Professional face masks. Rating of the best: cleansing, alginate, with hyaluronic acid, Botox effect, vitamins, tightening pores

Face masks remain the most enjoyable cosmetic procedure. Thanks to them, you can maintain beauty and youth. Professional cosmetic facial masks are a complex multicomponent system that helps to control the processes associated with age-related changes in facial skin.

Classification of professional face masks

Cosmetics can be classified according to different criteria. They can be professional and masks for home use. In beauty salons, only professional cosmetic products are used, which differ in a complex composition of active and basic components.

Professional masks vary in type of manufacture:

  1. Cream . Such masks can perform various functions, for example, cleansing, moisturizing, etc.
  2. Masks films . This type of cosmetic cleanses the skin and is also a good anti-aging and firming agent.
  3. Paraffin . Ideal for removing cosmetic defects such as sebum plugs on the face. Professional face masks. Rating of the best: cleansing, alginate, with hyaluronic acid, Botox effect, vitamins, tightening pores
  4. Fabric . They are textile plates impregnated with active substances. Depending on the composition of the impregnation, the mask may have a tightening, nourishing or moisturizing effect.
  5. Silicone . Such masks are good in that they help the skin absorb the active ingredients more effectively.
  6. Collagenic . They have some similarities with fabric masks. Their main composition is lyophilized collagen. Also, additional components are provided in the form of extracts of fruits, plants and vitamins.
  7. Gypsum . Such a tool is used only by professionals, since only a cosmetologist can apply and remove the mask correctly. Plaster masks are considered a good tool in the fight against withering of the skin of the face.
  8. Biomatrixes are the latest achievements in the field of cosmetology, made on the basis of collagen, algae and microbiological active substances.

Professional face masks – this is the most effective way to care for your skin. They are selected taking into account the characteristics of the skin, its type and age-related changes. They differ in purpose and effect. They can be classified according to skin type. For example, a mask for normal, dry, combination skin, etc.


  1. Cleansers . Masks are made on the basis of clay, since such a component is an excellent absorbent. Cleaning masks include peeling masks, masks for mechanical and chemical peels.
  2. Moisturizing . Means are made on the basis of hyalouranic acid, natural components and lactic acids.
  3. Nutritious . These are vegetable oils, beekeeping products, vitamins A and E.
  4. Anti-aging masks . This is an opportunity to prolong the youth of cells. These include lifting, smoothing, modeling and regenerating face masks.
  5. Whitening . They help fight pigment spots, thanks to melanin, and even out the tone of the face, activates cell metabolism.
  6. Soothing . Such maxi are unique in that they contain only plant extracts (chamomile, linden, jojoba, etc.) and mineral water. The tool helps fight facial skin irritation caused by negative environmental influences.

Best Moisturizing Masks

Regular hydration is the main rule of beautiful skin. Loss of moisture is the main cause of wrinkles.

Moisturizing face masks will help replenish moisture deficiency, restore healthy and beautiful skin to your skin.

Note the 3 best moisturizing masks: A’pieu Good Night Water, Avene Tolerance and Tony Moly Tomatox Magic White:

  • A’pieu Good Night Water is a night moisturizing face mask from the Korean manufacturer APIEU, which has been producing decorative cosmetics for young women for many years. The main component of the mask is birch sap, which produces collagen. Butylene glycol, which eliminates dryness, softens and elasticizes the skin of the face. As well as glycerin, propandion and niacinamide, presented in the form of water-growing forms of vitamin PP. (Price $ 8 – $ 10.) Professional face masks. Rating of the best: cleansing, alginate, with hyaluronic acid, Botox effect, vitamins, tightening pores
  • Avene Tolerance from the French company AVENE , known worldwide for its medicinal products. The cosmetics are based on water extracted from thermal springs located near the village of AVENE. Avene Tolerance Moisturizing Face Mask nourishes and tones the skin. It makes the face smooth, delicate and silky. The main component of the product is thermal water enriched with minerals. Squalane – prevents the evaporation of moisture and slows down the aging process. Saffron oil – endowed with strong antibacterial and antioxidant properties. (Price $ 12 – $ 14.)
  • Tony Moly Tomatox Magic White is a Korean brand that produces high-quality cosmetics to combat the aging of facial skin. The Tony Moly Tomatox Magic White Tomato Mask returns freshness and radiance. The mask contains the main vitamin of youth – retinol, which plays an important role in the metabolism of cells, and also accelerates the process of their regeneration. Another indispensable component that removes toxins from cells is a tomato extract. This vegetable is rich in vitamins and minerals that nourish the skin cells of the face and have a whitening effect. Lycopene is the protection of DNA cells, does not allow their oxidative process. (Price $ 11 – $ 14.)

