Miostimulation: what is it, effectiveness, indications and contraindications, cost, devices for carrying out the procedure at home

In an effort to possess beautiful forms, people spend time in gyms, leaning on physical exercises. An alternative to physical activity was found – this is myostimulation – or to put it another way, “muscle training” with the help of an electric current of low power (electrical stimulation).

The procedure “myostimulation” is carried out in beauty salons and private clinics. The essence of the procedure is the impact of low power current pulses, which as a result leads to stimulation of the outflow of lymph and blood in the muscles. Such action in relation to muscle tissue restores damaged fibers, stimulating the division of myocytes.

What is myostimulation and how does it work

Miostimulation can rightfully be called “passive” gymnastics. To achieve the result, it is enough to lie down without applying power exercises, and microcurrent pulses in this case affect the body.

The procedure is not suitable for everyone. Most often it is resorted to by people who, due to their health problems, cannot engage in sports (running, squatting, swinging the press), and for those who need to lose weight (provided that other methods are powerless).

The impact of a pulsed current of low power is divided into two types: neuromuscular (restoration of muscle strength) and transcutaneous (analgesic). In one myostimulation procedure several actions are combined. This is an excellent tool for women who have weakened the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall after childbirth. Miostimulation: what is it, effectiveness, indications and contraindications, cost, devices for carrying out the procedure at home

Miostimulation tightens muscle fibers, improves lymphatic circulation of blood vessels.


Miostimulation has the following effects:

  • strengthens all the muscles of the body;
  • improves blood circulation;
  • slags and toxins are removed;
  • fat deposits break down;
    Miostimulation: what is it, effectiveness, indications and contraindications, cost, devices for carrying out the procedure at home
    Miostimulation perfectly eliminates body fat and strengthens muscles without physical exertion
  • provides lymphatic drainage;
  • stimulates the outflow of venous blood (venous drainage);
  • improves skin elasticity;
  • increases the elasticity of the skin;
  • eliminates inflammation of the subcutaneous tissue (cellulite);
  • anesthetizes and relaxes muscles.

In cosmetology, miostimulation is combined with the application of masks on problem areas of the body, scrubs and oils.


The advantages of the procedure include:

  • normalization of the hormonal background;
  • regenerative processes of the surface layer of the epidermis;
  • increased vascular patency;
  • all muscle groups are involved (which cannot be achieved from power loads);
  • help in weight loss;
  • normalization of metabolic processes;
  • improvement in the functioning of the nervous system;
  • restoration of the endocrine system;
  • wrinkle smoothing (for cosmetic purposes); Miostimulation: what is it, effectiveness, indications and contraindications, cost, devices for carrying out the procedure at home
  • lack of load on the musculoskeletal system and ligaments (very important for diseases);
  • inability to get injured.

Miostimulation is a comprehensive muscle stimulating stimulus.


Despite the positive and effective qualities, the disadvantages or disadvantages of the procedure also include:

  • unpleasant, sometimes painful sensations;
  • myostimulation is not a substitute for physical activity;
  • the effect on reducing excess body weight is not pronounced;
  • weight loss is associated not with the loss of carbohydrates, but with the fact that under the influence of low-frequency current pulses, subcutaneous fatty tissue is activated;
  • to achieve a noticeable result, it is necessary to conduct many procedures (the number of myostimulation sessions depends on the state of health, lack of body shape and physical and psychoemotional state);
  • a large number of contraindications;
  • volume reduction occurs due to the withdrawal of fluid (blood, lymph).

The pain threshold of each person is individual, so the stimulation of certain parts of the body with current can cause not just uncomfortable sensations, but also pain.

Exposure zones

The areas of myostimulation impact are divided into 2 categories:

  1. Cosmetic area.
  2. Contour zone of influence.

Miostimulation (what it is, how current pulses act on the skin and muscle tissue, described below) is suitable for improving the appearance of facial skin in the cosmetic area.

