Beautiful highlighting on dark hair: short, medium, long. How to look, who suits, how to do it step by step. Photo

The fashion for coloring individual strands first appeared in France. Today, beautiful highlighting is a good alternative to dyeing dark and light hair. There are several varieties of this procedure, and each implies a unique result.

Highlighting on dark hair – advantages and disadvantages

Beautiful highlighting on dark hair is considered a universal dyeing, which is chosen regardless of the length of the hair, haircuts.

Advantages of the staining technique:

  • disguises gray hair;
  • sparingly affects the hair;
  • allows you to change the color of hair without drastic changes;
  • adds volume to the hairstyle;
  • Does not focus on growing roots;
  • favorably emphasizes strands;
  • No need to adjust color every month.

If the experiment with highlighting was not entirely successful, it can be corrected by tinting. If a girl doubts whether the selected shades are suitable for her, highlighting will be a great option for checking.

However, such staining involves a chemical effect, so the procedure has disadvantages:

  1. Hair undergoing such a procedure, lose part of their vitality.
  2. The procedure should be carried out by professionals.
  3. Staining takes a long time.

Shades for highlighting dark hair

When choosing shades for highlighting, you must take into account your own hair color, as well as the colors of the previous dyeing or tinting, if any. All these shades can affect the final result. For light hair, too light shades will not work – they will look too contrasting on dark hair.

Beautiful highlighting on dark hair: short, medium, long. How to look, who suits, how to do it step by step. Photo
With beautiful highlighting on dark hair, chocolate, caramel or coffee shades are used.

Sometimes it is enough to change the color by 1-2 tones to emphasize the effective combination. Highlighting on dark hair using chocolate, coffee or caramel shades is suitable. The color of brandy or walnut will look good. If a girl wants to get lighter strands – you can choose copper or honey shades.

What color to highlight blonde hair

Blond hair can be highlighted with both lighter and darker shades. Dark tones add volume and depth to the basic tone of the hair. If a light shade is chosen, it can be the same color as natural hair, but lighter by several tones. Beautiful highlighting on dark hair: short, medium, long. How to look, who suits, how to do it step by step. Photo

It should be taken into account, and to which palette of shades the natural tone belongs – cold or warm.

If the shade is ashen, for highlighting you need to choose a tone from a cold palette, and if the color of the hair is warm, golden, honey shades, as well as walnut and caramel tones, are suitable.

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What shades are suitable for brown hair

What color to highlight brown hair depends on the initial shade. If the hair is dark brown, then in combination with this color caramel, honey, gold will look great.

It looks interesting highlighting in amber and chocolate shades.

If the hair is light brown, it is recommended to choose a dye of caramel or coffee with milk, ivory or milk for dyeing. Cold shades, such as platinum and ashen, will also look advantageous.

Shades for highlighting red hair

Red hair will complement the strands dyed in red or black, casting blue. A calmer option is highlighting with red shades lighter or darker than the natural color. Unusual and interesting is highlighting on red hair with honey and golden tones of paint.

Classic highlighting

The most common type of highlighting is the traditional classic. When it is performed, a lock of hair of medium thickness is taken, which is dyed along the entire length. The advantage of classic highlighting is that it is carried out using universal technology. Beautiful highlighting on dark hair: short, medium, long. How to look, who suits, how to do it step by step. Photo

Beautiful highlighting on dark hair and light shade hair has its own nuances. Thin, strained strands will look unnatural, and on wide strands the contrast will be too noticeable. Often, this effect is the main cause of failed staining.

Therefore, after highlighting, tinting is recommended. It smooths the color and refreshes not only highlighted strands, but also all hair.

Gentle (partial) highlighting

Thin hair is most prone to chemical damage. Staining can make them weak and lifeless. But if you want to refresh the color – sparing highlighting in this case is the most suitable option. The meaning of this procedure is that only a small part of the head is exposed to highlighting – as a rule, this is the hair on the top of the head. The remaining strands do not stain.

If you don’t like the color, it will be easier to return the former. The main thing is that the bulk of the hair is not exposed to chemical attack, which means that the hair remains healthy. Such highlighting looks more natural and is similar to fading from sunlight.

This option is suitable for those who have not decided on the choice of color. If the experiment is successful, you can subsequently measure the remainder of the hair.


Beautiful highlighting on dark hair can be refreshed and emphasized thanks to a smooth transition from a natural color that remains unchanged to light shades. Staining in this case affects only the ends of the hair to a certain level depending on their length. Beautiful highlighting on dark hair: short, medium, long. How to look, who suits, how to do it step by step. Photo

To make the color transition smooth, highlighting using the ombre technique is performed using several shades that must be in the same color palette.

There are several types of ombre:

  1. Two-tone. In this case, the highlight effect is achieved with an explicit boundary designation. There is no smooth transition – hair from a dark tone immediately turns into light. The main idea is to emphasize the very line of the border of the flowers, which can be either flat, zigzag or some other shape.
  2. Multitonal. Several shades and borders are used to transition from one shade to another. There are no sharp transitions, which will give the hairstyle a well-groomed and elegant look. Young girls sometimes want to add creativity. In this case, ombre is performed using any iridescent shades.
  3. Combination with reservation. The ends of the hair are discolored, and the rest of the head is bronzed. In this case, it is important to leave the root zone da
  4. Ombre on the contour. Highlighting hair emphasizes cutting, affecting only the ends of the hair.

