Exercises for the abdomen and sides, how to remove fat, a program for women. Effective complexes

When gaining excess weight, body fat is unevenly distributed. First of all, the abdomen and sides are affected. For successful weight loss, you need to combine proper nutrition, a healthy lifestyle and exercise.

Causes of the appearance of fat in the waist

In order for the exercises to be effective and efficient, for a start it is advisable to find out the true reason for the appearance of extra pounds.

The most common are:

  • age. With each new decade in a person’s life, a natural weight gain of about 22 pounds occurs. This is due to a slowdown in metabolism due to hormonal changes in the body;
  • disorders of the thyroid gland. Any changes in the endocrine system respond by weight gain, so first of all, you need to take a hormone test and make sure there are no problems on this side;
  • unhealthy diet , rich in sweet, flour products, as well as junk food. Blood sugar rises sharply with sugary sodas, sweets, chips, and cakes. This inevitably leads to the deposition of visceral fat in the waist;
  • lack of sleep. Studies have shown that duration of sleep affects the quality of many processes. Metabolism also suffers. For good health, you need to sleep at least 6 hours;
  • genetic predisposition to accumulate fat in this area. It is sometimes useful to analyze the appearance of your parents and immediate family. Identification of hereditary causes is not a reason to abandon the decision to lose weight, since deposits on the internal organs of a person can be dangerous to health;

Exercises for the abdomen and sides, how to remove fat, a program for women. Effective complexes

  • insufficient quantity or quality of training. Some mistakenly believe that running or daily walking will lead to ideal proportions and shapes. However, for the result you need to combine cardio training with strength exercises. The number of workouts should also be sufficient;
  • postpartum condition. Pregnancy ends in childbirth, after which the baby’s place is freed and saggy skin and excess volume appear in the waist. Reducing the skin and returning tonus to the abdominal muscles is a quick and difficult process;
  • weak will of man. Any of the above reasons can affect almost every person. But not everyone can cope with the problem of excess weight. Short-term diets and training will give a positive result, which must be maintained by willpower and character. For this, a healthy lifestyle and high physical activity should be paramount.

What reasons can be adjusted through physical activity

Exercises for the abdomen and sides will not be effective in all cases. That’s why figuring out the nature of the appearance of excess weight is the first task in losing weight. External causes such as insufficient sleep or poor nutrition can be easily corrected. A prerequisite for this is the strict implementation of the daily routine and regime.

Exercises for the abdomen and sides, how to remove fat, a program for women. Effective complexes

Willpower must be developed and strong enough.

By adding physical exercises, you can achieve a flat stomach and complete disposal of excess body weight. The postpartum belly can also be returned to its previous form.

But here it is important to understand that to solve this problem an integrated approach is needed:

  • proper nutrition , which will be useful for the baby (as milk for breastfeeding), and for mom – get in shape faster;
  • physical training. To start playing sports, it is important to consult with a gynecologist and obtain permission. Usually this becomes possible after 1.5-2 months. after natural birth;
  • Wearing a postpartum brace that helps contract muscles and skin. This item is one of the decisive factors in reducing waist sizes for women who have given birth.

The reason associated with a lack of training or an incorrect approach to performing physical exercises is also easily corrected. However, it is best to seek the help of a professional trainer who will draw up an effective training plan and select the optimal diet with correctly calculated calories.

The remaining reasons are difficult to correct only by physical exercises; a systematic approach is needed with the involvement of medical specialists and detailed laboratory tests.

Exercises for the abdomen and sides, how to remove fat, a program for women. Effective complexes

In case of diseases of the endocrine system (diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism), self-medication and active weight loss can be not only ineffective, but also dangerous to human health and life.

The most effective exercises for weight loss of the abdomen and sides: technique

Exercises for the abdomen and sides are preferably performed on an empty stomach, since undigested food can cause a feeling of discomfort in the epigastric. In addition, training will not have its maximum effect. If this condition is difficult to fulfill, the last meal should be 2 hours before the start of sports.


Twisting is the most common exercise for the abs and core. Varieties and modifications allow you to work out even the smallest muscles (oblique, lower press). The most important advantage is the ability to perform it both in the fitness room and at home.