Anti-aging masks

It is impossible to prevent skin aging. But, if you eat right, move more, just sleep and choose the right ally in the fight against aging, you can look attractive at any age. Specially designed cosmetic masks moisturize, nourish and tighten the skin of the face. When choosing anti-aging agents, age, skin type and its condition are taken into account.

Do not use express masks that give only a visual effect.

Professional face masks contribute to the fact that the body begins to independently produce collagen. For example, a product from the Italian manufacturer KLERADERM, which includes marine collagen and retinol, as well as jojoba oil and avocado. This complex of components strengthens the skin fibers and accelerates the rejuvenation process. (Price $ 15 – $ 16.). Professional face masks. Rating of the best: cleansing, alginate, with hyaluronic acid, Botox effect, vitamins, tightening pores

The French company YVES ROCHER offers an intensive anti-aging mask Ovale Lifting Supra Lift Mask. The structure of the mask includes natural components and plant-based AHA acids, thanks to which the skin of the face becomes toned and radiant. (Price $ 16 – $ 24.)

TEANA anti-aging mask from a domestic manufacturer. The composition of the product includes seaweed, minerals, essential oils, as well as myoxinol, which provides a rejuvenating effect. The mask speeds up cell repair and improves skin tone. (Price $ 8 – $ 11.)

Masks with lifting effect

Professional face lifting masks are a combination of components aimed at rejuvenating the skin of the face without surgical intervention. The systematic use of lifting therapy will minimize the tangible signs of aging and improve the appearance of the skin.

When choosing a lifting mask, you should be careful, especially you need to pay attention to their composition, since the skin of the face should take each component without side effects. A high-quality decorative product should include components such as linolenic acid, reti
nol, hyalouranic acid, collagen, natural oils and plant extracts.

Budget masks with lifting effect include Black Pearl “Intensive lifting”. It helps restore the natural functions of the skin of the face. (Price $ 2,72.) Professional face masks. Rating of the best: cleansing, alginate, with hyaluronic acid, Botox effect, vitamins, tightening pores

The rating of the best products with lifting effect includes Israeli products Dr.Sea Lifting Facial Mask . The cosmetic product gently cleanses the skin, smoothes out fine wrinkles, and has a regenerating and firming effect. (Price $ 14 – $ 15.) You can also note a night cream mask from L’Oreal Paris, thanks to which the tone of the face is evened out and the number of wrinkles is reduced.

Paraffin masks

Paraffin is a natural mineral fat that has been used in medicine for many years. But, he found his place in cosmetology in the form of cleansing and softening face masks. Through the use of paraffin-based products, the face is cleaned of impurities, black spots. Small wrinkles become less noticeable, the facial contour is more expressive, and the skin of the face is soft and silky. Professional face masks. Rating of the best: cleansing, alginate, with hyaluronic acid, Botox effect, vitamins, tightening pores

Among the manufacturers of this cosmetics can distinguish the American manufacturer “Arabia”. The price of the company’s products is quite reasonable (from $ 4 – $ 20). The company’s decorative cosmetics is made on the basis of natural components.

Professional paraffin masks for the face can be made at home, if you choose the right recipe. The main thing is to be careful not to burn your face.

Alginate masks

Alginate masks have gained phenomenal popularity among women. Only a few sessions will achieve an amazing effect. The cosmetics are based on sodium alginate, which is secreted by seaweed. It is a harmless substance rich in minerals, vitamins and nutrients.

To achieve the best effect in the manufacture of alginate cosmetics, manufacturers use other components.

It can be collagen, which makes the skin taut. Chitosal – a substance that improves metabolism. As well as vitamin C and plant extracts. As a result of this complex, facial skin cells are cleansed of toxins, pores are reduced, wrinkles are smoothed, the skin becomes elastic and silky. Professional face masks. Rating of the best: cleansing, alginate, with hyaluronic acid, Botox effect, vitamins, tightening pores

Today, a huge number of companies are engaged in the manufacture of decorative cosmetics based on sodium alginate. The most famous are Lysedia (France), Janssen (Germany), Gigi (Japan) and the domestic manufacturer Teana.

Plasticizing masks

Professional plasticizing masks for face can be used regardless of age and skin type. Such decorative cosmetics has lifting, detox and anti-aging effect. They increase the biotonus of the skin, accelerate the process of cell recovery and nourish the skin with useful trace elements.

The main component of plasticizing masks is alginate, extracted from brown algae. Alginate saturates well with moisture and tightens the skin, relieves inflammation. The masks also include diatomite, calcium sulfate, sodium phosphate and active substances of natural origin. Professional face masks. Rating of the best: cleansing, alginate, with hyaluronic acid, Botox effect, vitamins, tightening pores

Among the well-known manufacturers of plasticizing masks is the company Alganature (France), which extracts raw materials for its products in the lagoon of the Bretal. As well as another French manufacturer Perkt de Mer, which offers plasticized masks aimed at treating facial skin defects such as acne, rosacea and pigmentation.