In general, highlighting ombre looks like strands of hair burnt out in the sun.


The beauty and overflow of curls will provide the type of stool balayazh. It is performed using several shades. Coloring begins in the middle of the hair with natural colors and gradually descends, where the palette changes dramatically. The harm from this procedure is insignificant, since only small areas of hair are stained. Beautiful highlighting on dark hair: short, medium, long. How to look, who suits, how to do it step by step. Photo

The color scheme may vary depending on the source color or the preferences chosen. On dark hair, it is best to apply natural shades so that there is no strong contrast. Visually, the hair becomes thicker, bulkier and more beautiful.

Dyeing performed in this technique does not need constant adjustment and hair can not be monitored as carefully as with a single color dyeing.

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A ombre-like dyeing technique, in which several colors are also used and smooth transitions are performed. Colors do not have clear boundaries, they seem to be smeared in ringlets with maximum amplitude. There is an effect of burnt strands, but they are not arranged in a specific order, but randomly. Beautiful highlighting on dark hair: short, medium, long. How to look, who suits, how to do it step by step. Photo

Shatush is suitable for any hair of a dark shade and any length. A more concise result will be obtained on long hair using natural shades. Coloring technique gives hair expressiveness and additional charm. It is performed relatively quickly and does not have a strong negative effect on the hair.

Salt and pepper

Highlighting on dark and blonde hair continues to improve, and while women aged stubbornly paint over gray hair, young girls are eager to get it at all costs. Coloring in the style of “salt and pepper” is one of the most fashionable trends. When performing this technique, the final result should be similar to a natural gray hair with streaks of dark curls. Beautiful highlighting on dark hair: short, medium, long. How to look, who suits, how to do it step by step. Photo

For this, the hair must be completely deprived of its pigment, after which add several shades of gray hair. The procedure is considered one of the most expensive and is performed only by the hands of a professional. It will take more time than normal highlighting, and is best suited for fair-haired girls.

Dark hair will be subject to more severe bleaching, this will not affect the resulting shade, but worsen the hair structure.


When performing this technique, the hair is dyed in bright saturated colors. Unlike highlighting, they do not fade, but are immediately filled with the right colors. As a rule, several shades are used to give the hair an interesting look. Selected shades should be concisely combined with each other. On dark hair, purple, red or blue tones will look good.


On dark hair, contrast highlighting looks very nice, allowing you to focus on locks of different shades and widths. For this technique, the use of one color is sufficient. In some cases, masters can take several colors that are in the same color palette. Highlighting can be classical or asymmetric. Beautiful highlighting on dark hair: short, medium, long. How to look, who suits, how to do it step by step. Photo

The width of the strands is selected individually depending on the shape of the hairstyle.

On dark hair, bright creative strands look good. To emphasize the color depth, you can use color instead of light shades. In contrast highlighting, small strands are painted. Such coloring always looks fashionable and beautiful.


Highlighting by this method is performed by selecting strands at a selected angle, which allows hair to shimmer more in the light. Staining is performed for a specific parting, so its change will affect the final version. Diagonal highlighting looks good on long hair and can be chosen by the owners of light brown or dark curls.


This dye looks good on dark hair, which is the main background. Selected strands are painted in light shades so that the effect of burnt strands is created. The transitions between colors are performed smoothly, which creates the effect of layering. Hair looks voluminous, shiny. The color palette is selected based on the natural shade and length of the hair.


Beautiful highlighting is performed using several colors. Honey or nut shades look good on dark hair. The roots of the hair remain intact, and the strands are selected in a specific order. Smooth transitions between colors are performed, which gives the hair a natural look. The hairstyle looks more voluminous, fresh and with luxurious tints. Beautiful highlighting on dark hair: short, medium, long. How to look, who suits, how to do it step by step. Photo

Color is best revealed on long hair, but the procedure can be performed on hair of different lengths. After dyeing, the hair does not require additional care, since it is practically not injured.

Reverse highlighting

This technique is often used not in an independent form, but as a resuscitation of hair. They resort to it in order to return the hair to an aesthetic, well-groomed appearance after unsuccessful dyeing or to correct the hairstyle after several highlights. The essence of the procedure consists in coloring the strands in dark colors for their visual similarity with the color of the roots.

This will give the hair an updated look after a natural burnout of color. To dark strands do not look too intrusive, the master uses several shades. All colors blend seamlessly into each other. After dark shades, the hair is refreshed with light dyes. This method is good for those who are tired of being a blonde. It allows you to gradually, without harm to the hair, go into its natural tone.

How to do highlights on black hair – features

Due to the dark pigment, black hair is the worst colorable. Sometimes even experienced masters cannot achieve the
desired effect the first time. However, it is on black long hair that highlighting looks very impressive. Black hair first needs bleaching. Moreover, it passes in several stages until the natural hair pigment is washed.

