Coloring of hair on dark hair of medium length, short, long. Photos of fashion options

Hair coloring is gaining momentum, including on dark hair. Photos printed in magazines and posted on the Internet, push for changes in the appearance of many girls. Before deciding to change the image, you need to understand the issue in more detail.

Pros and cons of coloring strands

Coloring is a change in the color of several strands. Their number depends on the desire of the girl. For hair coloring, from 2 to 20 different variations are used. For convenience, the surface of the head is divided into squares and begin to stain from the crown, moving down. The dyed lock is twisted and secured with a hairpin. It can be the colors of one gamut or contrasting neon selection.

Coloring of hair on dark hair of medium length, short, long. Photos of fashion options

The advantages of this staining:

  1. Coloring allows you to refresh the image without a radical change in image. Suitable for those who want to change the tone of the hairstyle, but do not want to leave their basic shade.
  2. Highlighting individual strands adds volume to the hairstyle. Haircuts look more structured.
  3. Lightening strands, especially around the face, allows you to emphasize features and reduce a few years.
  4. Dark curls are characterized by a lack of brilliance. Creating bright highlights solves this problem and creates a more lively tone.
  5. Women can apply this staining at any age. Bright, bold options are suitable for young girls; at an older age, coloring in several tones is actively used, close to the natural color of the hair. In addition, lightening strands helps to hide the first gray hair.
  6. Coloring individual strands harms hair less than treating the entire volume.

Coloring of hair on dark hair is limited in terms of the choice of shades. Many photos show possible coloring methods.

There are other disadvantages of dyeing strands that are typical for brunettes in particular:

  1. Without additional lightening of the strands, only coloring in an even darker color is suitable. For coloring in tone lighter than natural, a clarifier or rinse is initially used. Between lightening and dyeing the strands, a minimum of 3 days should pass. Brown-haired women can experiment with chocolate or anthracite shades. Red and black colors are also suitable. Brave ladies can afford blue strands. For other variations, it will be necessary to treat the hair with a chemical composition to lighten, after which the desired color will be applied.
  2. It is difficult to create the right effect on your own, and the services of an experienced specialist are expensive.
  3. The tone obtained by staining bleached strands may be unpredictable.

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Long hair

Any colorization option, subject to quality performance over a considerable length, looks good. Careful approach to the choice of dyeing method is necessary if the hair is curled. The balayazh technique will look spectacular. Owners of smooth straight hair can afford pixel dyeing, which is one of the trends of 2021.

The technique of “creating glare” is to dye wide strands, but only part of the length.

The effect of the sun, tangled in the hair. The “majimierz” technique is also suitable for long hair and involves subtle bleaching. Outwardly, the coloring does not catch the eye, but creates the effect of volume.

Coloring of hair on dark hair of medium length, short, long. Photos of fashion options

Suitable for owners of long strands “California burnout”, changing the natural color with a smooth transition in length. Contrast colors are suitable for creating individual strands. A horizontal gradient with clear boundaries will also be interesting.

Middle length

Hair coloring made on dark curls of medium length, and its options can be seen in the photo. The factor of successful image change is a natural smooth transition from one tone to another. The distribution of shades should correspond to the boundaries and structure of the haircut.

Coloring of hair on dark hair of medium length, short, long. Photos of fashion options

Suitable techniques:

  1. Bronding is a combination of light and dark nuances, creating a natural shine. In the area of the crown, the hair brightens more to enhance the effect of burnout in the sun. Only a difference of 2-3 tones is allowed. The difference from ombre and similar techniques is that the strands are dyed along the length, rather than a smooth transition to light ends.
  2. Balayazh – coloring with the transition from one shade to another. Only the upper strands are shaded, while both horizontal and vertical staining is possible. We can say that the master “sweeps” with a brush.
  3. Bebilights – coloring, reminiscent of sun glare. The hairstyle is made lighter in several transitions, complete discoloration is optional. First of all, the strands near the face and the tips are tinted. The optimal source color for this option is light brown.
  4. Sombre – a technique similar to ombre, but characterized by greater naturalness and softness. The transition does not begin from the middle of the length, but 2 inch below the roots.

Ombre with a clear border for the average length is not suitable. The strands of the face painted in a light shade look spectacular. Contrast colors require clear haircuts and suitable makeup. Bronding will be a solution for thin curls, since the alternation of light and dark strands adds to the hairiness of splendor.

The choice of coloring gamma is also determined by the time of year.

In summer, the master creates the effect of burnt hair; in winter and autumn, contrasting bright transitions are acceptable. Coloring of hair, especially on dark hair, is best entrusted to a professional by looking at examples of work in the photo before the visit. A master with experience will first explain what result should be expected from staining.

Dyeing short hair

A popular option for short haircuts remains Bob haircut. Coloring such a hairstyle helps create volume and emphasize structure.

