Reduxine diet pills. Instructions for use, the price in the pharmacy

Reduxin belongs to the group of drugs of a new generation of domestic production for weight loss. The components of the drug reduce appetite, which helps to reduce body weight. For effective and fast weight loss, it is recommended to combine the intake of capsule tablets with physical activity and adjusted nutrition.

Forms of release and composition of the drug

The drug is produced in a single pharmacological form – capsules for oral use. They are available in 2 types. They differ in the concentration of active components and the color of the shells.

Description of the appearance and composition of the capsules:

Appearance Feature List of main components with a description The list of auxiliary elements with a description. The list of components of the capsule
Capsules in a blue shell. Inside the medicine contains a powder mixture of white color, a yellowish tint is possible. Sibutramine hydrochloride monohydrate 10 mg. The component is toxic and toxic. With its use, there is a decrease in appetite. It also increases heat production in the body by burning fat cells. Calcium stearate. Used to give the desired powdery consistency. Gelatin. To give capsules the desired strength and easy solubility in a liquid medium.
Microcrystalline cellulose 158.5 mg. When it enters the digestive tract, the substance swells, creating a false feeling of satiety. It also absorbs toxins and toxins and removes them from the body. Dye titanium dioxide. Food color, white.
Dye blue patented. Food color blue.
Capsules in a blue shell. They are also filled with a white powder mass with a possible yellow tint. Sibutramine hydrochloride monohydrate 15 mg. Calcium stearate Gelatin
Microcrystalline cellulose 153.5 mg. Dye erythrosine. It is a food coloring red.
Dye titanium dioxide
Dye, patented blue.

Reduxine diet pills. Instructions for use, the price in the pharmacy

The drug is packaged in plates with cells of 10 capsules. The package contains 3, 6 or 9 plates.

Pharmacological properties

The drug is prescribed to eliminate excess fat mass.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Reduxin – diet pills that have a complex effect on the body.

Taking capsules is accompanied by the following therapeutic effects:

  • dulling of appetite occurs by affecting the nerve cells responsible for satiation;
  • normalizes the heat balance due to the burning of fat cells (in obese people, this process is slowed down);
  • metabolic processes are activated, as a result, food is absorbed faster and is not deposited in the form of fat cells;
  • regulates the amount of glucose and uric acid in the blood;
  • binds and removes excess cholesterol, toxins and harmful substances from the body;

Reduxine diet pills. Instructions for use, the price in the pharmacy

  • promotes saturation in small portions. As a result, the volume of the stomach is reduced to the desired size. After discontinuation of the drug, this change allows you to keep the weight normal.

Reduxine components are absorbed into the bloodstream from the digestive tract. The maximum amount of the drug is noted 1 after administration. Next, the formation of active substances (they regulate the saturation and burning of fat cells) under the influence of sibutramine. Their maximum concentration is observed 3 hours after taking the drug.

If the capsules were taken with food, the amount of active substances is reduced by 30% and their maximum concentration is noted 6 hours after taking the medication.

The withdrawal of Reduxine components is carried out after 1.5 hours mainly through the urinary system. Active substances leave the body after 14-16 hours. The action of the capsule is observed for 4 days.

Weight loss occurs smoothly (in 7 days 2 pounds), which is not accompanied by stress for the body. After the end of the course of therapy, the weight is normal, subject to nutritional conditions and physical activity.

Indications for use

Reduxin is prescribed by nutritionists or therapists with the following deviations:

  • with an index of body mass index (pounds / m 2 ) above 30;
  • diabetes-related obesity with a BMI of over 27.
Reduxine diet pills. Instructions for use, the price in the pharmacy
Reduxin Diet Pills Suppress Hunger

Reduxin is not a dietary supplement, but refers to medicines. Therefore, its use is allowed only after consultation with a specialist.


Reduxine diet pills can be used to reduce weight in the absence of contraindications.

Capsule Prohibition List:

  • slight deviation of weight from the norm. In this case, adjustments to nutrition and physical activity are sufficient;
  • diseases of the nervous system, accompanied by involuntary motor movements and sound pronunciations;
  • violation of the psychological balance of a temporary or permanent nature (depression, nervous breakdown, schizophrenia);
  • the presence of cancer cells, especially in the brain or digestive tract;
  • pathological abnormalities in the cardiovascular system in any form;
  • increased intraocular pressure of a closed-angle shape;
  • increased rate of pressure or its frequent drops;
  • impaired functioning of the liver and kidneys. Pathologies in any form (acute or chronic);

Reduxine diet pills. Instructions for use, the price in the pharmacy

  • tumor formation in the prostate gland;
  • violation of the thyroid gland with an increase in the amount of hormones produced by it;
  • tumor processes of hormonal origin;
  • during the period of gestation and when breast-feeding a baby;
  • an upset digestive tract due to anorexia or bulimia;
  • with the course of taking drugs acting on the cells of the nervous system;
  • the presence of stones in the gallbladder and its ducts;
  • intolerance of the constituent components or the presence of an allergic reaction to them.

