Yellowness of hair – how to remove at home after dyeing, bleaching, lightening

Yellowness on the hair occurs due to the remainder of the yellow pigment of the dye after the procedure for staining curls. It is possible to remove yellowness at home, using professional tools and home recipes.

Cosmetics for yellowness


Tonic will help remove yellowness from the hair, this is an affordable and easy to use tool to get rid of an unwanted shade. The most budget option is Tonic, which costs $ 1,73. (volume – 5,07 fluid ounce).

Yellowness of hair - how to remove at home after dyeing, bleaching, lightening

For toning, you should select pearl ash shades from the line of this product. Despite the affordable price, the tonic copes well with its task: the yellow color will go away after 2 applications, if you use the instructions to follow.

Yellowness of hair - how to remove at home after dyeing, bleaching, lightening

How to use the drug:

  1. The tonic should be applied to wet, clean hair, evenly distributing. Stylists recommend mixing tonic with a regular hair balm in proportions of 1: 3, after such a procedure softness and smoothness of the hair is ensured.
  2. The exposure time varies depending on the desired effect: 3-5 minutes will be enough to maintain color to get a light shade – 10 minutes, up to 30 minutes to get a saturated color.
  3. After the time has passed, thoroughly rinse the hair until the water flowing from it becomes transparent.
  4. The result is fixed with a dyed hair balm.

Advantages of this tool:

  • Affordable price;
  • In use, the tonic is extremely simple, does not entail any hassle.
  • Quick result.


  • Drying is possible without the use of a balm: hair becomes stiff.

Color activator

Syoss mousse tonic “Color Activator” has also become a favorite among blondes. The tool renews dyed hair, gives them brightness and shine, eliminates yellowness. A significant advantage of this tool is that it not only eliminates the obsessive yellow tint, but also cares for hair. Yellowness of hair - how to remove at home after dyeing, bleaching, lightening

 The use procedure is simple:

  1. Mousse is applied to clean hair immediately after shampooing.
  2. For gentle toning, keep the product for up to 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water.
  3. Complete the procedure using a hair balm.

This tool deserves a good assessment, because:

  • Easy to use: the mousse texture allows you to evenly distribute the product without mixing.
  • It contains a cosmetic base, which eliminates the negative impact on the condition of the hair.
  • The use of mousse gives a lasting effect.


  • The volume of mousse ( 2,54 fluid ounce) is not optimal for long hair, as a result, the expense of the product may not be economical.
  • The specific smell of male deodorant remains on the hair.

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Professional paints

To tint hair, it is also worth resorting to paints.

“Anti-Yellow effect” by ESTEL

It neutralizes the yellowness of the Estel brand Anti-Yellow effect cream-paint. Do not worry about the condition of the hair after using this paint: the product not only gives a beautiful pearlescent shade to the hair, but also cares for them. Yellowness of hair - how to remove at home after dyeing, bleaching, lightening


  • Thanks to avocado oil and a healthy olive extract, it nourishes and moisturizes the hair.
  • Cream paint is a soft and elastic texture with a pleasant smell.
  • Easy and convenient distribution.


  • The tool works very quickly, so there is of overexposing the paint more than required, and the hair may darken. For this reason, the use of this paint is recommended for girls with experience of home dyeing.

Features of use:

  • Unlike tonics, this tool should be applied to dry hair, previously washed with shampoo;
  • The exposure time of the product on the hair should not exceed 15 minutes. However, if the hair structure is porous, then 10 minutes is enough;
  • After washing off, you need to wash your hair with shampoo intended for colored hair and then use balm – a color stabilizer.

Color Naturals 10 White Sun by Garnier

Yellowness of hair - how to remove at home after dyeing, bleaching, lightening

No less popular company “Garnier” also provides a paint that can muffle yellowness on the hair. The paint from the Color Naturals 10 White Sun series will do its job perfectly.

It is applied to the hair in a similar way, to dry hair, and it must also be kept for no more than 15 minutes so as not to dry the hair. Complete with paint, a balm is supposed to fix the color and add shine and softness to the hair.


  • No problems with application: creamy texture does not cause inconvenience.
  • Balm-care complete with paint perfectly nourishes the hair.
  • After applying the paint, the hair has a slight silver tint, excluding yellowness.


  • When used, the smell of ammonia is possible.


Yellowness can also be removed with hair balms designed for this purpose.

Balms from ESTEL “LOVE nuance” and “Solo ton”

Estel LOVE nuance balm has good reviews. The manufacturer recommends using a balm for slightly damp or dry hair and rinse off after half an hour.

Also a good alternative to “LOVE nuance” is Solo ton from the same line.

