Real stories and photos of very thin people. Tips and reviews on weight loss techniques

There are many real stories of very thin people with supporting photos of “before” and “after”. Based on their experience, you can analyze how easy or difficult the weight loss process is.

There are so many tips, recipes, diets and medicines on the Internet, but in most cases all attempts fail either to no avail or with enormous damage to health. Some manage to lose a couple of kilos, which then quickly return.

Real stories of people who have lost weight: before and after photos of weight loss

If it is difficult to decide on strict measures or actions, then looking at yourself from the side, as Mikhail Dmitriev did, you can radically change your own opinion. Most stories reveal many negative aspects of being overweight: loneliness, illness, or excruciating severity of one’s own body.

More often people get stuck in stress, problems, or simply a lack of time to take care of themselves and their nutrition. The thinner people, photos before and after which can be seen below, had big problems with self-esteem, nutrition and society, but in the end they could overcome them, as well as the problem of being overweight.

Kate Reiter

At 21, the girl gained weight equal to 265 pounds, it became difficult for her to walk and her health began to deteriorate greatly. At that moment, Kate realized that something needs to be changed. The girl always had a good appetite and loved a lot and tasted good. But at the tipping point, she began by reducing portions of food consumed, thanks to this, over 7 days, the weight decreased by more than 18 pounds. Real stories and photos of very thin people. Tips and reviews on weight loss techniques

Seeing such a result, she began to act more actively, installed an application for counting calories and began to carefully observe the diet, gradually reducing it, thereby reducing weight by another 33 pounds in about 3 weeks. The result is amazing, but Kate did not stop when it became easier to move, she began to actively train in the gym.

Weight decreased and less than a year, he became equal to 154 pounds.

Darina Tsiganova

From early childhood, Darina gradually gained weight due to psychological injuries and their so-called “seizing”. The girl really gained weight and by the age of 25, when she was also pregnant, the figure became equal to 282 pounds. Darina realized that it was wrong, that she wanted to be a beautiful girl and mother. Real stories and photos of very thin people. Tips and reviews on weight loss techniques

When the child turned one year old, Darina finally decided, at first she completely excluded sugar, salt, bread and bread, butter from the diet. In the first week, the girl lost almost 22 pounds. The next step was fractional nutrition: many small portions at intervals in time instead of one hearty meal.

Once a week, she allowed herself to deviate from a healthy diet, but only at the cost of a long walk. She began to play sports and run 2 times a week, and so after 8 months she lost 139 pounds.

Veta Obukhova

Since childhood, Veta had a tendency to be overweight, at 15 she weighed 161 pounds. The first time she tried to lose pounds, she simply stopped eating, her weight decreased, but her health also worsened. In addition, she soon gained twice as much, still aggravated at first by one pregnancy, then immediately the second. Real stories and photos of very thin people. Tips and reviews on weight loss techniques

With a weight of 198 pounds, she went to the training of a nutritionist from New York, under the influence of which she began to lose weight correctly. The diet was made up of wholesome foods: vegetables, fish, cereals, nuts – and was divided into many meals and snacks. With this diet in 8 months, she lost weight to 121 pounds. And later, starting to train, she decorated her body with a small relief.

Anna Sizenova

The romantic story of Anna began with 194 pounds and the lack of her size in fashion stores. Like everyone, she first tried to lose weight on her own, but all diets ended up with the girl again starting to eat a lot. And so, having decided, she began to individually engage with the coach. Real stories and photos of very thin people. Tips and reviews on weight loss techniques

He drew up a strict menu for her, to put it mildly, and ordered training 3 times a week (power and cardio). In almost 3 months, Anna then dropped 26 pounds, after she said goodbye to the coach and began to train a little herself. Soon a new coach came to his place, offering to help Anna with training for free, who later became her husband.

He made her a hearty, but low-calorie menu and continued to train, so today her weight is 143 pounds.

