Niacinamide for face skin, hair, from age spots. Properties, as applied, instruction

A somewhat frightening name for one of the main components of niacinamide cosmetics is the well-known nicotinic acid or vitamin B. The benefits of niacinamide for the body as a whole and directly for the skin of the face are truly invaluable.

What is niacinamide

Niacin or Vitamin B3 (PP) is involved in the vital reactions of oxidation, reduction, synthesis, cell metabolism. Its predecessors – riboflavin (B2) and pyridoxine (B6) – enter the body with meat, mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, nuts and many other products. Niacinamide for face skin, hair, from age spots. Properties, as applied, instruction

From them, the required amount of B3 is created. In its dry form, nicotinic acid looks like white small crystals, completely soluble in water, glycerin, alcohol.

Scope of application

Useful properties of PP are used in medical and cosmetic products:

  • multivitamins;
  • bioactive additives; Niacinamide for face skin, hair, from age spots. Properties, as applied, instruction
  • creams, gels, serums with cleansing, antibacterial, regenerating, protective properties.


Unlike the dangerous neurotoxin from cigarettes, niacinamide acts beneficially and is necessary for:

  • correcting bad cholesterol;
  • activation of secretory activity of the stomach and gall bladder, improvement of appetite, digestion;
  • normalization of metabolism, including fat and carbohydrate;
  • stimulation of hematopoiesis, hormone formation by the thyroid gland, adrenal glands;
  • cessation of the inflammatory process, removal of lactic acid substance from the zone of osteochondrosis, arthritis;
  • cartilage regeneration;
  • complex therapy of psoriasis, diabetes;
  • increase energy potential;
  • hormonal and nervous regulation;
  • transporting drugs into the deep tissues;
  • blood circulation improvement;
  • increase microcirculation, tone of integumentary and horn tissue;
  • treatment of insomnia, depression, neurosis.

The anti-pellagric acid power is reflected in its name by the abbreviation PP.


Niacin is not allowed with:

  • individual intolerance;
  • severe ulcers, liver, hypertension, atherosclerotic diseases;
  • gout Niacinamide for face skin, hair, from age spots. Properties, as applied, instruction
  • hyperuricemia (high concentration of uric acid in the blood).

Benefits of Niacinamide

B3 value is a pronounced therapeutic and cosmetic effect with a minimum of negative reactions. Long-term study and use showed that the substance is not carcinogenic, immunotoxic, rarely causes allergies.

Properties of niacinamide in cosmetics

  • The cosmeceutical industry has opened up great opportunities in nacin:
  • rejuvenate, tone, tighten the skin; Niacinamide for face skin, hair, from age spots. Properties, as applied, instruction
  • to revive the production of collagen fibers that decays over the years;
  • restore barrier functionality of the cover;
  • protect from ultraviolet radiation;
  • soften and moisturize;
  • prevent moisture loss;
  • treat for inflammation, acne, acne, increased pigmentation;
  • regulate the production of sebum;
  • fight bacteria that seed sebaceous plugs;
  • restore the structure of hair rods, restore healthy shine, softness, strength to them.

Forms of release of funds

As a medicine, niacin is presented in the form of: Niacinamide for face skin, hair, from age spots. Properties, as applied, instruction

  • injection solutions (ampoules);
  • tableted drugs;
  • capsules.

As a component of care and hygiene products, it is part of:

  • creams;
  • lotions;
  • tonics
  • emulsions / toners;
  • serums;
  • essences;
  • masks;
  • scrubs;
  • shower gels;
  • shampoos;
  • air conditioners.

Some manufacturers add nicotinic acid to decorative cosmetics.

Vitamins in Ampoules

Injectable 1% of the form is intended for subcutaneous, intramuscular and intravenous administration. Ampoule niacin is also used cosmeceutically – independently, as part of caring mixtures.


Vitamin B3 is introduced into the formulation of creams to stimulate the regenerative and protective functions of the skin, free from free radicals, and moisturize as much as possible. Vitaminized cream fights redness, pigmentation after acne and rashes, cleans clogged sebaceous glands and pores, relieves their soreness, removes bags under the eyes. Niacinamide for face skin, hair, from age spots. Properties, as applied, instruction

There are creams with niacinamide that can cope with rosacea – rosacea, dilated blood vessels, edema. A few drops of ampoule vitamin PP can enhance the caring properties of your favorite cream.