Coloring of hair on dark hair of medium length, short, long. Photos of fashion options

Popular options:

  1. Bebilights – a technique that combines balayazh and conventional highlighting. As a result, the strands acquire light shades closer to the ends of the hair.
  2. Chambray is one of the options that suits most girls. By staining, strands are created that resemble champagne in color. The resulting color is neither cold nor warm; it suits the eye color and skin tone.
  3. Glare is a mixture of techniques that allows you to create the effect of light spots in the hairstyle. For this, highlighting techniques (California, American, etc.) are applicable. Under different lighting conditions, staining looks a whole new way.
  4. Balayazh – the technique allows you to achieve a smooth transition of color from t
    he hair roots to their ends due to a gradual increase in the amount of applied paint or brightener. The master performing a balayazh, as if smears the composition along the length of the hair.

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Colors and shades

In the past, color was changed using natural dyes such as henna and basma. Now stylists have a huge number of shades that can both repeat the natural color (chestnut, light brown and others), and radically change the tone of the hairstyle, make the hair green, blue or any other shade.

Before proceeding with the changes, it is necessary to determine your color type for individual selection of paint.

There are 2 ways to determine this:

  1. Test with a cloth . It will take 2 cuts of pink fabric: a warm and cold shade. The fabric is alternately applied to the neck and shoulders. One of the options will emphasize the advantages, the other will highlight the disadvantages.
  2. Vein test . To determine the color type, look at the color of the veins in daylight. If the veins are blue – the color is cold, if the greenish shade – warm.

Hair that is already dyed is covered with a flesh-colored cloth for a clean experiment with the tissues.

Owners of a “warm” appearance will suit shades:

  • caramel;
  • golden chestnut;
  • walnut;
  • chocolate;
  • shades of red.

Warm shades will harmoniously fit. Blue, silver and other cold should be avoided.

Coloring of hair on dark hair of medium length, short, long. Photos of fashion options

Girls of the “cold type” use colors:

  • ashen;
  • frosty chestnut;
  • platinum;
  • White sand.

Selected paints are combined with a skin tone and iris color.

Coloring on dark hair, the color for which was chosen from the photo, can ultimately give a shade on dark hair that differs from the desired result, because all the colors “fall” differently on the client’s natural tone. Creative staining, taking into account the color type, is in demand. One of the universal ones is eggplant, it will suit girls with both cold and warm color types.


Coloring with copper shades is suitable for girls whose appearance refers to a warm color type. The length can be absolutely any. This color on the strands looks natural and has been on the list of fashionable stains for more than one season.

Coloring of hair on dark hair of medium length, short, long. Photos of fashion options

When using several colors, the copper shade is complemented by chestnut or chocolate. A bold option is to combine a copper tone with red or dark pink. Successfully staining with golden highlights on the strands.


The choice of gold as the main color will suit girls of a warm color type. It is complemented by honey, light brown or caramel shades. It is important to consider the type of appearance when highlighting strands in the face. Gold tones look especially advantageous if the natural color of the hair is chestnut or close to it.


Platinum gamut suits girls of cold color. Platinum and ashy color look spectacularly on the hair “frosty chestnut”. When silver inclusions are added, an actual image will be obtained, suitable both for every day and for special events.

Coloring of hair on dark hair of medium length, short, long. Photos of fashion options

Creative option – combination with blue and green colors. For example, the strands may be platinum in length, and the ends may be emerald.

Rainbow colored

Hair coloring – photos on dark hair with iridescent shades and other options can be viewed on the Internet and choose the right one. When staining, vertical strands stand out. Popular varieties include the use of blue, green, red and yellow shades.

The classic rainbow coloring includes tinting by all at once, but the option with only one of them is also possible.

It is not recommended to combine contrasting colors in large quantities, since the image itself comes out quite bright. It is possible to stain using purple, turquoise and orange colors.

Coloring of hair on dark hair of medium length, short, long. Photos of fashion options

The combination of blue-violet shades with various inclusions creates a “cosmic” effect, resembling a galaxy. An interesting option for coloring with red and orange tones with the addition of a yellow tint. In this version, the hairstyle looks like a sunset.

Wine and Eggplant

A popular combination is wine and eggplant. For coloring, “Marsala” is used, resembling the deep color of red or plum wine. It can be used as the main tone of the hair or “work” with purple tints.

Coloring of hair on dark hair of medium length, short, long. Photos of fashion options
Coloring of hair, a photo on dark hair shows an option of eggplant and wine shades.

Also included in this gamut:

  • dark raspberry;
  • cherry;
  • burgundy;
  • lingonberry jam;
  • Bordeaux.

Sometimes clients are asked to add red blotches resembling a flame.

A combination of wine with chestnut and chocolate nuances will be successful. Violet tones are more suitable for ladies with a cold color type. The opposite will be the color with a chestnut-colored cherry. The famous variation on the theme is Merlot, reminiscent of a combination of cherries and cocoa. The transitional shade between purple and red suits many women.

“Pink gold”

Shade is easier to achieve for natural blondes. Brunettes will need intense lightening. Only a professional can get this color.

Coloring of hair on dark hair of medium length, short, long. Photos of fashion options

The color formula contains the following elements:

  • lilac;
  • pastel pink;
  • golden.