Exercises for the abdomen and sides, how to remove fat, a program for women. Effective complexes

Technique of execution:

  1. Settle in the starting position on the mat: lie on your back, bend your legs at the knees, grab your head with your hands so that your elbows are parallel to the floor. The loin should not be bent, force it to press it to the floor. Eyes look up, neck relaxed.
  2. Using the muscles of the direct cortex, lift the body from the surface until an angle of 30 0 is created with it .
  3. Hold for 1-2 seconds. in this position and slowly return to the starting position. Try not to completely relax the abdominal muscles even at the starting point of the exercise. This will allow them to work out as much as possible and tone them up.
  4. Repeat 2 sets of 10 times for beginners, each time increase the number of sets and exercises.

This exercise is performed at different speeds: fast short twists alternate with slow turns with a delay of 10-15 seconds. upstairs. This approach allows you to choose your own pace and effectively apply it in practice.

Twisting is sometimes performed, rising to a full sitting position. In this case, the muscles of the press relax, so this kind of exercise is a lightweight option for beginners.

Reverse twisting

Reverse twists are ideal exercises for the muscles of the lower press. There are two options: with straight legs (complex) and with bent (lightweight).

Technique of execution:

  1. Lie right in the starting position on the mat. Tighten the loin.
  2. Place your hands behind your head, as with ordinary twists.
  3. Straining the lower abdominal muscles, raise the legs (straight or half-bent), lifting the pelvis from the surface.
  4. Holding up with a raised pelvis for 1-2 seconds., Return the legs to the starting position. At the same time, it is important not to be
    nd the lower back, but to press it into the floor with the strength of the muscles of the core. It is advisable not to lower the legs until touching the surface, so as not to relax until the end of the abdominal muscles.
  5. Do the required number of repetitions (2 sets of 8 times – for beginners).

Reverse twists can also be supplemented and modified. Short pelvic elevations with straight legs from position 90 0 will strengthen the work of the lower muscles.

Oblique twisting

In order to completely get rid of fat deposits in the waist and sides, to achieve a beautiful press relief, it is important not to forget about working on all muscle groups. Often women do not give due attention to the development of these sites. However, it is these muscles that supplement and support the work of the main upper and lower groups.

Exercises for the abdomen and sides, how to remove fat, a program for women. Effective complexes

Oblique twists are an option for engaging the lateral abdomen.

How to perform:

  1. Lie in the starting position on the mat. Place your hands behind your head with elbows parallel to the floor. Twist the waist and squeeze into the surface. Bend your legs at the knees.
  2. Straining the muscles of the oblique press, tear off the right shoulder blade and elbow to reach the left knee. Hold in the raised position for 1-2 seconds.
  3. Return slowly to the starting point.
  4. Repeat the exercise with the other side: left elbow to the right knee.
  5. Repeat 2 sets of 10 times on each side.

Oblique twists are often performed in express mode: without delay, quickly alternating between the right and left sides. In this case, the blades in the initial position do not lie on the surface, but only slightly touch it.

Twisted legs

A sophisticated twist option adds strain to the lower limbs. This exercise has high complexity; an average level of preparation is required to complete it.

Leg Twisting Technique:

  1. Set yourself in the initial position on the mat horizontally. Hands behind your head. The pelvis is twisted to the bottom.
  2. Bend the legs at the knees at an angle of 90 ° (the lower legs should be parallel to the floor surface). This position must be maintained throughout the entire exercise without swinging or lowering the legs, without wagging the pelvis and lower back.
  3. Holding the legs and working the press, raise the body to the knees. It is important to monitor the position of the hands, do not press them to the head: the elbows should look away.
  4. Hold for 1-2 seconds. and slowly return to the starting position.
  5. 2 sets of 10 times – the minimum number of executions.

Variation with raised legs can be combined with both ordinary twists and side twists.

Exercise bike

Exercise “bike” is perfect for those who not only want to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen and sides, but also work on the strength and endurance of the lower extremities. Speed of execution can vary from slow to fast and vigorous.

Exercises for the abdomen and sides, how to remove fat, a program for women. Effective complexes

Technique of execution:

  1. Set horizontally on the mat. Stretch your arms along the torso. Bend your legs at the knees.
  2. Raising your legs, start a circular rotation, simulating a bicycle ride.
  3. Continue driving for 30-50 seconds. depending on the level of training and well-being. With each workout, increase the time to 3-4 minutes.

U-turn bar

Plank – a complex exercise aimed at strengthening the main large muscle groups. Press and core play a leading role in keeping the entire body in the forward direction.

