How to apply makeup: perfect makeup lessons step by step for beginners. Technique and features, photo

For girls who are just learning to paint, the process of applying cosmetics can look complicated due to the huge selection of makeup products. A step-by-step instruction for beginners in this case will help to structure information, both about the purpose of each stage and about their correct sequence.

Makeup steps

To create a harmonious make-up, it is necessary to follow the steps in a strict order so that each layer does not overshadow or grease the previous ones, but serves as their complement.

Some can be skipped in cases of light makeup, but not swapped.

  1. Cleansing the face of the remnants of old cosmetics and sebum; toning up. So the make-up will fall much better.
  2. Apply moisturizer and base. The item is optional, but desirable to maintain healthy skin and smooth it.
  3. Apply foundation for a uniform skin color; concealer repair.
  4. Face sculpting – emphasizing the necessary features with blush, highlighter, etc. How to apply makeup: perfect makeup lessons step by step for beginners. Technique and features, photo
  5. Eyebrow shaping.
  6. Applying cosmetics to the eyes in this order: eyelids (base, then shadows), arrows / summing up, eyelashes.
  7. Makeup lips, applying lipstick.
  8. Fastening.

Preparation and toning of the face

How to paint (for beginners, applying cosmetics step by step is the best option), many do not know.

Inexperienced and even with great experience girls often forget about the preparatory stage:

  1. Wash with warm water. It is possible to use moisturizing / cleansing lotions or a special cleansing milk.
  2. Apply a tonic to the cotton pad (available in most cosmetics stores for different skin types) and usd evenly into the skin with massaging movements. You can not use the tonic, but with it the face will look fresher.
  3. Apply a thin layer of moisturizer. How to apply makeup: perfect makeup lessons step by step for beginners. Technique and features, photo
  4. Wait a few minutes to allow the funds to soak and begin to act.

Application of base and foundation

At this stage, a “background” is created for subsequent makeup:

  1. Distribute the base for cosmetics on the skin of the face. If the skin is of a normal type, then you can limit yourself to cream, in other cases, the base is desirable.
  2. Apply foundation on the face and a little on the neck for a uniform transition. The foundation can be dense or light, depending on the purpose of makeup and skin defects.
  3. Remove excess cream.
  4. Concealer to hide pimples and other minor flaws.

Step-by-step eyebrow shaping

There are several eyebrow remedies:

  • pencil;
  • shadows;
  • pomade.

All of them have a place to be, but for beginners a pencil or lipstick is recommended, since they are easier to adjust.

Shadows are more persistent, but with an unsuccessful smear, it will be more difficult to fix the makeup:

  1. Remove excess hair near the eyebrows.
  2. To smooth with a special brush.
  3. Outline the eyebrow.
  4. Paint the interior using the hatch method.
  5. Use a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover to remove excess.
  6. Brush your eyebrows again.

Eye makeup with eyeshadow, mascara and eyeliner

How to paint correctly (for beginners, step by step, you should consider full eye makeup, which will be described later), experts say.

60% of girls begin their first makeup, paying more attention to the eyes:

  1. Apply the base on the eyelids, and fix on top with light shadows of friable structure.
  2. Apply a layer of shadows of the main color, if desired, add darker shades closer to the outer corner of the eye. Shadows for this stage do not have to be friable, you can use a cream structure.
  3. Feather. How to apply makeup: perfect makeup lessons step by step for beginners. Technique and features, photo
  4. Draw the upper eyelid with a pencil, marker or eyeliner. It is necessary to apply the product along the eyelash growth line or as close to it as possible. You can bring the lower eyelid, but it does not go to all the girls and makes the image harder.
  5. Point the position of the end of the arrow with a point, connect it to the place where the eyeliner ended.
  6. If necessary, make the arrow thicker.
  7. Remove excess.
  8. With gentle movements from top to bottom, apply mascara to the eyelashes, starting from the inner corner of the eye and moving to the outer. At the ends, you can make a twisting movement.
  9. If necessary, apply 2 coats of mascara.
  10. Comb the eyelashes with a dry brush (if available).

Lip Makeup for Beginners

On the lips, you can apply gloss (easy option) or lipstick.