Julia Angel

Julia entered the institute with a weight of 165 pounds, immersed in study, she often did not notice the excess weight and the amount of food consumed. But there was a beauty contest in which she wanted to win, but the fullness did not allow. Then, almost ceasing to eat, she dropped 33 pounds and won, but immediately gained them back. Real stories and photos of very thin people. Tips and reviews on weight loss techniques

Having finally decided to get rid of them, she created a menu for herself, the daily calories consumed did not exceed 1100-1200 and removed sugar and flour from the diet.

Thus, in almost a few years she achieved a result of 110 pounds.

Julia Sergacheva

The thinner people, photos before and after which confirm the veracity of the stories, talked about how hard they were able to overcome excess weight, but in the case of Julia, circumstances greatly helped her. Real stories and photos of very thin people. Tips and reviews on weight loss techniques

Her result is amazing, as she easily and in a fairly short time dropped as much as 110 pounds.

In adolescence, Julia quickly began to gain pounds, eventually reaching a weight of 298 pounds. Due to health problems, she initially adhered to non-strict diets and gradually went in for sports. After another operation, the doctors prescribed her a strict menu based on exclusively proper nutrition.

She ate several times a day, in small portions, mainly:

  • cottage cheese;
  • stewed or boiled vegetables;
  • meat.

Evgenia Vorobyova

After the birth of two children, Eugene gained a lot of weight, which at that time was about 258 pounds. And, of course, she did not like her appearance when she realized the situation. She began with a diet based on calorie counting, which she still follows. Gym activities were also added 3 times a week, later reinforced with protein. As a result, the weight of Eugenia dropped to 152 pounds.

Sara Saisonova

The girl was always distinguished by harmony and had a weight of 119 pounds, but
everything changed the birth of a child, which led her to a deplorable figure of 176 pounds. After the end of breastfeeding, Sarah decided to change something and began to look for diets, choosing the right food with a decrease in portions.

Real stories and photos of very thin people. Tips and reviews on weight loss techniques
Sara Saisonova is one of the thinner women whose photos are presented. She was able to lose weight by 44 pounds.

The portions were no more than a fist, Sarah began to drink more water and soon transferred the whole family to a similar menu.

Her weight is normal again, today it is 132 pounds. This is not to say that in the process of losing weight, Sarah did not go in for sports, since any mother with a small child leads a fairly active lifestyle, full of walks, cleaning and household chores.

Marina Kozlova

Marina was always overweight, but this did not bother her, especially she relaxed when she met her future husband. But after a 2-week trip with all-inclusive meals, where she did not deny herself anything, Marina was frightened by the numbers on the scales, or rather, it was 194 pounds, which became the starting point.

However, the numerous diets on which the girl was sitting on her own did not give any result, until the book “System minus 60” fell into her hands. It was with her, not limiting herself in food only to 12 days, that she said goodbye to 29 pounds in a short time. But after a while, she became pregnant twice. And although the weight did not increase much, it was still difficult to call the body ideal. Real stories and photos of very thin people. Tips and reviews on weight loss techniques

Losing weight (the photos before and after which are presented in the article) might have surrendered on the spot of Marina, because the old method no longer gave the girl results. But Marina began to study all the subtleties of a proper diet and nutrition. And so, the numbers on the scales began to decrease again, but the body did not become much more beautiful. At this moment, the girl decided to turn to sports.

Getting used to it a little, Marina was carried away by running, and the results after 1-2 months could not but rejoice, not only the body was transformed, but also the general mood. She decided to add strength training, 4 times a week for half an hour.

Also, adjusting the nutrition for herself, that is, making healthy desserts, and not eating food after 19.00, Marina began to weigh 137 pounds.

Mikhail Dmitriev

People who have lost so much weight as Mikhail (his photos before and after are shown below) can inspire and give useful advice only by telling their story. Michael quickly gained weight by the end of school, the figures were about 243 pounds. The situation worsened after entering the institute and the time allotted exclusively to study, he gained up to 287 pounds. Real stories and photos of very thin people. Tips and reviews on weight loss techniques

Many times, trying various diets, Mikhail broke down, not holding out for more than a week. And yet, he decided to get down to business thoroughly and plunged into the study of proper nutrition programs. A difficult year, constant prohibitions and disruptions yielded results, Mikhail lost 139 pounds.

