Permanent eyebrow makeup, powder spraying. Before and after photos, how long does it take, healing

Permanent eyebrow make-up using powder spraying is one of the most popular ways to transform the appearance of modern girls. With the help of tattooing, masters can not only emphasize the natural beauty and regularity of their client’s facial features, but also correct imperfections, for example, the asymmetric shape of eyebrows or the uneven growth of natural hairs.

To decide on the advisability of creating permanent makeup in a particular case should only be after a thorough study of the process itself, as well as its positive and negative sides.

Permanent eyebrow makeup with powder effect – what is it

Permanent eyebrow makeup (powder spraying) is the latest tattooing technique, the hallmark of which is to drive pigment exclusively into the upper layers of the skin. Unlike other types of eyebrow shaping, powder shading involves the creation of light tinting, with which you can emphasize the created shape of the eyebrows, giving them additional expressiveness. Permanent eyebrow makeup, powder spraying. Before and after photos, how long does it take, healing

The master, working in the technique of powder spraying, as if imitates professionally applied makeup with an ordinary pencil or eye shadow. The end result of the process is usually not visible to the prying eye, but it creates an even skin tone on the growth area of the eyebrows.

Despite the lack of intense color, powder spraying lasts as long as other types of permanent make-up, significantly saving the girl’s time for daily makeup application on her face.

Differences of powder tattoo from microblading

It is a mistake to believe that powder tattooing is similar in its technique to microblading. Despite the fact that both types of tattooing are the most natural in imitation of natural eyebrows among their counterparts, the processes of their creation are significantly different. Permanent eyebrow makeup, powder spraying. Before and after photos, how long does it take, healing

Powder spraying involves simulating shading with shadows or pencils, for which the master distributes the pigment pointwise. When working in the microbleeding technique for drawing eyebrow hairs, it is required to create deep thin incisions, into which later paint of a previously selected shade will be driven into.

The difference between powder spraying and microblading also lies in the process of rehabilitation of the skin after the procedure. In the first case, the final result will be visible much earlier (after about a week), while healing takes place almost imperceptibly.

In the second case, the girl may experience discomfort and even pain when the eyebrows accidentally come into contact with her hands or, for example, with a pillow for the whole month, which is usually required for the complete healing of injured skin areas.

Advantages and disadvantages of powder spraying

Powder spraying of eyebrows, like other types of permanent makeup, has several advantages and disadvantages. Familiarization with them well in advance of the procedure minimizes the risk of subsequent regret for the girl about the changes in her appearance.

The benefits of powder spraying The disadvantages of powder spraying
  • the ability to mix shades of pigment to obtain the desired color;
  • the naturalness of the result, achieved by blending the driven paint into the upper layers of the skin;
  • minimal pain in the process of creating permanent makeup;
  • minimal damage to the skin, which causes a short period of its full recovery after the procedure;
  • maintaining the effect of makeup eyebrows for a long time (up to 3 years, subject to timely visits to the master for tattoo correction);
  • no harm to natural hairs (by creating a powder coating, the master works exclusively with the area of the skin between the hairs, without affecting them).
The inability to radically change the natural shape or curvature of the eyebrows (if necessary, a master who knows a variety of tattooing techniques can offer the client to correct her eyebrows using a combined approach: combining powder spraying with microblading).

Who should use eyebrows

It is recommended to choose powder spraying for girls who have:

  • there is a desire to make permanent makeup as natural as possible, invisible to people around;
  • there is a need to bring the color of eyebrows closer to the shade of hair growing on the head (occurs in case of repainting, for example, a blonde to a brunette);
  • eyebrows themselves do not have a clear border, hairs grow in different directions, creating a casual appearance; Permanent eyebrow makeup, powder spraying. Before and after photos, how long does it take, healing
  • there are “bald patches” in the area of the eyebrows, which can be corrected simply by painting the skin, without additional drawing of hairs;
  • the pigment in the brow hairs burns out after prolonged exposure to the open sun or during regular visits to the solarium by the girl.

