Olga Drozdova before and after plastic surgery. Photo in his youth, what it looks like now, how it has changed

At 53, Olga Drozdova looks fresh and young. And many believe that she did not avoid the correction of the appearance of a plastic surgeon, because the appearance of the actress before and after plastic surgery has noticeably changed.

What was Olga Drozdova before the transformation of appearance

Olga Drozdova before and after plastic surgery has changed a lot, as can be seen in many photos. The appearance of the actress before the intervention of surgeons had completely different features. At the dawn of her career, Olga Drozdova’s nose was somewhat wide. The tip of the nose was sloping. But the oval face of young Olga was neat, delicate and elegant. Olga Drozdova before and after plastic surgery. Photo in his youth, what it looks like now, how it has changed

Before the transformation, the lips of the actress had a smaller volume and a slightly different shape. Also, the eyes of a celebrity before the transformation were slightly different. The lower eyelid had a peculiar bulge, and what was created in plastic surgery is called a “roller”.

First plastic surgery

Olga Drozdova made her first plastic surgery in her youth when she worked at the Sovremennik Theater. The actress decided to adjust the shape of the nose. Rinoplasty was advised by director Galina Volchek.

After the operation, Olga’s nose became more “aristocratic”, thin and graceful.

Rhinoplasty is also used for:

  • correction of natural or acquired defects;
  • improved proportions if the nose is disproportionate in size compared to the face; Olga Drozdova before and after plastic surgery. Photo in his youth, what it looks like now, how it has changed
  • humpback removal;
  • alignment of the curved nasal septum;
  • changes in the shape of the tip of the nose;
  • changes in the shape of the wings of the nose.

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Eyelid Lift – Blepharoplasty

Blepharoplasty is a plastic surgery performed for:

  • adjusting the shape of the eyelids;
  • changes in the cut of the eyes;
  • removal of body fat under the lower eyelid – “rollers”; Olga Drozdova before and after plastic surgery. Photo in his youth, what it looks like now, how it has changed
  • suspenders bags under the eyes;
  • muscle plastics of the periorbital of the eye;
  • removal of eyelid defects;
  • reduction of visual age-related changes;
  • smoothing out fine wrinkles.

According to journalists, Olga Drozdova did blepharoplasty in 2011. And it was published after the operation to present the film award for the series “Golden Rhino”.
Olga Drozdova before and after plastic surgery has a different shape of the eyelids.

Prior to plasty, the actress had very noticeable age “ridges” under her eyes. After the operation, the eyes became a little more open, small wrinkles in the outer corners were smoothed out and the swelling under the eyes disappeared.

Lip-lifting – lip augmentation

The lips of Olga Drozdova before the plastic were also thinner. After lipolifting, the lips of the actress gained volume, wrinkles on the thin skin of the lips smoothed out, the contour became more clear. According to reporters, lip augmentation was done in 2011.

Olga Drozdova before and after plastic surgery. Photo in his youth, what it looks like now, how it has changed
Olga Drozdova before and after plastic surgery in the photo looks completely different.

Lipolifting (or lipofilling) is a procedure for transplanting your own fatty tissue from one area of the body to another. A popular procedure, both for increasing the volume of lips, and for other purposes.

Using lipofilling, you can:

  • adjust the shape of the chin and cheekbones;
  • smooth out age wrinkles;
  • rejuvenate hands;
  • adjust the shape and volume of the buttocks and hips;
  • correct the natural curvature of the legs.

Lipolifting is considered to be one of the safest and most effective ways to correct appearance. After all, your own fatty tissue, introduced into the correction zone, does not cause allergies. Lipofilling is effective and safe, but there are always risks that lipids injected into the lips can resolve naturally.

Beauty Injections

Beauty injections – injection procedures aimed at rejuvenating the skin of the face. Injections are characterized by high efficiency and minimal injuries.

Beauticians recommend injecting beauty injections after 30 years.

The composition of the injected fluid may include:

  • vitamins;
  • hyaluronic acid;
  • polylactic acid;
  • calcium hydroxyapatite;
  • liquid silicone;
  • botulinum toxin.

