Vitamins for hair loss and growth. List of effective, inexpensive in the pharmacy, reviews and prices. How to drink after childbirth

According to medical research, various factors can cause hair loss: from improper care, to a lack of nutrients in the human body, which are vital for the formation of healthy, beautiful hair. Vitamins from hair loss and hair growth often solve an unpleasant situation, healing the skin and scalp.

Good reviews of doctors on many modern drugs indicate a tangible effect after their use and the need for their use for some categories of people, for example, women after pregnancy or after 40 years.

What vitamins do hair need

Ordinary shampoos and balms perform only hygienic functions for the hair: they maintain cleanliness and eliminate dead scales and dandruff. Vitamins of group B are responsible for hair growth, their strength and elasticity: B1, B6, B12.

B1 or thiamine

It is produced in small quantities, which sometimes is not enough to maintain all body functions. It is a water soluble, easily digestible vitamin.
The element is resistant to acidic environment, its excess is non-toxic. However, under the influence of sunlight it becomes inactive. With the addition of salt and heat treatment, its losses amount to 75%, and freezing foods completely deprives them of thiamine.

Vitamin B1 does not accumulate in the body, therefore it is required to replenish its reserves daily with the products or preparations in which it is contained.

The required dose per day is:

  • children – 0. 5/1.7 mg;
  • women – 1. 3/2.2 mg;
  • men – 1. 6/2.5 mg.

A regular B1 deficiency does not immediately affect the condition of the hair. The first signs of its lack in the body are irritability, muscle weakness, nervousness.
As a result of metabolic disorders, hair loses its shine and elasticity. With a daily intake of 1.5 mg of thiamine for 6 months, its deficiency in the body is replenished. Gradually, the hair scales are held together, and the problem goes away.

To restore hair faster, in addition to oral administration of B1, it is recommended to use masks. Then the problem with vitamin deficiency is solved in 3 months.

Thiamine in ampoules can be used externally in two ways:

  1. Pure thiamine of one ampoule is rubbed into clean hair roots and incubated for 30 minutes. Then wash off with warm water. The procedure is performed once a week for up to two months. Vitamins for hair loss and growth. List of effective, inexpensive in the pharmacy, reviews and prices. How to drink after childbirth
  2. 5 drops of liquid vitamin are poured into a portion of shampoo (balm, conditioner) and the finished mask is applied to the roots, distributing along the entire length. Stand for 20 minutes, rinse with warm water.

B1 performs the following functions for hair:

  • strengthens;
  • enhances growth and brightness;
  • nourishes the hairline;
  • eliminates seborrhea;
  • slows down the appearance of gray hair;
  • struggling with loss.

Vitamins for hair loss and growth. List of effective, inexpensive in the pharmacy, reviews and prices. How to drink after childbirthContained in the following products: pine nuts (located on the 1st place in quantity – 33.82 mg per 100 g), honeysuckle (3 mg. Per 100 g), brown rice (2.3 mg), all kinds of nuts, seeds , cereals in the shell, legumes, greens, vegetables. In sour-milk products and fruits, the level of thiamine is very low.

B6 (pyridoxine)

Vitamin for hair loss and growth B6 (pyridoxine) received good reviews from trichologists-dermatologists. They recommend using it in combination with medical shampoos and masks.

The lack of pyridoxine immediately makes itself felt:

  • profuse hair loss;
  • itching and peeling of the hairline;
  • a large amount of dandruff;
  • fragility, dryness and cross-section of the tips.

If the problem is started, cracks in the corners of the mouth, dermatitis begin to appear. A person becomes irritable and excitable. Vitamins for hair loss and growth. List of effective, inexpensive in the pharmacy, reviews and prices. How to drink after childbirth

Vitamin B6, which is a true elixir for hair, helps:

  • normalize the sebaceous glands, which will allow them to stay clean for a long time;
  • keep moisture, due to which it improves elasticity and natural shine of hair;
  • get rid of itching and redness of the hairline;
  • remove dandruff;
  • improve smooth hair structure;
  • protect against hair loss and accelerate hair growth;
  • give sufficient nutrition to the roots and improve hair along the entire length.