The action is as follows:

  1. Restores the tone of the lower part of the face.
  2. Improves the oval of the face as a whole.
  3. Helps reduce overhang of the upper eyelid.
  4. Eliminates the second chin.
  5. Eliminates black circles under the eyes.
  6. Smoothes wrinkles.
  7. It leads to a rejuvenating effect.
  8. Regeneration of the upper layers of the skin;
  9. Reduced swelling and bags under the eyes.

The following parts of the face are subject to cosmetic electrical stimulation: chin, oval of the face as a whole, frontal part, neck.

Miostimulation of problematic contour zones of the body is the type of procedure that is used most often in cosmetology to eliminate body fat. It is suitable for both men and women. Miostimulation: what is it, effectiveness, indications and contraindications, cost, devices for carrying out the procedure at home

The table below shows the exposure zones and the peculiarity in their application.

EXPOSURE AREA Application Feature
Chest area Breast miostimulation is not used in nursing mothers, and is prescribed only after a consultation and conclusion of a mammologist. Since the breast consists of adipose tissue and mammary glands, the positive effect does not last long.
Upper arms The procedure used can improve and restore the tone of the muscles of the hands, reducing the content of body fat.
Gluteal area Large deposits of adipose tissue on the buttocks area, as well as a wide layer of subcutaneous fat layer is a big obstacle in the procedure, and will not lead to the proper result.
Riding breeches zone Breeches are the “ears” of the hips. Cope with them both separately from the femoral zones, and in the complex. Due to the reduction of body fat under t
he skin, the “golfe” is reduced, restoring the structure of the skin.
Hips (inside and outside) Miostimulation is used in women with a ganoid type of body. Drainage, massage and body wrap will speed up the result. With severe obesity, the procedure will not lead to the desired positive result.
Abdominal press A great alternative to exercise. The abdomen (drooping part after childbirth and cesarean section) for 1 procedure decreases in volume by a couple of inch. Muscle elasticity is gradually restored, in men “cubes” appear. Miostimulation of the abdominal muscles is carried out only in a horizontal position, with the exception of butterfly miostimulants.

Sagging sides are also eliminated by electrical stimulation. If the procedure is not carried out in a salon or clinic, then the correct Ampere mode should be set: about 35 mA of current power.

Back area Miostimulation produces a therapeutic effect (for example, with scoliosis). Unaffected back muscle groups contract during muscle stimulation, even in the absence of intense training. Not only the large, but also the smallest muscles are activated.
Lower Leg – Shin Electrostimulation of “thick” calf muscles is suitable for both women and men. Microcurrent pulses lead to enhanced lymphatic drainage with loss of excess fluid. Such a defect will be eliminated not only in case of obesity, but also with structural features of muscle tissue.

Indications for myostimulation

The following indications exist for myostimulation:

  • plegia of the larynx muscles (relaxation of the muscle tissue of the larynx);
  • gynecological diseases;
  • weakened labor;
  • to release the uterine cavity from the afterbirth;
  • in the absence of a normal intestinal tone;
  • atony of the gallbladder;
  • muscle dystrophy;
  • muscle tissue atrophy; Miostimulation: what is it, effectiveness, indications and contraindications, cost, devices for carrying out the procedure at home
  • reduced tone of myocytes – muscle cells;
  • overweight;
  • GIT hypotension after resection and for prophylactic purposes;
  • reduced tone of the sphincter of the rectum;
  • atony of the bladder;
  • sand and stones in the ureter;
  • weakening of the muscles of the face;
  • paralysis (including cerebral) and its consequences
  • inflammatory diseases of nerve tissues, leading to a complete absence of voluntary movements;
  • muscle inactivity;
  • bleeding of various pathogenesis;
  • spinal deformity;
  • hip dysplasia;
  • impotence;
  • prostatitis.


