Niacin in ampoules, pills for hair growth, weight loss, facial skin. Instructions for use

Quite often, cosmetologists recommend a substance such as nicotinic acid to improve facial skin or hair. Instructions for use describe a substance like vitamin PP or vitamin B3. It is widely used to treat certain diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, vascular system, as well as in cosmetology.

The composition of the drug

Visually, nicotinic acid is a white crystalline powder. It practically does not dissolve in alcohol and cold water, only in hot. The taste of nicotinic acid is fresh with a slight acidity.

Niacin in ampoules, pills for hair growth, weight loss, facial skin. Instructions for use

Scientifically, this substance is called 3-pyridinecarboxylic acid.

It is obtained by exposure to nicotine nitric acid. The modern chemical industry allows the production of nicotinic acid in other ways.

Niacin in ampoules, pills for hair growth, weight loss, facial skin. Instructions for use

In pharmacies, you can buy the drug of the same name. In addition to nicotinic acid, it includes excipients: stearic acid, glucose and povidone.

Why does the body need nicotinic acid

Nicotinic acid is necessary for a person to function normally: about 5 hundred different biochemical reactions, mainly oxidative, occur with her participation. This substance helps to extract energy from the resulting proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

What controls nicotinic acid in the body:

  • blood glucose level;
  • the amount of “bad” cholesterol in blood vessels and tissues;
  • amount of free radicals: the effect of nicotinic acid in this case is comparable with ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

Vitamin PP is used to treat and prevent many diseases. Because of its ability to control insulin secretion, nicotinic acid is quite useful for diseases of the metabolic system, and especially for diabetes and obesity.

How is nicotinic acid deficiency manifested

With a lack of nicotinic acid in humans, various disorders of the body can form. One of them is a dangerous disease of pellagra. Her scientists called the disease 3 “D”: diarrhea, dermatitis, dementia.

Thus, with a lack of vitamin PP, various organs and tissues can suffer:

  • intestines,
  • brain,
  • leather
  • vessels.

Symptoms of pellagra:

  1. Specific rashes appear on the skin, which visually resemble burns from prolonged exposure to sunlight. If a person spends time in the open sun, spots may increase, become dark and peel off.
  2. Disruption of the intestines leads to constant nausea and vomiting. A person begins to suffer from diarrhea, which is accompanied by bleeding.
  3. A person quickly gets tired, but at the same time he is constantly tormented by insomnia. Due to lack of sleep, a feeling of fatigue appears, depression, psychosis and hallucinations may develop.
  4. The mucous membranes become inflamed and turn bright red.

The main cause of pellagra is a small amount of nicotinic acid or its complete absence in the human diet. Some diseases can lead to vitamin PP deficiency. With Hartnup disease, the body loses the opportunity

Indications for use

Niacin can be used, according to the instructions for use, as a vitamin for prevention and as a complete drug. Quite often, doctors prescribe vitamin PP as a drug that is included in complex therapy. Using nicotinic acid without the permission of a doctor can be dangerous.

Niacin in ampoules, pills for hair growth, weight loss, facial skin. Instructions for use
Quite often, cosmetologists recommend a substance such as nicotinic acid to improve facial skin or hair. Instructions for use describe a substance like vitamin PP or vitamin B3.

Indications for the use of nicotinic acid:

  1. Osteochondrosis of the spine (the solution is used for electrophoresis).
  2. Violation of blood circulation in the tissues of the brain.
  3. Vascular disease that occurs due to a critical amount of bad cholesterol.
  4. Obesity due to impaired lipid metabolism.
  5. Liver disease.
  6. Circulatory disorders in the lower body.
  7. Hemorrhoids.
  8. Trophic ulcers.
  9. Visual and hearing impairment.

Nicotinic acid, instructions for use indicate this, must be used in the treatment of alcohol and drug intoxication. With a lack of this vitamin, a person has a malfunction in almost all parts of the body.

Experts recommend the use of vitamin PP at the risk of occupational intoxication.

In this case, the property of nicotinic acid helps protect the person from the harmful effects of free radicals.

For the prevention of drugs with niacin can be used in the following cases:

  • when losing weight;
  • with some types of gastritis;
  • with a risk of developing cancerous tumors;
  • to improve cognitive functions of the brain and vision.

Recently, nicotinic acid has been especially popular with various cosmetic procedures. It is recommended to use to improve the condition of the skin and hair.


Nicotinic acid should not be used on an empty stomach. This increases the risk of a wide range of side effects. Before using vitamin PP, especially when taken orally, you should definitely consult a specialist.

The following contraindications to the use of nicotinic acid:

  • allergic reactions to the substance;
  • stomach ulcer;
  • low blood pressure;
  • liver failure.

In addition, doctors prohibit the use and use of nicotinic acid for cosmetic purposes during pregnancy and lactation.

Instructions for use


Ampoules and nicotinic acid tablets are most often used for the prevention of diseases and lack of B vitamins, in addition, the instructions for use describe other possibilities for using the substance. Vitamins are also used in ampoules for the preparation of various skin and hair care products.