If the gloss is much easier to choose, then the overall impression of makeup depends on the color of the lipstick:

  1. Do not combine too saturated a tone with bright shadows.
  2. Shades of orange and brown are not suitable for yellow teeth.
  3. When choosing lipstick in a store, you don’t hesitate to use a sampler to see how it matches the color of your face and eyes.

A pencil is also useful for drawing the contour of the lips, which will give them a nice shape. In cases of light makeup or with sufficiently voluminous lips, you can do without it. How to apply makeup: perfect makeup lessons step by step for beginners. Technique and features, photo


  1. Circle the lips with a pencil, starting from the dimple in the middle of the upper lip. Then outline the center of the lower lip, and then the edges. The line should not deviate from the natural contour, but emphasize it.
  2. Blend the pencil with movements from the edges into the lips.
  3. Apply lipstick. As with a pencil, the center of the lip is painted first, and then the lipstick is distributed to the corners. It is more convenient to start with the lower lip.
  4. Remove excess with a tissue.
  5. You can apply 2 coat.

Sculpting, applying blush

Competent sculpting plays a significant role, so beginners should practice to perform it:

  1. Corrector draw 2 lines on both sides of the nose – from the eyebrows to the tip of the nose. Lines can start slightly higher or lower, depending on how long the nose needs to be lengthened.
  2. Identify the cavity under the cheekbone by drawing an imaginary line from ear to lips. The recess should be somewhere on this line.
  3. Bronzer to darken the zygomatic cavity, the area near the upper eyelids. He also outline the oval of the face: from above along the forehead along the line of hair growth and from below along the chin.
  4. With the help of a highlighter, lighten the bridge of the nose (between ready-made lines), the center of the forehead, the inner corners of the eyes and cheekbones.
  5. Feather everything with brushes. How to apply makeup: perfect makeup lessons step by step for beginners. Technique and features, photo
  6. Apply a little blush to the area above the previously darkened trough brush to complete the contouring.

Fixing makeup

How to paint (for beginners the step-by-step process was described above) is not the only
question for girls. A lot of interest is caused by the ways of fixing makeup.

To make cosmetics last longer, in the end you need to apply a layer of powder with a brush or sponge. During the day, you can powder your face again if there is a feeling that the makeup is starting to smear.

Another way of fixing is the use of thermal water. It is necessary to spray it near the face and plunge into this cloud so that the product covers the skin. It must be remembered that thermal water is applied before applying the carcass. For extra durability, it can be sprayed with every layer of makeup.

Features of makeup for a square, triangular, round face

The shape of the face is easy to change for the better thanks to contouring.

The face looks more round because of the cheeks, so you need to take time for the cheekbones – clearly draw them, make the side lines a little longer. Vertical lines make the face narrower, so applying a highlighter on the nose bridge (light strip from the middle of the forehead to the tip of the nose) will help with a round type.

How to apply makeup: perfect makeup lessons step by step for beginners. Technique and features, photo
Correctly painted, will help you choose the right makeup for your face shape.

With the “square” it is best to darken the side of the forehead and chin, so that the shape visually becomes smoother.

A similar situation with a triangular face: it is recommended to reduce the forehead due to darkening of its side zones. The difference is that the chin should not be touched, since it is already quite narrow with such a structure of the face.

Features of makeup with freckles

To paint when there are a lot of freckles on the face is more difficult, both for women who do not like this feature of their appearance, and for those who do not want to hide it.

It is especially difficult to do makeup for beginner girls, because usually in step-by-step instructions there are no points on the correct correction of the face with freckles.

Only a few tips can help:

  1. When the goal is to leave freckles, but even out the complexion and hide flaws, light BB creams will come to the rescue. If the tone suits you, but there are minor defects, such as acne, they can be masked with a thin brush with a corrector applied to the tip. In the fight against circles under the eyes, it is better to use a retroreflective concealer.
  2. Girls with freckles go natural lipstick colors.
  3. Too dark and well-defined eyebrows should be avoided.
  4. Pleasantly shades freckles such an eye makeup option: thin arrows; shadows that fade from light to dark in the direction from the nose to the outer corner of the eye.
  5. If you do not like freckles at all, there is always the option to hide them with a persistent and dense foundation.

