Procedures for treating dry skin on the arms, legs, head, body, at home and in the salon

The problem of dry skin is faced by many women. As a rule, from about 25 years of age, the first signs of aging of the skin begin to appear: it becomes less elastic, dryness is increasingly appearing.

Some procedures for dry skin will help to solve this problem. Due to their diversity, they can be performed not only in specialized cosmetology clinics or salons, but also at home.

Cosmetic procedures for dry skin of the face and body

A distinctive feature of dry skin procedures is their diversity, and each woman can choose the most suitable option for herself. Modern cosmetology offers procedures such as biorevitalization, mesotherapy, paraffin therapy, peeling, microcurrent therapy to solve the problem under consideration.


The purpose of the procedure is to supply oxygen to cells by injecting hyaluronic acid, which promotes regeneration. This acid is a natural component of human skin, the body produces it itself.

Procedures for treating dry skin on the arms, legs, head, body, at home and in the salon

Hyaluronic acid provides elasticity to the skin, moisturizes it, but over the years, the process of acid production is much slower, wrinkles appear, and the skin ages. Biorevitalization promotes the body’s production of collagen and elastin fibers, helps to correct wrinkles or other signs of aging skin, and to maintain its elasticity.

One of the positive features of this procedure is that biorevitalization is an excellent way to prevent skin aging, even at a young age. It helps to improve dry and dull skin, heals it, corrects skin defects (for example, age spots).

Biorevitalization can be used on any part of the body. As a rule, open zones are most susceptible to rapid wilting due to the frequent exposure to ultraviolet rays.

For women who have reduced skin elasticity, there are signs of dehydration and a tendency to wrinkles, experts recommend two sessions with an interval of 15 to 20 days. Further, the procedure is carried out every 2 to 3 months. The effect lasts up to 6 months.

The doctor makes a special injection of helium injection of hyaluronic acid with a special syringe, so that the skin is moisturized. Then, the skin cells themselves use the utilized acid for their own synthesis, restoration of fibers, increase blood flow and improve the entire skin.

The procedure does not require anesthesia and recovery after completion. It is carried out by a specialist with permission to carry out such procedures. The result is immediate.

Procedures for treating dry skin on the arms, legs, head, body, at home and in the salon

There are some contraindications, including:

  • skin diseases;
  • inflammation in the treated areas;
  • severe chronic diseases;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • intolerance to the drugs used;
  • concomitant treatment with blood thinners;
  • herpetic infection;
  • predisposition to the formation of keloid scars.

Recently, laser, or hardware, biorevitalization, when hyaluronic acid is introduced with a “cold laser,” has been widely used.

These are 7 laser sources that evenly distribute energy with an athermal infrared laser on the skin surface, while the procedure time is noticeably reduced, and the risk of burns is completely eliminated. The result lasts up to 6 months, then a repeat procedure is possible.


The essence of mesotorpia is the administration of subcutaneous active drugs, the selection of which for each patient and each specific case, and the goal pursued is purely individual. The procedure is used not only to rejuvenate the skin and combat its dryness, it also tightens the skin, fights fat deposits, cellulite, and is effective in treating acne.

As active drugs for injection are:

  • vitamins, amino acids, trace elements;
  • hyaluronic acid;
  • collagen and others

Unlike biorevitalization, the full effect of this procedure appears no earlier than a month after the start of the course. This is because the cells take about 4 weeks to fully renew. However, after the first session, the skin noticeably freshens.

Procedures for treating dry skin on the arms, legs, head, body, at home and in the salon

Minimum doses and complete non-toxicity of the administered drugs, the absence of age restrictions, the possibility of applying the procedure to any part of the body and maintaining the effect for a long period – all this makes this procedure very popular.

A comprehensive examination of the patient before the procedure begins, helps to prescribe the most effective and safe drug and eliminate possible complications.

Before the injection of the drug, the skin is treated with a special antiseptic. Then the doctor with the help of special syringes with atraumatic small needles makes injections.

Despite the practical absence of contraindications to mesotherapy, there are a number of factors in which this procedure cannot be carried out:

  • tumors, diabetes mellitus, bleeding disorders;
  • pregnancy;
  • the presence of inflammatory processes in problem areas;
  • allergy to the components of the injected drugs;
  • phobia injection.

