Weight training program for girls in the gym, at home. Exercise table, reps and sets

In modern fitness, much has been done to increase the effectiveness of classes, and special
training programs have been developed
women and men.

The main goal is to achieve hyperplasia of the myofibrillar apparatus (increased muscle contractility) or hypertrophy (decreased). Such exercises are not used to increase the entire muscle mass, but to improve certain groups of them.

The rules and features of gaining muscle mass for girls

To gain muscle mass, you need to eat well and properly – this is the main rule that applies, despite the fact that a woman exhausts herself with training.

The girl needs to be engaged in such a way as to gain the necessary mass, and not to increase the amount of fat reserves and muscles.

It’s easier for guys, because they strive to achieve a muscular body, and eliminate excess body fat by using special trainings and nutrition programs.

Girls are afraid to use the mass gain program – in their opinion, a muscle mass may appear that looks more attractive to men, rather than to a fragile female body.
Weight training program for girls in the gym, at home. Exercise table, reps and setsThis assumption is erroneous and not true, because a masculine figure can only be achieved with the help of sports pharmacology.

The mass training program for girls
involves the achievement of such indicators – 70/30%, where muscle tissue predominates. That is, with a set of 22 pounds of weight, 7 of them should be muscles, and 7 pounds – with adipose tissue. The body will not look pumped, but will become beautiful and attractive.

Weight training program for girls in the gym, at home. Exercise table, reps and sets


Exercise helps to work out the legs, lower body, thigh muscles. Also, a minor impact is on the back. It is carried out as follows:

  • the exercise should be performed exclusively with a flat back and slight deflection in the lumbar, and the legs are bent at the knees;
  • grabbing the barbell with both hands, you need to raise it with slow movements, bending your arms at the elbows;
  • each run should consist of 10-15 lifts with a 5-minute break;
  • when taking the “back to the floor” position, the main load is directly received by the back muscles;
  • you need to straighten your legs and perform the same list of lifts as in the previous version;
  • when adopting the position “thigh to the floor”, then during the training the gluteus muscles and legs are involved, conducting similarly to the previous ones;
  • when working with the barbell, it is important to remember that it should perform its movements only along a vertical path, it is also important that it passes as close as possible to the hips and legs.

Weight training program for girls in the gym, at home. Exercise table, reps and sets
The back should not be rounded during the exercise. Beginners should not immediately begin to exhaust the body with a barbell. First of all, it is necessary to strengthen the muscles of the legs and back so as not to harm the musculoskeletal system.

Shoulder Squats

These exercises simultaneously involve the muscles of the back and lower body. Especially the load falls on the muscles above the knee and buttocks. In fact, they are not complex, but many, even experienced visitors to gyms do them wrong.

  1. Exercise begins directly with the back of the pelvis, then the network visually it looks as if a person is going to sit on an invisible chair.
  2. At the same time, the main weight of the rod should be shifted exactly to the heels , since this position allows you to provide maximum load on the quadriceps zone, thereby activating their full strength potential.

  3. Next, the squats begin , the depth of which can be up to the bend of the knees by 90 °, and lower. For beginners, it is enough to apply the first version of the squat. Weight training program for girls in the gym, at home. Exercise table, reps and sets
  4. In the process of doing the squat, you need to look straight, your back should be completely flat.

  5. Raising should be carried out focusing heels on the floor. This item is the most common mistake, since most exercising girls try to get out of the squat, resting on their socks. Such a technique completely changes the biomechanics of the exercise, significantly increases the risk of injury and destabilizes the level of balance.

  6. Being at the top point, it is forbidden to fully extend the joints of the knees, as they should remain slightly bent. This position allows you to minimize the degree of load, traumatic for the knee joints.
  7. You need to inhale and proceed to the next repetition (no more than 20 times in one workout).
  8. Squats should be performed evenly and smoothly, without sudden movements in all amplitude sections.