The procedure is impossible due to the following contraindications:

  • impaired skin sensitivity;
  • purulent processes of the surface layer of the epidermis;
  • injuries, cuts, abrasions in the area of the manipulation;
  • critical days and premenstrual syndrome;
  • Installed intrauterine device
  • pregnancy (except in cases of weak labor);
  • diseases of the circulatory system and blood formation;
  • kidney disease
  • liver failure;
  • acute diseases;
  • vein inflammation; Miostimulation: what is it, effectiveness, indications and contraindications, cost, devices for carrying out the procedure at home
  • oncological diseases, including neoplasms of unknown etiology;
  • heart failure (including pacemaker);
  • fractures
  • dislocation of the joints;
  • 1 month from the moment of acute cerebrovascular accident;
  • ZhKB;
  • epilepsy;
  • individual intolerance;
  • “Fresh” postoperative scar (up to a year after surgery).

What muscle stimulants are used for the procedure

Devices for carrying out myostimulation can be on batteries or work on alternating current. They can be presented in various forms.

There are two types:

  1. Wearable (wireless) . Compact parting with many shapes: belt, “butterfly” (for the press), shorts. It features low power. Powered by batteries or a charged battery. Miostimulation: what is it, effectiveness, indications and contraindications, cost, devices for carrying out the procedure at home
  2. Stationary . There are two types: professional and semi-professional. They are distinguished by high power and cost (about $ 10880).

According to the purpose, they distinguish:

  • “Female” muscle stimulator.
  • “Male” muscle stimulator.
  • Universal.

The classification of myostimulants depends on the area of application and general purpose.

Preparatory stage

In order to reduce the risk of developing undesirable consequences, it is necessary to adhere to some tips:

  • it is necessary to identify those places that require adjustment;
  • you need to visit a doctor for advice on contraindications. In the presence of chronic diseases and taking medications, notify the doctor;
  • problem areas that will be subject to myostimulation must be prepared: apply exfoliating cosmetics, peeling, scrub;
  • if the area of application is the face, then make-up should be removed and a procedure for degreasing the skin should be performed.

The effectiveness of myostimulation depends on the patient’s desire to improve their health and appearance, but an illiterate approach to using this technique can do more harm than good.

In preparation:

  • Do not use creams, gels and ointments for external use;
  • you need to make sure that there are no gynecological, infectious, skin diseases of an acute form (fungal, bacterial infections, herpetic).

How is the procedure

Miostimulation is a physiotherapeutic procedure, and is performed in several stages. Depending on the equipment used, the current power is selected. Modern devices, especially those that operate on batteries, are equipped with adhesive tape to secure the electrodes.

Stages of myostimulation procedure:

  1. The problem zone is determined.
  2. The skin is lubricated with a special gel for better contact.
  3. Apply electrodes and secure with straps or special adhesive tape. Miostimulation: what is it, effectiveness, indications and contraindications, cost, devices for carrying out the procedure at home
  4. The intensity of the current exposure with a gradual increase in power is set.
  5. Under the influence of an electric pulse, the nerve endings give an appropriate signal to certain muscle groups. Part of the signal enters the cerebral cortex, from where the power is distributed to other areas of exposure.
  6. The development of one zone takes 10 minutes.
  7. Upon completion of myostimulation, no special skin care is required.
  8. It is recommended that you follow a diet and maintain an active lifestyle in the first week after the procedure.

Course duration and frequency of procedures

Miostimulation (what it is, how many procedures are needed, and how to properly prepare for it, the doctor will tell) is prescribed depending on the problem. Specialist consultation is important, because the procedure for stimulating muscles with a small pulse current has many contraindications.

Usually enough 5-10 procedures. In special cases, daily procedures are allowed. After the course of treatment, “supportive” sessions are prescribed: no more than 2 procedures in two months. Repeating the procedure after the first course is recommended after 10 months.

Possible consequences and side effects after myostimulation

Possible consequences:

  • hyperemia of the skin due to improper application of electrodes or insufficient hydration of body areas on which the electrodes are superimposed;
  • nausea;
  • vomiting reflex;
  • increased menstrual flow, if the procedure was performed during or in the first days after the end of menstruation.

Side effects:

  • inflammatory phenomena in the area of the location of the electrodes;
  • discomfort at the time or after the procedure.