Capsules are taken only as prescribed by the doctor and under control (it is important to be careful) with the following diseases:

  • violation of the rhythm of contractions of the heart and the functioning of blood vessels;
  • kidney or liver disease in mild to moderate form;
  • with a delay and lag in mental development;
  • impaired blood composition and poor coagulability;
  • with frequent constipation;

Reduxine diet pills. Instructions for use, the price in the pharmacy

  • taking medications that affect blood quality.

With alcohol and drug addiction, taking the medication is prohibited until recovery.

At what age can the drug be used

Capsules can not be taken in adolescence under 18 years of age (possibly a violation of the formation of hormonal levels) and after 65 years. In old age, hormonal balance is disturbed, taking the drug can worsen the condition.

Instructions for use, dosage of the drug for weight loss

Reduxin can be used for therapeutic purposes only after consulting a specialist (nutritionist or therapist). The doctor prescribes the dosage, and discusses the nuances of taking the capsule tablets. The effectiveness of the drug is evaluated by the dynamics of the patient’s weight loss.

It is recommended to take the drug in the morning, on an empty stomach or at the same time as eating.

Capsules should not be cracked or chewed. After taking the medication, it is necessary to take clean water in sufficient quantities. Otherwise, due to the effects of cellulose, a violation of the water-salt balance is possible.

The initial dose of the drug is 1 capsule per day (containing 10 mg of sibutramine). With the likelihood of side effects or intolerance to the components, the dosage is reduced by 2 times. The duration of 5 mg Reduxine is 4 weeks. Further, an increase in dose to 10 mg is recommended.

Reduxine diet pills. Instructions for use, the price in the pharmacy

Reduce and increase the dosage only after consultation with a specialist. If during the 4-week therapeutic course there is a decrease in weight of less than 5% of the total body weight, then the dosage of the drug per day increases to 15 mg (blue capsules).

If, after a 3-month course of therapy, the patient has lost less than 5% of weight or weight has been reversed, then Reduxine is discontinued due to treatment failure. There is no addiction to the drug. The maximum duration of capsule therapy is no more than 2 years, with the alternation of the treatment course for 3 months and a break of 1 month.

With a longer period, it is possible to reduce the effectiveness of the drug and increase the likelihood of side effects . To accelerate the process of weight loss, it is recommended to combine the use of Reduxine with nutrition and exercise.

Side effects

Reduxin – diet pills, which are taken under the supervision of a specialist, since taking capsules is often accompanied by side effects from the components. Their severity is observed at the beginning of the course of therapy, gradually weakening occurs.

List of negative reactions from taking the drug:

  • due to the constituent cellulose, dryness is felt in the oral cavity. Especially strongly immediately after taking the remedy;
  • with the simultaneous use of capsules with food, a change in the taste of foods and dishes is possible;
  • immoderate, uncontrolled appetite or its complete loss and vomiting;
  • lack of feces and an increase in hemorrhoids;
  • rare urination;
  • pain symptoms in the lower abdomen and in the back;
  • increased production of liver enzymes;
  • violation of the quality and process of sleep or constant drowsiness;
  • sudden headaches and dizziness;
  • memory impairment;
  • causeless anxiety or depression;

Reduxine diet pills. Instructions for use, the price in the pharmacy

  • frequent change of mood for irritation and nervousness;
  • spontaneous appearance of goosebumps or a burning sensation and tingling sensations;
  • spot hemorrhages under the skin;
  • heart rate increase;
  • increase in pressure;
  • expansion of blood vessels;
  • blurry and fogged objects;
  • increased amount of sweat;
  • swelling of the limbs and face;
  • sensation of a cold (weakness, aching in the bones, discharge from the nose);
  • inflammatory processes in the kidney tissue;
  • convulsive muscle contractions;
  • violation of the blood with a decrease in its coagulability;
  • hair loss;
  • an allergic reaction to components in various forms (itching, swelling, skin rashes);
  • violation of potency and disruptions in the menstrual cycle with extramenstrual bleeding.

Taking capsules in people with mental disorders may exacerbate the disease.


In the case of an independent increase in the dose of the drug, an increase in side symptoms is possible.

It is recommended to contact the nearest hospital and provide first aid at home:

  • complete gastric lavage with water;

Reduxine diet pills. Instructions for use, the price in the pharmacy

  • taking activated carbon or polysorb;
  • provide peace and access to fresh air.

Keep track of heart rate and blood pressure.

special instructions

Before taking Reduxine capsules, you need to familiarize yourself with the specific instructions for using the medication.