Paraffin therapy

An effective procedure for dry skin is paraffin therapy, which can be performed on any problem area of the body (face, hands, stomach, legs, etc.). This procedure moisturizes the skin, restores the water balance, promotes the healing of cracks, the elimination of some cosmetic defects, scars, and swelling.

Procedures for treating dry skin on the arms, legs, head, body, at home and in the salon
Paraffin therapy is an excellent procedure for dry skin on any part of the body.

They also use it in medicine for the treatment of arthritis, orthopedic diseases, and joint diseases.

Paraffin therapy is based on the effect of a sauna, achieved with a paraffin film. The procedure is carried out once every 7 days, a positive result appears immediately and lasts up to 10 days. Types of paraffin therapy differ in the additives used: oils, herbal extracts and perfumes, algae, vitamins.

The procedure should not be done in the presence of a rash or wounds, multiple moles, warts, papillomas, with varicose veins, high blood pressure.

Peeling procedures

Peeling is a special procedure during which the skin is cleansed, healed and rejuvenated by exfoliating the upper cell layer. Due to this, the renewal and regeneration of skin cells begins.

Procedures for treating dry skin on the arms, legs, head, body, at home and in the salon
Chemical peeling

Small wrinkles, irregularities are also removed. In the procedure, carried out if necessary on almost any part of the body, peeling creams or scrubs are used, with the smallest particles in them, to erase dead cells from the skin surface.

The following types are distinguished:         

  1. Chemical peeling. Removal of dead cells occurs due to exposure to active substances (for example, minerals, clay, certain types of acids, enzymes). With dry skin, it is not recommended to resort to this procedure often; it is enough to conduct it once every 6 months. The advantage of this procedure is penetration into the deeper layers of the skin and long-term preservation of the result. At the same time, there are contraindications: rash and inflammation on the skin, fever, blood vessels close to the upper layer of the epidermis, peeling should not be carried out in a hot period. You can do the procedure at home, but it is better to trust specialists to avoid getting burns.
  2. Mechanical peeling is the most popular procedure. Dead cells are removed with solid particles (usually crushed apricot kernels, nutshells, sea sand, plastic particles, etc.) that erase dead cells like sandpaper. This species is considered one of the coarsest, so its intensity should not be high. Professionals advise using peeling products only on damp skin, remove them with water, do not usd the skin much and in no case use products in the eye area. Use the procedure only if necessary, otherwise the skin will become more tired and lose its attractiveness over time.
  3. Physical peeling. With this procedure, exposure occurs using ultraviolet, ultrasound or steam. Dead skin particles are removed with special brushes. One of the varieties of physical exfoliation is shaving, it can also be done at home, after steaming the skin. Other varieties include: vacuum, laser peels, microdermabrasion (exposure to the smallest particles of aluminum oxide), cryotherapy (exposure through low temperatures).

Procedures for treating dry skin on the arms, legs, head, body, at home and in the salon

Peeling procedures are distinguished by the degree of their action: superficial, medium and deep peeling.

When choosing any kind of peeling, it must be remembered that even the most gentle of them to some extent injures the skin, which needs additional care and care. Also, some time after the procedures should be avoided sudden changes in temperature, strong wind, bright sun and other adverse atmospheric phenomena.

Microcurrent therapy

A popular non-surgical tool that can help visibly rejuvenate the skin is microcurrent therapy. Exposure to the skin, muscles and blood vessels occurs by weak electric currents.

Therapy is indicated for dry aging skin of the face, body, it also tightens the muscles of the chest, buttocks, fights against cellulite, is used in the treatment of acne, acne, pigments and some other skin defects.

Procedures for treating dry skin on the arms, legs, head, body, at home and in the salon
Microcurrent therapy

Microcurrents regulate metabolic and recovery processes on the neck and face, restore muscle tissue, saturate the blood with oxygen and other substances, and contribute to getting rid of toxins and toxins. There are several types of this therapy:

  • myolifting – for the regeneration of the tone of the facial muscles, in the treatment and prevention of cellulite;
  • lymphatic drainage – to remove excess fluid;
  • disincrustation – to cleanse the pores of the skin deep inside;
  • ionic mesotherapy – for rejuvenation, elimination of puffiness;
  • neck and face lifting – to increase muscle tone and get rid of wrinkles.

Consultation with a specialist is mandatory before the procedure, because mesotherapy has some contraindications. During the course of treatment should also follow a number of rules on nutrition, daily routine.