Compositions containing acids are used for intensive moisturizing and filling voids, giving volume. Acids can smooth wrinkles, but the effect lasts no more than 2 years. Olga Drozdova before and after plastic surgery. Photo in his youth, what it looks like now, how it has changed

Calcium hydroxyapatite is used as a durable filler (filler). The main advantage of calcium hydroxyapatite is that it stimulates the natural synthesis of collagen. The anti-aging effect lasts about 3.5 years.

Silicone injections are the most durable. But they also have a big drawback – this is the risk of the drug migrating and the need for surgical intervention to extract the silicone.

It is assumed that Olga Drozdova corrected her appearance with Botox injections. Botulinum toxin copes with the task of smoothing even deep wrinkles. The effect of the drug is based on the relaxation of the muscles that form wrinkles.

How Olga Drozdova still improved her appearance

It is also known that the actress improved her appearance not only with the help of cosmetology and plastic surgery, but also thanks to dentistry. Namely, Olga Drozdova installed veneers that made the woman’s smile dazzlingly white.

Veneers in USA are only gaining popularity, while in the west they are installed in almost every celebrity. And to imagine a Hollywood smile without snow-white veneers is almost impossible.
Olga Drozdova before and after plastic surgery. Photo in his youth, what it looks like now, how it has changed

Veneers are the thinnest plates made of ceramics or composite materials that are superimposed on a person’s own teeth. Veneers replace / cover the outer layer of teeth. To install such plates, the teeth are sharpened in a special way.

For the installation of veneers there are indications:

  • the presence of gaps between the teeth;
  • the presence of cracks in the tooth enamel;
  • tooth abrasion;
  • any aesthetic defects.

After installing the veneers, it is necessary to carefully care for your teeth regularly, because during installation they lose their enamel layer and become more prone to tooth decay.
Olga Drozdova is constantly improving her appearance: she changes hairstyles, hair color, clothing style. And, of course, especially carefully monitors the condition of the skin.

Olga Drozdova before and after photos

Olga Drozdova before and after the plastic looks great, with which both critics and fans of the actress agree. But still, after conducting aesthetic procedures, the appearance of the actress noticeably changed. The nose has undergone changes: it has become a little thinner and sleeker, more accurate and proportionate.

Noticeable changes on the lips. The lips of Olga Drozdova acquired a more appetizing, full form. The upper and lower lip are equal in volume. Total lip volume also increased. Changes in the shape of the lips of the actress are especially noticeable when they have bright lipstick. Olga Drozdova before and after plastic surgery. Photo in his youth, what it looks like now, how it has changed

Thanks to the plastic of the eyelids, the look of the actress has become more expressive. The upper eyelids “pulled up” a little, his eyes began to seem larger. The cushions under the eyes, which betrayed age, disappeared.

Around 2011, many journalists noticed that Olga Drozdova’s face shape changed. It was assumed that she did a circular lift. There is no exact information about what kind of procedure the actress performed, but the face really rejuvenated and tightened, wrinkles were smoothed out.

How much are the operations of the actress

Among the plastic operations of the actress stand out:

  • rhinoplasty;
  • blepharoplasty;
  • lipolifting.

The cost of rhinoplasty is at the level of $ 816. Lip lipofilling can be performed for $ 204 – $ 231. Blepharoplasty can be done for about $ 816.

Total total cost of operations of the actress is about $ 1863.

Beauty injections do not belong to serious surgical interventions, especially since they are recommended to be repeated after a while. The average cost of Botox injections of the entire face (interbrow, forehead, eyes) is at the level of $ 272. Repeated injections of botulinum toxin are recommended every 8-9 months.

Personal life and latest news about Drozdova

Currently, Olga Borisovna Drozdova is 53 years old. She is married to the famous actor Dmitry Pevtsov and has the 10th son of Elisha. Olga Drozdova actively shares the secrets of caring for her appearance with the press. Olga Drozdova before and after plastic surgery. Photo in his youth, what it looks like now, how it has changed

Recently, she is immersed in work on new performances and paintings, so she has little free time and does not lead Instagram. At social evenings, the actress appears in the company of her husband, but she rarely presents her son in the light.