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Cyanocobalamin or Vitamin B12

It plays a special role for healthy hair. This is the main building material on which their active growth depends. This substance, which has powerful biological activity, is produced by microorganisms called archaea and bacteria. No animal and plant can synthesize cyanocobalamin.

B12 allows cells to divide and renew, thereby allowing them to regenerate. It comprehensively affects both hair follicles and curls.

Thanks to him, you can get the following improvements:

  • hair shine is restored;
  • dandruff disappears;
  • hair loss is significantly reduced;
  • damaged areas are restored;
  • hair follicles receive adequate nutrition;
  • blood circulation in the cells of the scalp increases.

From a lack of B12, hair loses its natural shine, weaken, become brittle and fall out severely.

Vitamins for hair loss and growth. List of effective, inexpensive in the pharmacy, reviews and prices. How to drink after childbirth
Vitamins for hair can be used in its pure form, rubbing them into the roots of the hair.

To eliminate vitamin deficiency, food is enriched with foods with a high content of cyanocobalamin. For healthy hair, an excellent result can be obtained by using liquid B12 in ampoules (in pure form or by adding it to cosmetics, i.e. masks).

What vitamins for hair do pregnant women need

During pregnancy, young women are always happy with their strong, elastic strands. At this time, hair loss does not exceed the norm due to the fact that the amount of female hormones is increasing. However, as soon as all the forces are devoted to the bearing fetus and spent during childbirth, the situation changes dramatically.

In the first months after the birth of a mother, the number of hair falling out increases, and it becomes dull. Although it is impossible to prevent such a postpartum situation with strands, prophylaxis is recommended. Vitamins for hair from loss and growth will help maintain the health of curls during this period.

Good reviews favor the following:

  1. Thiamine or B1 serves to strengthen and nourish the hair. The daily dose is 1.5 mg.
  2. Riboflavin, or B2, which is aimed at combating thinning and hair loss, with seborrhea, as well as on the delamination of the nail plates. It is very important that it supports the functioning of the thyroid gland and beauty. Dos
    e per day – 1.6 mg.
  3. Pyridoxine (B6) accelerates the metabolic processes of amino acids and fats, improves brain activity, combats itching of the head, desquamation and dandruff. The daily norm is 2.2 mg.
  4. B12 (cyanocobalamin) – enhances blood circulation in hair cells, nourishes hair follicles and fights against dandruff. Pregnant women need 2.2 mcg of this vitamin per day.
  5. Vitamin E is the renewal and regeneration of hair, maintaining its elasticity. 10 mg per day is enough. Vitamins for hair loss and growth. List of effective, inexpensive in the pharmacy, reviews and prices. How to drink after childbirth
  6. Nicotinic acid (PP) – supports the functioning of the thyroid gland at the required level, and therefore regulates the sebaceous glands of the hair. The norm per day is 17 mcg.

What is necessary for nursing mothers

By the 4th month after the birth, the problem of hair loss occurs and their appearance worsens (cross-section of the ends, decrease in natural color, hair loss). This suggests that the hormonal background is returning to its initial functioning. The action of the hormone estrogen, which is responsible for the production of milk, is enhanced.

The following vitamins are necessary from hair loss during this period:

  1. Vitamin A (beta-carotene) normalizes the sebaceous glands, eliminates brittle hair. The daily norm is 0. 4/1.2 mg.
  2. B1 fights stress (1.1 mg normal).
  3. B2 – eliminates brittle hair (2 mg).
  4. B3 – nourishes hair follicles with nutrition (20 mg).
  5. B5 – restores integrity (0.6 mg).
  6. B6 – prevention of dandruff (1.8 mg).
  7. B9 – slows down the appearance of gray hair (0.2 mg).
  8. C – fights free radicals (60 mg).
  9. E – gives shine and increases volume (15 mg).
  10. Iodine – improves the thyroid gland (0.15 mg).
  11. Sulfur – helps the growth of healthy hair (400 mg).
  12. Zinc – prevents loss (8 mg).

Doctors prescribe drugs containing all these vitamins in complex. In addition to them, you can include in the diet any of unrefined oils (olive, sunflower, corn).

To wash your hair, it is good to use fortified shampoos for hair loss and periodically make firming masks.