Collagen masks

With age, the skin loses its elasticity and requires more reverent care. The use of collagen masks will help restore lost elasticity due to the main source of youth – collagen. Collagen is an active animal protein that is part of the skin, nails and hair. It is like a spring supporting the elasticity and firmness of tissues.

When a sufficient amount of this substance predominates in the body, then early age-related changes are not terrible for a person. With age, the body loses its protein production resources. Result – dry skin, unpleasant wrinkles, flabbiness, peeling appear. The use of collagen masks will allow the body to regain its strength in collagen production.

The cosmetic product removes toxins from cells, normalizes blood circulation, moisturizes the skin, smoothes facial wrinkles, reduces pronounced and prevents the appearance of new ones. Professional collagen-based face masks differ in the form of release. They can be fabric, in the form of a powder, jelly-like, patches, gold collagen with the addition of biogold.

The list of popular collagen masks includes:

  1. Caviar Platinum (Price $ 10 – $ 11.) Ingredients: collagen proteins, vitamins and minerals that fight dry skin, slow down the aging process, give it an even and healthy color. Professional face masks. Rating of the best: cleansing, alginate, with hyaluronic acid, Botox effect, vitamins, tightening pores
  2. Dizao face mask (Price $ 8 – $ 10.) This product with bio gold stops age-related changes, nourishes the skin, makes it soft and supple.
  3. Collagen face mask Elizavecca Green Piggy Collagen Jella Pack (Price $ 16) This is a natural cosmetics from a Korean manufacturer. Its unique composition, which includes collagen and shea butter, stimulates the process of cell regeneration, helps restore elasticity and firmness.

Cleansing masks

Regular skin care involves several steps. The most important of these is purification. The use of cosmetic gels, foam and milk in the washing process will remove only makeup and dust particles from the face. But to penetrate into the very depths of the turf they can not do. As a result, the pores are clogged, unpleasant black spots and acne appear on the face.

In order to remove all this rubbish from the face, cosmetologists recommend using professional facial cleansing masks.

The mechanical effect of such masks is that the product penetrates deep into the pores, splits the ducts, removes toxins, dust and all dirt from them. It also removes dead particles and improves oxygen access. As a result, the oily sheen disappears from the face
, the skin becomes toned, the color improves markedly. The main component of cleansers is cosmetic clay. Professional face masks. Rating of the best: cleansing, alginate, with hyaluronic acid, Botox effect, vitamins, tightening pores

Also in their manufacture, manufacturers can use wax and various synthetic substances. Listing the best facial cleansers is quite difficult. Sometimes, even the most expensive products do not guarantee the desired result.

Based on the feedback from ordinary customers, we can distinguish:

  1. Fruit face mask Strawberry Toxifying Mask (Korea, price $ 12,24.)
  2. Mud mask SpaPharma (Israel, price $ 9,52)
  3. Mask film Aqua Nature Blackhead Clean-Off Nose Pack (Korea, price $ 6,8)
  4. Acne cleansing mask from Yves Rocher (France, price $ 7,48.)
  5. Cleansing mask from Planeta Organica (USA, price $ 2,72)

Nourishing masks

Nourishing face masks are a quick and effective way to improve the condition of your skin. When the skin of the face receives the nutrients it needs, it becomes smooth and tender. Also, such remedies help fight wrinkles, restore water balance, and remove signs of skin fatigue and irritation.

The best nourishing masks for oily skin include:

  1. Natural charcoal and clay cosmetic product from L’Oreal Paris . The composition of the product: coal and 3 types of clay. After 1 session, the unique composition of the mask will help to remove the black dots (Price $ 6,8). Professional face masks. Rating of the best: cleansing, alginate, with hyaluronic acid, Botox effect, vitamins, tightening pores
  2. For dry skin, you can use the Garnier Aqua Mask based on glycerin and pomegranate extract (Price $ 0,68 for 1 pack.)
  3. The mask for normal skin “Hydro Comfort” La Grace stands out for its unique composition: fucogel and biosaccharite from brown algae (price for 1 pack $ 4,08.)

Anti-inflammatory masks

Expanded pores, acne, redness, irritation are the main signs of oily and problem skin. To eliminate such defects, cosmetologists have developed professional anti-inflammatory face masks based on natural ingredients. These can be extracts of aloe, chamomile, nettle, flax seeds and ordinary sulfur.

Excellent in combating skin rashes based on blue, green and black clay.