Niacin in ampoules, pills for hair growth, weight loss, facial skin. Instructions for use

For the treatment of acute lack of vitamin PP (pellagra), you need to take 2 ampoules (tablets) 3 times a day for 2-3 weeks.

For the purpose of prevention, the dosage is calculated based on the weight and age of the person.

It can be 1-2 tablets once a day. If nicotinic acid is an auxiliary drug for the treatment of any disease, it is necessary to take 1 tablet 2 times a day.

Preventive doses of vitamin PP can be prescribed not only for hypovitaminosis. D
octors recommend drinking nicotinic acid courses for diseases of the vascular systems of the upper and lower extremities every spring and autumn.


Most often, nicotinic acid injections are prescribed for acute shortages of B vitamins (for example, the instructions for use recommend it for severe alcohol poisoning or chronic alcoholism).

Niacin in ampoules, pills for hair growth, weight loss, facial skin. Instructions for use

But there may be other reasons for prescribing injections:

  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, in which nicotinic acid strongly irritates the intestines;
  • circulatory disorders in the brain tissue;
  • severe pain in the spine;
  • the occurrence of hemorrhoids.

For the treatment of injections, 1 mg of a 1% solution for injection is used. Nicotinic acid can be administered intramuscularly, into a vein or under the skin. You can use injections once or, in certain cases, twice a day.

Introducing injections with nicotinic acid is recommended only in a medical institution. Thus, it is possible to timely prevent the development of an acute allergic reaction and other side effects.

Interaction with other drugs and alcohol

Alcohol and nicotinic acid are incompatible. Ethyl alcohol and vitamin PP, when ingested, affect cognitive functions: attention, reaction rate, and thinking.

Niacin in ampoules, pills for hair growth, weight loss, facial skin. Instructions for use

When combined, these substances cause severe drowsiness. In addition, alcohol neutralizes all the beneficial properties of nicotinic acid and flushes it out of the body.

If a person additionally consumes vitamin PP, it is imperative that the attending physician speak about this.

Nicotinic acid is not combined with the following drugs:

  • antithrombotic drugs;
  • aspirin;
  • some diabetes medications;
  • substances that lower blood pressure;
  • lipid-lowering drugs;
  • some antibiotics and hormonal drugs.

If a person takes nicotinic acid and an anesthetic at the same time, the effect of the latter may increase.

Side effects

The most common side effect of nicotinic acid is the development of an allergic reaction. Instructions for use describe what can occur when using tablets (injections) and when using vitamin in the form of a cosmetic product.

Niacin in ampoules, pills for hair growth, weight loss, facial skin. Instructions for use

Due to the ability of nicotinic acid to dilate blood vessels, the following side effects may appear:

  • pressure reduction;
  • redness and burning of the skin in the upper limbs and on the face;
  • dizziness;
  • stomach ache.

Also, nicotinic acid can cause drowsiness and increase appetite.


An overdose of PP vitamins can occur when nicotinic acid is used in large quantities for anti-aging masks. The first sign is a strong redness of the face.

The danger of nicotinic acid lies in its ability to accumulate in the walls of blood vessels and the bloodstream.

With a large amount of vitamin, it negatively affects the state of the nervous system. A person becomes more depressed inhibited.

Symptoms of an overdose:

  • severe drowsiness;
  • apathy;
  • stomach ache.

There is no specific treatment for nicotinic acid overdose. The patient must be put to bed and given a warm sweet tea. If a severe overdose of pills occurs, urgently need to rinse the stomach.

Terms of sale and storage

Niacin is available as a prescription in the form of injections or tablets. The instructions for use indicate that it is dispensed without a prescription for use in vitamin complexes.

Shelf life of the substance is an average of 5 years. But it may differ depending on the auxiliary components of the drug. Vitamin PP must be stored in a cool, dry place where the sun does not enter.

Nicotinic acid electrophoresis

Electrophoresis is a physiotherapy method in which individual parts of the body are affected by electrical impulses. The use of electrophoresis in combination with nicotinic acid helps the substance to penetrate into tissues faster and act more efficiently.

Niacin in ampoules, pills for hair growth, weight loss, facial skin. Instructions for use

Electrophoresis with nicotinic acid is most often used to treat osteochondrosis.

Penetrating into muscle tissue, vitamin PP affects the lactic acid accumulated there and removes it from the body. Local exposure helps to reduce pain, remove swelling and restore normal mobility.

For electrophoresis, a solution of nicotinic acid and aminophylline can be used. Most often, this combination is prescribed for the treatment of infants who have suffered as a result of birth injury, entwining or hypoxia. For adults, electrophoresis with nicotinic acid and aminophylline helps to get rid of excess cholesterol, improve the condition of blood vessels and skin.

Application in cosmetology

For weight loss

Nicotinic acid has only recently begun to be used as a tool that helps to lose weight. This is due to the properties of vitamin PP to oxidize and break down carbohydrates and fats. Also, with a lack of nicotinic acid, people are “drawn” to eat more sweets.

Niacin in ampoules, pills for hair growth, weight loss, facial skin. Instructions for use

Properties of nicotine that help in the fight against excess weight:

  • normalization of metabolic processes;
  • lower cholesterol;
  • digestion stimulation;
  • removal of toxins from the body.