Leg Press

The weight training program for girls
necessarily includes this exercise, which allows you to ensure full load for all muscle groups located in the lower area of the body.  Sequencing:

  • to perform the leg press, you need to put them widely, while the feet should be turned outward;
  • this exercise will direct the entire load to the inner zone of the buttocks and thighs;
  • so that the whole effect falls on the buttocks, you need to install the legs in the upper part of the platform, while spreading them apart, directing the feet to the sides;
  • This exercise is ideal for femoral biceps and buttocks;
  • repeat the press 15-20 times with intervals of 5-10 seconds;

  • for training the lower zone of the quadriceps, the classic version of the bench press is used : the platform should be placed in a perpendicular position relative to the athlete, the session is performed with a very short ampl
    itude, the number of repetitions is 15-20 times with breaks of 15 seconds;
  • the horizontal type of press is designed to work out the gallon head of the quadriceps, that is, with its help you can achieve a muscular and volumetric thigh: the exercise consists in increasing the motor amplitude by several inch, repeating 15-20 times with 5-minute breaks.


This exercise should be done in stages.

Improper training can result in injuries and sprains:

  • pick up dumbbells and take a step forward;
  • body position should be as follows: the thigh is parallel to the floor, and the location of the sock does not extend beyond the level of the knee;
  • go down a little;
  • at the same time, the leg located behind should be bent, creating an angle of 90 °, the knee should not touch the floor;

Weight training program for girls in the gym, at home. Exercise table, reps and sets

  • push off from the support with the front foot and return to its original position;
  • the same exercise should be carried out with the other leg;
  • repetition rate – 10 times on each leg.

Thrust vertical block to the chest

This exercise is also part of the
weight training program for girls
and is one of the easiest.

Weight training program for girls in the gym, at home. Exercise table, reps and sets However, here it is necessary to know the main nuances of its implementation:

  • the handle on the simulator should be straight. Sit on a bench and arrange your knees so that they are under a special roller;
  • grab the edges of the handle so that the grip protrudes beyond the shoulders;
  • extend your arms to the top, and slightly tilt the case back;
  • take a breath and exhale, start pulling the bar downward until it touches the upper chest area;
  • while the upper body should be motionless, since only the hands are involved;
  • when the bar is at the lowest point, you need to squeeze the shoulder blades;
  • after returning the bar in a controlled position and slowly;
  • repeat 10-15 times.

Narrow grip bench press

In this technique, the correct execution plays an important role, otherwise there is a high probability of getting dislocations, sprains:

  • equip the barbell and lie down on the bench;
  • hands should be positioned already shoulder width;
  • move the projectile from the rack and lift it up, while it should be on a par with the chest;
  • inhaling, lowering, not laying on the chest, but touching it a little (the accuracy and location of the elbows are important – they should be along the body);
  • on exhalation, the bar is raised to its original position;
  • repeat 10 times.

Biceps Bench Press

Despite the ease of training, many do it wrong, making mistakes:

  • equip the bar, take a grip at shoulder width, legs should be at the same distance from each other;
  • straighten up, bend your knees slightly;
  • palms to turn forward, and elbows – practically pressed to the body;
  • tighten the abdominal muscles;
  • start lifting the barbell without moving your shoulders, but using only the traction force of the biceps and forearm;
  • you need to perform the exercise until there is a feeling of contraction of the biceps;
  • lowering weight it is important to make an entrance, and lifting – exhale.

Sitting dumbbell bench press

This is a simple exercise, so even a beginner can easily deal with it:

  • take dumbbells and sit on a bench with a back;
  • install shells in the thigh area;
  • palms should be turned forward;
  • firmly rest against the floor with your feet;
  • take a deep breath and raise your inventory up, holding it for 1-2 accounts;
  • Slowly return to the starting position;
  • repeat 10-15 times.

Weight training program for girls in the gym, at home. Exercise table, reps and sets

Chin rod

A delta lift is part of the weight training program for girls:

  • equip the bar and install it on the floor;
  • take the bar, the grip should be already shoulder width;
  • it should be at the level of the hips;
  • bend your elbows a little a
    nd spread your legs;
  • inhale and during exhalation begin to raise the barbell to the level of the chin;
  • elbows should be spread apart;
  • it is important to keep the projectile as close to the body as possible, and the location of the elbows should be above the forearms;
  • delaying by 1-2 accounts, lower the shell;
  • repeat 10 to 15 times.