Nuances of use:

  • since the effect of the drug on the fetus has not been studied, the use of quality contraceptives is recommended for the period of its administration.
    Since with an accidental pregnancy, the effect of the drug on the fetus is possible;
  • for pathologies of the liver or kidneys, examination is recommended before taking the capsules;
  • in childhood and after 65 years of age, the drug is not used, for no indication. Perhaps a violation of the psyche, deterioration of memory and hormonal failure;
  • with a small excess weight, the drug is prohibited to use;
  • with the ineffectiveness of the drug, the analog is selected by a specialist;
  • if patients have respiratory failure during the night’s sleep, then control over the pressure indicator is recommended;

Reduxine diet pills. Instructions for use, the price in the pharmacy

  • every 3 months (with a course of 1-2 years) undergo examination by a therapist, for the possible development of disorders in the body;
  • with the development of constipation, discontinuation of capsules is required for the period of use of laxatives;
  • Do not combine Reduxine with alcohol. Both drugs affect the functioning of brain cells and disrupt the liver. Perhaps an increase in side effects from the drug.

Combine treatment with adjusting the diet (increase in fresh vegetables and fruits, drinking plenty, eliminating harmful foods), as well as light physical activity.

For the period of taking the capsules, avoid driving and working with increased attention.

Drug interaction

Reduxin – diet pills that can not be taken simultaneously with other drugs to reduce weight. This combination will increase the risk of side effects from both drugs.

The combination of capsules in complex treatment:

  • with the joint use of drugs that lower metabolic processes, there is a delay in the withdrawal of the drug from the body;
  • drugs that accelerate metabolic processes, quickly remove the components of Reduxine from the body, thereby reducing its effectiveness;
  • medications that affect the concentration of serotonin (the hormone responsible for a good mood) in blood plasma while taking Reduxin can cause a disturbance in psychological balance;

Reduxine diet pills. Instructions for use, the price in the pharmacy

  • concomitant use with laxatives reduces the effectiveness of capsules;
  • taking drugs against allergies and Reduxin also leads to a decrease in the effectiveness of the second remedy;
  • can not be taken simultaneously with blood thinning medications, bleeding may develop.

It is strictly forbidden to take with the following medicines:

  • heart rate normalizing drugs;
  • medications that relieve headaches;
  • potent painkillers;
  • macrolide antibiotics;
  • remedies for eliminating cough.

The concomitant use of oral contraceptives with Reduxin is allowed.


Reduxin is a high-cost drug with a large list of contraindications and side effects.

If necessary, the treating specialist selects an analog from the following list:

The name of the drug Release form Age restrictions Price (in usd)

Reduxine diet pills. Instructions for use, the price in the pharmacy

Capsules You can not take up to 18 years and after 65 years 1100-2800
Dietrin Dietary supplements Reception is allowed from 12 years old 200-350
Xenical Capsules After 12 years 300-2700
Lindax Capsules Reception is prohibited until 18 years and after 65 years  1100-2300
Meridia Capsules Capsules can be taken after 18 years 700-900
Minifage Capsules Not specified 200-350
Siofor Tablets After 18 years 300-450
Slimia Capsules After reaching 18 years  900-1600
Orsoten Capsules After 18 years. After 65 years, taking the drug is prohibited 600-700
Turboslim Capsules, tea, coffee After 18 years 300-600

Before buying a new medicine, familiarize yourself with the limitations and side effects.

Terms, conditions of sale and storage

Capsules need to be stored in a dark place at a temperature of 4 to 25 degrees. Subject to conditions, the shelf life of the drug is 3 years from the date of manufacture.

Reduxine diet pills. Instructions for use, the price in the pharmacy

Reduxin can be purchased upon presentation of a prescription in Latin indicating the course and concentration of the active element (10 or 15 mg).

Price in pharmacies in New York, Los Angeles,

The price of Reduxin varies from the number of capsules in the package, the concentration of the active substance and the of purchase of the drug.


Blue capsules Blue capsules
Cost per 30 capsules (in usd) Cost per 60 capsules (in usd) Cost per 90 capsules (in usd) Cost per 30 capsules (in usd) Cost per 60 capsules (in usd) Cost per 90 capsules (in usd)
New York 1698-1812 2688-2752 2687-4030 2398-2623 3997-4162 5589-5782
Los Angeles 1687-1816 2691-2764 2692-4036 2404-2628 4010-4176 5602-5803
Atlanta 1714-1822 2703-2769 2699-4039 2411-2633 4015-4175 5605-2811
San Francisco 1642-1789 2644-2701 2649-3999 2382-2600 3990-4150 5550-5750
Houston 1640-1750 2630-2689 2632-3980 2373-2580 3970-4100 5520-5730
Chicago 1700-1820 2710-2780 2690-4032 2400-2640 4000-4180 5600-5790
Seattle 1701-1802 2680-2753 2684-4025 2390-2628 4000-4163 5600-2790

When ordering online or buying in new pharmacies, beware of fakes. Reduxin is made only in the form of capsules packaged in plates of 10 pcs. Reduxin has an effect on nerve cells, so taking the drug is possible only after the appointment of a specialist.

It is forbidden to increase the dosage of capsule tablets (in the absence of effect) independently. If you follow the menu (discussed with the doctor) and physical activity, the process of losing weight is faster.

Weight loss drug video

Reduxin for weight loss:

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