Paraffin baths for arms and legs. Use, instructions for use at home, recipes

Paraffin treatments do not lose popularity, despite the innovativeness of modern cosmetology. Good old paraffin baths are still effective and available for use at home for hands and feet, face and whole body.

To justify the expectations of the procedure, before carrying out it is better to familiarize yourself with the main recommendations, indications and contraindications.

Paraffin therapy – what is it, benefit

Paraffin therapy for the skin, first of all, is a restorative procedure that helps in the fight against its external imperfections, improves skin health. Since this is a thermal method of treatment, the effect is achieved by heating the tissues. During the procedure, there is an increase in blood flow and fluid output.

Paraffin does not allow moisture to evaporate, so the liquid is absorbed into the external skin, due to which an extra-moisturizing effect is achieved. All toxins contained in the liquid remain on the surface of the paraffin, thus deep cleansing of the skin occurs. Paraffin baths for arms and legs. Use, instructions for use at home, recipes

Paraffin therapy is good for the skin in that:

  • It has moisturizing and nourishing effects;
  • allows even the deeper layers of the skin to be saturated with beneficial substances;
  • stimulates regenerative processes;
  • possesses anti-inflammatory properties;
  • positively affects the elasticity of the skin;
  • reduces age-related changes;
  • relieves puffiness.

The effect of the procedure

What is nice – the effect is observed immediately after the procedure, the skin becomes elastic, supple, soft . Since redistribution of fluid in the body occurs under the influence of heated paraffin, dry skin instantly disappears.

There is no peeling, redness, wounds, the skin is like a crack: smooth and pleasant to the touch. In addition, the procedure calms and relaxes, and also prolongs the life of manicure and pedicure.

Regular paraffin therapy sessions lead to the complete disappearance of superficial wrinkles, give a persistent whitening effect.

Types of cosmetic procedures with paraffin

In beauty salons and manicure and pedicure studios, the following procedures are carried out with cosmetic paraffin:

Paraffin Therapy

The procedure involves immersion of the hands or elbows for several seconds in paraffin, heated to 50-60C. Paraffin baths for arms and legs. Use, instructions for use at home, recipesThe action is repeated at least 5 times, and after that special bags and mittens are put on hands. The duration of the procedure is about 40 minutes.

Paraffin therapy for legs

It works on the same principle as paraffin baths for hands, but socks are used instead of mittens. The procedure is offered both independently and in addition to the pedicure. The popularity of foot paraffin therapy grows in the summer, when the skin on the heels becomes rough from the frequent wearing of open shoes and walking barefoot.

Face Paraffin Therapy

This procedure is a “lifesaver” for dry and weathered skin, which is why it is most in demand in winter.
Paraffin baths for arms and legs. Use, instructions for use at home, recipesParaffin is applied to the face with a special brush, if desired, additional nourishing creams and serums are used under the paraffin mask to enhance the regenerating effect.

Body Paraffin Therapy

The procedure is recommended as an adjunct in the fight against cellulite and excess weight, as well as to improve skin turgor and tone. Most often, paraffin with active components, for example, with seaweed, chocolate, is used during its implementation.

The best baths for paraffin therapy

For paraffin treatments for arms and legs, both in the beauty salon and at home, it is convenient to use specially created professional bathtubs. They allow you to quickly, efficiently and comfortably work with paraffin. The assortment offered by stores is quite wide: you can choose a model that meets the needs and meets financial capabilities.

Here are some examples:

  1. JessNail SD-55. Paraffin baths for arms and legs. Use, instructions for use at home, recipes

One of the most popular models, which is used both at home and in the cabin. First of all, bribes value for money. The price range is from $ 27 – $ 41, and the offered equipment, in addition to the bath, also includes: a set of two briquettes of paraffin, gloves, mittens and socks, a brush for applying paraffin.

The bath is suitable for the care of hands and feet. The volume of the bath is 0,8 gallon., The melting time of paraffin is about 2 hours.

  1. Beurer MPE 70.

The cost ranges from $ 41 – $ 75. The kit offers two packages of paraffin 450 g each. each and 30 sheets of film for wrapping. The temperature is continuously adjustable, paraffin with a fully filled bath melts in 2 hours. It is used more often for hands. The model has a fairly high cost since it is produced in Germany and is considered more durable and of high quality.

  1. Gezatone WW 3550 paraffin therapy kit

A worthy alternative to the salon procedure is this set, costing from $ 48.

Paraffin baths for arms and legs. Use, instructions for use at home, recipes
Gesaton paraffin bath will be a useful helper for your arms and legs. With its help, all procedures will be easily carried out independently at home.