Permanent make-up using the technique of powder spraying is suitable primarily for those girls who are satisfied with the shape, bend and density of their natural eyebrows. With the help of tattooing, they just want to emphasize their natural beauty and get rid of the need for daily tinting of eyebrows with pencil or eye shadow.


Permanent makeup of eyebrows (powder spraying) as well as other types of tattooing has a number of contraindications.

It is not recommended to choose this type of transformation of appearance for people with:

  • actively occurring diseases in the body that are of viral origin;
  • injured skin in the eyebrow area (regardless of the age of scar or scar formation);
  • a tendency to manifest allergic reactions, including components of the composition used by the master pigment;
  • high blood sugar; Permanent eyebrow makeup, powder spraying. Before and after photos, how long does it take, healing
  • disorders in the processes associated with blood coagulation;
  • congenital predisposition to bleeding.

Powder spraying is also contraindicated for women who are expecting a baby and nursing mothers. Given the instability of their hormonal background, the result of the procedure under consideration in their case will be unpredictable (the shade may become darker or lighter, the paint under the skin may “float” and so on).

Tools and materials

To create a powdery effect on the eyebrows, salon masters use
a special machine with a replaceable tip. In the presence of each client, an individual package is opened with a sterile needle, which is then inserted into the handle of the tattoo device.

With its help, pigment is sprayed into the upper layers of the skin (the needle is inserted less than 1/32 inch). Given the absence of deep trauma to the skin during the procedure, the anemone and blood do not stand out when creating a powder deposition.

In addition to a special tool for transforming the client’s eyebrows, the master uses several colors of various shades. Pigments are mixed together to obtain the most suitable (determined taking into account the appearance of a particular person) tones and are applied in several layers.

Preparation for the procedure

How powder spraying will look depends not only on the skill of the master, but also on the client’s compliance with the recommendations at the preparatory stage (usually its duration is no more than a week) and during rehabilitation.

Before the procedure for creating permanent makeup is not recommended:

  • steam the skin artificially, for example, while visiting a sauna or bath;
  • visit tanning salons or sunbathe in the open sun; Permanent eyebrow makeup, powder spraying. Before and after photos, how long does it take, healing
  • independently adjust the shape of the eyebrows with tweezers;
  • use skincare products;
  • tint eyebrows with shadows or pencil;
  • make masks and other facial skin care procedures at home (when visiting the salon, it is necessary to warn the cosmetologist that in the near future there will be an eyebrow tattoo).

To minimize the risk of undesirable consequences, the masters advise their clients:

  • daily wipe your face with micellar water or light tonics;
  • within 3 days before the procedure, take a course from Acyclovir tablets (dosage is calculated according to the instructions);
  • limit the intake of highly allergenic foods and salty foods;
  • do not drink a lot of fluids on the eve of the procedure;
  • stop drinking coffee, alcohol, energy drinks, smoking.

Spraying technique, duration, pain

Permanent eyebrow makeup (powder spraying) is considered the most painless procedure among its counterparts. Despite the fact that it can be performed without prior anesthesia, the vast majority of masters apply anesthetic cream to the client’s eyebrow area (for 15-30 minutes) before the main part of the work. Permanent eyebrow makeup, powder spraying. Before and after photos, how long does it take, healing

If during the creation of a tattoo, a person will experience acute pain or a burning sensation from the penetration of the needle, the application of pain medication can be repeated.

In total, eyebrow shaping will take from 60 to 80 minutes.

The wizard’s work is divided into several stages:

  1. To clean the “working area” of the face with micellar water.
  2. Correct eyebrows, giving them the form desired by the client, taking into account the basic rules of the architecture of the face. Check with the client.
  3. Apply an anesthetic to the area that will subsequently fall under the needle (usually use a cream or gel, which includes lidocaine).
  4. Using the eyebrow pencil, draw the final outline of the eyebrows. Check with the client.
  5. Blend the pigment in the upper layers of the skin.
  6. Apply a special tool on the eyebrows, which helps calm the injured skin and fixes the pigment previously driven in.