What is combined with

Miostimulation of the skin and muscles of the face can be combined with other anti-aging techniques:

  • biorevitalization;
  • mesotherapy;
  • non-injection mesotherapy;
  • bioreparation;
  • botex injections ..

From cosmetic procedures:

  • lymphatic drainage;
  • massage;
  • wrap; Miostimulation: what is it, effectiveness, indications and contraindications, cost, devices for carrying out the procedure at home
  • ultrasonic cavitation;
  • RF body lifting;
  • phonophoresis

Where to do myostimulation and its cost

Medical clinics, as well as in some beauty salons, offer to carry out the procedure of electrical stimulation of muscles (with a certificate).

A huge list of beauty salons and myostimulation clinics is presented in New York. For example, MedicCity is a multidisciplinary clinic on, 2.

The price list in the table for the provision of procedures (approximate):

Miostimulation (1 session) 800
Electrotherapy (electromyostimulation) 800
Electromyostimulation (1 field) 1100
Miostimulation (1 zone) 900
Anti-stress myostimulation 800

In Los Angeles, Reaklinik is a center for sports medicine, where rehabilitation is carried out according to European standards. The clinic is located at ul. Uprising, d. 36. For 1 procedure of myostimulation will have to pay at least $ 10,88. For 1 field of muscle stimulation – $ 20.

On the periphery, many clinics provide this service. For example: “L`Orange” – a beauty salon and spa, San Francisco, 48a or a session of myostimulation for the BBCU body (Italy) $ 14. for 1 field.

Home appliances

On the modern market, there are enough devices that allow meostimulation of the face and body of the house.

According to experts, there are several things to consider when choosing equipment:

  1. The cost of the device.
  2. The presence of a certificate and patent for the device.
  3. Information that the device has passed clinical trials.
  4. The number of channels and programs.
  5. Present current.
  6. The number of electrodes.

Top 3 muscle stimulators for home treatments:

  1. Multifunctional muscle stimulator “ESMA” . The patented apparatus, which has passed clinical trials, has proven itself on the positive side. There are 2 models of the device with the difference of the basic kit. Satisfied patients evaluated the actions of the myostimulator, expressing only positive qualities about it. Manufacturer: USA. Price: from $ 150. Miostimulation: what is it, effectiveness, indications and contraindications, cost, devices for carrying out the procedure at home
  2. Miostimulator RIO Slim Jim Compact 4 Plus (manufacturer UK) . One of the most popular myostimulants for home use. Perfectly corrects the figure, eliminates imperfections, reduces the volume of the waist, hips and buttocks. The kit includes 12 electrode pads. Popular among women. Acts as a leader in the European market. Estimated cost: $ 163. Miostimulation: what is it, effectiveness, indications and contraindications, cost, devices for carrying out the procedure at home
  3. Miostimulator Vupiesse Tua Trend Face. Italian electrostimulating apparatus. Affects the chin, neck and face. Manufacturers introduced 5 software functions with special frequency current pulses into it.

Certain preparatory procedures before muscle stimulation are not required. The only thing is that it will not be superfluous to lubricate the exposure areas with anti-cellulite cream.

Doctors reviews

Basically, doctors say about the positive qualities of myostimulation. The widespread use of equipment allows not only to improve the appearance, but also to cure diseases.

Electrical stimulation is used in neurology, resuscitation, physiotherapy. Current stimulations have been known since antiquity, even then the doctors proved the effectiveness in applying low power current. Doctors are convinced of the reliability and effectiveness of the procedure, subject to existing contraindications.

Patient opinion

According to many patients, myostimulation works well on the muscles of the body. Regularity is what matters when using it. Miostulation has gained the trust of many patients. It is characterized as an effective and efficient method.

Many men and women have achieved the desired results in improving their forms and internal health. You can also find many positive reviews about home devices – myostimulants, which are effective when there is not enough time to bring the figure and body weight back to normal.

Myostimulation Video

What is myostimulation and why is it needed:

Miostimulation of the face and neck:

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