Niacinamide for face skin in the form of serums provides:

  • increased collagen synthesis by more than 50%;
  • restoration of the level of coenzymes;
  • retention of a third of evaporating moisture in case of lesions of the skin structure;
  • strengthening the protective properties of the outer stratum corneum;
  • 40% reduction in inflammation;
  • reduction of wrinkles on the face and around the eyes up to 64%;
  • narrowing of the pores, leveling the relief, lightening the tone;
  • reduction in sebum (fat) production;
  • getting rid of a number of microorganisms that provoke skin infections.

The concentration of nicotinic acid in some sera reaches 10%.

Instructions for use niacinamide for facial skin

The intake of nicotinic acid preparations for cosmetic purposes must be accurately dosed. Daily oral dosage is up to 4 tablets, for subcutaneous injections – 2 ampoules. Parallel internal and external use is allowed, but a dermatologist-cosmetologist prescribes a suitable combination of dosages. The usual course of admission and procedures is 2 weeks.

Niacinamide for the skin of the face gives a local warming effect, causing rapidly passing redness. Testing is required at home. A small amount of the product is applied to the wrist or bend of the elbow. The body’s loyalty to vitamin B3 is determined 12 hours. In the absence of irritation, you can proceed to the procedures.

  1. Before covering your face with cream, mask, serum, you need to wash your face, open the pores above the steam bath, apply a scrub or gommage.
    Niacinamide for face skin, hair, from age spots. Properties, as applied, instruction
    Before appl
    ying niacinamide for the face, it is necessary to steam the skin
  2. Distribute the selected product in the direction of the massage lines, avoiding contact with eyes, lips, and mouth.
  3. Withstand exposure time strictly according to the recipe recommendation.
  4. Removing residues is best combined with contrasting washing to stimulate local metabolism and microcirculation.

How to use a hair product

Niacin to strengthen, grow, restore hair is applied only externally. The head is pre-washed with shampoo, blotted with a towel. From 1 ampoule, a 1% solution is pulled with a syringe, the needle is removed and the vitamin is rubbed dropwise into still wet skin. Niacinamide for face skin, hair, from age spots. Properties, as applied, instruction

0,03 fluid ounce on the entire surface is not enough, so you need to point, but evenly pass the parietal, occipital and lateral zones. For a month (the course lasts so long), the entire area of the scalp will be processed. The drug is easily absorbed, reaches all active bulbs and awakens dormants. Rinse it off is not necessary. If necessary, a 2nd course is maintained for a break of at least a month.

Application of age spots

Niacinamide for face skin covered with age spots after pregnancy, acne, acne, uneven tanning is one of the effective means. There are ready-made whitening creams, tonics, serums on sale, and you can prepare a similar composition with nicotinic acid powder at home. Niacinamide for face skin, hair, from age spots. Properties, as applied, instruction

The concentration of niacin in the finished product is allowed within 5%. The clarifying preparation is applied in the morning, then in the evening between washing and moisturizing cream, serum. To consolidate the result, you will need a sunscreen with SPF 30.

To restore the barrier function, 2% niacin agent is enough for a month. From acne and dark spots – about 4% with a daily application of 2-3 months.

How soon is it worth waiting for the result

Pleasant changes from the beneficial effects of niacinamide occur in different ways, depending on the condition of the skin of the face. For example, serum gives a result from a couple of weeks to 3 months. Moreover, the first signs of improvement are noticeable before the end of the course, and the peak of regeneration will please 6 months after the first application. Niacinamide for face skin, hair, from age spots. Properties, as applied, instruction

On the 20th day, a radical thickening of each shaft is noticeable on the hair , and after the 30th a new fluff from reserve follicles appears, which makes the hair more magnificent. Hair growth accelerates after a course of application, but young people observe an increase in length a little earlier. At the same time, the structure of the strands affected by staining is restored.

Deep pigment spots require a long, and in some cases constantly repeating course exposure with 5% compounds. Otherwise, excessive pigmentation returns. Small traces of acne, unexpressed spots usually go away after 1-1.5 months.

Popular drugs with niacinamide: names, prices

The table shows cosmetic products from the best Korean companies.

Original product name Type of cosmetic Approximate price, usd.
A’PIEU Madecassoside fluid 700-900
A’PIEU moist Creamy concealer 478-600
Ifactory SomeByMi Aha-Bha-Pha 30 Days Miracle toner 2050
Farm Stay Collagen & Hyaluronic Acid All In One Ampoule serum 2050
Manyo factory bifidalacto complex essence 2025
Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin E mask 3585
AHC Private Real Eye cream 700
PURITO Sea Buckthorn Vital 70 cream 980
WANGSKIN White Flower mask 360
TIAM My Signature Red C Serum serum 930

Niacinamide in all skin care products for the face is in different concentrations, but is invariably indicated in the leading 3-4 positions of multicomponent formulations.