Tatyana Rybakova

Tatyana was always full, but during graduation and admission to the institute, weight became critical, he exceeded the 220 pounds mark. Often trying diets, Tanya constantly broke down, and they did not help. Today, she skillfully inserts foods, even harmful ones, into her diet, while not fattening.

This is due to the fact that she correctly calculates calories consumed, and the percentage of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Yes, proper nutrition combined with competent training is a laborious process that takes a lot of time, however, the result is worth it. Real stories and photos of very thin people. Tips and reviews on weight loss techniques

Slim people, photos before and after which are really amazing, often start their program for weight loss. Tatyana is also today not only a fitness trainer for girls who want to lose weight, but also their adviser in relation to proper nutrition.

Tatyana began to lead her own courses for overweight girls, the key idea of which is not only weight loss, but also its retention. The basis of her diet is any food, but always made from healthy ingredients.

Galina Kuznetsova

By the age of 54, Galina had tried all kinds of diets: from Japanese, buckwheat, and to diet smoothies. But the result has always been the same. She could hold out for some time, shed a couple of extra pounds, as a result, her patience ended because of an increased feeling of hunger, and she gained more than she threw off during this time.

Trying to lose weight in such ways, she just gained, and her weight became equal to 238 pounds. At this time, serious health problems began: it is hard to walk, lack of strength, shortness of breath during a normal walk. Then Galina began to be interested in a healthy balanced diet, which ultimately saved her. Real stories and photos of very thin people. Tips and reviews on weight loss techniques

The journey took not a short time, but in the end, in less than 3 years, Galina was able to easily get rid of 73 pounds. Water became an additional assistant, setting a reminder on the phone, she did not forget to drink as much as possible. And this, in turn, helps to cleanse the body and accelerate metabolism.

Anastasia Rudenko

By the age of 23, Anastasia weighed 209 pounds, she was often looked at with pity, insulted, and she herself did not particularly like the reflection in the mirror. And for several years of a sedentary lifestyle, the addition of more than 22 pounds finally convinced her of the need to act. Then she and her friends bought a gym membership, where she began to personally engage with a trainer. Real stories and photos of very thin people. Tips and reviews on weight loss techniques

The first months of Anastasia were insanely hard, she barely walked after classes, however, she soon began to change outwardly and got used to physical activity. Centimeters began to melt before our eyes, so in less than a ye
ar, the weight dropped by 66 pounds.
In addition, the girl is so accustomed and loved the sport that now she can not live without it.

Tips from people who have lost weight, reviews on the effectiveness of different methods

As can be understood from the experience of numerous girls, the most effective ways for them were:

  • proper nutrition;
  • calorie counting;
  • portion reduction;
  • training in the gym.

But, of course, in order to achieve the best result, it is necessary to control all these aspects at the same time. About training, it is important to say that they must combine strength and cardio workouts so that the muscles do not grow under a layer of fat. Real stories and photos of very thin people. Tips and reviews on weight loss techniques

People who have grown thin, photos before and after which are presented above, say: in order to lose weight, it is not necessary to eat tasty and exclude your favorite foods from the diet. Firstly, sometimes you can allow small excesses, the main thing is that after this there is no breakdown on improper nutrition.

And secondly, even healthy foods can be incredibly tasty:

  • healthy desserts made on the basis of cereals;
  • dried fruits with nuts;
  • stewed vegetables, especially cabbage and beets;
  • fish and lean meat in various sauces.

Basically, all the weight loss stories given above are based on a proper, balanced diet.

As you can see by the example of thinning people with photos before and after, you should not eat more than you want and how it breaks into the body, you do not need to consume fatty foods and then feel heavy.

Eating healthy food in small portions is much easier to make the figure perfect, besides improving health and increasing the overall tone of the body.

Video about losing weight people

Photos of celebrities before and after losing weight:

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