Stages of healing

The normal process of regeneration of the skin after creating a tattoo takes about a week. Despite this, it will be possible to evaluate the final result of the procedure only after a month. During this time, the paint will manifest itself as much as possible, and the top layer of the skin will naturally renew.

The first day – puffiness

On the first day after the procedure, the eyebrows look unnatural: they are much darker than the natural shade of the client’s hair and thicker than the shape previously drawn by the master. This phenomenon is considered normal at this stage of healing. Permanent eyebrow makeup, powder spraying. Before and after photos, how long does it take, healing

Masters, knowing about the features of the rehabilitation process, specially choose a pigment 2-3 shades darker. Over time, the skin will “push away” part of the paint (about 60%) and the eyebrows will take on a look.

The body, when paint is introduced into the skin, activates the protective functions: the injured area swells, reddens, and a mother of grass is released from microtrauma (in rare cases). This is necessary to minimize the risk of a person becoming infected with an infectious disease.

On the first day after the creation of permanent makeup, do not touch the eyebrows and wet them. By agreement with the master, in order to accelerate the process of tissue regeneration, healing creams can be applied in a thin layer with a cotton swab.

The second day – eyebrow darkening

On the second day after the creation of the tattoo, the eyebrows darken. This is due to the distribution of pigment in the subcutaneous space. In addition, during the night, a large amount of timbers is produced, and, in the absence of a person’s ability to remove its excess during sleep, in the morning it forms a kind of film that visually darkens eyebrows.

On the second day, it is necessary to continue to avoid eyebrows in contact with water and wipe them with a dry cotton pad to get rid of the excess of ichor. It is not recommended to expose the skin to temperature extremes, which provoke narrowing and expansion of pores. Permanent eyebrow makeup, powder spraying. Before and after photos, how long does it take, healing

At this stage, swelling already subsides, redness is minimal, and pain does not occur even when the eyebrows are touched by the fingers of the hands (this is undesirable). If an allergic rash occurs on the second day after creating permanent makeup, it is recommended to take a quick-acting antihistamine, such as Zodak or Fenistil.

The third day – crust formation

To the third essence, the color of the tattoo remains unchanged, but a thin crust begins to form on the surface of the eyebrows, invisible to others. The girl herself during this period may experience stiffness when moving her eyebrows. This process means the beginning of the restoration of the injured area of the skin.

It is strictly forbidden to get rid of crusts on your own, as this can provoke:

  • bleeding, after which the body will require additional forces to regenerate an already deeper wound;
  • increase the healing period of permanent makeup;
  • the occurrence of uneven edema, affecting the general appearance of the girl.
    Permanent eyebrow makeup, powder spraying. Before and after photos, how long does it take, healing
    Permanent Eyebrow Makeup Powder Spray – Healing Steps

It is extremely important to avoid accidental violation of the integrity of the crust, for example, due to the cap or contact with the pillow. Starting from the third day, masters usually give their clients permission to fully wash their face with water.

From the fourth – active healing

In the normal course of the rehabilitation period, the crusts on the eyebrows from 4 days begin to crack, preparing to fall off on their own in the near future. The shade of the driven pigment is usually darker than natural due to visual deception from the tightened crusts.

At this stage, itching can occur, which can be eliminated by applying an antiseptic and a healing ointment in the direction of growth of eyebrow hairs. If a piece of the crust falls off on its own and keeps on a thread, it can be removed with previously disinfected tweezers, taking care not to affect the nearby coating of the tattoo.