Experts recommend using a course of procedures once every 6 months. The result is not in doubt, because the cleaning, restoration and rejuvenation of the skin through microcurrents occurs at the cellular level.

Home treatments for dry skin

Dry skin procedures can be performed not only in specialized institutions and beauty salons. To combat dryness and withering of the skin is quite real and at home.

Baths for dry skin

Softening baths are designed to solve the problems of dry skin of the whole body. The greatest effect is achieved when combining bathtubs and mesotherapy sessions. If you regularly make softening and moisturizing baths (the course is twice a week for 1 to 2 months, then twice a month), then you can significantly adjust cellulite at the initial stage and stretch marks.

As a filler, use a decoction of flax seed (2-3 cups per bath), almond oil, bran. The duration of the bath is not more than 15 minutes. Water should be warm, contributing to overall relaxation. After taking a bath, it is recommended to moisturize the body with lotion, aromatic oil.

Procedures for treating dry skin on the arms, legs, head, body, at home and in the salon
Milk honey bath

On a note! An unrivaled beauty recipe from Cleopatra is a milk-honey bath, which consists of a glass of honey heated in a water bath, 0,5 gallon of milk, butter.

Masks for dry skin of the face and body

Having a bath or shower, it is recommended to make a mask for the face and body.  Moisturizing masks made from natural products work very well on the body. For example, after wetting a napkin in milk (kefir, aloe juice), you can wipe the body with it and leave it for 20 minutes, then rinse. This is an excellent skin moisturizer.

In addition, experts recommend using natural masks such as a mixture of a glass of mineral water and 1,69 fluid ounce of milk, a mixture of banana pulp and avocado with cream and butter, a mixture of egg yolks with vegetable oil, a mask of water and vitamin E (which can be replaced with aromatic oil).

A mixture of honey and olive oil, in addition to its moisturizing effect, removes toxic substances from skin cells. All masks are applied to the body for 15 to 20 minutes.

A mask made from a mixture of egg yolks (chicken or quail), hon
ey and oatmeal (it is recommended to grind them beforehand) exerts an excellent moisturizing effect on the skin of the face and neck. Action time – 30 minutes.

Even if there is not enough time to make a full-fledged moisturizing and nourishing mask, it is enough to wipe the face and neck with a cotton swab dipped in vegetable oil and leave for 15 to 20 minutes. Then rinse and use your regular cream. This procedure can be performed while doing your daily household chores.

Homemade lotions for dry skin

Perfectly nourish and moisturize the skin lotions and tonics made from natural products.

The principle of their preparation is almost the same. The main acting product is taken (thoroughly ground), poured with water, infused for at least an hour, after which the solution is filtered and ready for use. Face and neck skin should be cleaned at least twice a day (morning and evening).

Homemade lotions made from strawberries, strawberries, raspberries perfectly tone the skin. For additional nutrition of dry skin, tonics from green apple, plum, avocado, banana, orange, oatmeal, aromatic oils and honey are suitable. It is recommended to add milk or cream to banana and oat lotions, which increases their nutritional value.

In addition, glycerin, which perfectly softens dry skin, can be added to lotions and tonics.

Cosmetic ice from birch sap will help refresh the skin. You should wipe your face with ice cubes in the morning, which will not only refresh the complexion, but also give it additional nutrition.

Professional Tips: Daily Dry Skin Care

Along with the regular implementation of the above procedures for dry skin, professional cosmetologists recommend that you adhere to the following rules and tips that will prevent dryness or minimize it:

  • carry out procedures for dry skin regularly;
  • wash with warm water ( 77 – 46,4°F), using decoctions of medicinal herbs;
  • the use of day and night moisturizer will allow for a long time to maintain the effect of the procedures;
  • eat more nuts, vegetables, fruits;
  • carry out a light facial massage at home, which improves blood circulation and lymph flow, helps to saturate with oxygen and remove toxins from skin cells.

It is necessary to pay daily time for face care. In principle, it’s enough just to find a free period of time to lie down and relax calmly by turning on soft music and lighting scented candles or aroma lamps. And at this time, the mask will effectively affect the skin of the face, nourishing it, returning beauty and youth.

Procedures for treating dry skin on the arms, legs, head, body, at home and in the salon

Only a serious and comprehensive approach to solving dry skin problems will provide a decent result.

Using the above procedures for dry skin will help solve this unpleasant problem. At the same time, you can combine salon and home treatments to achieve maximum effect.

Dry Skin Care Videos

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