The use of nicotinic acid is recommended only in combination with diet and physical activity. The daily dosage of the substance should not exceed 1 g. It should be borne in mind that part of the vitamin PP enters the body with food. Exceeding the dosage can cause toxic damage to the liver and digestive disorders.

For face care

The use of nicotinic acid for face care is encouraged because of its ability to influence blood circulation. Due to its improvement in skin tissues, metabolic processes are accelerated, blood delivers the necessary proteins and minerals faster.

Niacin in ampoules, pills for hair growth, weight loss, facial skin. Instructions for use

Vitamin PP can be used for the face in the form of cosmetics components and tablets.

Comprehensive care allows you to achieve the following results:

  • improve skin color;
  • increase elasticity and smoothness;
  • protect the skin from the effects of free radicals.

Nicotinic acid can be used in the preparation o
f home masks. To do this, a tablet of the substance is ground and added to masks or face serums. You can’t do them too often, otherwise redness and a rash may appear on the skin.

Vitamin PP is definitely prescribed for women who have facial plastic surgery. This helps restore skin faster and slow down the aging process.

For hair care

For hair care, ampoules with a solution of nicotinic acid are used. Vitamin A can be used as a treatment for alopecia or severe dandruff, and as a substance for hair care.

Niacin in ampoules, pills for hair growth, weight loss, facial skin. Instructions for use

Regular use of nicotinic acid courses helps to achieve the following results:

  • stimulation of hair growth;
  • stopping excessive loss;
  • protection against dandruff and other fungal diseases;
  • stimulation of blood circulation and nutrition of the scalp.

When it comes into contact with the skin, nicotinic acid penetrates the hair follicles and improves their nutrition. After this, hair growth is accelerated, and hair loss is significantly reduced.

One ampoule of the substance per day is enough to achieve a positive result. To do this, nicotinic acid should be applied to the scalp with your fingers or a syringe without a needle. Hair must be clean. When using vitamin PP, do not wash your hair with shampoos with silicone. It closes access to the hair structure and hair follicles.

Nicotinic acid can be used daily for 1 month. Then you definitely need to take a break for the same time.


Pure nicotinic acid can cause an allergic reaction. Most often, this is local irritation after electrophoresis or injection. It may be characterized by redness, rash, itching, and swelling of the tissues.

Replacing vitamin PP is quite difficult. In case of nicotinic acid intolerance, it is necessary to replace it with preparations based on group B vitamins. It is best to consult a doctor with this question, especially if the child has intolerance.

Drugs that serve as analogues of pure nicotinic acid:

  • Apelagrin;
  • Liplitis;
  • Niacin;
  • Nicoden et al.

All of the above medicines are sources of nicotinic acid or its derivatives, but in smaller quantities than pure vitamin PP.

Large quantities of nicotinic acid

According to most doctors, vitamins that enter the human body from food are best absorbed. That is why pellagra occurs in people who feed mainly on corn.

Niacin in ampoules, pills for hair growth, weight loss, facial skin. Instructions for use

Most of all, pregnant and lactating women need nicotinic acid. But they are contraindicated to use this vitamin in the form of tablets or capsules. For adult men and women, nicotinic acid is a prevention of many diseases and an opportunity to maintain their beauty longer; children need less vitamin R, but it is vital for normal development.

The optimal levels of nicotinic acid help support the following products:

  1. The liver . The liver of any animals, but primarily cows and pigs, is a rich source of B and PP vitamins. This is a good diet product for pregnant women, and for young children. The only negative is the increased presence of vitamin A. There is a need for a liver no more often than 1-2 per week.
  2. Peanuts . In peanuts, there are almost all the vitamins of the group, and nicotinic acid is 90-100 gr. enough to cover the daily allowance for an adult. With a lack of vitamin PP, you need to eat nuts with a film – it contains it the most.
  3. Mushrooms . To make up for the lack of nicotinic acid, doctors advise eating some types of fungus. Dried boletus and boletus mushrooms are leaders in the content of this substance. But children and lactating women are better to refrain from their use.
  4. Wild rice . This product is recommended for young mothers and pregnant women, as well as children of different ages. In addition to nicotinic acid, rice is a source of calcium, magnesium and fiber.
  5. Sea fish . Halibut, salmon and tuna contain a large amount of B vitamins. But they can not be consumed too often due to the presence of mercury in fish meat. The leader in the content of nicotinic acid among marine inhabitants is the swordfish.

What do the reviews say

Good reviews about the use of nicotinic acid are much more common than negative ones. The results coincide with the instructions for use. The intake of the substance helps people to cope with skin and hair problems, improve metabolism and improve vascular health. Many people recommend using nicotinic acid in the treatment of cigarette addiction.

Vitamin PP helps to cope with the desire to smoke.

Negative reviews are associated primarily with negative experience with the use of nicotinic acid for cosmetic purposes. Some people develop allergic reactions and symptoms of vitamin intoxication appear. Quite often, people note that with prolonged use, they become less collected and drowsy.

Video about the use of nicotinic acid:

Is nicotinic acid effective for hair loss, the opinion of a trichologist in a video clip:

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