The rating of popular nutritious cosmetics includes a cream mask Hydra Absolute Mask – helps to quickly bring problem skin into order (Price $ 12,24.) Clay mask Gafe Latte – restores hydrolipidic balance (Price $ 2,72.) And mask Libre Derm – eliminates puffiness, dryness restores water balance.


Biomatrix is a modern cosmetic product that in a short time will prevent age-related skin changes. Professional face masks. Rating of the best: cleansing, alginate, with hyaluronic acid, Botox effect, vitamins, tightening poresThe basis of this tool is based on biological active substances, thanks to which, after the first session, a positive effect is visible. The skin of the face becomes smooth, soft and velvety.

Placental masks

An alternative to beauty injections are placental masks. Their basis is the placenta of a person or animal, which is saturated with vitamins, fats, proteins and nucleic acid. Professional facial masks with placenta are unique in that after their application, the skin of the face becomes elastic, the contour of the face is restored, the tone improves, wrinkles are smoothed out. Professional face masks. Rating of the best: cleansing, alginate, with hyaluronic acid, Botox effect, vitamins, tightening pores

Famous placental masks include decorative cosmetics from Amicell from a Korean manufacturer (Price $ 1,36. For 0,78 fluid ounce) Placental mask Diazo – helps overcome the first signs of aging (Price $ 8,16.) TianDe mask film – perfectly replaces youthful injections (Price $ 4,49. . for 80 g.)

How to choose a mask by skin type

When choosing the right cosmetic, it is worth considering the type and condition of the skin. The main thing is not to make a mistake in the choice, so as not to aggravate the problem, but rather to get the desired result. Professional face masks. Rating of the best: cleansing, alginate, with hyaluronic acid, Botox effect, vitamins, tightening pores

How to choose by skin type:

  1. Normal skin . This type of face is characteristic of young girls and, in order to maintain beauty, it is important to take preventive measures. Here you can choose any mask, from nutritious to deep cleansing.
  2. Dry skin . Owners of this type of skin is important to moisturize it well. Therefore, it is worth choosing professional masks, which include hyalouranic acid and extracts from flowers and plants.
  3. Oily skin . The most problematic type of skin for which defects such as rashes and acne are characteristic. In this situation, facial masks, which include white clay, will help.
  4. Combination skin . One of the most common skin types. On the cheeks it can be dry, and in the area of the nose, forehead and chin, on the contrary, it is oily. It is better to choose masks for a combined skin type based on clay and seaweed extract.
  5. Sensitive skin . This type is characterized by constant skin irritating reactions, dryness and even pain with severe friction. It is worth using masks based on thermal waters and seaweed extract. Such a composition will help relieve inflammation and neutralize the feeling of dryness.

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Rules for applying masks

The rules for applying professional masks will allow you to get the desired effect, as well as avoid adverse effects:

  1. Preparation of the skin is its complete cleansing. Here you can use cosmetics in the form of lotions, tonics, facial foams. Treatments such as peeling, steam baths and compresses will help to conduct a deeper cleansing.
    Professional face masks. Rating of the best: cleansing, alginate, with hyaluronic acid, Botox effect, vitamins, tightening pores
    Professional face ma
    sks must be applied correctly in order to achieve the desired result.
  2. Apply the mask correctly. The product can be applied by hand or use a special brush. You need to start applying the mask from the chin to the forehead, that is, from the bottom up, adhering to the massage lines. It is important not to touch the sensitive areas of the face – the skin around the eyes and lips.
  3. Flushing . The mask is washed off only with water, without any additional funds. With dry skin, the product is washed off with warm water, with oily – cool. After rinsing, a moisturizer should be applied to the skin.

How to enhance the effectiveness of masks

The effectiveness of the use of masks can be very different. Many users try to enhance the effect of the mask by extending the session time. But this method can lead to the opposite result.

There are other ways to get the most out of using professional masks:

  1. Gel-like professional face masks designed to relieve irritation and inflammation can first be cooled by putting the tube in the refrigerator for 10 minutes.
  2. The effectiveness of the mask for dry skin will increase if you apply the product in a special way, namely, from the center of the face to the temples. This technique will enhance skin cleansing.
  3. Take a shower without removing the cosmetic product. The fact is that the components of the masks have the ability to retain moisture from the outside and saturate her skin.
  4. When using helium and mud masks, it is important to observe the time indicated in the instructions. The bottom line is that such a composition thoroughly cleans the pores of contaminants, but if you do not remove the mask in time, they will return everything back.
  5. The regular use of professional masks also enhances the effect. If you do not adhere to the full course, then you should forget about the positive result.

Today, professional cosmetic face masks are an effective cosmetic product for skin care. Unlike creams, masks require more complex procedures, but the result is worth it.

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