How to visually expand narrow eyes

Makeup allows you to make significant adjustments to facial features, including visually changing the section of the eyes.

There are several tricks that make narrow eyes wider:

  1. Arrows The best way to give your eyes the desired shape. You will need any tool for drawing arrows: pencil, marker or eyeliner. You can experiment with colors, but it is best to take black – a classic option. The secret is that the arrow is drawn expanding toward the outer corner of the eye. The thicker the line, the more the “eyes” open. A nice effect will be obtained in combination with a slight bending of the up arrow. How to apply makeup: perfect makeup lessons step by step for beginners. Technique and features, photo
  2. Lightening There are special white eyeliners on the shelves of cosmetics stores. If you use this in the inner corners of the eyes, then their incision will become visually wider. A small light spot is enough to open the gaze; it should look natural, be a bit shaded. Besides. you can slightly bring your eyes with the same pencil for lightness and brilliance of the contour of the eyelids.
  3. Ink. Volumetric and long eyelashes will increase any eyes. For a greater effect, 2 layers can be applied. The recommended color is black, like the arrows.
  4. The shadows. Applying 2-3 shades of shadows to the entire area of the upper eyelid makes the eyes larger. The main thing here is to observe the rules of makeup with shadows already given above.
  5. Suitable eyebrows. Narrow eyes appear wider if the tone of the eyebrows is slightly lighter than the tone of the eyeliner. Also, the raised end of the eyebrow will improve the situation. It is also worth remembering that too thick eyebrows “press” on the eyes, therefore they are not suitable for a narrow incision.

How to hide a lowered eyelid, what you should not do

To mask the impending eyelid is a little more difficult, but this can also be achieved

  1. The ends of the arrows should bend up.
  2. Do not apply bright or sparkling shadows. This will only draw more attention to the lowered eyelid, but will not solve the problem. You can apply a catchy shade only in the case of very good shading, as a result of which the shadows will cover not only the eyelids, but also the area around the eye. How to apply makeup: perfect makeup lessons step by step for beginners. Technique and features, photo
  3. A drooping eyelid can cause a rolling eyeliner or a crumbling pencil. To avoid this, the base is always applied on the eyelids, and at the end the makeup is fixed with powder, or very persistent products are used.
  4. As in the case of a narrow incision, lightening of the inner corners of the eyes will work.
  5. When applying shadows, one should not be limited to the fold of the eyelid – cosmetics should be above it to smooth the border.
  6. Most eye makeup needs to be kept open and relaxed, it is best to look in front of you. At the same time, at some point, you will have to cover your eyelids and paint over the crease.

Makeup Tips for Beginners

How to paint correctly (for beginners, the who
le process was previously described step by step) makeup artists know best.

Which sometimes share interesting secrets:

  1. Makeup is applied in good uniform lighting. At the same time, if you plan to attend the event indoors, it is better to paint in artificial light. If you need daytime makeup, it is best to turn to natural light sources whenever possible.
  2. With the daily use of a large amount of cosmetics, experts advise spending more time on face care: do masks, peeling, wash thoroughly in the morning and evening, never go to bed with makeup on your face. This will avoid skin problems and, as a result, mask these problems with even larger layers of tonal products.
  3. It is necessary to choose cosmetics in accordance with the type of skin. It is also best to choose natural hypoallergenic products, rather than purchasing the cheapest products.
  4. Any makeup artist chooses makeup tones in accordance with the purpose of its application. For evening looks, more saturated, heavy shades are used, when, as in daytime makeup, the main thing is minimalism and naturalness.
  5. Experts advise never to forget about the neck. She needs care no less than her face, and can also get out of the image if you forget to put on her a little foundation or powder.
  6. For makeup only special brushes, brushes, sponges are used. Hand cosmetics should be avoided.

Correctly painted is not at all difficult, even for beginners. You just need to practice a little – practice plays the same role in this matter as the step-by-step application of cosmetics.

Video on how to paint

Makeup for beginners:

Makeup Nude. Step-by-step training:

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