Leg curls

Execution process:

  • lie face down on the simulator, place your legs under the rollers – the back surface of the ankles must touch them;
  • the legs are parallel to each other, the knees hang slightly from the bench, and the waist is located on its bend;
  • the pelvis is well pressed to the bench;
  • to grab the handrails with your hands, looking at the floor, and tighten your buttocks and abs;
  • inhale and hold your breath for a couple of seconds, pulling the rollers to the buttocks and not tearing off your hips;
  • you need to exhale at the stage of passing the most complex amplitude point;
  • make a delay of 1-2 accounts in the upper position, it is important to maintain maximum muscle contraction;
  • controlled and leisurely lower his legs;
  • repeat 10 to 15 times.

Push ups

Despite the ease, this exercise is quite effective and is divided into several types:

  1. From the wall – rest your hands on the wall and slowly bend and unbend your arms to the maximum. In this case, the position of the back and knees should be even.

  2. Using the support – for this you can use a fitball, bench or ordinary chair. Place your legs close to each other and begin lowering the body to the support used.

  3. From the knees – place the knees on the floor, and stretch the socks up. It is carried out in the same way as the previous version. Quantity – 15-20 sets.

Calves standing on the simulator

To pump caviar, you must:

  • take the prepared bar by the bar and raise it similarly to the deadlift;
  • having fixed it behind the head, rise to the toes, lingering in this position for as long as possible;
  • do 3 times in 7-9 reps.

Calves sitting on the simulator

The exercise included in the training program for girls on the mass, refers to complex techniques:

  • after preparing the simulator, sit on it, putting the rollers under your knees;
  • grab the handrails with your hands, while placing your legs on the edge of the lower platform;
  • the back should be even;
  • raise your knees slightly and remove the lock that holds the weight;
  • make an entrance and lower the heels slowly;
  • the ankles must be bent until the calves are fully stretched;
  • exhaling – raise the heels and straighten the ankles to the maximum, holding them for 1-2 accounts;
  • repeat 10 times.


The technique involves a phased exercise:

  • prepare the simulator – the pelvic area should be on a special pillow;
  • rest against the rollers with the Achilles tendon;
  • cross your arms behind your head and straighten the case;
  • slowly bend to the lower base of the simulator and back, without using sudden movements and contractions;
    Weight training program for girls in the gym, at home. Exercise table, reps and sets
  • repeat 10-15 times.

The complex for classes 2 times a week

You need to perform exercises every 2-3 days.

First day:

  • barbell press – allowed 2 calls 13 times;
  • deadlift – 1 run is performed no more than 12 times;
  • traction using the upper block – 1 call is carried out no more than 15 times;
  • presses using dumbbells, performed standing – 2 sets of 12 times.

Second day:

  • Squats – 2 runs are done 14 times each;
  • rod pulls on straight legs – 1 run, 12 times;
  • push-ups with the use of the Graviton simulator – no more than 1 entry, 12 times;
  • lifting dumbbells – performed 2 calls 15 times;
  • lifting in the hang – 2 calls are made 12 times.

Program: 3-day split

You need to train systematically. After 3 days of classes, a break day is taken.

The first:

  • Squats – performed 13 times;
  • lunges – are made 18-20 times;
  • Romanian traction – no more than 14 times.


  • pulling up – 11 times;
  • craving for the head of the upper block – 14 times;
  • rod draft to the zone of the belt – should not exceed 15 times;
  • dumbbell traction – performed 10 times.


  • push-ups – 10 times;
  • dumbbell bench press with a tilt – no more than 15 times;
  • dumbbell lift with breeding to the sides – 13 times;
  • dumbbell bench press with lifting up in a sitting position – 16 times.

Program: 4-day split

Despite the name,
the weight training program for girls
is divided into 2 main parts: the first 2 days, classes are performed with maximum effort, and the next 2 workouts by 50%.