It includes:

  • a bath;
  • Vitamin E enriched paraffin;
  • thermal mittens;
  • special lotion;
  • protective films.

The bath is designed for 4 pounds of paraffin, suitable for both hands and feet.

  1. PS-200

The package includes only a bathtub, without additional bonuses in the form of paraffin or mittens. Prices start at $ 34. Such an apparatus melts paraffin in an accelerated mode — less than two hours, and also preserves the temperature of the heated paraffin. Suitable for salon and home care for arms and legs.

Cosmetic paraffin – what happens and which one is better to choose

Cosmetic paraffin is a purified, devoid of harmful impurities extra-class product used by cosmetic procedures. Paraffin is often enriched with vitamin complexes, add essential and vegetable oils or moist
urizing components. In cosmetology, even honey or fruit paraffins are used. Paraffin baths for arms and legs. Use, instructions for use at home, recipes

Based on the existing skin problems, an additive is selected, for example:

  • with inflammation on the skin, paraffin with peach oil is used,
  • citrus supplements are recommended for additional skin nutrition,
  • chocolate is added to achieve a restorative effect,
  • some skin diseases are treated with paraffin and tea rose petals,
  • paraffin with the addition of lavender allows you to further moisturize the skin,
  • paraffin with tea tree oil will help relieve fatigue from the legs,
  • paraffin with shea butter is recommended to combat premature skin aging.

Prices for paraffin with various extracts and oils are higher than for white cosmetic paraffin, but the effect of the procedure will be more pronounced. On average, prices start at $ 3,4. for 450 gr. In the primary procedure, it is recommended to use paraffin without additives to make sure that there are no allergic reactions.

Cosmetic paraffin is offered in the following types:

1) Granules – it is very convenient if you need to mix paraffins with different types of additives or use paraffin in small quantities. Paraffin baths for arms and legs. Use, instructions for use at home, recipes

2) Briquettes – sold packed at 350-500 gr., The right amount is cut with a knife.

There is no separation between paraffins for hands and feet.

Paraffin baths for hands

To pamper your arms and legs with a paraffin bath, you do not have to go to the salon. The right equipment for home treatments is easy to buy.

You will need:

  • Cosmetic refined paraffin,
  • a special bath or container suitable for heating paraffin and immersing hands or feet,
  • plastic gloves or bags,
  • warm mittens or special thermal mittens,
  • exfoliating agent
  • nutritious cream,
  • additional additives if desired.

Cosmetic paraffin with or without additives, as well as mittens and special lotions, are sold in stores specializing in caring cosmetics and accessories for cosmetic procedures. Paraffin baths for arms and legs. Use, instructions for use at home, recipes

For maximum pleasure, it will not be superfluous to purchase a bath for paraffin therapy . Firstly, it will be convenient to melt paraffin in it, and secondly, some of them have the function of maintaining the temperature of heated paraffin. In addition, a film for wrapping and thermal masks is often attached to the bathtubs, so the procedure will not be much different from the salon.

Phased paraffin therapy with a professional apparatus:

  1. Connect the heating tank to the network, put paraffin in it and put it to warm up to 50-52C. Usually 100-150 gr are used for the procedure. paraffin, but manufacturers of bathtubs recommend filling them with at least 50%, so you need to melt 3 -4 pounds of paraffin, depending on the volume of the bath.
  2. While paraffin reaches the desired state – to disinfect hands, make peeling.
  3. Next, you need to moisturize the skin with cream, while doing hand massage.
  4. When the paraffin is ready, lower your hands or elbows in the heated paraffin for 5 seconds, repeat with an interval of 10-15 seconds until a dense paraffin layer is formed.
  5. After completely covering the skin with paraffin, bags or gloves are put on, and mittens are on top. In such “clothes” hands remain for 20-30 minutes.
  6. Clean paraffin from your hands using a damp towel, repeat moisturizing and massage again.
  7. After all manipulations for at least 2 hours, it is not recommended to go out in the cold.

Paraffin therapy sessions are arranged at home and in the absence of a special bath – paraffin in this case is melted using a “water bath”. To do this, you need a convenient container, for example, an enameled bowl with high sides.

How to melt paraffin in a “water bath”:

  1. Take a large container filled with water, put on fire,
  2. Take a smaller container and load the required amount of paraffin into it;
  3. Place a container with paraffin in a container with water so that the bottom and the water do not come into contact;
  4. Maintain a temperature of 50-52C for 2 hours, this time is enough for melting paraffin.