What is good balm:

  • The tool does not have an unpleasant odor, eliminates yellowness and is budgetary.
  • Despite the liquid consistency, applying the product to the hair is not a problem.
  • You do not have to wash the product for a long time from the hands and bath: it leaves no residue.
  • Gives hair extraordinary softness.


  • A narrow circle of stores where you can find this product on sale.
  • Uneconomical consumption.

Concept “The effect of the Arctic blond”

To remove an undesirable shade of yellowness is the “calling”
of another Concept hair balm “The effect of the Arctic blond”. The product contains pigments that give the hair a cool shade, and caring components in the composition.

Yellowness of hair - how to remove at home after dyeing, bleaching, lightening

In addition, the hair acquires a natural, expensive color. It should be noted that the balm not only neutralizes yellowness, but also gives shine, softness and smoothness.

Garnier “Persistent Color”

Garnier Anti-Yellowness Hair Care Garnier balm that removes unwanted shade in one application. Refines the color and positively affects the structure of the hair, making it smooth and obedient.

In addition, it does not stain or aggravate hair after dyeing, it refreshes color well with regular use.

L’Oreal Paris Preference Color Balm

This is a find for those who want to have soft and obedient hair without yellowing. This tool will save even the most brittle hair, revitalizing them, gives the hair an unprecedented shine.

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Hue Shampoos

Perfectly remove the yellow tint on the hair tint shampoos. The market is replete with a large number of funds of different colors and compositions.

The purpose of tinted shampoos is obvious from the name, they give the desired shade after use:

  • WELLA PROFESSIONALS Cool Blonde. To get rid of yellowness on the hair, stylists recommend WELLA PROFESSIONALS from Cool Blonde – shampoo and conditioner, a great pair for girls who have light and highlighted hair with a yellow tint. The pigments that make up the product will return the color of the hair to a cold range. Shampoo has a good effect on the hair without damaging its structure. And, importantly, evenly washed off the hair. Balm paired with shampoo refreshes and maintains color, cares and softens hair;
    Yellowness of hair - how to remove at home after dyeing, bleaching, lightening
    You can remove the yellowness from the hair after dyeing with the help of tools such as tint shampoos, balms or tonics
  • Black Malva Aveda.  Yellowness on the hair is the problem that the Aveda brand Black Malva shampoo solves, it gently and qualitatively removes the unwanted shade. The tool paints a warm tone, thereby enhancing the cold. The extracts of mallow, aloe and black tea provide the hair with the necessary hydration;
  • LakmeCosmetics presents a shampoo that is designed to get rid of the yellow tint and fixes the result for a long time. It perfectly rinses hair without harming them;
  • Bonacure Color Freeze Silver by SCHWARZKOPF.  There is a place to be in this line of shampoo Bonacure Color Freeze Silver Shampoo from the well-known company SCHWARZKOPF. The tool gives a silver tint and eliminates the yellow pigment, gently lightening the hair. Other advantages of this shampoo include the fact that it foams well and has a pleasant neutral smell;
  • Silver Blond shampoo from the SP SYSTEM PROFESSIONALS line of products gently cares for hair and gives it shine, shine, leaving no chance for yellowness; Yellowness of hair - how to remove at home after dyeing, bleaching, lightening
  • LEONOR GREYL is a specialized shampoo for hair that has been bleached or highlighted. It returns to the hair a noble shade and gloss. The main thing is not to overexpose the shampoo on the hair and rinse thoroughly;
  • Indola Innova Color Silver.  Removes yellowness and gently affects hair shampoo Indola Innova Color Silver. Stylists speak of him as a good care product that does not dry hair, gives it a gloss and a cool shade. The product must be applied after washing the hair with massage movements and washed off after 3 minutes. It is enough to apply once a week.


Cleansing shampoos strengthen, cleanse hair and at the same time relieve them of yellowness.

  • Shampoo Silver from L’Oreal Proffesionnel has established itself as an excellent tool in the fight against yellowness and dull hair. After applying this shampoo, the hair acquires elasticity and luxurious shine thanks to the Gloss Protect system, on the basis of which the shampoo is created. Amino acids, natural ingredients, caring pigments – all this makes the product not only an excellent “fighter” against the hated shade, but also an excellent caring tool. In addition, the shampoo neutralizes the harmful effects of the environment on the hair; Yellowness of hair - how to remove at home after dyeing, bleaching, lightening
  • Shampoo “Radiant Radiance” from PRAVANA will provide hair with gentle cleansing and a pleasant color. After using this product, the hair structure is restored, and the yellow tone disappears. Also, the product protects hair from destructive sun exposure and exposure to excessive moisture;
  • Estel Prima Blonde Cleansing Shampoo. Among a wide variety of tools that will help in the fight against chicken shade, experts highlight the cleansing shampoo Estel Prima Blonde. The manufacturer claims that the product does not damage the structure of the hair, but gives brightness and radiance to the color. In addition, the shampoo was created by the innovative formula of the NATURAL PEARL system, which takes care of the smoothness of the hair. Stylists recommend this tool: it does not dry out, gently cleansing the length of the hair.

