Facial treatments that can be done in the summer

In the summer, the skin of the face is subjected to additional stress. Based on this, it is very important to learn how to properly and properly care for the skin. Excessive sweating can lead to various irritations and inflammatory processes.

Facial treatments that can be done in the summerDust, clogging the pores, complicates the self-cleaning procedure.
To avoid peeling of the skin and hated pigmentation, it is necessary to devote a sufficient amount of time to cosmetic procedures, so the question of what facial procedures can be done in the summer becomes very relevant.

Facial skin condition in summer: what kind of care does it require

One of the most common problems for the skin in the summer is its dryness. Due to lack of moisture, the whole body suffers, and in particular the skin of the face. The skin begins to peel off and become covered with small cracks. It also becomes oily faster, pimples and black spots periodically appear on it.

Facial treatments that can be done in the summer
You should consult a cosmetologist about what facial procedures can be done in the summer. In the warm season, facial skin is exposed to solar UV radiation, so it needs special care.

When preparing for a summer vacation, you need to purchase sunglasses. With their help, you can protect the skin around the eyes from premature wrinkles. You should also periodically conduct various procedures to protect the skin from premature aging.

Beauticians say that in summer, additional care is needed for the skin of the body and face, which should differ significantly from the methods carried out in spring and winter.

For the simple reason that there are procedures that are not advisable during a hot period of time and, conversely, those that are beneficial in the heat.

Facial procedures that can be done in the summer:

  • deep, gentle cleansing;
  • additional hydration.

How to cleanse your skin in the summer

In order to protect the skin in the summer and not create an ideal climate for the development of pathogenic microbes, it is necessary to clean the skin a couple of times a day .

Use recommended tonic or lotion for cleansing. In the morning, it is useful to wipe the skin of the face with a cube of frozen decoctions of plants. During the day, according to dermatologists, it is necessary to cleanse your face with a cotton pad dipped in warm water or a decoction of herbs.

Facial treatments that can be done in the summerUpon arrival home, you must remove the make-up and dust particles. Foam, mousse, which contains kiwi extract, green tea, grapes or strawberries, is well suited.

In the summer, experts insist on refusing to conduct deep peeling and microdermabrasion.

How to moisturize the skin in summer

The skin in the heat is prone to dryness, so experts recommend approaching correctly to moisturize them.

The following drugs are perfectly suitable for this:

  • thermal water;
  • emulsion or light day cream with a moisturizing effect;
  • a moisturizing mask that can be prepared at home, based on summer fruits or vegetables;
  • rubbing the skin with an ice cube.

Thermal water is enriched with minerals, macro- and microelements that perfectly moisturize, refresh and tone the skin in summer. In addition to thermal water, you can stop using mineral water.

To achieve the expected result and get the benefit of thermal water, you need to wait a little after applying it, let it soak and dry. Then apply a cream to the face, which must be left for several minutes, then pat the skin of the face with a napkin.

Cosmetologists advise resorting to thermal water several times a day. It is imperative to moisturize the skin with night cream, in the summer it is extremely necessary.

The only thing you should carefully study the constituent components. Well, if vitamin E is included in its composition, antioxidants are grape seed oil. You will have to refuse fat cream.

Cosmetologists and dermatologists claim that nourishing masks made from fresh fruits and vegetables have a good effect.

Alginative masks are also well suited. Also in the summer, to moisturize the skin of the face, professionals advise every day to use a cream with SPF filters, which should be light and well absorbed.

Facial treatments that can be done in the summer
Masks nourish the skin well, contribute to its recovery.

If the representative of the fair sex does not have particular complaints about the condition of the skin, you can use biorevitalization with hyaluronic acid, mesotherapy and microcurrent therapy .

Facial beauty treatments required in summer

It is believed that a visit to the salon in the heat is not necessary. Although this is not entirely correct. There are a number of procedures, turning to the help of which, you can restore your appearance to its former beauty and give a healthy appearance to the skin in hot heat.

Facial procedures that can be done in the summer are:

  • ultrasonic and radio wave lifting;
  • biorevitalization and mesotherapy;
  • facial massage;
  • Botox injections
  • Permanent makeup.

However, it is worth noting that after any of the above procedures, sunscreen should be applied to the skin.

Ultrasonic and radio wave lifts

By ultrasonic lifting is meant a gentle, but effective procedure, which is built on the strength of ultrasound. The principle of operation consists in processing the problem area with a sound wave , which has a high frequency.