How to do it right:

  1. Get on all fours. From this position, stand in the starting position, resting on the palms (arms and legs shoulder-width apart) and toes of the feet. The axis of the body should represent a straight line without deflections and dips. Sight to direct to the floor, without throwing back and without straining the cervical vertebrae. Stay in this position for 1 min. to start. This is a classic plank. For a complicated version, you can increase the rack time, or add turns and turns.
  2. Leaving support only on the right palm and 2 socks, turn the body body to the left, turning 90 0 . The left hand should extend upward. The socks of the feet should not be torn off the surface.
  3. Change side.
  4. Perform the required number of repetitions (at least 10 times on each side).

Lunge with turns

For a quality study of even the small muscles of the press, it is necessary to connect the exercise of lunges with body turns. They have a peculiarity – for execution it is necessary to clear the territory of 16’4 – 19’7 foot for the ability to make wide lunges forward.

Exercises for the abdomen and sides, how to remove fat, a program for women. Effective complexes


  1. Stand straight, feet shoulder width apart. Arms should be placed along the body.
  2. Stepping forward with your right foot, make a deep lunge forward. At the same time, the hands follow the torso, which unfolds when attacking in the same direction (right).
  3. Step forward, changing legs and side of the body.

Side bends

Side inclinations can be different:

  • deep with arms raised;
  • short vigorous with sliding hands along the surface of the hips;
  • with dumbbells.

Short twists with slipping hands are an effective option, for proper execution it is necessary:

  1. Get straight into the starting position. Feet set shoulder width apart.
  2. Twisting with the lateral abdominal muscles, tilt the body alternately left and right. At the same time, hands should lower to the level of the knees or slightly lower. It is important not to bend forward and not to fall backward.
  3. Continue movement for 3-4 minutes.

To enhance the effect, you can pick up dumbbells (an advanced version of complexity).

Exercise vacuum

The inner deep layers of the muscles work out the vacuum exercise. In addition, it perfectly helps to reduce the waist circumference, due to the load on the transverse muscle.

Exercises for the abdomen and sides, how to remove fat, a program for women. Effective complexes

Technique of execution:

  1. Exercise can be performed both standing and lying. Therefore, you must choose a convenient option for yourself. The basic rule is fasting vacuum.
  2. Take a deep breath and slow long exhale. All air must be released from the lungs.
  3. After exhaling, draw in the stomach as much as possible. Visually, it will look as if the press failed inside.
  4. Hold in this position and try not to breathe for 15-20 seconds. If this is difficult, you can breathe superficially with your chest.
  5. After a while, take a slow breath.
  6. Do 5 reps for entry level training.

Chair lift

Exercises for the abdomen and sides are easy to perform at home with the help of improvised items. Lifting legs on a chair is a classic version of working out the muscles of the core.

Technique of execution:

  1. Sit on a chair straight. Hands grab the seat. The back is straight.
  2. Straining the press, raise your legs until they reach a straight line.
  3. Hold in this position for 1-2 seconds. and smoothly return your legs to place.
  4. Do 2 sets of 12 times. With each workout, increase the lead time and the number of approaches.

Another variation of performance is a bicycle on a chair. To do this, it is more convenient to use a stool without a back, since it is necessary to bend the back a little back, leaving the lower limbs on weight. The support should remain on the buttocks and arms. Spinning a bike in this position is useful for strengthening the lower press.

Cardio training

The above workouts will not give the desired effect without connecting cardio workouts, due to which fat is burned. They increase endurance, train breathing, positively affect the work of the heart.

Before starting such trainings, a consultation with a general practitioner is required, who will tell you the direction and time of classes. Self-exhausting workouts can adversely affect your health. There are several main types of cardio training.


Walking is the easiest way to get rid of extra pounds and bring yourself into a fit and attractive shape. For walking, special training, equipment and additional accessories are not required, so this sport is even more popular among all age groups.

Exercises for the abdomen and sides, how to remove fat, a program for women. Effective complexes

You need to start training with a slow walk of 10-15 minutes. Such an activity will not especially affect the physical form, but will prepare the body for stress. You can gradually increase speed and switch to active walking (10-15 minutes).

It is important to breathe correctly and regularly: inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth. If you have unpleasant sensations, a feeling of shortness of breath, you need to slowly slow down and go to a measured step. For those who are used to sports, it is recommended to walk every day for at least 30-40 minutes.


Jogging is a classic aerobic exercise aimed at warming up all muscle groups. Usually, any sports set of exercises begins with this exercise. Jogging means driving at a slow speed (about 5 mile / s). Such measured activity develops the work of the heart muscle and strengthens the lower limbs.

It is also a great fat burning option.