A combination of warm and cold tones allows you to
achieve the effect of a precious metal.


Soft and deep color, complemented by nuances of shades of milk chocolate.

Coloring of hair on dark hair of medium length, short, long. Photos of fashion options

It harmonizes well with a touch of beige blond and blends with a touch of mocha. Coloring creates a multifaceted natural color that changes depending on the hairstyle.


Coloring the hair in the color “metal”, a photo of which the specialist will show, looks unusual on dark hair. The effect is created by steel dye, which is recommended for young women or ladies aged. The first he will give style and mystery, the second will help emphasize the nobility and elegance.

Coloring of hair on dark hair of medium length, short, long. Photos of fashion options

Makeup should match the hairstyle, do not use a lot of white or too bright colors. Silver will suit “cold” girls. For the “warm”, there is a “metallic” variation – deep copper.

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Types of Coloring

All types can be divided into vertical (longitudinal) and horizontal (transverse). Simultaneous use of techniques is possible.


Performing transverse coloring, the hairdresser applies no more than 3 tones.

The entire hair length is conventionally divided into 3 parts:

  • basal;
  • central
  • tips.

Coloring of hair on dark hair of medium length, short, long. Photos of fashion options

In the classic version, the roots are painted in dark color, the middle – in a lighter shade, and the ends are lightened. A special technique of applying paint allows you to “stretch” the color along the entire length. A sharp border in dyeing is not suitable for owners of a short neck.


For longitudinal staining, the colorist uses from 3 to 18 different shades. The hair is divided into strands and stained with the necessary areas. In this case, staining is possible both along the entire length and partially. The effect of contrast, smooth or sharp transitions

Coloring of hair on dark hair of medium length, short, long. Photos of fashion options

There are types of coloring that are not related to the previous two. For example, the now popular pixel and screen coloring, coloring of the bangs.

Home dyeing technique

Hair color change is best left to a professional, but you can change the appearance yourself. Coloring of hair on dark hair of medium length, short, long. Photos of fashion options

You will need:

  • composition for clarification (if required);
  • foil;
  • several colors suitable for tone;
  • containers for mixing;
  • brushes for applying a coloring composition;
  • hair clips
  • several combs;
  • unnecessary towel.

Paints are best purchased from one well-known manufacturer, making sure that they are compatible with each other.

Before applying to the hair, a sensitivity test is carried out on a small area of the skin. Before the day of staining, it is recommended not to wash your hair for 2-3 days. Having prepared the accessories and mixed the paint, oil or a nourishing cream is applied to the scalp.

For homework, vertical coloring is more suitable.

The width of the strands should not exceed 0. 2 inch. The clarified hair is dyed with finished paint with wrapping the strand in foil. So that the composition does not spread, the roots are left unpainted. Everything needs to be done quickly so that the coloring is uniform. For a more convenient application, a shower cap is used, in which holes are made for strands.

In the process, they move either from the forehead to the back of the head, or vice versa. Each strand is recommended to be washed separately. To complete the procedure, a special balm is applied to the hair and allowed to dry. At home, the color of the strands changes with crayons for hair. The method is similar to coloring, but the color will disappear after the first use of the shampoo.

There are 2 types of crayons:

  1. Dry – need to be wet to use. They look like pencils or chalk.
  2. Bold – similar in texture to eyeshadow. It is more convenient to use them, but the expense and price of the product are greater.

For applying paint you will need disposable gloves and an unnecessary towel.

Rules for the use of coloring agents:

  • brush hair;
  • choose a strand of the desired thickness;
  • moisten a curl with water;
  • usd the strand with chalk;
  • allow to dry and gently walk with a comb;
  • fix the varnish with a high degree of fixation (without fixing, the paint will stain clothes).

To apply the chalk was more convenient, the strand is twisted into a tourniquet. Frequent use of this coloring method dries hair.

Hair care after coloring

Dyeing is stress for the hair, especially with pre-clarification.

Damaged hair requires quality care:

  1. It is better to give preference to shampoos without LSL to maintain healthy hair.
  2. Be sure to use conditioner balms. Choose the best-proven brands that have long taken their place in the market.
  3. 1-2 times a week it is recommended to do nourishing masks. For this, ready-made compounds or made independently.
  4. Natural care lovers will appreciate oil masks. For normal hair type, it is enough to apply oil to the hair 1 time per week a couple of hours before washing. But you need to consider that the oil “washes” the color.
  5. It is better to refrain from using irons, pads and hair dryers. Dyed hair becomes dry and brittle when exposed to heat
  6. After washing, you need to apply indelible care product on the curls.

Coloring the hair, the photo of which girls like so much, can adversely affect dark hair. There are contraindications to staining. Set aside if the hair was dyed with henna. Perm may also cause unpredictable results. Do not dye damaged hair.

Coloring is a great way to refresh your appearance and add brightness to your hair. A variety of nuances and techniques allows any girl to “find herself” without radi
cal changes in appearance.

Dark Hair Coloring Video

How to make hair coloring, find out in the video clip:

Fashionable options for coloring on dark hair, see the video clip:

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