The most important thing at this time for nursing mothers is to establish good nutrition, avoid stressful situations and try not to overwork. Trichologists have proved that after 6 months the hormonal background returns to normal, the condition of the hair improves and its excessive loss stops. Vitamins for hair loss and growth. List of effective, inexpensive in the pharmacy, reviews and prices. How to drink after childbirth

At this time, doctors to prescribe deficiencies for women often prescribe the following vitamin complexes for women: Complivit Mom, Sana-Sol, AlfaVit Mom’s health and others.

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Rules for the use of drugs

To avoid negative consequences when using drugs, adhere to the mandatory rules:

  1. Before applying vitamin masks for hair or tablets, it is worth checking your allergic reaction to them. Due to the presence of contact dermatitis, the use of a mask containing nicotinic acid and aloe, the hair will fall out more abundantly.
  2. It is worth studying the biochemical properties of vitamins and know which are water- and which are fat-soluble.
  3. All problems are solved gradually. Applying one of the vitamins and getting a good result, begin to take the next.
  4. Between courses, they must take a break of 2-4 weeks so that there is no getting used to the complex or its excess.

The deficiency of vitamins most necessary for hair (A, B groups, C, E) is perfectly compensated both when taken in the form of tablets inside, and when added externally from ampoules to masks. Additionally, it is worth revising your diet.

Pharmacy complexes in tablets

The range of pharmacy vitamin complexes for hair is extensive. To obtain a significant result, it is more productive to use specific drugs after examination by a trichologist-dermatologist.

Vitamins for hair loss and growth, (good reviews confirm their effectiveness) are popular among the population in the following preparations:

  1. Aevit – the complex contains 2 important vitamins A and E. It is prescribed for a deficiency of these components. Improve hair health, take 1-2 pcs. in a day.
  2. Alerana – produced in 2 types: for night and day use. Take according to the name: one tablet – per day, the other – at night. The course of admission is a month. After 6 months, you can repeat the reception. The preparation contains all the vitamins and minerals necessary for the health of strands. Vitamins for hair loss and growth. List of effective, inexpensive in the pharmacy, reviews and prices. How to drink after childbirth
  3. Vitrum Beauty – tablets contain vitamins and minerals: zinc, magnesium, selenium, iodine, calcium, iron. Take 2-3 tablets per day for 2 months. If necessary, repeat after a 2 week break.
  4. Complivit Radiance – contains lipoic acid, vitamins and minerals, green tea extract. Take 1 tablet per day for a month. Helps restore hair and scalp.
  5. Dragee Merz is a powerful complex for combating vitamin deficiency. Take twice a day for 2 months. All available vitamins + L-cysteine + iron + zinc + soy protein are included in its composition.
  6. Pantovigar – works to restore the structure of the hair from the inside. Keratins, brewer’s yeast and selected vitamins are included. Take 1 tablet 3 times a day with food. Appointed for health, splendor and beauty of curls.
  7. Perfectil is a complex specially designed for people with complex hair problems – alopecia, psoriasis, eczema, head injuries and burns. The norm of admission is 1 capsule per day after a meal. Ingredients: all vitamins + manganese + selenium + zinc and other trace elements.
  8. Revalid – nourishes the bulbs and improves the structure of the hair. It contains trace elements, plant extracts and B vitamins. Take 1 tablet with meals for 2-3 months.

Ampoule Concentrates

Vitamins in ampoules are considered universal in use, because they are convenient to use both inside and out as masks. What ampoule preparations are produced and how quickly problems are solved after their use Vitamins for hair from loss and growth (good reviews confirm effective action) in combination and separately recommended by specialists in different ways.


  1. In individual ampoules, B vitamins (B1 – thiamine, B2 – riboflavin, B6 – pyridoxine, B5 – pantothenic acid, B12 – cyanocobalamin), which solve the problems of thinning, brittleness, dandruff and itching, hair loss.
  2. Tocopherol (A) and retinol (E) are more common in capsules than in ampoules. They maintain moisture and density of the hairline.
  3. V
    itamin PP (nicotinic acid) is responsible for the blood circulation of the scalp cells and the activity of the bulbs. Often it is not worth using to avoid dryness. Vitamins for hair loss and growth. List of effective, inexpensive in the pharmacy, reviews and prices. How to drink after childbirth
  4. Combilipen is a complex drug. It contains lidocaine and vitamins B1, B6, B12. Doctors do not recommend using it for masks due to the presence of an anesthetic in the composition. The tool can be applied intramuscularly.