With the help of ultrasonic lifting, you can tighten the upper and lower eyelids, the corner of the mouth, forehead or any other part of the face.

To achieve the desired result, the representative of the fair sex needs to seek help from a specialist about 3-4 times. To enhance the effect, before starting the technique, a woman’s skin should be treated with a special vitamin composition.

Facial treatments that can be done in the summerRadio wave lifting – a hardware tool for tightening the skin, designed for elasticity and tightening of all tissues.
Its highlight is that the thermal effect affects both the dermis and subcutaneous fat.

With this action, tissue tightening takes place, they become denser, and the appearance of the skin of the face noticeably improves.

Biorevitalization and Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is an excellent tool to moisturize and nourish the skin in hot heat. The tool with hyaluronic acid and lipids, which the cosmetologist applies to the face, is able to provide the necessary nutrition to the epidermis.

This technique is not only useful, but also enjoyable. Under pressure, when exposed to oxygen, a feeling of light coolness and freshness is provided. The skin receives a huge range of useful vitamins and minerals, and is also filled with oxygen molecules, due to which the rejuvenation effect occurs.

Facial treatments that can be done in the summer
Biorevitalization effectively restores the skin, nourishes and heals it.

Biorevitalization is an effective and powerful procedure , thanks to which the skin looks much lighter and healthier. Wrinkles and pigmentation on the skin are removed or markedly reduced.

Depending on the method of carrying out, there are two types of techniques – injection and laser.

Quite often, biorevitalization is used after receiving sun and heat burns, as well as to smooth out scars obtained after an injury or surgery.

By increasing the level of hyaluronic acid in the intercellular substance, an early epidermis regeneration occurs.

Facial massage

In the salon, you should use the services of a qualified master and sign up for a facial massage. Relax massage and lymphatic drainage techniques in combination with masks or light gommage-peeling help to cleanse and improve the appearance of the skin.

These techniques will help in restoring the water-salt balance and in relieving overstrain from the muscles of the face , which comes from facial movements. This is one of the few cosmetic procedures for the face that can be done both in summer and winter, regardless of the time of year.

Botox injections

Botox is a fairly popular drug, which was created with the aim of gaining victory over the harmful manifestations of facial expressions.

Facial treatments that can be done in the summer
Botox injections help smooth wrinkles, eliminating age-related skin changes.

Botox injection is suggested to be used in case of medium and deep wrinkles.

The main active ingredient is the botulinum toxin category A. Once in the body, it begins to gradually affect it. Impulses are blocked, forcing earlier muscles to contract.

With the help of temporary, local muscle paralysis, there is a gradual smoothing and the disappearance of wrinkles on the skin of the face.

Permanent makeup

Permanent make-up usually means the method of introducing natural pigments under the skin using special equipment.

The procedure allows you to hide the visual imperfections of the face , as well as save time of the fair representative of the fairer sex, since after the technology, the girl can look luxurious for 3-5 years.

Facial treatments that can be done in the summer
Permanent makeup is applied with a special device. Coloring pigments are introduced into the upper layers of the skin. Such makeup does not wash off for several years, which reduces the time when applying everyday makeup in the future.

The procedure belongs to the category of medical. Thanks to the popular method, you can change and achieve the desired contour of the lips, eyebrows and eyelids, practically without injuring the skin.

How to protect the skin after procedures in the summer

Facial procedures that can be done in the summer require additional care in the following days.

After mesotherapy, experts advise for about 2 days not to sunbathe on the beach, not to visit the sauna, solarium and to actively engage in sports. Similar precautions apply if a Botox injection is given.

In other cases, it is not recommended in the first days to go out in the sun without sunscreen .

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What procedures are strictly prohibited in the summer

In the summer, cosmetologists and dermatologists strongly recommend that you do not remove warts and moles, refuse cryomassage and all kinds of laser procedures, do not remove tattoos and do not eliminate vascular networks with spider veins.

Carrying out the above methods, it is possible to injure the skin, as a result of which the negative effect of ultraviolet radiation will only intensify.

In order for the skin to look good, you need to know what facial procedures can be done in the summer, and which ones are best discarded. Also, do not forget that the skin of the face is quite sensitive and needs to be cleaned, moisturized and nourished.

Excess ultraviolet light has an extremely negative effect on the skin – overdrying it and aging.

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