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Folk recipes

Folk recipes also did not leave the problem of yellowness of the hair aside.

Hair masks

Despite the fact that hair masks are an individual tool, and a specific mask is not suitable for every person, there are recipes that are universal for all hair.

Yellowness of hair - how to remove at home after dyeing, bleaching, lightening

It is important to remember that after applying masks that contain drying components, you need to further moisturize your hair.


A mask with honey is an uncomplicated tool that can give your hair a luxurious, expensive shade without yellowness and make your hair shiny and healthy.

Yellowness of hair - how to remove at home after dyeing, bleaching, lightening

The only ingredient is honey, trichologists recommend using the most fresh and natural.

The healing properties of honey make hair stronger, accelerate growth and seal split ends.

In addition to all the advantages listed above, it is worth noting that the mask is insanely easy to prepare.

Honey must have a liquid consistency, so before applying it should be melted in a water bath. Warm liquid honey is evenly applied along the entire length of the hair. Its duration should be at least 1 hour, but should not exceed 3 hours.


Natural and safe lightening can be done using kefir. For medium-length hair, 6,76 fluid ounce of kefir is enough, however, the amount of product depends on the density and length of the hair. So that kefir does not dry out the hair, you need to choose the fat content of the product, depending on the condition of the hair.

Yellowness of hair - how to remove at home after dyeing, bleaching, lightening
A kefir mask is a good and safe way to remove the yellowness of hair after dyeing.

For the mask, you need to mix kefir with water (5 small spoons). The consistency is applied to dry hair, washed off after one hour. To kefir, flowing from the hair, does not stain clothes, you need to use a plastic shower cap.

After several applications, the result is obvious: the yellow tint disappears, in addition to this, the hair heals and becomes smooth.


Herbal remedy for getting rid of yellowness is rhubarb.

Yellowness of hair - how to remove at home after dyeing, bleaching, lightening

Masks using this plant not only brighten the hair and contribute to the appearance of a noble shade, but also treat the scalp and hair in general.

With rhubarb and glycerin

An excellent tandem in the fight against yellow hair is rhubarb and glycerin.

A mask will require 30 gr. chopped rhubarb root and 60 gr. glycerin. Rhubarb roots should be poured with vinegar and put on fire. After boiling vinegar, the fire must be reduced, boil rhubarb for another 5 minutes, leave to infuse for 2 hours.

After this time, the infusion is mixed with glycerin, and the resulting mass is ready for application. The exposure time is 1 hour.

With rhubarb and wine

In addition, rhubarb paired with wine will save hair from yellowness.

For this mask you need to stock up on dried rhubarb root (the optimal amount is 200 grams). The second ingredient is dry white wine, which will need 0,1 gallon. Pour rhubarb and pour the wine into an enameled saucepan and heat in a water bath until the amount of liquid disappears in half.

Yellowness of hair - how to remove at home after dyeing, bleaching, lightening

After preparing the mixture, you need to wait until it cools down and only then apply to the hair. Leave the mask on the hair is required no more than 2 hours, then rinse with warm water.

The preparation of the mask at first glance seems quite long, but the effort and time spent pay off with the result.

With lemon and vodka

An equally effective way to remove yellowness is a mask consisting of vodka and lemon, which has beneficial effects on the hair.

Yellowness of hair - how to remove at home after dyeing, bleaching, lightening

It is extremely simple to manufacture: you need to mix vodka with lemon juice in a ratio of 1: 1. Apply the mixture gently to the hair without affecting the scalp.

So that such a mask does not dry the ends of the hair, it is necessary to rinse it off after half an hour. In addition, after use, it is recommended to use a moisturizing balm.

Onion husk broth

In order for the strands to have a beautiful and even color, it is advised to use a decoction of onion husks. For it, you need a husk of 2-3 onions, which you need to fill with water ( 0,1 gallon.).

Yellowness of hair - how to remove at home after dyeing, bleaching, lightening

The future broth should be put on a small fire and after boiling, leave to brew for 5 hours.

The finished infusion is filtered and with a regular sponge you need to moisten their hair.

You need to keep the product under cellophane under a hat or scarf and leave it overnight. Then, in the morning you need to rinse with water and rinse your hair with lemon juice.

A beautiful and even color is the result of careful care, which involves an integrated approach to the problem.

It is important to remember that clarified hair needs abundant hydration after dyeing procedures, without which it will be faded and unhealthy, which will not benefit hair of any color, be it yellow or ashy-pearl.

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