After the paraffin is ready, the procedure is carried out according to the same scheme as with the use of a professional bath.

Paraffin foot baths at home

The order is as follows:

  • Heat paraffin with a professional bath or “water bath”.
  • Carry out cleaning procedures: wash your feet, treat with a disinfectant, and then a scrub.
  • Lower the legs in a container with paraffin for 5-10 seconds, repeating the action about 5 times – until a dense layer of paraffin is formed in the area of the heels and fingers.
  • Wear special bags or regular plastic bags on your feet, and warm socks or thermal socks on top.
  • Remove paraffin after half an hour using a damp towel. After the procedure, rest is recommended, and even better – sleep. Paraffin baths for arms and legs. Use, instructions for use at home, recipes

Even in the absence of a special bath or suitable containers for heating paraffin in a water bath, you can treat yourself with paraffin masks. To apply paraffin in this case, use a special brush to apply paraffin to problem areas.

Important! Heated but unused paraffin is cooled and stored until the next procedure!

Contraindications and Cautions

Despite the fact that paraffin therapy is considered a safe and enjoyable procedure, there are some contraindications to the conduct, such as:

  • damage to the skin;
  • high blood pressure;
  • allergic rashes, itching;
  • diabetes;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • fungal infections of the nails or skin;
  • hypertrichosis
  • problems with blood vessels (varicose veins, atherosclerosis).

As for pregnant and lactating women, they attend the procedures at their discretion and with the permission of the doctor. Studies proving that paraffin therapy sessions are harmless to the fetus have not been conducted.

Before doing the procedure, and especially at home, it is important:

  • evaluate the degree of paraffin heating without completely immersing hands or feet in it. To do this, use a brush: dip the tip into paraffin and apply a minimal amount on the hand. A paraffin burn is extremely rare, but do not forget about the existence of such a danger.
  • for the first time use paraffin without additives, and if unpleasant sensations appear, stop the procedure immediately.
  • it is important to be careful and, in order not to get a burn, avoid getting water spray in paraffin when heated in a steam bath.
  • Do not resort to procedures too often.

Nutrient Bath Recipe

Various additives are used to enhance the effect of paraffin therapy.

For example, to make nutritious, paraffin baths for arms and legs at home, you will need:

  • fresh aloe juice squeezed from a medium-sized stem (60-70mm),
  • honey (1 tablespoon). Paraffin baths for arms and legs. Use, instructions for use at home, recipes

The following ingredients are added to the nourishing hand mask No. 2:

  • vitamins A, E in liquid form, 0,68 fluid ounce each,
  • dry kelp 20 gr. The crushed algae are pre-soaked in water. A mixture of vitamins and algae is added to the heated paraffin.

The ingredients are mixed, and then added to heated paraffin (150-200g.) Aloe juice in the absence of replaced by peach oil (1-2 drops).

Softening bath for rough skin

Such a bath is used to soften rough skin on the heels. Paraffin baths for arms and legs. Use, instructions for use at home, recipes

It will be required for this:

  • paraffin in the amount of 150-200g.,
  • coconut extract 10-15g.

Hand prescription for allergies

Even those whose skin is prone to allergies make themselves paraffin baths for arms and legs at home and in beauty salons. However, no matter how you want to fantasize with additives, white cosmetic paraffin, which in itself is effective for moisturizing the skin, will be most suitable for the procedures.

Supplement is olive oil (1 teaspoons) or vegetable oil (1 tablespoon). Do not experiment with citrus and essential oils.

Anti-aging bath composition

To obtain an anti-aging effect, the following are added to the heated cosmetic paraffin:

  • hard cocoa butter – 1 teaspoons, Paraffin baths for arms and legs. Use, instructions for use at home, recipes
  • 1-2 drops of rose or orange essential oil. Cocoa butter is easily replaced with coconut oil, or peach or apricot oils. They have a protective effect against wrinkles.

Dry Skin Bath Recipe

To moisturize dry skin in warm paraffin are added:

  • olive oil – 1 tablespoon,
  • beeswax, previously melted in a water bath, 1 teaspoons

The procedure is carried out according to the standard scheme.

How often can a procedure be done

Paraffin baths in SPA salons or at home can be done at any time of the year – if desired. After a course of paraffin therapy, which is 10-12 procedures and is carried out 3-5 times a year, to maintain the effect, baths are done 3-4 times a month.

Daily procedures for arms and legs do not need to be arranged – paraffin baths cause the body to expend a lot of energy , and after that it needs a break.

Video: paraffin baths for hands

Performing paraffin therapy for hands:

Paraffin therapy. Technique of the procedure:

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