New images and experiments with appearance are not always well received by fans of the star. Olga was criticized for a dark dress and a light cardigan, in which she starred in the program “The Fate of Man.” The vast majority of viewers considered her image inappropriate for age. In addition, the actress’s behavior in the frame was considered insincere.

The new image and the secret of the ideal figure of Olga Drozdova

Olga Drozdova before and after the plastic looks well-groomed and harmonious, the photos confirm this fact. But with age, natural changes in appearance occur. It is not surprising that many are wondering what Olga Drozdova does to maintain beauty.

To always look beautiful, the actress regularly conducts special cosmetic procedures.

Olga Drozdova believes that her skin does not require special nutrition and prefers good peeling.

Modern salon peels not only cleanse, but also treat, regenerate, rejuvenate the skin. Olga Drozdova really enjoys perming hair. She believes that only aggressive compounds can make beautiful curls out of her naughty hair. Olga Drozdova before and after plastic surgery. Photo in his youth, what it looks like now, how it has changed

In recent years, Olga Drozdova has been actively experimenting with appearance. She changes hair color, eyeglass frames, clothing style. The actress dyed her hair in reddish and chestnut shades, then in light brown, recently, the actress prefers blonde ash colors. Not all images of a celebrity are liked by its fans, but in this way Olga shows her personality.

Also, Olga Drozdova often experiments with the color of lipstick. Sometimes it is used shades that are close to natural, and sometimes provocative, bright scarlet. Olga Drozdova is the owner of a slim figure that many women can envy. She had problems with being overweight only during pregnancy, but even after giving birth she managed to lose those extra pounds.

According to the latest data, with a growth of 5’6 foot, the star weighs 130 pounds. Olga Drozdova adheres to the rules of separate nutrition: she does not combine carbohydrates and proteins. Also, the actress completely limited the use of smoked, fatty, sweet and fried.

In addition, for cooking meat or poultry, Olga uses an air grill , in which fat from the product completely flows out during cooking. As a result, only pure protein without a gram of fat is used in food. In the diet of the actress there are practically no vegetable products (vegetables or fruits), because she does not like them and prefers protein foods (cottage cheese, yogurt, etc.).

Olga also never eats sandwiches loved by many. The actress prefers meat and seafood dishes. However, she does not eat pork, lamb and rabbit because of the specific smell. Also Olga Drozdova recommends eating breakfast porridge . She herself eats only about 50 g. Olga Drozdova before and after plastic surgery. Photo in his youth, what it looks like now, how it has changed

The recommendations on nutrition include the fact that to remove excess water from the body, the actress recommends drinking about 0,4 gallon of mineral water daily.
But among the “bad” food, the actress has preferences. She loves French baguettes and cakes. Although she rarely eats baguettes, she only allows herself a piece of cake once a month.

One of the secrets of the ideal figure of the actress is that she regularly practices fitness.

Olga tried to do yoga, but monotonous stretching exercises seemed boring to her. After yoga, the actress switched to kickboxing. But she rarely deals with them, because from the load she noticed too rapid muscle growth. As cosmetic procedures to reduce the volume, it produces wraps of problem areas.

What Olga Drozdova says about the changes

Since Olga Drozdova is a well-known actress, she attracted the increased attention of journalists, many of whom noticed and focused on changes in the appearance of the actress. To questions about whether she turned to plastic surgeons, the actress always answers negatively. Indeed, the actress cannot be convicted of a particularly excessive enthusiasm for correction of appearance.

Despite the possible plastic surgery, the appearance of the actress remained pleasant and natural. The actress explains the good condition of the skin with the correct and regular self-care, cosmetic procedures.

Olga says that someday, perhaps, she will agree to a radical correction of her appearance by plastic surgeons. She believes that the face of the actress should always be perfect, because the face plays a decisive role in the character’s image.

Olga Drozdova has always been distinguished by a pleasant appearance and a slender figure both before and after plastic surgery. Currently, the actress remains in demand and loved by fans. The audience fell in love with her in many respects for her natural charm and charm.

Video about Olga Drozdova before and after plastics

What the changed Olga Drozdova now looks like:

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