It is important to consider the compatibility of drugs and their quantity in masks. A very correct and useful combination of vitamins B2 and B6 with calcium, which will interfere with its excretion. B6 is not combined with ascorbic acid, since it neutralizes its effect.

Professional hair products

Specialized vitamin products are more convenient to use. In them, all components are balanced and professionally selected. Vitamins for hair loss and growth, good reviews of which indicate their targeted action, are presented in various complexes.

Their list:

  1. CH5 plus – which contains extracts of ginseng, sesame seeds, hot pepper, riboflavin, which have a powerful effect against loss of strands. Apply every day and do not rinse off.
  2. System 4 Climbazone Therapeutic oil Cure – enriched with vitamins B5, B6, E, rosemary, etc. It is aimed at restoring curls. It is rubbed into the roots, insulated for an hour with a cap. Perform the procedure up to 2 times a week.
  3. Dercos . Rubbed into clean scalp and do not rinse. The drug for women is supplemented with pyridoxine, pantothenic and nicotinic acid, and for men – with aminexil.
  4. Timulactine 21 – powerfully stimulates metabolic processes due to silanol, phospholipids, nightshade extracts. Regulates the production of subcutaneous fat and nourishes the scalp at the cellular level. It is indelible, apply it twice a day 7 times a week.

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The usual form of medication for oral administration is tablets. Only one drawback, but significant. Small% digestibility due to oxidation in the digestive tract.

Such vitamin preparations are presented on the market in the following options:

  1. Complex bioadditive Aleran , which contains 18 active ingredients. Vitamins and minerals activate the growth of sleeping hairs. The drug eliminates disturbances in the functioning of the androgen sex hormone, which leads to stopping the loss of strands. Packing cost 60 pcs. – 592 time.
  2. Pantovigar is an excellent restorative after perms, with baldness and loss of curls. It supplies cells with nutrients through the blood. Pack of capsules 90 pcs. It costs 1789 time.
  3. Revalid is a complex that protects hair from the influence of external harmful factors. It contains amino acids, trace elements and herbal supplements. Available in capsules. Pack of 30 costs 494 time, 90 pcs. – 1214 time. Vitamins for hair loss and growth. List of effective, inexpensive in the pharmacy, reviews and prices. How to drink after childbirth
  4. Polipant – complex vitamin complex in ampoules, applied directly to the hair roots. Content can be added to shampoos. The effect of the application is visible immediately. It contains extracts of animal placenta, antioxidants, plant components, minerals. The complex is aimed at combating baldness. The cost of packaging with 10 ampoules is $ 31.
  5. Nutricap is a Swiss drug that restores a deficiency of vitamins and minerals of the hair and the whole body. Natural components of its composition: wheat germ extract, B vitamins, zinc, beeswax, amino acids and others increase the body’s immunity and, as a result, enhance the growth of curls. Packaging with 40 capsules has a price in the range of 1700? $ 27.

What vitamins can be added to shampoo

To restore strands to their former strength, shine and restore them, at home, you can strengthen shampoos with pharmacy vitamins. Previously, it is necessary to test the drugs used for a possible allergic reaction.

Vitamins for hair from loss and growth, which dermatologists give good reviews, are added directly to shampoos in order to improve curls and strengthen their roots – B, E, PP, A, C. Before use, you should learn about the rules for using each of them and the duration use, compatibility with other drugs.

Vitamins of the B group (B1, B6, B9, B12), which have a strong effect on the condition of the strands, are not all compatible with each other. In order not to reduce the beneficial effect of the application, you can not combine pyridoxine B6 with B12.

In order not to damage the hair structure, B1 and B6 are not used together.