1 and 2 days (legs):

  • barbell squats – 5 runs 13 times;
  • front squats – 4 calls 13 times;
  • leg press – make 4 calls 11 times;
  • Romanian traction – 5 calls 13 times each;
  • lifts on socks – 5 approaches 25 times.

3 and 4 days (upper area):

  • angular bench press – 4 sets of 14 times;
  • push-ups on the uneven bars – 2 calls 7 times;
  • sipping with a wide grip – 2 calls 4-5 times;
  • belt pull of the bar – 2 calls a maximum of 10 times;
  • rod pull to chin – 2 calls 10 times;
  • hyperextension – 5 visits 13 times.

Set of classes 5 times a week

This is a daily workout, after which they make 2 days of rest.

The first:

  • twisting on the bench – 3 calls 13 times;
  • bench press with a barbell – no more than 3 approaches 14 times;
  • lying dumbbell stitches – 2 sets of 10 times.


  • pulling up – carried out 5-10 times;
  • traction for the head (the upper block is involved) – a maximum of 14 times;
  • rod draft at the level of the belt – done 15 times;
  • dumbbell traction – no more than 10 times.


  • bench press, in the supine position – no more than 2 approaches 12 times;
  • deadlift – 1 run, 12 times;
  • traction using the upper block – 1 run is carried out, 15 times;
  • dumbbell bench press, in a standing position – 2 calls are performed 12 times.


  • Squats – performed 13-15 times;
  • lunges – carried out 17 times;
  • Romanian traction – a maximum of 14 times.


  • rod draft at the level of the belt – no more than 15 times;
  • dumbbell traction – performed 10 times;
  • deadlift – 1 run, 12 times;
  • traction using the upper block – 1 run, 15 times.

The complex for daily exercise in the gym

It is permissible to combine these exercises at will and perform at least 5 times:

  • press twisting;
  • barbell squat;
  • draft of the vertical block;
  • wide-grip barbell bench press;
  • chin pull rod;
  • dumbbell pull;
  • Romanian traction.

The program of classes 2 times a week for girls at home

Even without going to the gym, you can achieve the desired result by doing exercises at home.

First workout:

  • Squats with a step to the side;
  • bends on straight legs;
  • swinging legs in a pose of “doggy”;
  • femoral rises.

Second training:

  • tilts in different directions;
  • lifting dumbbells;
  • swings to the sides;
  • push ups.

The program of classes 3 times a week at home

It consists in performing basic exercises, the number and frequency of which is increasing gradually. From the beginning, training should take 15-20 minutes. For 3 months, you need to increase its duration to 1.5-2 hours.

  • press load;

  • bench using dumbbells while sitting;
  • Dumbbell squats
  • push ups;
  • reverse twisting;
  • cravings for the chin of dumbbells;
  • lunges involving dumbbells;
  • squats.

Training program 4 times a week

One lesson should include a set of exercises:

  • barbell squat or weighted;
  • traction using a vertical block;
  • bench press lying with a wide grip;
  • chin pull rod;
  • dumbbell pull
  • bends on straight legs;
  • swinging legs in a pose of “doggy”;
  • femoral rises.

Training program 5 times a week

The number of approaches is increasing gradually:

  • chin pull rod;
  • dumbbell pull;
  • Romanian traction;
  • bench using dumbbells while sitting;
  • Dumbbell squats
  • push ups;
  • reverse twisting;
  • cravings for the chin of dumbbells;
  • lunges involving dumbbells.

Training Nutrition

The first rule of mass gain in the female body is frequent and proper nutrition, and the girl should eat more than before. However, you need to consume foods that have a large amount of complex carbohydrates.

Weight training program for girls in the gym, at home. Exercise table, reps and sets

Do not forget that you need to gain muscle mass, not fat.

How to increase the load

It is not necessary to overstrain the body with exercises in the first days of training – this will only make it worse. The weight of the inventory and the number of approaches need to be increased gradually.  Otherwise, non-observance of the mass training program for girls will end with a pinched nerve, tearing and stretching of muscles, etc. It is important to approach the trainings wisely and confidently head towards the set goal.

Mass recruitment video for girls

Weight Training Videos:

Weight Training Workout Plan:

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