Jogging has practically no contraindications and is recommended as a preventive measure for every person of any age. Training should begin smoothly, from 15 minutes. daily.

Fast run

Fast running is a form of physical activity for those who have a basic or intermediate level of sports training. To practice this type of cardio load, you need to exercise daily, increasing the speed and running time. A quick run is aimed at intensive burning of excess calories, which means to reduce the volume of the abdomen and sides.

All large muscle groups participate in the run, so it is important to monitor the work of both the upper and lower extremities. To start training, you need to alternate jogging and fast running. Dyspnea and a feeling of dizziness are a reason to switch to walking and gradually stop the session.


Swimming is the best option for keeping fit and developing endurance. It is not just a sport, but also a way of muscle relaxation, which is important for an integrated approach. Water contributes to the proper functioning of all muscle groups. Swimming lessons also have no contraindications, so you can and should start at any age.

Exercises for the abdomen and sides, how to remove fat, a program for women. Effective complexes

All modern sports complexes are equipped with cardiovascular equipment, which can be used in bad weather conditions, when walking or running on is not possible:

  • Treadmill;
  • bike;
  • ellipsoid.

In winter, skiing or ice skating is welcome in the fresh air.

Training schedule for women for a month

The monthly training schedule for women with an initial level of training to reduce waist and sides is presented in the table:

Exercises 1,8,15,22,
29 days
30 days
3,10,17,24 days 4,11,18,25 days 5,12,19,26 days 6,13,20,27 7,14,21,28 days
Twisting 2×15 2×15 3×15 3×15 2×15
Reverse twists 2×15 3×15 2×15
Oblique twists 2×15 3×15
Vacuum 10×20 sec. 12×20 sec. 15×20 sec. 10×20 sec. 12×20 sec. 15×20 sec. 17×20 sec.
Slopes 2×15 3×15
Strap 2 minutes. 1 min. 3 min. 2 minutes. 1 min. 3 min.
Bike 3 min. 4 minutes 2 minutes.
Leg raises 2×15 3×15 2×15
Lunges 2×15 3×15

If possible, exercises for the abdomen and sides should be combined with jogging in the morning, walking on stairs. An important and mandatory rule is to follow a low-calorie, but balanced diet.

Beginner Gym Workout Program

The training plan for beginner girls in the gym can be carried out in a sparing mode – 3 days a week.

Exercises for the abdomen and sides, how to remove fat, a program for women. Effective complexes

1 day The approaches Repetitions
Squats 4 8-10
Bench press 4 8-10
Hyperextension 4 Maximum
French bench press 4 8-10
Hanging legs 4 Maximum
Ellipse From 15 minutes

One or two days off.

2 day The approaches Repetitions
Classic rod 4 6-8
Tilt bench press 4 8-10
Pull-ups 4 Maximum
Bench press 4 8-10
Standing Biceps 4 8-10
V-lifts 4 Maximum
Run From 10 minutes

One or two days off.

3 day The approaches Repetitions
Bench press 4 8-10
Squats 4 8-10
Hyperextension 4 Maximum
French bench press 4 8-10
Hanging legs 4 Maximum
Ellipse From 15 minutes

Effective exercises from renowned fitness instructors

For weight loss to be as effective and fast as possible, it is advisable to seek help from a qualified fitness instructor. Based on the results of laboratory tests and physical examination, he is obliged to identify the cause of excess weight, prescribe proper nutrition with a personal calculation of the required number of calories, and also select individual workouts with a detailed description of the technique and the number of repetitions.

Exercises for the abdomen and sides, how to remove fat, a program for women. Effective complexes
The figure shows a set of exercises for the abdomen and sides.

To strengthen the muscles of the abdomen and sides developed effective sets of exercises that combine:

  • twists of different plan on the rug, on the bench;
  • leg lifts from different positions;
  • endurance exercises (bike, bar, racks);
  • slopes with weight;
  • forward and side lunges with dumbbells;
  • exercises with a roller for the press.

The fitness instructor will compose and combine exercises based on the level of sports training of the client.

Proper weight loss is a slow process and requires maximum effort, attention, healthy, moderate nutrition and constant training. Efficient nutrition, effective fat burning exercises for the press, a sufficient amount of fluid used and cardio workouts will help get rid of extra pounds not only on the stomach and sides, but also in general to tighten the figure.

Useful videos with effective exercises for the abdomen and sides

10 exercises to get rid of the abdomen:

How to do exercise vacuum:

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