A’PIEU Madecassoside Fluid

The capabilities of niacinamide in the synthesis of collagen are combined with the anti-aging active component of madecassosides. This powder substance is isolated from plant material Centella asiatica. Its set of vitamins, magnesium protect cells from harmful oxidation, increase the strength and conductivity of blood vessels. Niacinamide for face skin, hair, from age spots. Properties, as applied, instruction

Ceramides, beta-glucan, adenosine, allantoin enhance skin tightening, hydration, provide additional nutrition and oxygen supply. The tool quickly restores the integumentary structure after
peeling. Citrus extracts exude a delicate aroma.

On the bottle is a convenient dispenser, releasing in 3 clicks a portion for the face, neck. You can distribute with your fingers, a cotton pad. The fluid is quickly drawn in by the pores. In the morning, sunscreen, make-up falls well on top of it.

A’PIEU moist Creamy Concealer SPF30 / PA ++

The cream concealer of the A’PIEU brand includes plant extracts, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, adenosine and substances that provide a level of UV protection of 30 PA ++. Thanks to B3, the concealer not only masks facial skin imperfections, but evens out and brightens pigmented drops.

The corrector is available in 5 shades:

  • Frozen – neutral
  • Vanilla – light vanilla
  • Porcelain – light porcelain;
  • Beige – beige;
  • Sand – sandy.

Concealer does not dry out, does not tighten, does not swim in the heat. Successfully hides redness without disturbing the base layer of cosmetics.

A transparent plastic tube contains 7 g of corrective composition and a long applicator.

Ifactory SomeByMi Aha-Bha-Pha 30 Days Miracle Toner

Toner for a 30-day course of treatment for comedones, single and grouped acne, problematic relief. Despite the presence of 3 acids from plant extracts of tea tree, papaya, lotus, pH is neutral – 5.5. Niacinamide for face skin, hair, from age spots. Properties, as applied, instruction

In combination with 2% niacinamide, adenosine, a tonic-moisturizing composition was obtained, which simultaneously narrows the pores, dries up inflamed areas, evens out the tone, and gently exfoliates. It issued a Korean certificate of safety and quality.

The toner is loyal to all skin types, has a pleasant coniferous smell. With nightly use, acne is reduced after a week, the moistened relief is leveled. In the daytime, you need a cream that protects from the sun.

Farm Stay Collagen & Hyaluronic Acid All In One Ampoule

Anti-aging serum provides maximum hydration, pushes wrinkles from the inside out. The win-win composition of ampoules with hyaluron, niacinamide, blue marine collagen microcapsules, plant extracts works in several ways:

  • keeps, prolongs elasticity of a hypodermic pillow;
  • interferes with the aging of integumentary tissues;
  • stabilizes the hydro balance;
  • saturates with collagen-forming proteins, nutrients.

Upon contact, the transparent gel instantly melts with the granules. It is quickly absorbed, leaving no stickiness, films, only a fresh smell. On the face and neck, 1 portioned scapula without a slide is enough. The skin is pre-cleansed.

After absorption, day and night cream is applied, corresponding to each of 2 procedures. Due to the binding of water in the depths, the cover becomes smooth, delicate, toned.

Anti-aging cocktail is sold in 8,45 fluid ounce dark plastic jars. There is a transparent measuring spoon in a cardboard box. Packaging lasts for about a year, even if you increase the cost of masks.

Manyo factory bifidalacto complex

Premium Bifidolactocomplex contains natural components:

Niacinamide for face skin, hair, from age spots. Properties, as applied, instruction

  • bifidobacteria; lactobacilli;
  • niacinamide;
  • tripeptide-1;
  • yeast-like fungi enzymes;
  • extracts of ginseng, pepper, lumbago;
  • hyaluronate.

Transparent liquid essence with a slightly audible aroma is absorbed by the skin in 2-3 minutes. For the dry type, maximum doses are used – 6-7 drops, for normal and prone to fat – 4-5 drops.

After the anti-aging agent, the face and neck become velvety, fresh, even in tone. The first wrinkles around the eyes diverge, small subcutaneous rashes resolve.

In the morning, the complex prepares the skin for makeup, in the evening after its application there is no need for a night cream. The anti-aging activity of the essence on mature skin is noticeable.

Thanks to the intensive formula, the consumption is small – 50 g can be stretched to a year. 0,17 fluid ounce bottles are sold, which will not take up much space in the bag and help out during the day when the skin, especially near the eyes, suffers from dry air.

Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask

The branded ingredient of the mask is vitamin E. Judging by the name and price, it is natural, made from freshly squeezed juice. Vitamin E intensively moisturizes, protects against aging, the bad influence of external factors. Niacinamide for the skin of the face gives an anti-inflammatory effect, adds elasticity, regulates sebum, increases barrier properties.