On dark hair, it is especially important to create smooth transitions of colors, which will allow the hairstyle to look more natural. The procedure can be performed using different types of highlighting, but it is preferable to conduct it with a good specialist.

Fine and large highlights

Fine highlighting looks beautiful on long hair, whether it is made with dark or light paint. It gives the hairstyle a fresh and well-groomed appearance. The technique of execution is the selection and staining of small strands both throughout the head and on its separate part. Hair is practically not injured and does not need restorative procedures.

An alternative to this type of staining is large highlighting. In this case, the master works with wide strands that will create a clear accent in the hairstyle. For dark hair, both options are well suited, and the colors are selected taking into account the natural color and individual wishes.

How to highlight hair according to length: short, medium, long

Highlighting is able to transform curls of any length, if it is not too short hair. In other cases, the length only affects the technique of the procedure.

Medium-length hair is considered universal and can be manually measured using foil or a special hat.

However, the length of the hair may impede the implementation of some techniques, so it is recommended to contact professionals. Long hair is usually highlighted with foil , since the process takes a long time. Foil allows you to restrict air access for a better chemical reaction. Beautiful highlighting on dark hair: short, medium, long. How to look, who suits, how to do it step by step. Photo

Short hair can be highlighted with a special cellophane hat. There are holes on the surface of such a fixture. Through them, the master with the help of a hook pulls the hair out. Only the visible part of the hair is subject to dyeing.

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The best option for a square with bangs

Highlighting the Bob haircut highlight highlights perfectly. A good option for such a hairstyle is a classic highlighting with a contrasting combination of light and dark tones. Depending on the density and natural color of the hair, bright highlighting using the feather technique is suitable. In this case, the bangs can be distinguished from the total mass, making it several tones lighter or darker. Beautiful highlighting on dark hair: short, medium, long. How to look, who suits, how to do it step by step. Photo

For Bob haircut on dark hair, the glazing technique is suitable. In this case, the hair is dyed from the middle of the curl and there are smooth transitions between the colors. Using the veil technique, only half of the head can be lightened and the hair will be less damaged.

Also on the square, reverse highlighting, diagonal or balayazh, looks advantageous.

How to care for highlighted hair

Despite the fact that the procedure does not severely injure the curls, as when dyeing, the hair still needs special care. After the salon, you need to use restoring masks and hair care products for colored or highlighted hair. After shampooing, be sure to use conditioner.

The first time after dyeing, the hair is very sensitive. You must protect them from direct sunlight and you can not often use curling irons and irons. Hair can also suffer from frost or wind, so be sure to wear a hat in cold weather. Beautiful highlighting on dark hair: short, medium, long. How to look, who suits, how to do it step by step. Photo

The condition of the hair depends not only on the quality of the coloring agents, but also on the care products. Professional lines of shampoos and balms take better care of your hair. To improve blood circulation, which helps nourish the hair, you can resort to a head massage. It can be done on its own every day before bedtime.

How to do it yourself – step by step instructions

For home hair coloring, you can use a special hat. These hats are purchased in beauty salons or specialty stores. You can use the method of highlighting using foil.

When choosing a dye, you need to focus on the natural color of the hair: the darker it is, the more strong oxygen will be needed.

As a rule, for dark hair it is preferable to choose an oxide between 6% and 9%. There are also special sets for highlighting, which already includes everything you need.

For home highlighting you will need:

  1. Bleaching composition.
  2. Oxidizing agent.
  3. Glass for solution.
  4. Foil or hat.
  5. Tassels.
  6. Combs.
  7. Hairpins, elastic bands.
  8. Gloves.

It is best to be in the clothes that are not a pity to throw away during the procedure. Before dyeing, you need to comb your hair well. If highlighting is performed using a hat, you will need another special hook. With it, the hair is pulled out all over the head and stained with a brush. Beautiful highlighting on dark hair: short, medium, long. How to look, who suits, how to do it step by step. Photo

After that, the head must be wrapped in polyethylene and wait for the required amount of time. If highlighting is performed using foil, it is first necessary to divide the strands into several parts. All parts are fixed with hairpins, except for the working area. The strands are laid out on the foil and stained with a brush.

After this, the foil is wrapped and fixed. Thus, you need to process the whole head. It is better to start from the sides, then they work out the back of the head and, finally, the crown of the head. After washing off the paint, it is recommended to apply a repair mask.

Contraindications to highlighting

The use of chemicals for hair coloring implies caution. Do not highlight on damaged hair that has undergone recent dyeing or perming.

Highlighting will not be successful with:

  • feeling unwell, especially with fever;
  • drug treatment;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • unhealthy scalp;
  • allergic reaction to dyes.

In addition, with a large number of gray hair, highlighting is not carried out due to the inability to achieve the desired result. Highlighting has long been trending and will look beautiful on dark hair. The
main thing is to choose the right color and dyeing technique.

Video about beautiful highlighting on dark hair

How to highlight on dark hair:

Photo with highlights for dark-haired women:

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