Results in a month

A week after the powder spraying procedure, the crusts disappear on their own, and the further rehabilitation process already takes place naturally without the participation of the girl. Permanent eyebrow makeup, powder spraying. Before and after photos, how long does it take, healing

Despite the fact that most of the healing is behind, the masters even recommend a month to their clients:

  • Do not steam the skin artificially (up to 2 months after the procedure);
  • do not usd roughly, scratch or scratch delicate skin in the eyebrow area;
  • Avoid drinking large amounts of alcohol.

If the rehabilitation process does not stop within a month, you should consult with the master who carried out the procedure for creating permanent makeup.

Need for powder coating correction, how soon will you need

Permanent makeup of eyebrows (powder spraying) like other types of tattoo requires periodic correction. The first improvement of the obtained result of the procedure is recommended to be carried out a month after driving in the pigment. At the second consultation, the master can paint over areas where the pigment was unevenly distributed or descended during the healing process.

In addition, during the correction it will be possible to correct the shape or bend of the eyebrows (if the result does not suit the client). After the second session, the subsequent “refresh” should be carried out at least 1 time in 6 months. If you ignore this recommendation, powder spraying will begin to fade and after 1-2 years will disappear without a trace from the surface of the skin.

Basic spraying and correction price

The cost of basic spraying varies from the location of a particular beauty salon, its image, as well as the qualifications of the master who will do the tattooing. In New York, the cost of permanent makeup of the type in question is $ 136 – $ 163. Permanent eyebrow makeup, powder spraying. Before and after photos, how long does it take, healing

In Los Angeles, a similar procedure will have to spend $ 150 – $ 177. In, prices for tattooing are much lower. Given the capabilities of the consumer segment, permanent eyebrow makeup masters set prices for powder spraying from $ 95 – $ 136.

The correction price is usually 50% of the cost of the initial session.

Further “refresh”, after more than 6 months from the first procedure, is evaluated by the master depending on the current state of the client’s eyebrows (if the powder spraying needs a substantial recovery, the price will be equal to the cost of the initial consultation; if a slight adjustment is required – 50% of the initial cost of the procedure).

Is it possible to spray eyebrows at home

Eyebrow spraying should be carried out in a specially equipped office of the beauty salon, where the master will have the opportunity to keep his tools in sterility and store pigments in proper conditions. It is impossible to make a tattoo carefully on your own at home.

Is it possible to make powdery eyebrows on an old tattoo

Despite the fact that powder spraying is not recommended to be applied to the old tattoo, since due to the minimum shading density, the previous shape of the eyebrows will still be visible, many tattoo masters provide similar services. Ideally, it is necessary to remove the unsuccessful permanent make-up and only after that carry out a repeated procedure for long-term eyebrow shaping.

Is it possible to do powdery makeup in summer

Powdery permanent makeup, like other types of tattooing, is not recommended for doing in the summer. Permanent eyebrow makeup, powder spraying. Before and after photos, how long does it take, healing

This is due to the fact that in the hot season, the pores undergo a constant change in state, which can affect the distribution of pigment. In addition, in the heat, the skin of the vast majority of people becomes oily. This feature prevents the fixing of paint in the upper layers of the skin after the creation of permanent makeup.

How to get rid of an unsuccessful result

With insufficient experience and qualifications of the master, as well as due to the lack of proper care for eyebrows after tattooing, the result of the procedure may disappoint the girl.

With unsuccessful permanent makeup, a competent master can offer:

  • adjust previous work (possible only if you want to increase the thickness of the eyebrows or color saturation);
  • remove pigment from the upper layer of the skin (expensive painful procedure);
  • wait until the paint begins to fade on its own, and only after that carry out a correction.

Powdery eyebrow spraying, despite what is considered a relatively new type of permanent makeup, has already won the hearts of a large number of girls seeking to emphasize the naturalness of their image and the natural beauty of eyebrows.

In order
to avoid unforeseen situations, before creating a long-term eyebrow shaping, it is necessary to study the positive, negative aspects of the procedure, as well as the rules for its implementation and the possible consequences of ignoring recommendations during the rehabilitation period.

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