In order not to provoke an allergic reaction, B1 and B2 are not combined together. This group of vitamins is used only separately. Nicotinic acid or vitamin PP perfectly heals strands. If it is lacking in the body, the hair begins to fall out severely. It is difficult to obtain in sufficient quantities with food, because it is contained in small quantities and in few products. Vitamins for hair loss and growth. List of effective, inexpensive in the pharmacy, reviews and prices. How to drink after childbirth

Saturation of shampoos with vitamin PP will make up for its deficiency, however, an excessive dose will lead to dry hair and hair loss . Ascorbic acid or vitamin C effectively solves the problem of hair structure: dryness, brittleness and loss.

Since vitamins break down quickly in the open air when exposed to oxygen, it is better to add it before using shampoo directly. Use the obtained “cocktail” with vitamin C for 30 minutes, otherwise it will oxidize and will not give the desired effect.

A large amount of ascorbic acid can also harm curls. For hair restoration, apply natural soft shampoos from pharmacies, shops or home cooking. Shampoos containing silicone are not used because it forms a film on the surface of the hair that prevents the absorption of vitamins.

Shampoos, which contain sulfates and parabens, are also not suitable for enriching them with vitamins. They dry the ends of the hair.

At the same time, all the ampoules are not poured into the shampoo.

The step-by-step process of applying shampoo enriched with vitamins consists of the following steps:

  • shampoo is poured into a separate container for a single wash;
  • add the contents of 1 ampoule of any vitamin to it and mix until smooth;
  • apply the cooked mass to the hair, massaging the head, slightly foam and leave for 3 minutes; Vitamins for hair loss and growth. List of effective, inexpensive in the pharmacy, reviews and prices. How to drink after childbirth
  • washed off with warm water.

The procedure is carried out 2 times a week. After 3 weeks, you can feel the result. With severe damage to the curls, the process is repeated, taking a week break. In the case when brittleness and hair loss are associated with hormonal causes, they turn to a specialist trichologist, because treatment with vitamins can not solve the problem.

How to make masks containing vitamin concentrates

For better hair growth, strengthening the roots and preventing their loss, you can use simple masks prepared at home. One of the most affordable and economical is “3 in 1”.

Mask number 1

For 8,45 fluid ounce, the capacity of shampoo (can be a balm) is acquired in the pharmacy 3 vitamins in ampoules: B1, B6, B12. The cost of each vitamin is about $ 0,54. The contents of one ampoule of each vitamin are poured into a shampoo, shaken and applied during washing. Vitamins for hair loss and growth. List of effective, inexpensive in the pharmacy, reviews and prices. How to drink after childbirth

Soak the product on the head for up to 5 minutes. and then rinse with warm water. Vitamins will slightly change the aroma of the shampoo itself, but over time this nuance will become familiar.

Mask number 2

It will help restore the structure of curls, increase their volume and wake dormant bulbs.

Scheme of use:

  1. Necessary components: 3 ampoules of one of the B vitamins and a vitamin E ampoule in oil. Vitamins for hair loss and growth. List of effective, inexpensive in the pharmacy, reviews and prices. How to drink after childbirth
  2. A small amount of shampoo is poured into a clean container for one-time shampooing. The contents of all 4 ampoules are added there, mixed.
  3. The resulting amount of the mask is applied with hands on the head in 2 doses. In the first step, wash your hair as usual. The remaining half of the enriched shampoo, after light massaging, is left for 10 minutes. on the head. Then washed and dried.

Mask number 3

For dry damaged hair, to restore silkiness and shine to damaged curls that have lost their natural beauty.


  1. Components: 1 ampoule of concentrated aloe juice, vitamins B6, B12; almond oil and hair balm 30 g each; honey – 50 gr. Vitamins for hair loss and growth. List of effective, inexpensive in the pharmacy, reviews and prices. How to drink after childbirth
  2. Honey and almond oil are added to the balm, mixed.
  3. All vitamins and juice are poured into the resulting mixture from ampoules, adjusted to homogeneity.
  4. The resulting slurry is distributed evenly over the strands, insulated for 40 minutes.
  5. Using shampoo, wash off the head.

Hair acquires a healthy, radiant appearance after masks with vitamins for hair loss and growth. According to many good reviews, pyridoxine (B6), like other vitamins from the B group, is called “effect ampoules.”

Vitamin Hair Video

Why do we need vitamins B6 and B12 for hair:

Overview of budget vitamins (pharmaceuticals) for hair:

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