Also included in the composition:

  • adenosine;
  • extracts of centella, blackberry;
  • essential oils of orange, lemon, lavender, eucalyptus.

Polymers are added to the mass, providing a jelly-like texture and good adhesion. Niacinamide for face skin, hair, from age spots. Properties, as applied, instruction

The mask has a white color, a citrus smell, a slight cooling effect. It is distributed evenly, it remains to lightly pat your fingers. A thin layer is absorbed faster, stickiness, gloss, and film sensations on the skin disappear faster. The mask is applied daily in the evening. Until the morning she works intensively so that the skin rests well and is filled with energy.

The smoothing, brightening, exfoliating, moisturizing, nourishing effect of the vitamin mass is enhanced in tandem with Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop serum, which is saturated with ascorbic acid. In addition, the mask can be used as a day cream for dry type of cover. 3,04 fluid ounce is enough for about 6 months.

AHC Private Real Eye Cream

Eye cream and face ANS of all seasons (releases) invariably retain popularity. From season 1 to 5, the composition undergoes replacements and additions that adapt it to different greasy, dry skin, enhance anti-aging effects.

The manufacturer is trying to convey to a wide range of customers at least part of the expensive natural ingredients, therefore, in creams are necessarily present:

  • individual peptides or multicomplexes that stimulate the production of collagen, increase skin elasticity, act as a signal protein that transmits cells with a command to grow, renew;
  • metabolism activating niacinamide;
  • hyaluronate, binding moisture to the subcutaneous gel;
  • triglycerides – a source of cellular energy;
  • plant extracts, oils that protect, nourish integumentary tissues, revitalize microcirculation.

Another part of the composition is assigned to mineral oils, silicone fillers. The cream has an average density, is actively absorbed, consumed moderately, makeup does not spoil. On sale there is a packaging in small cans of 1,01 fluid ounce, large tubes of 2,03 fluid ounce, mini-samplers of
0,41 fluid ounce.

PURITO Sea Buckthorn Vital 70 Cream

Cream with a sea of natural sea buckthorn. Its in the composition of 70%. The rest is niacinamide, adenosine, tangerine and purslane extracts, vitamin cocktail C, K, P, E, A, D. Niacinamide for face skin, hair, from age spots. Properties, as applied, instruction

A tool from an unpresentable-looking tube has useful properties:

  • prevention of age-related changes, lifting;
  • antibacterial cleansing;
  • hydration, nutrition, softening;
  • increased local immunity;
  • removal of inflammation, healing;
  • neutralization of dark pigments;
  • UV protection.

Cream of light texture with a pleasant smell, quickly absorbed, brings relief and comfort to dry, sensitive, dermatous skin. The volume of the tube is 1,69 fluid ounce.

WANGSKIN White Flower

Fabric mask “White Flower” is available with impregnation:

  • lotus;
  • edelweiss;
  • daisies;
  • Lilies
  • aloe;
  • rosemary.

A mandatory component is niacinamide. The mask gives all healing moisture to the skin in 10-20 minutes.


  • smoothing shallow facial wrinkles by stimulating the synthesis of their own collagen, elastin;
  • elimination of skin tones;
  • acceleration of recovery, healing processes;
  • cleansing the cover of pathogenic bacteria;
  • removal of irritations.

The mask is recommended after peeling or wiping with tonic, applied to a dried face. After removal, the evaporation of moisture is blocked by a day cream.

TIAM My Signature Red C Serum

Niacinamide for face skin, hair, from age spots. Properties, as applied, instruction

The red serum formulation contains concentrated vitamins C, B12, B2, glutathione tripeptide (antioxidant).

They bring soothing to irritated skin, stimulate collagen production, lighten pigmentation, and reduce scars and bumps.

After applying serum on a pale, dull skin appears healthy pure radiance, natural tone.

For 5 minutes, until absorbed, serum gives the face a red color, stickiness.

Not everyone likes the smell of whey. These features make it preferable to use at night. In the morning, a UV cream should be ready. The volume of the product is 1,01 fluid ounce.

Reviews of experts on the effectiveness of niacinamide

Beauticians confirm the effectiveness of the product. They say that the effect will be noticeable only with regular course use. It is important to follow the recommended dosage.

When buying cosmetic products for complete skin care of the face, eyelids, neck, you need to choose the means of one line. In this case, a balanced concentration of niacinamide, other active substances is achieved and the result will be much higher.

Video about niacinamide for the skin

Niacinamide. Salvation for the skin or not:

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