Mildronate for athletes. Action, instructions for use of tablets, dosage

Mildronate for athletes is a familiar drug, they know firsthand how to take it firsthand. Initially, meldonium was used to solve problems of the cardiovascular system, but later it was actively used in people experiencing high physical exertion.


The lion’s share of the internal content of the drug is meldonium, this is an active substance that was removed by scientists as an analogue of gamma butyrobetaine (which is independently synthesized by the cells of the body). A synthetic substance of this kind has properties similar to the action of a vitamin B.

Mildronate for athletes. Action, instructions for use of tablets, dosage

The drug is used as:

  • angioprotector;
  • cardioprotector;
  • antihypocanalogant.

Mildronate action

The action of meldonium is based on the normalization of metabolic processes in the human body:

  • inhibition of carnitine production, due to which the inhibition of processes for the oxidation of fatty acids occurs;
  • normalization of physiological cellular processes;
  • increased synthesis of gamma butyrobetaine, due to which there is a decrease in spasm of blood vessels and an increase in the rate of their purification from oxides;
  • providing oxygen to all tissues and cells of the body;
  • organization of glucose oxidation, due to which there is a decrease in energy expenditure of cells;
  • a decrease in the probability of cells accumulating free radicals;
  • increased contractility of the heart muscle.

Mildronate has such an effect on humans:

  1. Increased overall body stamina.
  2. Increased availability.
  3. Increased tissue immunity.
  4. Reducing the load on the heart muscle.

The effectiveness of the use of Mildronate

Mildronate effectively works not only for athletes, but also for ordinary people, both older and younger, the main thing is to decide how to take it correctly. The effectiveness of the drug is confirmed by numerous clinical studies.

Mildronate for athletes. Action, instructions for use of tablets, dosage

Regular and proper use of meldonium allows you to achieve these positive effects:

  • accelerate muscle recovery after endured loads;
  • increase the degree of elimination of toxins from the body;
  • accelerate cellular and tissue regeneration;
  • relieve symptoms of physical fatigue;
  • increase muscle tone of the body;
  • normalize blood circulation in organs and tissues;
  • speed up metabolic processes;
  • lower cholesterol;
  • speed up weight loss by increasing the rate of metabolism.


Meldonium does not have a large list of contraindications, which increases the availability of its use.

Taking the drug is prohibited only in some cases:

  • for women in pregnancy , due to the lack of sufficient clinical studies of the effect of this drug on the female body and fetus during this period;
  • during lactation : scientists have not proved the possibility of penetration of meldonium into breast milk, but to avoid potential harm to the baby, it is better not to take the drug;
  • in the presence of individual intolerance to one or more substances that make up the drug;
  • patients with high intracranial pressure and tumor processes of various localization;
  • for use by children under 12 years of age (due to lack of proper research);
  • with simultaneous administration with nitroglycerin and adrenergic blockers, due to the possibility of a sharp decrease in pressure and an increase in heart rate;
  • in patients with chronic diseases of the liver and genitourinary system, with edema that occurs for an unknown reason.

The instructions for mildronate indicate how to take it for athletes, it also describes some restrictions:

  • taking the drug in the morning, to avoid the development of insomnia or the appearance of an overexcited condition;
  • meldonium is administered only intravenously or taken in capsule form, but not by intramuscular injection;
  • for elderly people, the drug is prescribed according to strict indications, in a slightly lower dosage than other categories of patients (admission should be carried out under strict medical supervision).

Indications for use

Meldonium is used for taking a number of indications:

  1. Diseases of the cardiovascular system: angina pectoris; myocardial infarction; ischemia; heart failure; strokes.
  2. Decreased overall performance.
  3. Retinal problems: retinopathy; hemophthalmia.
  4. Increased physical and mental activity.

Sports application

Mildronate has been actively used among athletes since the 70s of the 20th century, but in 2021 it was declared a prohibited drug in professional sports.

Mildronate for athletes. Action, instructions for use of tablets, dosage
Mildronate for athletes will help maintain heart tone and easier to endure heavy physical exertion.

Athletes are actively using this drug because of its properties:

  • improvement of cellular metabolism, due to which decay products are instantly removed from the cells;
  • accelerated energy recovery after tested physical exertion;
  • increase the overall stamina of the body.

Athletes prefer intravenous administration of the drug, due to the accelerated achievement of the expected effect compared with taking meldonium capsules.

Weight Loss Application

Considering the drug Mildronate for athletes how to take it, it is worth remembering that it is indicated for those who want to lose weight.

Mildronate for athletes. Action, instructions for use of tablets, dosage

The action of the drug, in this case, is as follows:

  • the metabolic processes in the body are greatly accelerated;
  • increased performance during classes in the gym or sports halls;
  • the body’s adaptive ability to physical activity increases.

Weight loss through the use of Mildronate can be not so much accelerated as facilitated. This is due to an increase in the overall endurance of the body (which is very important when working in the gym) and an increase in the rate of decay of calories. Meldonium works as its analogue – carnitine.

Dosage and administration

Mildronate can be taken both in capsule form and by intravenous injection. Some people prefer intramuscular administration, but it does not give the level of effectiveness that is achieved
by the first two methods of administration.

