021 – replacement of prostheses after childbirth and breastfeeding. Alena Shishkova. Photos before and after plastics. Biography, model operations, body parameters

With breasts “renewed” for the second time, Shishkova appeared in a candid photo shoot of the Maxim men’s publication. The effect was great, although Allen actively denies the fact of repeated mammoplasty.

Figure and shape recovery after childbirth

Shishkova spent her entire pregnancy in the Dominican Republic away from the American paparazzi. A few pictures of Alena at that time demonstrate her good physical shape throughout her pregnancy.

A month after giving birth, she published the first photos in a swimsuit. Shishkova’s perfect silhouette, restored in a short time, gave rise to rumors about liposuction surgery.

Alena denies the merits of surgeons and explains the harmony of a healthy lifestyle, sports and good metabolism. According to the model, an abnormal diet in her case can lead to weight loss, not weight gain.

The model is a supporter of vegetarian food.

Favorite types of physical activity, judging by the publications on Instagram:

  • Stretching (stretching exercises).
  • Boxing.
  • Tennis.

The effect before and after plastics

The soft Slavic appearance of the American beauty Alena Shishkova remained in the past with a small bust, a round face and thin lips. Alena Shishkova. Photos before and after plastics. Biography, model operations, body parameters

Today’s appearance of the model strives for the ideal, as some fans of plastic and computer photo editors see it: oval face in the shape of a heart, accentuated cheekbones, puffy lips, a chiseled short nose and raised eyebrows. A slim figure is combined with a bust of impressive size.

Metamorphoses in the form of Shishkova do not leave indifferent users of social networks. Some write enthusiastic comments on Alena’s new photos. Others blame the star for the abuse of plasticity and puppet unnaturalness of the face and figure.

Alena Shishkova photo before and after plastic surgery willingly. From the point of view of the model, a comparison of old and new pictures is an opportunity to see positive changes on the way to the standard of beauty. Information about operations does not always have an accurate justification.

Other explanations for the changes in Alena’s appearance:

  • Sculptural make-up.
  • A winning pose in front of the lens.
  • Competent lighting.
  • Using computer editors for photos.

Instagram Alena Shishkova

The official account of the model on a social network makes it possible to evaluate the appearance of the star from all sides. Alena Shishkova is one of the main American Instagram stars. To date, the number of its subscribers exceeds 6 million.

The popularity on the network came to the girl thanks to an affair with Timati. After breaking with the “Black Star” of domestic show business, Shishkova maintained her position. The number of her Instagram followers has since grown by about 1 million. Alena Shishkova. Photos before and after plastics. Biography, model operations, body parameters

According to Shishkova, she does not have any special secrets of success on Instagram. When choosing a photo for publication, it is guided by a personal taste that resonates with an Internet audience.

Alena takes into account the social significance of the content. She tries to motivate her fans to do sports and a healthy lifestyle. On Instagram, Shishkova lacks too candid pictures and “18+” content.  New posts appear every few days. A feature of the model’s account is a minimum of text
and a maximum of visual content. Alena Shishkova. Photos before and after plastics. Biography, model operations, body parameters

What can be seen on Instagram Alena Shishkova:

  • Selfies in different images are the main content.
  • Photo from the red carpet.
  • Pictures from travel.
  • Shots from model photo shoots.
  • Photos of Alena with family and friends.
  • Stories – publications that persist for several hours are updated up to several times a day and allow you to see videos from Shishkova’s daily life.

How much is the appearance of the model

The exact amount of plastic surgery performed by Shishkova is known only to her. The average cost of the reference appearance created by the hands of plastic surgeons can be found at the rates for the services of aesthetic medicine clinics. Prices are in usd.

Type of service average price
Lip filler injections 15000 for 1 procedure
Botox injections (cheekbones) 20000 for 1 procedure
Elimination of lumps of Bisha 55000
Liposuction 60000 for 1 zone
Rhinoplasty 120000
Endoscopic upper face lifting 150000
Mammoplasty 180000
Total From 600000

Alena Shishkova is a model of a woman who prefers to create herself on her own. Photos of celebrities before and after plastics reflect the process of changes that took place in her appearance.

Intervention from the outside is obvious, the question is the exact number of operations transferred by Alena and the role of computer technology in shaping the perfect image of Shishkova in the pictures.

Video about Alena Shishkova

Interview with Alena Shishkova:

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