The dosage and administration of the drug differs depending on the indications for which the drug is prescribed:

  1. To combat cardiovascular diseases, meldonium is taken orally in a dosage of 250 mg. Reception lasts for 4 days, followed by a break of 1 week. The circuit needs to be repeated.
  2. When establishing normal cerebral circulation , Mildronate should be taken 1 time per day at a dose of 500 mg. Such a scheme must be adhered to for 10 days, with subsequent adjustment of admission according to the recommendations of the attending physician.
  3. During active and heavy physical exertion , as well as mental work, Mildronate should be taken 3 to 4 times in 250 mg knocks. The course lasts for 2 weeks, it must be repeated if necessary and according to indications.
  4. Athletes who attend regular training are shown taking meldonium in a dose of 500 to 1000 mg 2 times a day. During the competition, continuous administration of the drug is allowed for 2 weeks.
  5. To cleanse the body of alcohol intoxication , meldonium is taken 4 times a day at 500 mg. The therapeutic course is 1 week.

Injections of the drug are indicated for a stroke, circulatory failure, cardiomyopathy, as more effective. The dosage depends on the specific case, in general, it varies from 0,2 – 0,3 fluid ounce of a single injection, twice a day.

Is there any harm from Mildronate

Mildronate, like any other drug, is able to bring the human body not only benefits, but also harm. This is especially true for uncontrolled intake of the substance. It is very important to carefully consider the list of contraindications for taking meldonium.

The harm from the drug is primarily given to those people who are not recommended to take it.

Ideally, Mildronate should be taken under the supervision of a specialist who can suspend its use in time if any non-standard reactions from the body occur.

Side effects of the drug

When deciding how to take Mildronate, it is worth remembering the presence of side effects, the appearance of which is characteristic of both athletes and ordinary people.

The appearance of such effects is not an ordinary situation; their occurrence is more likely to be an exception to the rule:

  • a sharp change in blood pressure;
  • the appearance of tachycardia;
  • changes in the normal operation of the digestive tract;
  • the appearance of allergic reactions;
  • the occurrence of headaches;
  • overexcitation state.

With the intravenous administration of the drug, the occurrence of such reactions is possible:

  • pressure reduction;
  • feeling of general weakness;
  • palpitations
  • the appearance of dizziness.

It is possible to eliminate the suddenly occurring adverse reactions of the body by stopping the reception of Mildronate and prescribing treatment for the symptoms that have arisen.

Dates of withdrawal from the body

The question of the timing of the removal of Mildronate beyond the limits of the human body is very important for professional athletes. Since 2021, this drug has been recognized as doping, so its use during the competition is beyond the rule of law.

This question is not fully understood. Each source provides different information, the average time is about 24 hours, provided that Mildronate was used once. If we are talking about a systematic reception, then the timing of its complete elimination can vary from 3 to 5 months.

What do doctors say about Mildronate

Meldonium is surrounded by a mass of rumors and all kinds of disputes regarding its effect on the body, possible benefits and harm. Nevertheless, the drug, in the entire history of its existence, not only contributed to increasing endurance among athletes, but also saved many lives of patients with problems of the cardiovascular system.

Mildronate for athletes. Action, instructions for use of tablets, dosage

According to Professor L. Makarov, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Mildronat has proven its positive influence over the years of use in sports medicine and cardiology.

The drug is actively used in its main focus – in order to improve the ability of the cardiovascular system, increase its ability to withstand unusual loads. Makarov notes that before the ban on WADA meldonium, many athletes actively took it and always received good results.

Cardiologist V. Ivanov notes the high effectiveness of the drug, both in the field of neurology and in cardiology.

However, in recent years, the clinical effect achieved by him has become somewhat lower due to the deterioration of the quality of the drug.

Doping scandal

The prohibition of taking meldonium in high achievement sports began in January 2021, after the scandal. Its essence is to detect the components of this drug in doping tests of some athletes (among them were 17% of American citizens) from different countries, including Germany, Ukraine, France and others.

Mildronate for athletes. Action, instructions for use of tablets, dosage

The famous tennis player Maria Sharapova suffered from this scandal , whose team did not track the ban on taking the drug and was punished by WADA. In general, until the beginning of 2021, Mildronate was considered a vitamin drug and was actively taken by almost all athletes in their professional activities.

To date, the athlete in whose blood Mildronate will be found will be suspended from competitive activity for a period of 4 years.

Although studies conducted to date have not confirmed the effect of this substance on improving athletic performance.

Analogs and prices

Mildronate is actively used for athletes, has several analogues that include the same active substance – Meldonium, which allows it to be taken as a vitamin or as a supportive therapy.

All of them have the same effect on the human body, differ only in the manufacturer and pricing policy:

  • Idrinol: price from $ 3,47 .;
  • Cardionate price from $ 3,01 .;
  • Riboxin price varies from $ 4 – $ 5 .;
  • Melfor at a price of $ 3,26 .;
  • Angiocardyl worth from $ 2,68;
  • Meldonium from $ 1,99 .;
  • Medatern from $ 1,75 .;
  • Midolat from $ 1,74 .;
  • Energoton from $ 5,02 .;
  • Kardazin from $ 1,63.

Mildronate is a drug that is actively prescribed to people with problems of the cardiovascular system. However, it is often taken by athletes and people experiencing increased physical or mental stress, due to the positive effect on metabolic processes in the cells of the body.

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